How to lower TCO
by choosing the right
OpenJDK vendor

How to lower TCO by choosing the right OpenJDK vendor

Mar 17, 2022
Bob Booshehri


  1. The art of cutting the expenses
  2. The overall costs of migration
  3. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts
    1. Easy migration without additional cost
    2. Expanded high quality Long Term Support
    3. Small and fast
    4. Unification
    5. Arm expertise
    6. Enhanced security
  4. How we reduce the cost
  5. Customers who have reduced their TCO
  6. Let us decrease your TCO

The art of cutting the expenses

Decreasing cost is a hot topic in the OpenJDK world. We at BellSoft would like to explain how we do it, what steps we take to help you avoid unnecessary spending, and provide a way to estimate how much you will save!

In this article, we will look at the actual costs of Java and show you Belllsoft’s approach to saving you money.

WIth Bellsoft’s Liberica JDK we can reduce a customer’s TCO by 90%. Cost reductions come from:

  • Paying less for Java support
  • Avoid wasting money by minimizing the risks of dealing with vulnerabilities
  • Enjoy Liberica JDK features that benefit your workflow, security, and energy efficiency

Read on to understand better how we make your costs go down and simultaneously enhance the efficiency of your apps. We will explore in-depth every money saving component of utilizing our runtime, so you will understand where the big number of 90% TCO reduction comes from.

The overall costs of migration

Let’s break down all the straightforward cost benefits of moving from Oracle’s JDK to Liberica JDK

  1. Lower support cost: The price of our support is one of the lowest on the market, and its quality is one of the best. We guarantee at least 30% cost reduction after migrating from Oracle just in support cost alone
  2. Flexible pricing: Flexible prices that we adjust to meet your request. You can choose to pay only for the things you actually require. We will not push the services you don’t need onto you. Depending on the size of your fleet, you can reduce the costs you pay for a single runtime you use

One of the arguments of switching to Oracle Java is the new 2-year free support for the Java 17 users. However, Oracle requires you to always keep your runtime on the latest version, constant updates and you can risk losing the functionality of your apps. All the reasons Oracle Support is not actually “free” are listed in this article.

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts

The cost of support is certainly important for lowering your TCO, but there are additional factors to consider when evaluating the cost reduction. There are several ways we help with saving your money and protecting you from additional spendings.

Easy migration without additional cost

Liberica JDK is fully compatible with all your previously developed Java applications. Our support team helps you with the setup and running the runtime — making the migration fast, simple and safe. The migration is fast, simple and safe.

Expanded high quality Long Term Support

We support the more dated versions of Java longer than our competitors, allowing you to upgrade when you need to without any hurry. Note that you can utilize Java 6 and 7 with regular security updates and multi-platform support if you have absolutely no opportunity to upgrade (although we highly recommend switching to at least Java 8).

Furthermore, the quality of our support means

  • Your services and application will be stable
  • New projects won’t stop being developed to find a fix for the runtime problem
  • You do not need to keep a team dedicated to the runtime maintenance

Our support team works 24/7/365, we provide hotfixes to our customers momentarily, and ensure the quality of our runtime.

Small and fast

Liberica JDK is perfect for building tiny containers, and Liberica Lite makes their size even smaller. That means you will benefit from

  • Faster uploads to server
  • Startup speed
  • Memory footprint

These enhancements result in services performing and deploying faster, taking less space in the cloud and putting a smaller burden on the server. And that leads to spending less on Cloud expenses.

Another tool we provide to lower your costs is the Liberica Native Image Kit, which creates small native images. They have all the advantages of small containers we mentioned earlier, including a smaller burden on the server, but also all the bonuses of using the GraalVM.


You can use Liberica JDK as the unified Java runtime for all of your clouds and computers. That means

  • Paying for a single support plan
  • Ensuring the compatibility (including the older Java versions)
  • Easy managing, requiring less employees

Furthermore, to make the control of a large Java runtime fleet even more convenient, we created the Liberica Administration Center. With this tool, just one person can manage, update check licenses and secure all machines and clouds running Liberica JDK!

That saves you money on salary and runtime handling.

Arm expertise

BellSoft is the team that made AARCH64 port of OpenJDK performant by proposing and integrating JEP315 back in JDK11. Today BellSoft is one of the most active contributors in AARCH64 and ARM32 ports and our engineers maintain the ARM32 port of OpenJDK. In other words, our engineers are the world-renowned experts in ARM CPU support for Java runtime.

That is why Liberica JDK builds, including the one created for embedded systems, works great on ARM CPUs. And their costs, including maintenance, is much lower than that of x86 and x64 CPUs, saving you even more money.

Enhanced security

Keeping your and your clients’ data safe is not only good for your reputation and business, but also is the only way to ensure you won’t become a defendant in a court in a case about stolen information. For example, one such known case ended in an $8m fine.

Liberica JDK is built with enhanced security in mind. BellSoft releases quarterly Critical Patch Updates (CPU) in addition to the numbered versions. Furthermore, our security team builds extra patches for customers when needed, and all the issues found for one client are fixed in the next security release for everyone.

How we reduce the cost

To sum up, your cost reduction depends on the size of your fleet and services you require, plus a number of expenses you could possibly avoid. Below is an overview of the benefits of migrating to Liberica JDK and how we lower TCO of your Java runtime.

Customers who have reduced their TCO

Here are a few cases where our clients reduced their TCO by switching to Liberica JDK.

Our first example is a modern finance organization, specializing in exchange-traded products and cryptocurrency. The nature of their work requires an impenetrable security to keep their clients’ data safe, so the cost of protecting the runtime was always high. We offered them a fail-safe runtime with extra security updates and enhancements with competitive support price. That made their TCO go down 92% 一 even lower than we promised to deliver!

Another example is a global appliance stores network. The pandemic and lockdown pushed them to focus on implementing the new online features, but had to maintain a stable communication with stores and warehouses to calculate the quantity of wares in need of disposal and transfer. Our cloud solutions allowed the client to lower the costs by 15% and make the cloud environment much more stable. That in turn minimized their risks of down time and losing money.

And the last example is our partnership with VMware, which resulted in Liberica JDK becoming a default runtime for Spring, and Liberica Native Image Kit 一 for Spring Native. This is another proof of security, stability and performance of our products.

If you want to estimate how much money we can save you in your particular case, contact our engineers for a free consultation.

Let us decrease your TCO

Moving to Liberica JDK not only gives you many tools and opportunities, but also reduces the cost of support and total overall cost, including the risk of losses, and provides additional tools. And don’t forget, we are ready to adjust the prices so you only pay for the services you need.

Get in touch with our sales managers so we can discuss all the options.

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