Alpaquita Linux

Fast and secure Linux for Java

BellSoft Alpaquita Linux is a full-featured operating system optimized for Java. Quickly deploy infrastructure or services. Enjoy guaranteed support and the highest level of security

Launch apps faster

Launch apps faster

Startup time 45% faster

Save storage

Save storage

the Docker image is 3.22 MB only

Utilize the best solution

Utilize the best solution

Three mallocs and two libcs included

Why Alpaquita Linux?


We built Alpaquita Linux to enhance the security of your applications and avoid zero-day vulnerabilities.

Enhancements include networking features, custom build options, kernel hardening, process isolation, and more.


Alpaquita Linux Features

  • Always on Linux LTS (5.10 currently)
  • SecureBoot, signed modules, disabled modules with CVEs
  • Better performance tunables, optimized size (xz)
Userspace based on Alpine Linux aports:
  • Busybox, on-demand coreutils
  • Main/aports & apk package manager
  • No graphics
  • Musl and glibc support
  • Optimized musl, optimized mallocs
Compatibility with Docker, QEMU support:
  • Docker
  • QEMU support

Download Alpaquita Linux now for free

Free and 100% open source Progressive Java Runtime for modern Java™ deployments supported by a leading OpenJDK contributor

  • Cloud Optimized
    Cloud Optimized

    Alpaquita is the best choice for small performant containers.

  • Secure

    All the components of Alpaquita receive regular security updates.

  • Great support
    Great support

    Enterprise level support from engineers who develop OpenJDK.

Cloud Optimization for Java

Deliver applications faster and optimize your cloud-native environment

Run Spring Boot microservices

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The only Linux optimized to run Java services

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Flexible OpenJDK

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GraalVM distribution with extended support of Alpine Linux

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GraalVM distribution with extended support of Alpine Linux

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Best in class support

Run Java Microservices

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