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Want a better Java support for a lower price?
Need to manage multiple runtimes?

Switch to Unified Java Runtime
and lower your TCO.

3 options that reduce TCO of Java™
with Liberica JDK

One runtime for all Java workloads

Organizations that develop Java applications utilize various Java workloads with Oracle JDK, including Java 6, Web Start, JavaFX or SPARC platforms, and others. Liberica JDK is a Unified Java Runtime that does it all and more. It is the same runtime that VMware uses with Spring Boot Native, and provides for their Cloud customers!

Complete control
Reduce up to 90%
of costs

After BellSoft’s clients move to Liberica JDK from Oracle Java, they enjoy all the modern features and enterprise-grade support from the leading OpenJDK contributor, without security risks and migration issues.
You can select the plan that suits your needs and save money.

Top-notch security
Containerize your microservices

With Liberica, you can maximize the business value of your microservices with the smallest containers available on the market. Minimize traffic expenditures, cloud space used, and deployment times. Enjoy constant improvements, bug fixes, and boosted performance. Save time and money.

Always up-to-date

Calculate your savings!

See how much money can be saved by switching to unified Liberica JDK runtime and tools developed by BellSoft!
Use our calculator to calculate the price reduction in dollars. We guarantee at least 30% off!

Amount of total cost reduction per year compared to Oracle pricing
Number of desktops
Number of servers
Additional parameters (possible cost reduction)
Calculate for:
Support plan
Plan description
  • Response times as fast as 24 hours based on SLA
  • 9x5 with web and email access
  • Emergency patches not yet included in the open source OpenJDK
  • Quarterly and off-cycle security updates and bug fixes
  • A two-hour initial consultation
Guaranteed cost reduction for 1 year
Total cost reduction for 1 year
Additional possible cost reduction
Why Liberica Administration Center?

Reduce the costs of managing your Java apps!

Unify your runtimes and enjoy the advanced support of a leading OpenJDK contributor with vast experience in fixing bugs and implementing features to the upstream.

BellSoft is a reliable vendor that cares about your security. We offer 24/7 support and have a team of engineers to solve your issues without any middle-men. This approach allows us not only to reach 100% customer satisfaction, but promptly resolve all requests and provide this service to other vendor’s users. Your development environment is safe with us.

Enjoy benefits for your Infrastructure

Find out why VMware developers chose BellSoft to provide compiler and Java runtime support for Spring Native.

Proven capability

BellSoft is a reliable partner, providing JDK support for VMware, JetBrains, and other international companies. Spring developers chose to utilize Liberica JDK in all of their products.

Control all runtimes
All included

Liberica NIK Core is based on OpenJDK and GraalVM with no additional dependencies, and fully aligns with GraalVM’s release cadence.

Work with any cloud
Works everywhere

Liberica JDK supports all standard platforms (Linux, Windows, Mac) and optional platforms, including AArch64.

Stay up-to-date
Stable and secure

The absence of additional dependencies and languages means better runtime security and maintainability. You are safe with Liberica JDK.

Be protected
Smallest containers

Liberica NIK fully supports Alpine Linux as the platform for building and deploying, allowing for smaller containers than made with conventional Linux distributions.

Control your licenses
More than just support

BellSoft provides support for LTS versions of Java long after other vendors terminate it. We also backport the security fixes to the older Liberica JDK builds.

See what our customers are saying

Konstantin Bulenkov

We rely on the Liberica team’s experience and expertise to provide timely updates for our customers; together, we keep JetBrains Runtime secure and performant.

Konstantin Bulenkov
Head of JetBrains Runtime
Find out the value for your enterprise

Find out the value for your enterprise

Take a look at customizable support plans or see how much you can save on a digital transformation and switching to Liberica JDK.

Never pay more than you should. Not all solutions need support from a team of professionals; sometimes, the OpenJDK community provides enough help that meets your application demands. Evaluate your case with our calculator or take a look at the ready-made subscription plans

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