Liberica JDK with CRaC Support

Optimize the startup time of your Java apps with checkpoints

Liberica JDK with CRaC Support allows you to save the optimal running state of your app and later instantly launch it in that state. Works with Spring Boot and Alpaquita Linux.

What is CRaC and how does it work?

CRaC or Coordinated Restore at Checkpoint is a Checkpoint/Restore API to pause a running application at an arbitrary point in time (“checkpoint”), save the checkpoint file (snapshot), and then restore the state of an application from the file.

CRaC works like a “save button” for your application and allows you to “load” it next time you start it in the state of your choice.

In addition, CRaC API can perform essential preliminary tasks, such as closing network connections and open file descriptors, and then return to normal operation after restore and react to possible changes in the environment since the checkpoint.

CRaC technology requires a compatible Linux OS which we also provide in the form of Alpaquita Linux. For easier integration we also offer production-ready containers, featuring Liberica JDK with CRaC support and Alpaquita Linux.

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Why use Liberica JDK with CRaC Support?

  • Cloud costs
    Cut down Cloud costs

  • Trusted
    Optimize startup and warmup time

  • Performance
    Launch at peak performance

  • CPU computing consumption
    Decrease CPU computing consumption

  • Spring Boot
    Works with modern Spring Boot

Liberica Runtime Containers with CRaC Support

For convenient integration, we offer a ready-to-use Liberica Runtime Container featuring Liberica JDK with CRaC support and Alpaquita Linux.
With CRaC, startup and warm-up times are minimized to near zero, ensuring services start at peak performance. This makes scaling and resource planning easy, precise, and predictable.
You can add precisely as many instances and as much memory as needed to run your Java services as the load increases. There's no need to allocate extra resources for Java startup or warm-up.
Thus, CRaC helps achieve higher availability at lower costs.

Startup Time
Memory Footprint

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Liberica JDK with CRaC advantages

Flexible support

Flexible support

The BellSoft support model covers all of your devices and lowers your support costs. Other vendors provide royalty-per-device support.

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Open source 
and free to use

Open source and free to use

Liberica JDK with CRaC is free for commercial use. Please note that it is based on new UNTESTED technology, as it is not a subject for the TCK testing at the moment.

Works with
modern Java

Works with modern Java

Liberica JDK with CRaC supports Java 17 and Java 21. Can be used with Spring Boot.

Download Liberica JDK with CRaC Now for Free

Liberica JDK with CRaC is free and 100% open-source; supported by a leading OpenJDK contributor.

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