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Liberica Administration Center

The ultimate convenient Java inventory and update tool for enterprises.
Runtime monitoring, license control and security updates all on a single dashboard.

Using outdated Java runtimes is dangerous!
Last year, there were more than 50 critical security updates to fix the vulnerabilities of Java 8!
You need a reliable automated security tool to keep your fleet up-to-date and protected!

Get smart with Liberica Administration Center

Prompt complete control

Control everything from a single dashboard. Forget about micromanaging.

Reduce the costs of maintaining your runtime infrastructure.

Save the time of your system administrators, replace the manual work with the automated tool.

Complete control
Top-notch security

Track Java versions of all vendors on any amount of Windows devices in real-time.

Enjoy the convenience of an
up-to-date inventory of all versions and all vendors available in 1 click.

Keep your enterprise-wide network secure.

Top-notch security
Always up-to-date

Identify vulnerabilities and get suggestions on how to fix them.

Update the whole fleet of runtimes simultaneously for each instance independently.

Get the patches from a reliable source.

Always up-to-date
Why Liberica Administration Center?

Why Liberica Administration Center?

LAC is the best in class Java inventory and update tool for enterprises.
It features the ultimate convenient runtime monitoring, license control and security updates, all on a single dashboard.
Thousands of runtimes can be kept safe with a single click or scheduled task.

Features and benefits

Automate your workflow

Automate everything you need to manage the runtimes. Create and run scheduled tasks when it’s convenient. Let the app take care of daily and monthly tasks.

Control your licenses
Control your licenses

You’ll never risk violating software license restrictions. As soon as something is not OK with license on any machine, you will know. The tool analyzes the problem and offers the solution.

Stay up-to-date
Stay up-to-date

Apply multiple patches with a single click.
Update all the runtimes at once.
Receive the patch files automatically
from the reliable source.

Be protected
Be protected

Receive notifications on security issues as soon as they become known. The tool provides you with both information on the issues and the ways to solve them.

Control all runtimes
Control all runtimes from a single dashboard

One window to manage the vast network of runtimes. No need to install the client on every single machine, just run the server application and be in full control.

Work with any cloud
Work with any Windows
and any cloud

The tool is compatible with Windows version 7 and up running on any desktop or in any Cloud.

Analyse and present your data
Analyse and present
your data

The tool generates sleek-looking pdf reports for data analysis and presenting to management in just a few seconds.

Choose the best Java Runtime management system for you enterprise

Keeping Java runtime up-to-date is important, but may become a challenge
in case of numerous distributions installed. Applications like JDKMon, SDKMAN!, or Chocolatey enable you to monitor and control runtimes on a single machine, however, they are not suitable for enterprise. Liberica Administration Center was developed especially for the management of corporate networks.

Download the runtime control utilities comparison to see what makes LAC
the best choice to manage your Java runtime fleet.

Download tools comparison

What Developers Say

Konstantin Bulenkov

We rely on the Liberica team’s experience and expertise to provide timely updates for our customers; together, we keep JetBrains Runtime secure and performant.

Konstantin Bulenkov
Head of JetBrains Runtime
Yury Vasyutinskiy

Stability, speed and accuracy are all very important factors for us. Liberica, our main JDK distribution, was onboarded without any hiccups. We are happy with the level of support provided by the BellSoft team.

Yury Vasyutinskiy
Team Lead at FlowTraders

Save time and allow LAC to manage runtimes for you

Liberica Administration Center is the ultimate tool to observe and control every Java runtime within your network. Enjoy all the information about the version, license, and security of your runtimes, conveniently displayed on a single dashboard. Automate the updates, schedule the tasks, and enhance the security of the fleet of any size.

To learn how you can control, manage and update Java Runtime with one click request a hands-on demonstration.

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Frequently asked questions

General questions
LAC is a software management system that helps you to monitor every Java Runtime within your corporate network from a single dashboard. It provides full control over Liberica JDK instances, allowing administrators to update Java versions or apply patches with a few clicks. It offers unprecedented functionality.
IT managers, CTOs, security directors, audit managers, system administrators.
Java license means permission to use the development kit for developing and running applications. Some vendors do not allow you to use their JDK without paying for a license. Liberica JDK is free and will always be free.
Using the unlicensed Java means you will face the repercussions and possibly court cases.
Yes, you can! One of the main goals of LAC is allowing you to automate updates of the multiple runtimes with a single task. You can create as many tasks as you need to match your company’s security policy.
Security questions
By scanning the whole network for all running Java runtime instances, and displaying their vulnerability and license issues.
Migrate to the unified runtime environment, and keep all the runtimes on the latest version available.
By keeping all of your runtimes up-to-date and warning you of any known vulnerabilities.
Compatibility questions
Currently we offer the support for Windows systems from 7 to 10. The macOS and Linux support is in the works.
LAC can inspect and manage every JDK, but the full functionality is available for Liberica JDK only.
Yes. Liberica JDK is based on OpenJDK with full functionality of the latter.
How to manage runtimes with LAC
On the Dashboard, you can check the number of your hosts and see those that require updating and those that are at the end of life. The Hosts section gives you the detailed information.
Go to Dashboard. There you will see the number of the JDK vendors and paid or free licenses of your JDK runtimes. Visit the Hosts section to find out more.
Go to Dashboard and check the JDK versions. Every runtime version on your fleet is listed there. By visiting the Hosts section you can see the JDK version of every runtime.
Go to the Tasks section. Create the new task “Update Java”, select all hosts on desktops and clouds, or choose the runtimes you want to update manually.
LAC can generate sleek looking reports for you in .pdf format.

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