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(long-term support)
Download JDK 8
Current release
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Liberica JDK Benefits
Java SE standard compliance
Each binary is verified by Technology Compatibility Kit which guarantees 100% compatibility with Java SE specification
Run everywhere
Supporting multiple architectures makes Liberica JDK a universal runtime for edge and cloud use
One runtime - many platforms
Modern and legacy systems support is optimal for heterogeneous environments
Top-5 OpenJDK contributor
BellSoft is among Top-5 most active upstream contributors. No vendor lock guaranteed
Case Study
JetBrains and BellSoft agreed to enter a strategic collaboration
BellSoft will provide security patches and critical updates to JetBrains Runtime in addition to its own Liberica JDK
The status of Java on Arm

The status of Java on Arm

Today, as Arm processors are primarily viewed as targeting the embedded market, and justifiably so, multiple hardware vendors are using this architecture to build server CPUs and to compete with Intel in the cloud and...
Linaro Connect 2019 BKK

Linaro Connect 2019 BKK

April 2, 2019
Centara Grand at CentralWorld Bangkok, Thailand
Java is a unique technology which fits well both cloud and embedded use cases. Join Dmitry Chuyko talk BKK19-203 JVM on ARM. From sensor to cloud...