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Cloud Native Java Platform is the system made of the smallest containers, the only Linux optimized for Java, and performant Liberica Lite. The best choice for running Java microservices

Deploy faster
48х times

Deploy faster 48х times

With small-sized native images, microservices, and containers

Save memory up
to 40%

Save memory up to 40%

By using the cloud-optimized runtime with superior compatibility

Reduce resources
by 30%

Reduce resources by 30%

By making your applications smaller and more performant

Trusted by leaders in the industry

Liberica is the Java Runtime chosen by leading ISVs

Modern cloud organizations trust BellSoft to provide the security and robustness their products demand. Our customers are able to run apps in any environment on any platform without a lock-in. BellSoft is one of the largest contributors to the OpenJDK, providing the fixes and enhancements to the upstream, and improving Java with every Liberica JDK release

Cloud Optimization for Java

The most complete Java experience

Deliver applications faster and optimize your cloud-native environment

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The only Linux optimized to run Java microservices

Start with Linux

Flexible, performant, and secure Java runtime

Run Java Microservices

GraalVM-based distribution for the most performant native images

Build native images

Java Profiler to manage and collect the data on your applications

Analyze your apps

Best in class support by the people behind OpenJDK

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Liberica JDK

One Java Runtime for cloud, embedded system, server, and desktop

Liberica eliminates fragmented Java environments and provides a unified Java experience across the organization. We deliver a more secure, reliable, and cost-effective approach to application development

Unified Java Runtime

Unified Java Runtime

One runtime for cloud, server, embedded, and desktop, delivering a more secure, reliable, and cost-efficient approach to app execution

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Best in class support

We deliver the highest level of support to our users, providing direct access to our Java engineers without a man-in-the-middle. Enjoy our competitive prices and swift response times