Liberica Mission Control

The convenient utility to manage and collect the data on your applications

LMC is the Java profiler that records live during runtime and is compatible with the Java Flight Recorder (JFR) technology. Get the extremely fine-grained information about the JVM events and debug in production environments

Get under the hood of your applications with Liberica Mission Control

Multiple OS Support

Liberica Mission Control is available for the following platforms:


  • Windows x86_64 (64-bit version for Microsoft Windows)
  • macOS x86_64 (64-bit version for Apple macOS)
  • Linux x86_64 (64-bit version for Linux servers and desktops)


  • LMC works with any JFR-enabled build of Liberica JDK across all platforms
  • LMC supports other builds of OpenJDK
  • Based on JMC project
Free for use

Free for use

  • Free when using with LibericaJDK or OpenJDK
  • Note that some vendors treat JFR as a commercial feature, check their policy. BellSoft is not one of those vendors
JFR included

JFR included

JFR or Java Flight Recorder is the convenient tool for data collection that analyzes your application live at runtime.

Supported by BellSoft

Supported by BellSoft

Commercial support for Liberica Mission Control is provided as part of Support Subscription for Liberica JDK.

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