About us

BellSoft builds Liberica JDK, the modern, secure, and performant Java runtime

We offer multiple solutions for all your Java development, execution, and deployment tasks Our experience enables us to create the ideal environment for app development and operation, which is cloud-optimized with a minimal environmental footprint

Our Mission

We make Java the #1 choice for modern enterprises

To reach that goal, we are building multiple tools for Java application development, execution, and management, including:

  • The most secure, performant, and feature-rich JDK
  • The utility for creating native images
  • The tool for swift control over multiple runtimes
  • The operating system fine-tuned for use within containers

Our vision

We build a more sustainable, secure world through technology
  • Serving as the stewards of Java efficiency
  • Preserving and extending resources for optimal use
  • Conserving electricity through high performance
  • Supporting higher efficiency CPU architectures
  • Securing Java by reducing dependencies

Our Team

BellSoft was founded by those who participated in the development of Embedded Java SE, the IoT market in Sun Microsystems and Oracle. After Oracle's changes to the Java distribution and pricing model, their goal was to provide performant runtime with swift and reliable support and enhanced security for Java developers and enterprises all over the world.


Their experience developing Java for embedded systems convinced them that limiting resources for services in the cloud is similar to executing Java on a constrained embedded platform.


This inspired them to create a runtime that provides the best performance and saves valuable cloud resources.

Our Journey


Top 5 OpenJDK Contributor

JDK containers for Alpine Linux


Alpine Linux port for Java

Collaboration with VMWare


Security Advisory

More of our achievements:
  • Development of JEP 315 to JDK 11, dedicated to the improvement of built-in AArch64 Intrinsics
  • Portola project integration with upstream OpenJDK
  • Maintaining the upstream Arm port
  • Development of JEP 386 to JDK 16, an Alpine Linux port for Java
  • Liberica JDK is the default runtime for Spring Framework
  • JRush web series
  • GraalVM Advisory Board membership
  • Liberica NIK is the default tool for building Spring Native applications
  • JCP Executive Community membership
Trusted by leaders in the industry

Our Customers, Partners and Community

Runtime of choice for millions of users and global brands in finance, manufacturing, retail, travel, insurance, and other businesses.

Members of the JCP Committee

Creators of JRush web-series

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  • 111 North Market Street, Suite 300, San Jose, CA 95113
  • +1 (702) 2135959
  • [email protected]