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Liberica Native Image Kit

Liberica Native Image Kit

A versatile multilingual tool for accelerating your applications.
Based on GraalVM Open Source.

Optimize and minimize

Liberica Native Image Kit is a utility that converts your JVM-based application into a fully compiled native executable ahead-of-time under the closed-world assumption with an almost instant startup time. Being compatible with various platforms, including lightweight musl-based Alpine Linux, it optimizes resource consumption and minimizes the static footprint.

Discover the possibilities

Liberica Native Image Kit allows seamless polyglot projects, such as microservices in different programming languages. Experience native image optimization: software components consume less RAM, communicate with total ease, and run at high speed. Developing with Liberica Native Image Kit equals efficiency and expert support from BellSoft engineers.

Features and benefits

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Impact of native images

Boundaries are limitless. To demonstrate the scope of using Liberica Native Image Kit + Alpine Linux, we have created a simple client–server example (Node.js & Spring), mimicking a microservice application.

public class EchoApplication {
public static void main(String[] args) {;
public String echo(@RequestBody String body) {
return body;

Find binaries to build Docker containers that can be used to compile GraalVM source files in just a few clicks for native image users

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Frequently asked questions

Liberica Native Image Kit
NIK compiles JVM-based applications into platform native executables with the ahead-of-time compiler.
Native images created with NIK have several advantages over JVM applications:
  • Almost instant startup time;
  • Optimized resource consumption and smaller static footprint;
  • Does not require JVM for execution;
  • Compatibility with multiple programming languages, like Kotlin, Scala, Apache Groovy and others.
GraalVM is the open source virtual machine based on Java HotSpot VM, and integrates an optimizing just-in-time (JIT) compiler, written in Java. At run time, an application is loaded and executed normally by the JVM. Liberica Native Image Kit adds these advantages to the native image technology with an ahead-of-time compiler and Liberica JDK to help with creating fastest and smallest native images.
Native image is the executable binary file that contains your application, all its dependencies, and runtime components, allowing you to run your Java program on any supported configuration without the need for installing runtime or any setup. Native image is the easiest way to distribute your program and start it up faster.
Yes, but only if you choose to utilize the NIK-full build of Liberica Native Image Kit. The media and web functions of JavaFX are not fully implemented. That means that native images created with Liberica JDK will run JavaFX-based applications in case they don’t utilize media and web functionality.
Two latest Java LTS versions, Java 11 and Java 17, are supported by Liberica NIK.
NIK works on Windows, Linux (including Alpine), macOS installed on machines with both x86, x64, and ARM CPUs (Linux only). YOu can use both glibc and musl.
Yes. There are a few ways to execute containerized applications with Liberica NIK. It enhances such apps with less RAM consumption, ease of communication, and high running speed.

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