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Liberica Native Image Kit

Download Liberica Native Image Kit, a multilingual tool to create highly-performant native binaries from applications written for JVM.
This native image download page contains open source builds of Liberica JDK and suitable GraalVM Native Image™, all compatible with Linux distributions (including musl-based Alpine), Windows, and macOS. Native image performance is proven to be superior to that with JVM optimizations. Find binaries to build Docker containers that can be used to compile GraalVM source files in just a few clicks.
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Download Liberica Native Image Kit: open source binaries of tested and certified Liberica JDK for native image

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Liberica Native Image Kit is a closed-world optimization that reduces the memory footprint and startup time of an application. It is released as pre-assembled native image jar packages that contain Liberica VM, native image (derived from GraalVM CE) and language installables compatible with a specific operating system. BellSoft provides long term support for all of its open source builds that act as alternatives for Java application development toolkits.