Liberica Mission Control 7.1 released

Liberica Mission Control is a supported build of the JDK Mission Control project, also known as Java Mission Control.

February 4, 2020

Liberica Mission Control (LMC) 7.1 is generally available for free download from the BellSoft website.

LMC provides developers and production monitoring teams with comprehensive insights into Java runtime and helps identify performance issues on the go with minimal overhead.

Liberica Mission Control represents the data collected or recorded live during Java application runtime. It is compatible with Liberica JDK 11+ and other OpenJDK builds, including Oracle Java SE with the Java Flight Recorder (JFR). Liberica Mission Control helps you diagnose how your applications execute in production, so you can observe and troubleshoot Java performance pitfalls that happen under real-world circumstances, for instance, OutOfMemoryError exceptions and lock contention. Even more, it could sometimes highlight lines of code that you were not even aware were adding worthless overhead to your programs. Liberica Mission Control 7.1 brought more than 60 enhancements, performance, and critical updates and is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Liberica Mission Control is supported within the Liberica JDK support subscription.

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Alexander Belokrylov

BellSoft CEO

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