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Bellsoft’s Mission

Our mission at Bellsoft has always been to deliver the most complete Java experience. We are passionately committed to the innovation and modernization of Java for a cloud-native world, and we are one of the largest contributors to OpenJDK for the modern enterprise.

Our Journey


BellSoft is established by Alex Belokrylov, Gregory Labzovsky and Alexei Voitylov, who previously worked at Oracle. They hire the key developers of the Java platform and contributors to all Java versions starting with 1.5.

BellSoft is acknowledged as one of the leading company in Java development by Oracle Principal Product Manager, Dalibor Topic, and Director of Java Developer Relations, Sharat Chander.

The very first version of Liberica JDK is released.

BellSoft contributes JEP 315 to JDK 11, which is dedicated to the improvement of built-in AArch64 Intrinsics.


Our engineers create the JDK containers for Alpine Linux with glibc compatibility layer.

The work on integrating the Portola project into upstream OpenJDK is started.

BellSoft becomes an active member of the OpenJDK community, the maintainer of the upstream Arm port, and the OpenJDK contributor. The company enters the Top-5 OpenJDK contributors.


BellSoft becomes a member of JCP.

BellSoft contributes JEP 386 to JDK 16, creating an Alpine Linux port for Java.

The collaboration with VMware begins.


Liberica Native Image Kit (Liberica NIK) and Liberica Administration Center (LAC) are released. Later this year the Alpine/MUSL support is added to NIK.

Liberica JDK becomes the default runtime for Spring Framework.

JRush web-series is launched.

BellSoft joins the GraalVM Advisory Board.


Liberica NIK is being used by default for building Spring Native applications.

New Linux for Java deployment is released - SOON!

Bellsoft’s Community

We are trusted both by successful enterprises and top developers. Liberica JDK is the runtime of choice for VMware, Pivotal, Spring, JetBrains, and others.

Member of the
JCP Executive Committee

JRush web-series founder and

Konstantin Bulenkov

We rely on the Liberica team’s experience and expertise to provide timely updates for our customers; together, we keep JetBrains Runtime secure and performant.

Konstantin Bulenkov
Head of JetBrains Runtime
Yury Vasyutinskiy

Stability, speed and accuracy are all very important factors for us. Liberica, our main JDK distribution, was onboarded without any hiccups. We are happy with the level of support provided by the BellSoft team.

Yury Vasyutinskiy
Team Lead at FlowTraders

Leadership Team

Aleksei Voitylov, BellSoft CTO
Aleksei Voitylov, CTO
Gregory Labzovskiy, BellSoft CBDO
Gregory Labzovskiy, CBDO

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