BellSoft annual
results 2021

BellSoft annual results 2021

Dec 24, 2021
Alex Belokrylov

2021 has seen the gradual recovery of the global economy from the pandemic crisis. The challenges the world still faces are immense, but so are the possibilities. We at BellSoft are proud to say that we did our best to do our part 一 by providing a better Java experience for all developers! We worked hard to deliver better cloud deployment, more secure development, and a faster time to market. The efforts we made have borne fruit, and 2021 became one of the most prolific years for our company:

  • We delivered 100% sales growth compared to 2020;
  • The number of Liberica JDK downloads has increased by 300 percent;
  • More than 10 million developers learned about the company and our products.

BellSoft’s 2021 in numbers

This would have been impossible without you 一 our customers, partners, and users who put their trust in us and our products. We want to thank you wholeheartedly and assure you again that the security and convenience of your development is our top priority. Let us share with you what we did and plan to continue doing to reach our goal of enhancing the Java experience for everyone.

We improve Java technologies

As global trends in the IT industry shifted towards unified infrastructure, we focused our endeavors on delivering a full stack of highly performant, secure, and innovative technologies. Our team worked tirelessly to add four new products to our portfolio and enhance our main product, Liberica JDK, with the purpose of providing a better cloud and development experience:

  • As far as Liberica JDK is concerned, we
    • Released Liberica JDK 17, the LTS version, in line with the Java release cadence;
    • Improved the SDKMAN! support;
    • Added Apple M1, Aarch64, and AWS support;
    • Reduced compilation time;
    • Decreased the RAM footprint for containers;
    • Added virtual machines and images for Kubernetes in YC, AWS, GCP, Azure;
    • Maximized out of the box security with decreased number of CVEs, public CVE tracker, and safer defaults.
  • We created Liberica Native Image Kit (NIK), a tool for accelerating application startup time and minimizing memory consumption. Our team continues working on further optimization of NIK performance by
    • Adding Apple M1 support, as well as Mac/Windows support for AWT/Swing applications;
    • Improving testing on currently supported platforms;
    • Integrating a parallel GC.
  • We now provide Liberica JDK for Embedded, which combines full Java functionality with minimal VM support and enhanced performance on the low-performing system components for the development of embedded devices. Further optimizations include improved JFX and added RISC-V support.
  • The demand for a unified stack of technologies provided by one vendor goes hand in hand with the necessity to automate the processes of infrastructure management. We created a solution that meets both goals, Liberica Administration Center (LAC). LAC is a server-based system that provides automatic monitoring, license control, and security updates of the whole Windows PC fleet from a single dashboard.
  • As far as the last product is concerned, some of our clients already know what it is. The others will soon find out as it is going to be something absolutely amazing! Don’t miss out on the news: join our community and subscribe to our newsletter.

BellSoft’s product portfolio

Taken together, our products provide an end-to-end solution for enterprises, so you can enjoy all the benefits brought by a unified Java experience:

If you would like to learn more about BellSoft’s product, contact our engineers. They will be happy to tell you how to transform your whole infrastructure and bring the development process at your company to a new level.

We strengthen the ties with our partners

Alongside the development of new solutions and contact base expansion, we continue fostering collaboration with our partners. VMWare Tanzu has appreciated the quality of our runtime and the reliability of our support and has chosen Liberica Native Image Kit as a tool for Spring Native. As a result, VMware Tanzu customers will receive end-to-end native support via Liberica Native Image Kit and will be able to produce seamless Spring Boot native applications.

We expand Java knowledge base

BellSoft has always been a people-oriented company. We like to share our knowledge and experience with you, the developers and the Java community. As a result, our blog was replenished with 40 new articles dedicated to various technical topics. We aim to help any Java engineer who wishes to deepen his or her knowledge of the Java language or find a solution to the particular issue.

You, our customers, form the latest trends in the IT industry, and to discuss them with you we created a series of quarterly web conferences for Java engineers called JRush. JRush has a very convenient format:

  • 100 minutes;
  • 3 experts;
  • Q&A session.

Only renowned experts from the industry talk about the newest technologies and the best development practices. We have already launched three episodes:

JRush is a great opportunity to get a grip on the cutting-edge tools and get copy-and-paste examples of code, which could be utilized in your application. Moreover, JRush is free and will always be free because our aim is to raise awareness about the latest trends and arm the developers with the best development practices for the sake of building a common future. And our initiative has resonated well with the community. So far, JRush web conferences have been attended by three thousand participants from all over the world!

Today, as we stand on the eve of 2022, we reaffirm our goal to create the ultimate Java experience and thus make Java the Number one choice for enterprise. We help companies create modern, secure, and efficient solutions for global development. We will continue providing high-quality support and creating innovative tools in line with the global needs to make Java more convenient and efficient.

Once again, we express our sincere gratitude to you 一 our partners, customers, the OpenJDK community, and developers who use our products. Only through common effort can we overcome the challenges of today and build a more sustainable and secure world through technologies. See you in 2022!

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