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Open-source Java solutions supported by OpenJDK contributors

Discover our support plans with competitive prices and a variety of products included. Choose Liberica JDK support or Alpaquita containers support that suits your needs. Contact our sales department to find out more about our flexible options.

Liberica JDK support pricing

BellSoft offers flexible pricing options to accommodate your requirements for performance, security, and value. Discover our support plans. Learn how you can lower your TCO up to 90% by switching from Oracle JDK. Take advantage of our pricing, customized for your requirements. We offer only the services you need, saving you time and money. Discover Liberica JDK >

Pricing for servers

Standard support price

  • 1-10$ 3,000
  • 11-50$ 15,000
  • 51-100$ 24,500
  • 101-200$ 43,000
  • 201-500$ 70,000
  • 501-1000$ 90,000
  • 1001-2000$ 165,000
  • Unlimited$ 285,000

Pricing for desktops

Standard support price

  • Up to 1000$ 17 per desktop
  • Up to 3000$ 12.5 per desktop
  • Up to 10000$ 10 per desktop
  • Up to 20000$ 8 per desktop
  • Up to 50000$ 7.5 per desktop
  • Unlimited$ 285,000 total

Alpaquita Cloud Native Platform pricing

Discover the true value of containers. Lower your cloud costs. Enjoy the competitive support price customized for your requirements. Learn more about Alpaquita Cloud Native Platform >

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