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Nov 25, 2021
Alex Belokrylov

We are back with the third episode of JRush, a series of always-free web conferences where Java engineers get concise yet extensive information on a particular topic. This time, we will guide you towards a flexible, agile, self-updating, and cost-effective IT infrastructure. Join us online on Dec. 2, 11 am PT. Together we will explore tools and methods that will help you enhance the security and performance of your Java apps and leave behind the nightmare of big bang migrations and upgrades.

Only renowned experts from the industry share their experience at JRush. This time, you will hear from:

  • Adam Bien, Developer, Consultant, Trainer, Podcaster, and Java enthusiast;
  • Dmitry Chuyko, BellSoft Senior Performance Engineer;
  • Anton Arhipov, Kotlin team Developer Advocate at JetBrains.

Spend just two hours and get the most valuable information and copy-and-paste examples:

  1. “Stay Evergreen: Write Once, Never Migrate”. In his talk, Adam Bien will share the methods of developing evergreen software to minimize migrations and to adopt lean code, incremental learning, and longer vacations.
  2. “Rock your VMs and containers. Introducing Alpaca Linux”. Dmitry Chuyko will introduce Alpaca Linux, a perfect Linux distribution for Java deployment. Alpaca is enhanced with a tuned kernel, modern security features, and optimized libc to boost performance.
  3. “Ktor — naturally powerful framework”. Ktor is a lightweight framework for building asynchronous applications. Anton Arhipov will show how to create Kotlin applications with WebSockets and a database using Ktor.

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But we have more good news for you! We are happy to announce that from now on, the new JRush episodes will come out every quarter, so you will always stay on top of the cutting-edge trends and technologies in the Java industry. Knowledge is power, especially in IT, where new solutions constantly appear and become the ultimate game-changer. JRush conferences provide you with this power.

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