Dive into the DevOps way of thinking at JRush

Sep 13, 2021
Alex Belokrylov

The emergence of the DevOps concept in 2009 started a revolution in the IT world. Today we cannot imagine building perfect infrastructure without integrating DevOps principles and processes. As Java is one of the most popular programming languages used by many large enterprises, knowledge of DevOps practices is critical for Java developers. BellSoft invites seniors and top specialists to discover the latest trends in DevOps. Join us on Sept. 23, 11 am PT, online. Find out how to boost the performance of your apps and speed up infrastructure transformation.

We continue our web conference series, JRush, where Java engineers get concise yet extensive information on a particular topic. Our first topic was the native image technology and its role in optimizing projects and minimizing resources. If you are interested in this subject, feel free to watch a recording of the event:

Our second web conference is dedicated to DevOps culture and associated technologies.

In just 2 hours, you will get the most relevant information from renowned DevOps experts:

  • Donovan Brown, Partner Program Manager in the Azure CTO Incubations team at Microsoft, will show you how to avoid security pitfalls and flawlessly move your whole workload into the cloud.
  • Heidi Waterhouse, transformation advocate with LaunchDarkly, will share with you different ways of stabilizing your containers and developing discrete features.
  • Dmitry Chuyko, BellSoft Senior Performance Engineer, will help you choose the optimal runtime for your company to minimize total costs. He will also tell you about a new, unique tool to control your PC fleet with a single dashboard.

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