Get savvy about native image at JRush

Mar 25, 2021
Alex Belokrylov

In the light of the Liberica NIK release, BellSoft invites high-level software developers and Java enthusiasts to discover native image. Join us on March 25 at 11 am PDT online. Learn how this wonderful tool can optimize your projects and minimize resources!

We introduce a new web conference series: JRush is where you’ll get the densest and most concise information on a specific topic. Our first choice is the native image technology and its associated tools.

In just 2 hours, you will get your fix on native image from the top VMware and BellSoft experts.

  • Watch a beautifully crafted introduction to the Spring Native project by its co-creator Andy Clement and Spring Developer Advocate Josh Long.
  • Meet Dmitry Chuyko, our Senior Performance Engineer, who will unravel what you will achieve with native image and tiny microservice containers on Graal.

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