Meet BellSoft at KubeCon 2023

Meet BellSoft at KubeCon 2023

Oct 19, 2023
Alex Belokrylov

BellSoft is excited to be a silver sponsor of KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2023, scheduled for 6–9 November, a flagship conference for cloud native adopters and technologists organized by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).

The CNCF is part of the Linux Foundation, under whose auspices developers and organizations advance and manage open-source projects. In line with the Linux Foundation endeavors, the CNCF strives to make cloud native technologies ubiquitous and sustainable and provides support and guidance for the leading open-source solutions in cloud native such as Kubernetes, Prometheus, Cloud Native Buildpacks, and many others. As one of the biggest graduated CNCF projects, Kubernetes is a major topic at KubeCon, with numerous presentations dedicated to the cutting-edge practices of working with this technology.  

BellSoft is proud to be a member of the Linux Foundation and the CNCF and contributes actively to enriching the cloud native ecosystem. We are committed to open source development, and most of our products are free. Since 2018, we have focused on enhancing the Java platform for the cloud environment and providing organizations and developers with secure and performant solutions for cloud native Java development:

  • We ported Alpine Linux to OpenJDK so developers can build miniature and fast containers for their Java workloads. 
  • Our Liberica JDK is the default runtime in Paketo buildpacks that implement the Cloud Native Buildbacks specification and help accelerate the deployment of cloud native apps.
  • We created Liberica JDK Lite, a unique Java runtime optimized for cloud instances with a minimal footprint.
  • We developed Alpaquita Linux, inspired by Alpine, but boasting enhanced performance, flexibility, and performance.

The pinnacle of our efforts, Alpaquita Container, is tailored to cloud native Java microservices and helps developers to reduce memory footprint and increase the overall performance of their applications. Enterprise customers can build a secure and reliable Java-based cloud infrastructure, receiving 24/7 support and LTS releases for Linux and JDK from one vendor.

We look forward to four days at KubeCon that will encompass dozens of exciting presentations from industry leaders on best practices and innovations in cloud native. In addition, the conference provides excellent opportunities for networking as it gathers globally renowned experts, representatives of leading tech organizations, contributors to the cloud evolution, and developers working with the cloud.

Come and meet us in person at booth B29! We will be happy to discuss the latest advances in cloud native technologies, including security in the cloud, performant microcontainers, and native images, and share our insights on making Java a long-term resident in the cloud. See you at the conference!

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