BellSoft brings the performance of JVM 17 to JDK 11 with Liberica JDK Performance Edition

BellSoft brings the performance of JVM 17 to JDK 11 with Liberica JDK Performance Edition

Aug 1, 2023
Aleksei Voitylov

We are happy to announce the release of Liberica JDK Performance Edition, which brings the performance of JVM 17 to enterprise workloads running on JDK 11! With Liberica JDK Performance Edition, there’s no need to worry about migration to newer JDK versions: the companies will notice the instant performance boost up to 10–15% with little to no code adjustments.

JVM 17 to JDK 11 coupling

Every JDK release contains new features and improvements aimed at making Java applications faster and more resilient, which is especially relevant for cloud-native applications, where latency and throughput directly affect user experience. But as JDK 11 is in the maintenance mode, less and less changes are ported to this version from new releases. 

However, not all enterprises are willing or have the capacities to migrate to the latest JDK versions – some operate complex applications, some use legacy libraries and APIs, and others don’t have enough developers to perform the migration. As a result, these companies miss on the opportunities to increase the performance of their programs.

So what can IT teams do to increase the performance of their JDK 11-based projects without changing the code? BellSoft offers them a solution — Liberica JDK Performance Edition! 

Liberica JDK Performance Edition (or liberica-perf for short) is an enhanced version of Liberica JDK that couples the JVM 17 and JDK 11, bringing the efficiency of the latest JVM versions to established workloads.

Who will benefit from Liberica JDK Performance Edition?

Companies that have a complex development environment based on JDK 11 with an established set of libraries will benefit from new features and improvements (discussed in detail below) without the need to rewrite the application code. Most enterprise applications will run on Liberica JDK Performance Edition without change. But the developers will notice an immediate improvement in startup, latency, and throughput thanks to fixes and additional capabilities accumulated up to JDK 17.

Essential enhancements

  • Improved garbage collection:
    • Enhanced low-latency Shenandoah GC for large heaps;
    • Production-ready ZGC with fixes and augmented properties: concurrent relocation, consistent throughput on a large heap, etc.;
    • G1GC with new capabilities such as concurrent cleanup, parallel FullGC, improved heap sizing algorithm, etc. In addition, JEP 348 enables G1GC to return committed heap memory to the OS when idle, thus helping companies optimize resource consumption in specific scenarios;
  • Runtime improvements:
    • Enhanced NUMA support to improve the performance of large enterprise applications that run a single JVM over multi-socket machines;
    • More convenient logging with the improved unified JVM logging framework;
    • Improved native memory tracking to optimize memory footprint;

Same workflow you are used to — better results

Liberica JDK Performance Edition can be used for developing and running Java applications on Linux-based headless or GUI systems. The installation process is as simple as with any JDK binary. Even with default settings, Liberica JDK Performance Edition will deliver a notable improvement in startup time, latency, and throughput — check out the benchmarking results on the product page.

Learn more about Liberica JDK Performance Edition

Most workloads won’t require significant re-configuration but will receive the benefits described above. The changes are related to some tools and libraries that are not supported in JDK 17 or behave differently. In addition, some VM options were removed or added in line with JVM 17 specifications. A full list of changes to VM parameters and tools compatibility can be found in the User’s Guide.

Go to Liberica JDK Performance Edition User’s Guide

BellSoft’s engineers will help to perform necessary adjustments to your project if required for smooth integration of Liberica JDK Performance Edition.

More power under the hood without effort from your part 

Are you ready to benefit from JVM 17 capabilities without upgrading the JDK version? Liberica JDK Performance Edition is a one-click solution to the migration problem! 

The solution is available starting August 1st. Customers who already have a Liberica JDK Subscription receive Liberica JDK Performance Edition for free together with other Java utilities. If you would like to know more about the services we provide with Liberica JDK, contact us, and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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