BellSoft Kicks Off Bundled Offer with Karakun for Better Software Security and Simpler Migration

Nov 13, 2020
Alex Belokrylov

BellSoft, one of the top-5 OpenJDK contributors, and Karakun AG, a software engineering company that specializes in the development of custom solutions and maintainer of OpenWebStart, an open source re-implementation of the Java Web Start technology, have recently announced a new partnership. BellSoft and Karakun collaborate to provide a safe path from Oracle Java to open source solutions.

With their high expertise, both companies can offer the market, which has seen a shift towards free and supported OpenJDK-based deployments, a new product: Liberica JDK with OpenWebStart, a multifaceted and, most importantly, reliable alternative to Oracle JDK with simple migration services and minimal risk.

A study on “Global Java Web Frameworks Software Market 2020–2028” names security risks to data storage a major problem for the IT industry. In line with this, both BellSoft and Karakun focus on software security, put great emphasis on the ease of switching, and ensure that their products are exceptionally reliable.

“We at BellSoft develop advanced software, accumulating the best Java practices into Liberica JDK. But Java’s future does not lie in constant innovation alone. Meeting users’ needs and guaranteeing their security are what drive our actions. We want to work with companies that also treat these aspects as the utmost priority. Hence, our strategic partnership with Karakun evolved from joint work within the Java Community, highly concerned with usability, convenience, and stability. We can guarantee that customers will benefit from a seamless migration process. As we strive to provide our customers with flawless security capabilities, BellSoft is involved in creating standard specifications for Java technology under the JCP program. This year, our representatives are nominated as Candidates for the Executive Committee,” says Alex Belokrylov, CEO of BellSoft.

After software security, the ease of migration is another vitally important factor. As surveys show, nearly half of Oracle JDK customers require quality cost-effective solutions with releases coming in time and ready for production. Many enterprise developers need Java Web Start (JWS), a one-click deployment solution for Java applications on the desktop. Oracle JDK supported JWS until it was deprecated in Java 9 and subsequently removed from Java 11. Karakun and BellSoft will provide expert migration services to assist companies in switching from Oracle JDK to 100% open source solutions: reliable Liberica JDK with open source OpenWebStart in one package. Besides, German-speaking customers will take advantage of first line support in German.

“Besides the open source character of Java represented by OpenJDK, it is very important for us to offer professional commercial support for such a crucial component like the JVM. Our cooperation with BellSoft provides an ideal and flexible bundle for all interested groups—either with OpenWebStart or with the classic JDK,” says Stephan Huber, COO of Karakun AG.

 Karakun now cooperates with BellSoft to deliver a fully-fledged, regularly updated, and thus secure Liberica JDK with OpenWebStart. This new complex product will help businesses to achieve the following:

  • migrate from Oracle Java to Liberica JDK safely and fast;
  • find new opportunities if they rely on WebStart / JNLP;
  • reduce software and information security risk;
  • stay with long-term support (LTS) releases;
  • cut down enterprise costs for licensing;
  • get first line support for Liberica JDK German-speaking customers.

Confirmations and additional information:

  1. JVM Ecosystem Report 2020
  2. Global Java Web Frameworks Software Market 2020–2028
  3. Download the latest JDK 15
  4. Request support for Liberica JDK with OpenWebStart
  5. Executive Committee of Java Community Process

About BellSoft:

BellSoft releases and supports Liberica JDK, an OpenJDK binary distribution verified by TCK for Java SE Standard Compliance. BellSoft engineers have been contributing to the OpenJDK project since its inception. Being one of the top-5 OpenJDK contributors, BellSoft helps effectively solve business problems in the server, cloud, and IoT applications of Java technologies. The company drives a community-powered approach to deliver reliable and compact containers with Liberica JDK targets microservice solutions on. Using popular as well as in-house performance optimization techniques and tools allow BellSoft to work on performance tuning for industry leaders. It also enables the company to provide customers with the software that meets their current and future business challenges, all based on the best Java expertise.

About Karakun AG:

Karakun is the home of 50 highly qualified individuals, with 40 very experienced software and UX experts among them. Karakun uses agile methods to develop custom-tailored solutions for companies and organizations, based on Java and web technologies. Karakun employees are very active members in numerous open source projects. As knowledge transfer is an important part of Karakun’s DNA, the know-how and ideas resulting from this community work are being used in customer projects. To increase the level of standardization and to maximize efficiency during development, Karakun provides own software platforms for dedicated use cases.

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