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Liberica JDK optimized packages introduction

Liberica JDK optimized packages introduction

Published January 15, 2020

Today, with the announcement of the general availability of Liberica JDK 8u242, 11.0.6, 13.0.2, BellSoft introduces several changes that will help Liberica JDK customers have a better experience with the product. Since the first release that happened in 2017, we continue to work on the improvements that make Liberica JDK the most useful and practical OpenJDK distribution in the world.

Today, we extend the binary package offering and will be delivering Liberica JDK in three forms: Full, Standard, and Lite. The Full version of Liberica JDK includes all production-ready features of OpenJDK and some add-on packages, for example, OpenJFX, MinimalVM, Device Input-Output API on selected platforms. The Standard version targets most of the use-cases of OpenJDK, including both server and desktop. Lite is the tiniest version of Java SE standard verified OpenJDK binary created to allow high-density deployments in cloud infrastructure.

As you may know from our conference talks, we use a hybrid environment to build and test Liberica JDK. And we know from practice that cloud infrastructure is a costly resource that has to be used wisely. Liberica JDK allows you to save your cloud resources by keeping only the required components within the distribution. Now you have even more freedom of choice to decide on Liberica JDK’s form that ideally fits the unique environment you have.

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Alexander Belokrylov

BellSoft CEO


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