Oracle Code One 2019: Side Notes

Sep 29, 2019
Alex Belokrylov

On September 16-19, the Oracle Code One conference 2019 threw open its doors to Java developers hailing from all over the world. It encompassed all possible subjects a developer might be interested in: from cloud computing, data science, and the professional community to new tools, devices, and technologies. Just like in 2018, the conference was attended by more than 7,000 people, which makes it the world’s most popular event for software developers.

For BellSoft, it all started with Geek Bike Ride through San Francisco, a traditional cycling trip for Java enthusiasts which dates back to the time when the conference was called JavaOne. This ride established positive energy continuing throughout each day of the conference.

As the OpenJDK project switched to a twice-yearly release calendar, delivering a new version every March and September, one of the most anticipated highlights of the conference was the launch of the new Java 13. Georges Saab, Oracle’s VP, made the announcement on September 17th and presented the new version’s key features: Z Garbage Collector enhancements, application class-data sharing, and previews of switch expressions and text blocks.

Of course, this wasn’t a surprise for us, and we released our Liberica JDK 13 in no time at all. Shortly before the conference, we also dropped the news of the general availability of Liberica JDK for PowerPC, which made BellSoft the world’s leader by the number of publicly supported platforms for JDK 11.

But really for us, this high profile summit is not just another chance to stay on top of the news about the ever-evolving Java ecosystem, but also a venue to rub elbows with our friends from the Java development team and the hyper-engaged community of Liberica JDK users.

Speaking of the latter, so many unique projects are unfolding within the Java ecosystem as a whole, and especially Liberica JDK! For instance, it was nicely encouraging to see the team of Robo4J; they’re developing a framework for robots and IoT devices based on Liberica JDK.

If you run your product on Liberica JDK too, please tag us anywhere online by including #LibericaJDK #BellSoft in your post on Twitter. We are eager to learn about more projects using Liberica JDK!

We’re already looking to the horizon for the next Code One event, as 2020 only promises to bring a good many terrific new features to the platform.

San Francisco, we can’t wait to see you again!

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