Liberica JDK is generally available on PowerPC

Sep 25, 2019
Alex Belokrylov

Based on OpenJDK and verified by TCK for Java SE Standard Compliance, Liberica JDK for PowerPC is designed to deliver a more efficient end-to-end developer experience by making the runtime systems more hardware-agnostic.


San Jose, CA, September 12, 2019 — BellSoft, the world’s top 5 contributor to Java OpenJDK and provider of open-source solutions, announced today the general availability of Liberica JDK for all supported versions of PowerPC. Releasing Liberica JDK for PowerPC makes BellSoft the world’s leader by the number of publicly supported platforms for JDK 11.

By announcing the general availability of Liberica JDK for PowerPC, BellSoft increases the range of supported hardware platforms of its OpenJDK binary distribution. Liberica JDK customers are now able to take advantage of one-vendor supported Java runtime across all popular architectures. In addition to the already supported x86, ARM, and SPARC, Liberica JDK runs on PowerPC 8 and 9 servers and embedded solutions powered by PowerPC architecture.

Liberica JDK for PowerPC is an underlying runtime responsible for secure and cross-platform application execution. By integrating Liberica JDK 11 natively into the PowerPC Linux platform, developers can improve their application modularity and leverage the new Java language features. Platform operation teams can benefit a TCK-verified JDK 11 runtime with LTS support. Users can benefit from freely available JDK 12 Runtime on PowerPC built on open-source software, which includes all the latest features.

As with the features and components of Liberica JDK for PowerPC, Liberica JDK is backed by BellSoft’s support, which makes it a powerful option for production systems in even the most mission-critical roles. Additionally, BellSoft services are available, providing technical expertise and strategic advice to customers of Liberica JDK for PowerPC.


Liberica JDK for PowerPC is available for download on the BellSoft website:

Learn more with BellSoft at Oracle CodeOne 2019, booth 3112, September 15-19 in San Francisco.

Supporting quotes

Alex Belokrylov, CEO of BellSoft

“Liberica JDK gives the full power of running Java applications across a variety of popular CPU architectures both on-prem and cloud-based. Organizations running a multi-vendor infrastructure will benefit from using publicly available, supported and Java SE Standard Compliant binaries for x86, ARM, SPARC, and PowerPC architectures.”

About BellSoft

BellSoft releases and supports Liberica JDK, an OpenJDK binary distribution verified by TCK for Java SE Standard Compliance. BellSoft engineers have been contributing to the OpenJDK project since its inception. Being one of the top 5 OpenJDK contributors, BellSoft drives a community-powered approach to deliver reliable and compact containers with Liberica JDK targets microservice solutions on. Using popular as well as in-house performance optimization techniques and tools allows BellSoft to work on performance tuning for industry leaders.

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