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Liberica JDK for embedded

Java runtime for your embedded systems.
Full functionality of Java™ and enhanced ARM performance and security.

What to consider

Embedded devices are often built to fulfill a single purpose and with the lower cost of production in mind. The runtime for such systems requires specific properties:

Lower memory footprint to take less space on the limited memory available

Security and stability for flawless app execution

Extended support lifecycle for up to 15 years

Enhanced performance on the low-performing system components

Why Liberica JDK for embedded is the best choice

Licensing and costs saving
Licensing and costs saving

BellSoft support model covers all of your devices and lowers your support costs.
Other vendors provide royalty-per-device support.

Arm expertise
Arm expertise

ARM64 performance enhancement for OpenJDK integrated into the mainline. Support for the ARM32 port of OpenJDK in upstream.

Open source
Open source

Open source runtime derived from OpenJDK. Enjoy the security and functionality built by many developers.

Available for free
Available for free

Liberica JDK for embedded is free to download and use.
Other dedicated builds for embedded are hidden behind a paywall.

JavaFX support included
JavaFX support included

Liberica FX, our instance of OpenJFX, is included in every build, allowing the easy development and implementation of GUIs for embedded systems.

Latest version supported
Latest version supported

Liberica JDK for embedded offers OpenJDK 8, 11, and 13 builds. Other vendors provide only Java 8 in dedicated builds for embedded.

Multi-platform compatibility for easy development

Java embedded flexible support makes it possible to provide our assistance for any custom platform, making Liberica JDK for embedded a great runtime choice for your device.
Custom hardware support is provided by request.

Additional APIs

Support for additional APIs like DIO (Device Input/Output) API for easy designing for your device and enhanced compatibility.

MinimalVM support

MinimalVM support for systems with lower performance. Java applications start faster and utilize less memory.

JavaFX functionality

LibericaFX included for JavaFX functionality optimized for low-grade hardware.

Bundled runtime

Bundled runtime support for easy deployment on embedded devices and stable execution of applications.

Popular supported embedded systems

Liberica JDK for embedded is tested and proven to be compatible without the need for any tweaks on the following systems:

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