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A head-to-head comparison of the most popular Java runtimes

Oracle Java vs OpenJDK Distributions

Migration to an OpenJDK distribution from Oracle Java doesn’t affect Java application performance but helps reduce Java expenses significantly. Selecting the right Java runtime environment will enable companies to unify the Java stack for the years ahead and enjoy multiple additional perks absent in Oracle Java.

This comparative matrix covers 23 features offered by Oracle Java and the most prominent OpenJDK distributions: Liberica JDK, Azul Zulu, Red Hat OpenJDK, Eclipse Temurin, SapMachine, Amazon Corretto, Microsoft Build of OpenJDK, and IBM Semeru Runtimes. The comparison includes

  • Supported versions and platforms
  • Delivery channels
  • Additional tools and technologies
  • Licensing conditions

Find out which JDK is perfect for your project.

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What customers say about our support

Yury Vasyutinskiy

Yury Vasyutinskiy

Team Lead at FlowTraders

Stability, speed and accuracy are all very important factors for us. Liberica, our main JDK distribution, was onboarded without any hiccups. We are happy with the level of support provided by the BellSoft team.