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The ultimate guide to reducing Cloud costs for good

Java Cloud Deployment Cost Optimization

According to the Gartner study, companies overspend up to 70% on the cloud. The bills inflate as soon as companies start scaling their workloads. The reason hides in the absence of a proper cloud cost optimization strategy, which should have been the cornerstone of the IT infrastructure from the start.

But even with an established IT environment and processes, there are feasible solutions for every stage of your cloud evolution. Use them all for a complete transformation or implement some, and you will already see a significant cost reduction.

In this guide, you will discover

  • Four root causes of unexpected cloud expenses
  • Five steps to building a scalable, performant, and cost-efficient IT infrastructure
  • An easy-to-implement solution to lower the costs immediately while you are working on the optimization strategy

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Yury Vasyutinskiy

Yury Vasyutinskiy

Team Lead at FlowTraders

Stability, speed and accuracy are all very important factors for us. Liberica, our main JDK distribution, was onboarded without any hiccups. We are happy with the level of support provided by the BellSoft team.