TOP-11 articles to read to ride the crest of Java development

TOP-11 articles to read to ride the crest of Java development

Jan 5, 2024
Dmitry Chuyko

A new year doesn’t necessarily mean a new beginning, especially in IT, as the trends set in 2023 are bound to gain momentum. So we prepared a list of the most popular publications in our blog, which will help you to navigate through the cutting-edge tools and practices and stay ahead of the game.

Migrate from Oracle Java

As Oracle took the habit of changing Java licensing and payment model every two years, enterprises consider migrating to an OpenJDK contribution to receive cost-efficient support and features absent in Oracle Java. These two articles aim to help you choose a suitable JDK vendor and migrate from Oracle without issues.  

Upgrade the JDK version

Newer Java versions boost enhanced performance, security, and features facilitating the development process. However, upgrading the Java version may be associated with challenges. Articles below will guide you through all steps of upgrading to minimize risks of application failure and unexpected behavior.

Optimize cloud resources consumption

Neglecting application memory footprint optimization leads to inflated cloud bills and other related troubles. These two articles provide an overview of popular solutions for reducing Java resource consumption reduction in the cloud. 

Reduce Java application startup time

JVM can deliver outstanding performance thanks to JIT-compilation, but as a drawback, startup and warmup can take up to several minutes, which is undesirable in certain deployment scenarios. These articles will navigate you through tips, methods, and technologies aimed at reducing the infamous Java startup/warmup times.

Bonus: BellSoft’s external trending publications

BellSoft’s CEO Alex Belokrylov and Performance Architect Dmitry Chuyko regularly publish their articles on online platforms. Here are the top picks of their contributions in 2023 on the hottest Java topics.


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