Liberica Native Image Kit 24.0.0 build is released

Liberica Native Image Kit 24.0.0 build is released

Mar 20, 2024
Peter Zhelezniakov

We are happy to announce the general availability of Liberica Native Image Kit (NIK) version 24.0.0 for JDK 22. The builds contain several new features.

Liberica NIK releases are aligned with GraalVM release schedule. Starting with JDK 20 release in March 2023, GraalVM CE conforms to the six-month JDK release cadence. CPU builds become available four times a year as before.

All Liberica NIK builds contain the latest version of Liberica JDK with fixes and eliminated security issues.

New distribution method of Liberica NIK 24

Starting with Liberica NIK 24.0.0 and up, the distribution method is different from the previous versions. Before, you would download the Liberica NIK Standard package and then install plugins for programming languages other than Java. To compile Java applications you would utilize Core and Full packages (with or without JavaFX).

With the release of Liberica NIK 24 we introduced several changes:

  • Core Package is gone, you should use the Standard package instead.
  • Standard Package and Full Package are used for Java applications only (with or without JavaFX).
  • To build native images for applications written in other programming languages, you now download the stand-alone Package of Liberica NIK dedicated to the language of your choosing.
  • Every non-Java Package can be downloaded as Java- or Native-based build.

We provided a tutorial on choosing the correct Package of Liberica NIK 24 on the Download page.

Notable improvements

  • Better support for AWT and JavaFX fullscreen mode.
  • Intrinsified memory copying routines on AMD64 platforms. Where available, they now use AVX instructions for better performance.
  • Improved SubstrateVM monitor enter/exit routines for accelerated startup of native images. Head to this article for more details on the improvement.

Download the new builds now!

BellSoft strives to provide Java developers with a full stack of secure and affordable technologies suitable for creating a wide range of applications. And thanks to the CPU release cycle, your applications will be secure at all times. Download the latest version of Liberica NIK now!

Download Liberica NIK

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