Liberica Native Image Kit 23.1.0 for JDK 21 is out

Liberica Native Image Kit 23.1.0 for JDK 21 is out

Oct 2, 2023
Peter Zhelezniakov

We are happy to announce the general availability of Liberica Native Image Kit (NIK) version 23.1.0 for JDK 21. The release contains numerous fixes and enhancements.

Note that Liberica NIK releases are aligned with GraalVM release schedule. Starting with JDK 20 release in March 2023, GraalVM CE conforms to the six-month JDK release cadence. CPU builds are made available four times a year as before.

Summary of fixes and enhancements

3,631 fixes in total:

  • In Liberica NIK: 865 fixes;
  • In JDK: 2 607 fixes + 159 in FX.

Important changes

  • Removed GraalVM Updater, gu, from Liberica NIK Full and Core. The tool remains in Liberica NIK Standard for backward compatibility.
  • Removed the option --language:<language> (to enable a specific language runtime at build time) for certain languages, such as JavaScript.
  • Introduced a new class initialization approach (enabled with --strict-image-heap): all classes are now allowed to be used and initialized at build time (see proposal #4684 for more information).
  • Added experimental support for foreign down calls (Project Panama).
  • Introduced an option -H:±UnlockExperimentalVMOptions to explicitly unlock access to experimental options.

Download the new builds now!

BellSoft strives to provide Java developers with a full stack of secure and affordable technologies suitable for creating a wide range of applications. Download the latest version of Liberica NIK now!

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