Liberica JDK 20 is released

Liberica JDK 20 is released

Mar 22, 2023
Aleksei Voitylov

We are happy to announce that Liberica JDK 20 builds are generally available! The major Java release contains numerous fixes and enhancements:

  • 2,442 fixes overall. BellSoft resolved 11 issues;
  • 7 JEPs with new or improved features.

The list of integrated JEPs

More information on each feature you can find in our dedicated article.

Download the new builds now!

This is the last major release before the LTS version, so if you are planning to migrate to JDK 21 LTS, use Java 20 to test new features and start planning the migration. Head over to Liberica JDK Download Center to get the fresh builds now!

Download Liberica JDK

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