Docker Hub OpenJDK images are officially deprecated

Docker Hub OpenJDK images are officially deprecated

Oct 4, 2022
Dmitry Chuyko

If you are using the official Docker Hub images of OpenJDK (open source implementation of the Java SE platform), your containers won’t receive any updates for the runtime environment anymore.

Problem: Docker Hub deprecated OpenJDK images

Since Java was released into the open source, it has been evolving within the OpenJDK project. Quarterly security updates help to keep the runtime free from security issues and are available to everyone for free. Some companies prefer using the “‘official” Docker Hub OpenJDK image. These are the “vanilla” builds based on Eclipse Temurin binaries and maintained by the Docker Community. But Docker Hub decided to stop updating this image in July 2022 and asked the users to find a suitable replacement as soon as possible. 

If you continue using the OpenJDK image without updates, your applications are going to face a severe risk of attacks exploiting unpatched vulnerabilities.

Solution: Move to Liberica JDK image

The only solution is to migrate to another binary offered by an OpenJDK vendor. You can use the Docker Hub Liberica JDK image. Liberica JDK is

To move from the OpenJDK image to Liberica Runtime Container (images with Alpaquita Linux optimized for Java applications and Liberica JDK Lite), change the line in the Dockerfile

FROM openjdk:17


FROM bellsoft/liberica-runtime-container:jdk-17-musl 

Inspired by Alpine, Alpaquita Linux was created with top security and flexibility in mind. It boasts

  • Additional security features,
  • LTS versions and enterprise-grade support,
  • Two libc implementations, optimized musl and glibc;
  • Four mallocs in total for various Java workloads.

If you would like to learn more about our Linux distribution, head to Alpaquita Documentation with guides on installation, features, and container image optimization.

BellSoft also provides Liberica JDK/JRE images for other popular Linux distributions, including Alpine. Head over to the BellSoft Docker Hub page to choose your perfect image!

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