Devoxx Belgium 2023: Your Java-focused guide from BellSoft

Devoxx Belgium 2023: Your Java-focused guide from BellSoft

Sep 22, 2023
Alex Belokrylov

Devoxx Belgium, organized by the Belgian Java User Group (BeJUG), is considered the largest vendor-independent Java conference in the world. Started in 2001 as a Java developer conference series, it now encompasses many exciting topics around Java and beyond and regularly gathers over three thousand IT enthusiasts and around two hundred renowned speakers from all over the world.

BellSoft is excited to be a silver sponsor of the 20th-anniversary edition of Devoxx Belgium 2023, scheduled for 2–6 October. And this is going to be an unforgettable event! Taking place in the Kinepolis, one of the largest European cinema complexes, five conference days are to be packed with 200+ talks, deep-dive sessions, and hands-on labs from 199 crème de la crème experts. 

Want to get it all? We understand. But as many sessions are held in parallel, and no Time-Turner invention is expected in the near future, we recommend choosing the talks you want to attend beforehand. To help you with the choice, we prepared an overview of this year’s activities and top must-visit presentations for Java devs!

This year’s exciting agenda

Devoxx Belgium 2023 is dedicated to the latest and greatest trends in Java development and many other IT fields. As such, this year’s presentations are divided into ten tracks:

  • Architecture 
  • Build & Deploy 
  • Data & AI
  • Development Practices
  • Java
  • Mind the Geek, including the whole lot of future-is-here topics such as biological computing, cybernetics, etc.
  • People & Culture
  • Security
  • Server Side Java
  • UI & UX

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Top Java sessions to visit

With the variety of topics to be covered this year at Devoxx, one doesn’t know where to look first. Below are several talks on the hottest trends — Java 21, Spring Boot 3, Kubernetes, GraalVM, supply chain security — Java developers shouldn’t miss out on: 

And, of course, don’t miss the presentations of BellSoft’s Senior Performance Architect, Dmitry Chuyko. Dmitry will

Don’t forget to chill out and take advantage of networking opportunities

Large conferences such as Devoxx are a great way to do some networking:

  • Mingle with peers,
  • Talk to the top experts in person,
  • Establish friendly and business connections.

We absolutely love this part! Come and meet us in person at booth 25. We will be happy to chat with you about all things Java — performance, security, cloud, and so much more!  

But remember to take a break between soaking up new knowledge and networking. On Wednesday evening, there’s an informal reception with fries and beer, and on Thursday evening, you can catch a movie in Room 8.

See you at the conference!

We look forward to sharing our expertise on cloud-native Java, including performant microcontainers, JVM optimizations, and native images. Visit us at booth 25 and learn how to get the most complete Java experience with our tools, solutions, and services!

See you at Devoxx Belgium 2023!

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