BellSoft sponsors SpringOne conference
at VMware Explore 2023

BellSoft sponsors SpringOne conference at VMware Explore 2023

Aug 25, 2023
Alex Belokrylov

BellSoft announced a collaboration with VMware in 2020, a start of a longer journey to ease and improve the OpenJDK development practice, adapting toward the community’s needs. BellSoft fortifies its OpenJDK product with qualified technical support to ensure the security of your application. 

The initial engagement secured VMware Tanzu users with our OpenJDK distribution, Liberica JDK, and brought full JDK support for VMware Tanzu. The collaboration was further complemented with Liberica Native Kit (Liberica NIK), which enriched the experience of all Spring Native users and stimulated the development of additional GC implementation for the Native Image technology, ParallelGC.

VMware and BellSoft’s cooperation contributed to today’s popularity of Spring & VMware Tanzu solutions among Java developers.

“BellSoft is proud to be part of major improvements in OpenJDK. We strive to deliver the complete Java journey for VMware Tanzu and Spring developers via our products and support. This year, we are attending the VMware Explore conference in Las Vegas as sponsors to exchange the latest opinions and insights on the industry’s latest demands. We will also present the products and services we deliver to all those looking for an optimized Java experience in the cloud-native world.”- Alex Belokrylov, BellSoft’s CEO.

Today, BellSoft remains one of the largest contributors to OpenJDK and is entirely focused on OpenJDK products, delivering extended LTS support and an exclusive offer, Liberica JDK 6 & 7, intended for enterprises still running legacy Java runtime. BellSoft delivers a progressive OpenJDK runtime perfect for the cloud environment.

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