DZone Refcard by BellSoft:
Introduction to Cloud-Native Java

DZone Refcard by BellSoft: Introduction to Cloud-Native Java

Apr 2, 2021
Aleksei Voitylov

Our mission is to bring value, technology, and knowledge to the Java™ community. Seeing how cloud-native solutions are spreading fast, we cannot stand aside. That’s why BellSoft has collaborated with DZone, a leading publisher of software development resources, to produce a short but action-packed intro to this exciting subject.

DZone Refcard is a technical cheat-sheet format to cover a certain topic and guide through the first steps. While these tutorials are easy to read for beginners, they also include advanced details that mid-level or senior developers would find useful.

In our Introduction to Cloud-Native Java, we’re going through the basic definitions and looking at the scope of capabilities brought by containers, JVM optimizations, multi-purpose frameworks, and native image technology.

You’ll get everything that is required to make your project cloud-native! Here’s what the Refcard offers:

  • the four pillars of the cloud-native methodology;
  • the reasoning behind why Java is the optimal choice for your cloud-native project thanks to progressive features in OpenJDK;
  • the three approaches to cloud-native Java with their benefits and drawbacks;
  • a walkthrough example of how to set your own cloud-native Java environment, and much more!

Click the button below to view and download Introduction to Cloud-Native Java (you should have a DZone account in order to download the Refcard).

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