4 Things you Don’t Want To Do at Code One 2019

4 Things you Don’t Want To Do at Code One 2019

Sep 13, 2019
Aleksei Voitylov

Code One 2019

Next week we’ll be at CodeOne in San Francisco. Hopefully, you will be there too, to learn what’s new and Discover the Latest on Java. To help you on your quest for perfect event experience, we created a shortlist of what you may not want to do at Code One.

1. Don’t miss the Raspberry Pi supercomputer

As @chrisbensen was tweeting about Building the Raspberry Pi SuperComputer and blogging about the Very Large Raspberry Pi Cluster, we got more and more excited! Many have asked why would someone ever connect over a 1000 Raspberry Pi’s? Well, it’s the wrong question. Better to ask: “Why wouldn’t you connect them if you can?” :) We are huge fans of Raspberry Pi and recently released the early access of Liberica JDK for Raspberry Pi 4. We want to see the supercomputer and make many selfies with it and trust us, and you don’t want to miss this Code One attraction too!

2. Don’t sleep

Sleep is healthy, sure. However, sometimes, there is not enough time for that. The exhibition floor is exciting, with many vendors to speak with and later visit the offsite events. The sessions are beneficial. Moreover, the iconic Golden Gate views are there to take your breath away. So sleep can wait a bit.

3. Don’t be afraid to speak with people

Networking is so popular that some people stay away from it. We have a different feeling. At such a huge developer event as Code One, you want to learn more and get to know more people that love the same things as you do. Like, Java. So Code One is just great to be more engaged with the community and get involved. You can volunteer for Code One 4 Kids to help the Next Generation of Developers with their Workshop Projects. Getting involved is a great way to meet people who have similar ideas and similar concerns as you do. Sharing stories with them is one of the most valuable things about Code One.

4. Our last “Don’t” is a bit self-serving Don’t miss the BellSoft Booth 3112

We worked hard to give you Liberica JDK and the Guardians of the Enterprise experience at Code One. Fun superhero tees along with talks with the developers of Liberica JDK and the top-5 contributors to OpenJDK and a super-cool demo with the Nvidia Jetson Nano platform.

NVIDIA Jetson Nano is a low-power platform which can be used to create AI systems. For instance Network Video Recorders (NVRs), home robots, and intelligent gateways with full analytics capabilities.

The Nvidia Jetson is ready and set at BellSoft boot 3112 for pass-through people traffic count. This installment helps participants of Code One receive verified data about their booth popularity within the conference.

Technically we have a Jetson Nano board with 4K camera which captures video and uses DeepStream library for real-time video analytics & people identification. Java application is used to perform data analysis, and the OpenJFX application is visualizing the stats.

Come to our Booth 3112 at Code One to learn more about Liberica JDK and the Guardians of the Enterprise, see Nvidia Jetson Nano in use, and make new friends!

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