Premium Support is available for Liberica JDK

Premium Support is available for Liberica JDK

Mar 26, 2019
Alex Belokrylov

Announcing Premium Support service, BellSoft now offers 24x7 Worldwide Coverage for Liberica JDK Support with 48 hours vulnerability patches SLA.

Expanding its Standard Support BellSoft introduces Premium Support service, taking legendary excellence in customer service to new heights.

San Jose, The United States of America: BellSoft (USA) has introduced a Premium support service.

Since 2017, BellSoft has provided Standard technical support during business hours for Liberica JDK — including free security patches and critical updates.

Now, BelLSoft’s new Premium Support addresses the high-end service requirements of Cloud providers, Banks, Stock Trading companies, Telecom carriers, and other organizations that need guaranteed response time and timely issue resolution or evening and weekend service.

“We’re responding to customers,” said Aleksei Voitylov, BellSoft CTO. “They asked for service-level agreements with guaranteed response time and quick release for vulnerability and critical patches. Our Premium support service enhances Standard Support with global 24x7 coverage and 48 hours SLA for security updates.”

Premium Support offers world-wide, around-the-clock service anytime, day or night. BellSoft support staff, which made the company one of Top-5 OpenJDK contributors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to address major or critical incidents anywhere in the world

About BellSoft

BellSoft was founded in 2017 by former Oracle Java team. BellSoft participates into Java technology evolution, and the company is among Top-5 most active OpenJDK upstream contributors together with Oracle, Red Hat, SAP, and Google. BellSoft provides and supports Liberica JDK - Java binary distribution based on OpenJDK which can be used as an alternative of Oracle JDK 8, 11 and beyond. Liberica JDK is available for a variety of platforms and targets server, cloud, desktop, and embedded use cases. Liberica JDK guarantees compliance with Java SE standard as verified by TCK test suite. BellSoft provides security updates and critical patches for Liberica JDK in parallel with Oracle Java SE CPU updates. The company offers commercial support for Liberica JDK users and is committed to supporting Liberica JDK 8 and 11 until at least 2026. Besides, BellSoft provides services of complex Open Source project optimization, for example, gcc and LLVM compilers, OpenJDK, MySQL database, Hadoop stack, and others.

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