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BellSoft High-Powered Support

BellSoft High-Powered Support

Aimed to make the most of your OpenJDK investment

BellSoft produces and supports the best Java™ alternative, Liberica JDK,
а free 100% open-source binary distribution.

Key Benefits

Work with a leading OpenJDK contributor

Subscribing to High-Powered Support, you gain access to the world’s foremost developers.

We are passionate about our product. Every fix we make for one Liberica JDK client is corrected for all — creating a more advanced Java runtime for the community.

Work with a leading OpenJDK contributor
Get insight from Java™ experts

We are a people-oriented company: your requests are resolved 24/7/365 by engineers.

Dealing with Java™ first-hand, they will apply years of experience to your project and react to issues the day you present them. For this we have launched first line support in English and German.

We are the partners who always speak your language. That’s why we provide on-demand webinars, make videos, write deep-level technical articles and create tutorials to help our customers with migration and working with Liberica JDK.

Get insight from Java™ experts
Take advantage of our safety guarantee

Continuous support in deploying, running, and managing JRE is the way to protect your enterprise when turning to open source.

We are here to make sure your Liberica JDK based solutions are hardened to meet any business challenge.

Take advantage of our safety guarantee
Pick your flexible support plan

No one likes being limited. Choose between customizable, cost-effective subscription plans that suit enterprises of all sizes.

They cover OpenJDK running on servers, cloud instances, virtual machine images, in Docker, and on desktops.

Pick your flexible support plan

What is High-Powered Support?

BellSoft strives for its customers to lead smarter enterprises. We assist organizations in searching for more dependable ways to support critical Java™ applications and cut down costs.

Our support team is made of engineers who create OpenJDK and are familiar with its structure at the micro-level. Having the products verified by TCK and carrying out other high-end tests to single out any issues in releases, BellSoft can guarantee the customers the highest security and performance for all solutions.

Commercial support is provided in accordance to the Support Roadmap: at least 8 years of access to bug fixes and security updates for LTS releases, binaries in parallel with Oracle Java SE and OpenJDK for feature releases.

As a part of the Commercial Licensing, we are supporting special systems like OpenWebStart (an open source reimplementation of the Java Web Start technology) and provide support for Java 1.6 and 1.7 (32bit and 64bit for Linux and Windows), OpenJFX (JDK 8,11).

Support Options

Whether you need a substitute for your current commercial support plan or think about transferring to an open source Java runtime environment, BellSoft is ready to suggest most affordable options.

Standard Support

  • Response times as fast as 24 hours based on SLA
  • 9x5 with web and email access
  • Emergency patches not yet included in the open source OpenJDK
  • Quarterly and off-cycle security updates and bug fixes
  • A two-hour initial consultation

Premium Support

  • 24x7 with web, email and phone access
  • Security patches SLA: 48 hours
  • Response times as fast as 1 hour based on SLA
  • Dedicated support engineer
  • Emergency patches not yet included in the open source OpenJDK
  • Quarterly and off-cycle security updates and bug fixes
  • A two-hour initial consultation

Customers Talk about High-Powered Support


“We rely on the Liberica team’s experience and expertise to provide timely updates for our customers; together, we keep JetBrains Runtime secure and performant.”

Konstantin Bulenkov
JetBrains Runtime Lead

“We were impressed with the support BellSoft offers and we could not find another distribution that would integrate so painlessly with our product line as Liberica JDK.”

Chuck Woods
Engineering and Operations Manager at SoftChalk

“Stability, speed and accuracy are all very important factors for us. Liberica, our main JDK distribution, was onboarded without any hiccups. We are happy with the level of support provided by the BellSoft team.”

Yury Vasyutinskiy
Team Lead at FlowTraders

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