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Java Embedded development
Java runtime by its nature is designed to be portable. However, customisation of Java run-time for particular hardware may require porting of the underlying Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to a specific CPU architecture, including ARM, PPC, and MIPS and bundling with platform networking, storage, as well as with security libraries.
BellSoft has deep technical expertise to provide our customers an outstanding service in the following areas:
Java Runtime and JVM porting and tuning
Device Input/Output API (DIO) customisation for customer specific hardware
Java Graphics stack customisation for a given platform
Customization of the Java Runtime for specific customer requirements
Java Runtime development & support
BellSoft is in a unique position to help our customers evaluate, port, and adjust existing Java Runtime and, if necessary, help with development on new features for the Java Platform and JVM.
BellSoft engineers have been contributing to the OpenJDK project since its inception. They continually enhance the product and in case of any issue can quickly fix customer critical issues and contribute changes upstream.
JVM development and porting, including Just in Time (JIT) compiler development from scratch or adoption of existing C1/C2 compilers and Graal
Ahead-of-Time compilation optimization
Intrinsics development
Certification compliance testing (TCK)
Java platform and application performance optimization
For more than a decade BellSoft engineers have been working on Java runtime performance benchmarking and optimizations.
Using popular as well as in-house performance optimization techniques and tools allows BellSoft to work on performance tuning for industry leaders.
Performance benchmarking (including micro-benchmarking) and comparison
C1/C2 tuning for benchmarking and customer workloads
GC tuning for specific workloads
Static and dynamic footprint optimization
Migrating current application to Java 9
Java 9 is a major version release, so it’s entirely fair to expect that there will be some breaking changes that come with it. BellSoft engineers were deeply involved in Java platform modularization for Jigsaw at Oracle, and better than anyone else understand a safe way of migrating to Java 9.
BellSoft experience with Java 9 can help to boost the performance of existing solutions without significant investments.
Better Memory Utilization
Better Performance
Better Hardware Utilization
Big Data Fast Data
BellSoft offers a of Big Data services including design and implementation of In-Stream and batch analytics pipelines. We are exceptionally strong with recommendation engines, which we've been using in large-scale production deployments. Our engineers maintain an extensive catalog of proven design patterns that allow them to be flexible in the selection of the latest frameworks that are best suited to address your specific use cases.
We have experience in building applications which help solve specific Big Data tasks for particular industries, as well as building Big Data Platforms. As such, we have hands-on experience with
Big Data processing (Apache Hadoop)
Streaming (including Apache Spark, Kafka and Storm)
Data Storage & Search (Cassandra, Elastic Search)
UI/Full stack application development
BellSoft team has a vast expertise in application development for various platforms. This makes us a successful competitor on the field of modern full stack JavaScript web application development. We provide a complete spectrum of services: gathering requirements, making a proof of concept or prototype, design, development, full-scale QA, and, finally, a deployment to the production environment.
We strive to provide modern and cost-competitive solutions to our clients, and for that we keep up with the latest trends in application development: adhering to agile and lean principles, leverage best practices and design patterns, use solid architectures to accommodate future growth.
We embrace the technologies that help us to produce high quality results faster and simpler than ever. Our solutions are built on a cutting-edge Open Source software, including but not limited to:
Angular, a solid, future-proof application framework for highly interactive UI
Node.js, very efficient, highly-scalable back-end platform
MongoDB, a flexible, distributed, document database
MySQL, enterprise level, full-featured relational database
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