Liberica Native Image Kit 22.1.0 Release Notes

Liberica Native Image Kit 22.1.0

Liberica Native Image Kit is based on Liberica JDK 11.0.15+10 and Liberica JDK 17.0.3+7 version. Please, find the release notes below:

Liberica NIK distribution includes the following runtimes components:

  • LLVM - 12.0.1 (GraalVM CE Native 22.1.0)
  • Python - 3.8.5 (GraalVM CE Native 22.1.0)
  • Node - v16.14.2
  • Java - Liberica JDK 11.0.15+10, LTS and Liberica JDK 17.0.3+7, LTS
  • Java Script - GraalVM JavaScript (GraalVM CE Native 22.1.0)
  • R - 4.0.3 (FastR)
  • TruffleRuby - 22.1.0 (Ruby 3.0.2)
  • Native Image - GraalVM Version 22.1.0 (Liberica JDK 11.0.15+10, LTS and Liberica JDK 17.0.3+7, LTS)
  • Wasm - WebAssembly (GraalVM CE Native 22.1.0)

Issues fixed

Issue Description
[GR-16591] Add changelog for date time support
[GR-16591] Add date time C library functions
[GR-16591] Add polyglot date time tests
[GR-16591] Address more review comments
[GR-16591] Support date time for polyglot API
[GR-17176] Adopt TruffleStrings.
[GR-19768] Update Truffle import.
[GR-21438] Change LL debug logging level to warning
[GR-21438] Use TruffleLogger for lifetime analysis output
[GR-21438] Use TruffleLogger for ll debug output
[GR-21438] Use TruffleLogger for Trace IR
[GR-21590] [GR-36886] [GR-29094] Update Python imports
[GR-21590] Update imports
[GR-21590] Update Python import on graal side
[GR-21590] Update Python imports.
[GR-23997] Periodic update of the graal import (2021-12-17).
[GR-23997] Periodic update of the graal import (2021-12-24).
[GR-23997] Periodic update of the graal import (2021-12-31).
[GR-23997] Periodic update of the graal import (2022-01-14).
[GR-23997] Periodic update of the graal import (2022-02-04).
[GR-23997] Periodic update of the graal import (2022-02-11).
[GR-23997] Periodic update of the graal import (2022-02-18).
[GR-23997] Periodic update of the graal import (2022-02-25).
[GR-23997] Periodic update of the graal import (2022-03-04).
[GR-23997] Periodic update of the graal import (2022-03-11).
[GR-23997] Periodic update of the graal import (2022-03-18).
[GR-24501] Removing the definition of ICU4J library from graal-js.
[GR-26397] Synchronize when changing Shape through freezing of a shared object
[GR-28198] Fixed javadoc.
[GR-28198] Fixed review comments.
[GR-28198] Remove deprecated TruffleException interface.
[GR-28198] Removed usages of deprecated TruffleException.
[GR-28198] TruffleExceptionPartialEvaluationTest clean up.
[GR-29252] Add buffer support to C library.
[GR-29252] Add buffer tests.
[GR-29252] Allow exporting of pointers as buffer objects from sulong.
[GR-29252] Update changelog
[GR-29277] Implement method based check on SVM.
[GR-31879] Align ignore conditions with registration condition for implCompressMultiBlock0 intrinsic
[GR-32533] [GR-37020] [GR-37075] Update graal import
[GR-32656] LLVM is pre-initialized by AuxiliaryEngineCache because it defines LLVM#patchContext(), but LLVM does actually not support pre-initialization.
[GR-33335] Sulong: Replace .getCurrentFrame() usage with .iterateFrames()
[GR-33509] Drop JDK8 support.
[GR-33688] Implementation of Intl.NumberFormat v3 proposal.
[GR-33860] Prevent BytecodeOSRNodeTest from polluting console.
[GR-34482] Fix Interrupt to show the backtrace and exit as signaled
[GR-34482] Prevent side-effecting safepoints while reporting the exception for a Thread
[GR-34811] add LLVM_ORG for darwin-aarch64
[GR-35021] Add asciidoctor to polybench
[GR-35040] Update ruby in vm
[GR-35078] Warnings when building truffle on Java 18.
[GR-35093] [GR-36522] [GR-37336] Update graal import
[GR-35139] Replace Env.createHostAdapterClass(Class[]) with an Object[] version.
[GR-35175] Added BinaryInput, BinaryOutput into nativebridge.
[GR-35175] Added BinaryInput#tryReadTypedValue.
[GR-35175] Added binary marshaller.
[GR-35175] Added BinaryOutput, BinaryInput and BinaryMarshaller Javadoc.
[GR-35175] Add tests for native bridge annotation processor.
[GR-35175] AnnotationAction replaced by MarshallerAnnotation.
[GR-35175] By reference support for classes with explicit receiver.
[GR-35175] Fixed gates.
[GR-35175] Fixed missing referenceIsolateAddress parameter in native to hotspot endpoint.
[GR-35175] Fixed
[GR-35175] Fixed review comments.
[GR-35175] extended by JNIConfig entry points.
[GR-35175] Native bridge supports raw pointer parameters.
[GR-35175] Post rebase fixes.
[GR-35175] Simplified BinaryOutput and BinaryInput. Renamed DispatchResolver to CustomDispatchAccessor, ReceiverResolver to CustomReceiverAccessor and Factory to CustomD
[GR-35175] Split PolyglotManagementDispatch into PolyglotExecutionListenerDispatch and PolyglotExecutionEventDispatch.
[GR-35175] Updated nativebridge Javadoc.
[GR-35354] Update to latest graal
[GR-35354] Workaround issue when building libcxx for Sulong with cmake 3.22
[GR-35405] Do not set Xmx for specs & MRI tests
[GR-35436] Replace old native call stats logging with TruffleLogger
[GR-35481] Use TruffleLogger to print abstract syntax trees
[GR-35481] Use TruffleLogger to print stack traces
[GR-35491] Use TruffleLogger for debug loader output
[GR-35494] Use TruffleLogger for debug sys calls output
[GR-35532] Update to latest graal
[GR-35547] force libffi configure for Darwin/AArch64
[GR-35549] ContextSharingTest#testThreadCheck fails in polyglot isolate.
[GR-35555] Workaround when librubyvm is built and –jvm is used
[GR-35581] Update to latest graal
[GR-35703] Added AbstractPolyglotImpl#createThreadScope to attach threads to JavaVM.
[GR-35703] Added factory method for default ProcessHandler.
[GR-35703] Fixed EngineImpl#hasDefaultProcessHandler.
[GR-35703] Fixed review comments.
[GR-35703] ProcessHandler for TruffleIsolates.
[GR-35742] JS: Drop JDK8 support.
[GR-35748] Constructor of DynamicArray should not invoke withIntegrityLevel().
[GR-35760] Compiler causes memory leak.
[GR-35761] Fix LLVM runtime unit tests
[GR-35794] Fix NPE in LLVM bitcode parser when TargetTriple is missing.
[GR-35804] Avoid extra leaveAndEnter() if there are no other Fibers for that Thread
[GR-35804] Ensure to only run the action for the current Fiber of a thread once
[GR-35835] Change Object target type mapping of arrays to List.
[GR-35915] Warn user when a native image uses vulnerable log4j libraries.
[GR-35951] Run TracePoint specs in their own process
[GR-35953] Add primitive value tests
[GR-35953] Add support for converting primitive values to polyglot_value types.
[GR-35953] Fix unit test warnings after polyglot_value change
[GR-35953] Replace void buglist.txt fastr graal graaljs graalpython mx truffleruby with polyglot_value where appropriate
[GR-35953] Update changelog with polyglot changes.
[GR-35953] Update tests to use polyglot_value type
[GR-35953] Use varargs for polyglot_export function
[GR-35958] Use field instead of assumption for single context.
[GR-36107] Add test for bool signed floating point cast.
[GR-36107] Add tests for vector signed conversion.
[GR-36107] Fix boolean signed floating point conversion.
[GR-36107] Fix vector boolean to signed value conversion.
[GR-36176] Added test for GuestToHostCodeCache sharing.
[GR-36176] Sharing layer assertion when multiple sharing layers use host interop.
[GR-36225] Fix race condition when installing GuestToHostCodeCache.
[GR-36295] Warning when building compiler on early builds of jdk18.
[GR-36401] Explicitly enable segfault handler in SVM in Truffle launcher
[GR-36441] Add missing specializations for i1 comparisons.
[GR-36444] Fix invalid initial values in LLVMVectorReduce.
[GR-36458] Gate logs polluted by Truffle graph dumping.
[GR-36458] Improved failure messages.
[GR-36519] fix GetItemNode specialization on list subclassing
[GR-36522] Adapt help output width based on terminal width
[GR-36524] Performance regression in over the boundary exception throw.
[GR-36554] Update XZ to XZ-1.9
[GR-36632] [GR-36757] [GR-36634] [GR-37149] [GR-37351] [GR-36665] GU GDS integration.
[GR-36658] Fix name property of Call Tree nodes.
[GR-36673] Reverse catalog order in release file.
[GR-36678] Migrate to indexed frame slots
[GR-36761] Add Espresso LLVM installable for darwin-amd64
[GR-36761] Update LLVM_ORG to 12.0.1-4-g44c3fb5080-bgffeaf3b8e1
[GR-36766] update legacy code
[GR-36821] Update to latest graal to get FrameDescriptor#getInfo()
[GR-36849] Workaround issue of SVM failing early with PartialUnroll=false
[GR-36883] Fix multiple bases with instance lay-out conflict.
[GR-36912] StructBuiltins: pack fix arity.
[GR-36924] Update graal to get at-least-once-materialized Frame PEA fix
[GR-36933] Fix first tier regression.
[GR-36974] Fix -H:CompilerBackend=llvm for image-builder on module-path.
[GR-36986] Update docs
[GR-36987] Fix default graphics device setting.
[GR-36987] Revert “Remove plot function call from data.table examples”
[GR-37030] Increase timeout for OSR test
[GR-37132] Hour-cycle replacement in DateTimeFormat pattern should not touch literals.
[GR-37162] Add support for parsing dependencies
[GR-37175] Test NodeLibrary.getScope() with a BlockScopeNode that is not yet entered.
[GR-37212] Fix race in TestThread#test_thread_status_in_trap
[GR-37336] Use sub-categories to differentiate experimental and stable options
[GR-37340] Add regression test for memory leak.
[GR-37381] [GR-35988] Consolidate NativeImageClassLoaderSupport.
[GR-37453] Initialize Espresso classes at build time.
[GR-37518] Disable virtual threads and continuations on JDK 11 due to liveness problems.
[GR-37528] Backport: Upgrading the underlying Node.js to version 16.14.2.
[GR-37553] Prepare 22.1.
[GR-37556] Init even more graphics related classes at runtime.
[GR-37638] Ensure LinkAtBuildTimeSupport is available early on.
[GR-37685] Ensure MANIFEST Class-Path ends up after entry that contains it.
[GR-37740] GU upgrade emailed license.
[GR-37755] Implement Zlib.crc_table by using Java code and not using libz
[GR-37811] Clean file from wrong token.
[GR-37814] Save before wait for user input.
[GR-37828] OS translates as ‘macos’ instead of ‘darwin’.
[GR-37834] Use OptionOrigin values in translateOption error reporting.
[GR-37843] Change a -> c as cancel.
[GR-37843] Remove the use of word ‘abort’.
[GR-37894] Fix and simplify wrap() in Launcher
[GR-37894] Use the fallback width if JLine fails to create a system terminal
[GR-37925] Remove throwException from JVM_LoadLibrary to work around Sulong issue
[GR-37946] Continue by presing ENTER.
[GR-37967] Filter non-installable Artifacts from catalog.
[GR-37967] Fix tests.
[GR-38018] Init graphics-related packages in runtime.
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