Liberica Native Image Kit 21.2.0 Release Notes

Liberica Native Image Kit 21.2.0

Liberica Native Image Kit is based on Liberica JDK 11.0.11 version. Please, find the release notes here.

Liberica NIK distribution includes the following runtimes components:

  • LLVM - 10.0.0 (GraalVM CE Native 21.2.0)
  • Python - 3.8.5 (GraalVM CE Native 21.2.0)
  • Node - v14.16.1
  • Java - Liberica JDK 11.0.12+7, LTS
  • Java Script - GraalVM JavaScript (GraalVM CE Native 21.2.0)
  • R - 4.0.3 (FastR)
  • TruffleRuby - 21.2.0 (Ruby 2.7.3)
  • Native Image - GraalVM Version 21.2.0 (Java Version 11.0.12+7-LTS)
  • Wasm - WebAssembly (GraalVM CE Native 21.2.0)

Issues fixed

Issue Description
[GR-50] Add cached annotation support to @Fallback.
[GR-293] Disallow deduplication of ExplodeLoopNode.
[GR-2339] FloatDivNode type assertion removal.
[GR-2339] Prepare SIMDVectorization for enablement.
[GR-2991] Improve compiler code coverage
[GR-8072] Add field interceptors to AnalysisField.
[GR-8974] Added SpeculativeGuardMovement optimization.
[GR-9382] Change handling of libpolyglot build args.
[GR-9382] Remove Graal.nodejs from the base GraalVM image.
[GR-11313] Integrate C++ method calls over interop.
[GR-16855] Experimental native-image module support #3239.
[GR-17672] Publish Ruby on aarch64 now that all tests pass.
[GR-17672] Update to latest TruffleRuby
[GR-19405] Improve ArityException with expected arity ranges.
[GR-19691] Avoid mentioning language versions in graal README as they inevitably get out of date.
[GR-19768] [GR-30908] Update Truffle import and remove daily gates.
[GR-19803] More precise stamps for conditional nodes.
[GR-19951] Polishing Insight’s iterateFrames.
[GR-20638] Fix interrupted does not need to be volatile; Update Interrupter docs.
[GR-20652] Adding support for stub callee saved registers on AArch64.
[GR-20927] Truffle can no longer be shadowed.
[GR-21522] Implement _pickle EE.
[GR-22108] Remove workarounds for Windows.
[GR-22460] Prepare for new mx output directory becoming default.
[GR-22699] Refactor separate host language from polyglot implementation; Add remote RemoteSLTest.
[GR-22699] Refactorings in preparation for polyglot isolates.
[GR-23067] Disabling extra testing components.
[GR-23724] Resources support for Native Image.
[GR-24309] Improve String.equals substitution.
[GR-24401] Generalize the object model of Espresso.
[GR-24662] Jsonnet improvements in benchmark definitions.
[GR-24662] Migrate compiler benchmark builders to jsonnet.
[GR-24662] Minor fix in CI forks jobs.
[GR-24681] Allow more array component hub reads to float.
[GR-24708] Modify the compile queue to enable the new compilation policies.
[GR-25069] Build fail fix for users running on Linux but not on the Linux platform.
[GR-25093] Fix transient issues in libc tests.
[GR-25329] Enable AllowVMInspection in Truffle Language Launchers.
[GR-26014] Generalize loop unswitching.
[GR-26014] [GR-14570] Loop duplication support.
[GR-26131] Potential memory leak for constant shape properties.
[GR-26312] Enable ClassLoader methods.
[GR-26380] SVM: register packages loaded by the BootLoader on JDK 11.
[GR-26421] Add support to Truffle contexts for tracking auto-closeable resources, and close them when the context gets disposed.
[GR-26421] Added tests for exceptions thrown from close.
[GR-26421] Fixed review comments.
[GR-26860] Show receiver in all scopes it is defined in.
[GR-27139] Update copyright years for SDK, Truffle, Regex, Tools and Compiler.
[GR-27198] Deprecate equality value profile.
[GR-27256] Replace more guards with explicit exception checks.
[GR-27287] Add RootNode#countsTowardsStackTraceLimit().
[GR-27433] [GR-30459] [GR-30935] Sulong: preliminary toolchain and internal libraries for Windows.
[GR-27435] Sulong: support for PE/COFF files (Windows binaries).
[GR-28031] Automatic registration of method handles in image heap.
[GR-28076] Use correct threshold values when tracing compilation details.
[GR-28357] Fix inclusion of classes to ensure correct exception is thrown.
[GR-28357] Throw correct exception in method handle tests.
[GR-28360] Fix MethodHandleProxies.asInterfaceInstance for annotation classes.
[GR-28410] [GR-29318] [GR-29331] [GR-28906] [GR-28905] Compatibility fixes in the Python TRegex flavor.
[GR-28452] Tag transiently failing specs to unblock the CI
[GR-28460] New infrastructure for method inlining before static analysis.
[GR-28769] Adapt to mx changes in benchSuiteVersion.
[GR-28769] Add microservices benchmarks to all benchmarks to run on HotSpot.
[GR-28769] Adding Quarkus Tika microservice benchmark.
[GR-28769] Adding Tika and PetClinic gate and bench configs.
[GR-28769] Adding microservice benchmarks to vm enterprise aot bench hocon.
[GR-28769] Introduce Peak Throughput per Memory metric for microservice benchmarks.
[GR-28769] Measuring time to first response in microservice benchmarks.
[GR-28827] All built-in packages must be registered before information is used the first time.
[GR-28827] Make StaticAnalysisResults immutable.
[GR-28827] Various small improvements.
[GR-28897] Agent support for generating configuration with origin information.
[GR-28940] [GR-30258] Ruby now works on JDK16 in both –jvm and –native modes
[GR-28940] [GR-30258] Ruby now works on JDK16 in both –jvm and –native modes.
[GR-28956] Track the source of branch probability information.
[GR-28965] Workaround for dumping on isolates.
[GR-28982] Fix threading API of Truffle NFI.
[GR-29030] Accept any compatible catalog. Merge catalog sources by default.
[GR-29030] Accept any compatible catalog.
[GR-29030] Added tests for compatible component installation. RemoteCatalogDownloaderTest adjusted.
[GR-29034] Fix and re-enable truffle to truffle exception edge test.
[GR-29040] Sulong: benchmarks with 3 compiler threads added.
[GR-29074] CPU AES native instructions.
[GR-29123] Added JNI JIntArray support.
[GR-29123] Move and extend libgraal JNI tooling.
[GR-29230] Replace ValueMoveOp when rematerializing constants.
[GR-29238] Detailed reporting of class initialization.
[GR-29238] Runtime initialize JDK class com.sun.jndi.ldap.ServiceLocator.
[GR-29249] Fixed merging of host and guest frames in PolyglotExceptionImpl.
[GR-29249] HotObject messages do not wrap exception from the host object as HostException.
[GR-29304] [GR-30676] Do not check hasPendingSideEffectingActions() in runPendingSafepointActions()
[GR-29326] [GR-29155] Sulong: Add description to CI jobs and document test workflow.
[GR-29341] Add AVX-512 gate and benchmark configuration
[GR-29341] Add AVX-512 k* opmask registers to allocatable registers
[GR-29341] Enable AVX-512 support.
[GR-29341] Extend AVX512 support.
[GR-29399] Catch build error in Class.isLocal.
[GR-29501] [GR-31415] Disable freetype in statically linked binaries.
[GR-29511] [GR-30334] Add new GC modes ‘epsilon’ and ‘no remembered set’.
[GR-29529] Reinitialize DefaultProxySelector at runtime to support
[GR-29568] Post-21.1 cleanups.
[GR-29575] Bump version to 21.2.
[GR-29629] Implement context pause and cancel using Truffle safepoints.
[GR-29644] AArch64 string intrinsics.
[GR-29657] AOT overview documentation.
[GR-29664] Fix updategraalinopenjdk for JDK17.
[GR-29730] New Espresso HotSwap API.
[GR-29770] Loop safepoints: allow removal for long loops that only iterate in 32 bit integer range.
[GR-29770] Update compiler changelog
[GR-29890] NullPointerException in LLVMPThreadGetName.
[GR-29896] Add exception edges to DeoptEntryNodes.
[GR-29898] LD_DEBUG=unused makes NFI return NULL symbols triggering assertion.
[GR-29907] [GR-31679] Refactor AArch64NodeMatchRules and ASIMD support.
[GR-29914] [GR-25318] Espresso refactor for JDK16.
[GR-29932] Add support for pointers to @RawStructure.
[GR-29937] Open package for .properties bundles.
[GR-29958] Remove Native Image substitutions that are not necessary any more.
[GR-29961] Improve compiler code coverage.
[GR-29994] Fix transient test issue with reported bci on for-loop line.
[GR-29999] Add support for automatic fp ldp/stp generation.
[GR-30011] Sulong: fix llvm graalvm-tests on darwin.
[GR-30019] Thread interrupts permanently break the HostClassLoader.
[GR-30030] Add a possibility to remove a TypeDescriptor from union and intersection type.
[GR-30030] Fixed review comments.
[GR-30035] Adapt JavaScript to use new hashes interop APIs.
[GR-30040] Graph Flags: add more stage flags.
[GR-30067] Make AnalysisType.instanceFieldsCache volatile to make the cache thread-safe.
[GR-30076] [GR-30806] Implement new interop messages for espresso.
[GR-30178] Use uncached toEspressoNode in System.arrayCopy.
[GR-30192] Fix for handling a foreign host String array passed on by Espresso launcher.
[GR-30200] Print warning if Truffle language runs on default runtime because of missing/incompatible JVMCI.
[GR-30217] Create RTLD_DEFAULT handle for dlsym.
[GR-30232] Backport: Fixes of timezone-related inconsistencies.
[GR-30233] Adding AArch64 support for PreserveFramePointer.
[GR-30241] Disallow decorators in getIntrinsicGraph.
[GR-30254] Disable agents support by defaut in espresso.
[GR-30265] Sync up Native Image options with the documentation.
[GR-30266] [GR-30628] Fix RuntimeCompileJttTest.
[GR-30273] Do not filter HOSTED_ONLY interfaces.
[GR-30273] Move runtime-reachable code out of Feature classes.
[GR-30277] Re-enable API checksum of recommended packages cache (2).
[GR-30277] Re-enable API checksum of recommended packages cache.
[GR-30278] Fix for-of TCK types.
[GR-30285] Report used substitutions in Native Image.
[GR-30288] Fix ClassValue does not support cyclic dependencies.
[GR-30295] Use regular reflection field accessors using Unsafe.
[GR-30306] Generate catalog should fail fast on unexpected parameters.
[GR-30307] [GR-30087] Don’t modify possibly shared array in place.
[GR-30312] [GR-30313] Fix path relativization issues on Windows.
[GR-30321] Wasm: Avoiding ClassCastException from global_get.
[GR-30324] TCK tests are fairly slow (in interpreter mode).
[GR-30325] Fix host conversion handling of java.sql.Date and java.sql.Time.
[GR-30337] Report remaining loop count on exit from method.
[GR-30353] Fix RemoveUnusedSymbols on Windows.
[GR-30360] Fix Bundle-Symbolic-Name of installables.
[GR-30363] Fix broken localization test.
[GR-30374] FastR: use libRlas and libRlapack without OpenMP dependency on MacOS.
[GR-30380] Fix return value of CFunctions.
[GR-30382] Lighter LineNumberTableAttribute.
[GR-30389] Slim StackMapTableAttribute.
[GR-30393] Fix issue with stack values in recursive methods.
[GR-30399] [GR-30460] Sulong: build libc++ with Ninja.
[GR-30400] Cleanup SubstrateCompilerFlagsBuilder.
[GR-30405] Do not use ObjectScanner worklist in parallel mode.
[GR-30407] Service provider exception when dumping the CFG.
[GR-30408] Fix thread interrupt status on JDK 16.
[GR-30409] Fix usage of safepoint APIs break image build if used during preinitialization.
[GR-30421] Move IDE docs to the mx project.
[GR-30425] Update and adapt to Checkstyle 8.36.1.
[GR-30425] Update mx import version to get support for Checkstyle 8.36.1.
[GR-30433] Image builder JPMS cleanups.
[GR-30433] Improve support for building images from modulepath.
[GR-30447] Allow generation of the Graal.js standalone.
[GR-30453] Added an API for uninterruptible read and write operations on files.
[GR-30461] [GR-30463] [GR-30462] Sulong: build libraries using ninja.
[GR-30467] Introduce mx graalvm-enter command.
[GR-30472] [GR-27863] [GR-18878] [GR-30937] [GR-30728] [GR-30833] [GR-30804] Managed pthreads & synchronization primitives.
[GR-30477] [GR-30536] Only check that InnerClasses.inner_name_index is a valid UTF8 constant.
[GR-30478] Sulong: extractvalue instr tests for nested aggregates.
[GR-30482][GR-30772] Replace library messages for index and size conversions with nodes
[GR-30487] Ensure GraalVmJImageBuildTask gets rebuilt when components change.
[GR-30493] Wasm: Type of failure should not be based on the message of ArithmeticException.
[GR-30497] Add CompilerDirectives.blackhole() for benchmarking
[GR-30497] Add CompilerDirectives.blackhole() for benchmarking.
[GR-30502] Add support for tzmappings format used on JDK12+.
[GR-30504] Do not rely on mxbuild dir layout in tests.
[GR-30520] Reference handling fixes.
[GR-30524] Sulong: remove FIXMEs from ci config.
[GR-30526] Try to print diagnostics if a segfault happens in native code.
[GR-30532] Sulong: *stat functions delegate on native counterparts.
[GR-30533] Fix invocation of functions from imported tables.
[GR-30539] Add estimate build time for libpolyglot.
[GR-30564] SVM: do not fail if the phases to be removed are not there in the first place.
[GR-30565] Regenerated ANTLR parsers.
[GR-30565] Update ANTLR to 4.9.2.
[GR-30565] Updated THIRD_PARTY_LICENSE.txt
[GR-30570] Abstract merge: remove unconditional return duplication and expose it to users that may need it.
[GR-30580] [GR-30503] Get rid of remote grid device.
[GR-30584] Fix clang warning in stat.c.
[GR-30591] Upgrading the underlying Node.js to version 14.16.1.
[GR-30595] Unsafe static fields access support.
[GR-30621] Sulong: Reduce builtins implemented.
[GR-30629] Native image bash launcher version and vm config #3329.
[GR-30635] Assertion error in LibGraalMBean.
[GR-30640] Sulong: compile tests using Ninja.
[GR-30672] Mitigate compiler gate timeouts.
[GR-30675] Switch to Localization JVM mode by default.
[GR-30676] Polyglot Context States.
[GR-30679] Enable traversing compilation queue.
[GR-30679] Update graal to get the traversing compilation queue
[GR-30679] [GR-31286] Traversing queue documentation and disable DynamicCompilationThresholds for BackgroundCompilation=false.
[GR-30683] Truffle TCK PermissionsFeature leaks stream and file descriptor.
[GR-30686] Fix race condition in LibFFIContext.
[GR-30688] Fix reporting of LLVM reference benchmark numbers.
[GR-30689] Fix DSL cached data race.
[GR-30692] Add missing sdk suite import in java-benchmarks suite.
[GR-30698] [GR-20751] Fix failing daily tests.
[GR-30702] Force monitor slots for PhantomCleanable.
[GR-30703] Reduce use of reprofile in unit tests.
[GR-30720] Prevent NPE during method handle resolution on JDK 16.
[GR-30722] Test CI with Quarkus main instead of Quarkus latest release.
[GR-30724] Fix auto substitution for sun.misc.Unsafe.objectFieldOffset on JDK 16.
[GR-30727] Setting a new value should grow, set value, set shape in that order.
[GR-30728] [GR-30730] Refactor intrinsics provider.
[GR-30728] [GR-30748] Various threading-related cleanups.
[GR-30728] [GR-30763] Support system calls that return pointers.
[GR-30728] [GR-30902] Adapt sigprocmask to syscalls being able to return pointers.
[GR-30728] [GR-30936] Futex syscall.
[GR-30734] Ensure exceptions are printed before disposing of the context.
[GR-30741] Reference handling fixes for JDK 16.
[GR-30742] Added some missing Unsafe intrinsics for JDK 16.
[GR-30749] Only hold weak references to Truffle threads in thread contexts.
[GR-30760] [GR-30637] Create weak reference for the call target cache.
[GR-30764] Allow pointer types as inline asm operands.
[GR-30767] Ignore error when attaching libgraal JMX thread to the VM.
[GR-30776] Word operations create division-by-zero deopts in AOT code.
[GR-30777] Improve PolyglotThreadLocalActions#notifyContextClosed.
[GR-30784] Make CoreProviders directly available from tools.
[GR-30786] Add regression test.
[GR-30786] Fix AIOOBE in DynamicObjectLibrary.removeKey.
[GR-30788] Prepare espresso API jars for maven.
[GR-30807] Start the reference handler thread during early startup.
[GR-30816] Document potential problem with target triples in the “compiling Rust” example.
[GR-30834] Fix for cl.exe check for non-english languages #3335.
[GR-30835] Fix transient issue in Espresso redefinition concerning active frames.
[GR-30836] Sulong: extractvalue supports multiple indices.
[GR-30837] Minor fix for PosixRawFileOperationSupport.
[GR-30866] Fix possible “-Xmx0” issue #3254.
[GR-30869] Add an option to disable usage of a pre-initialized context.
[GR-30871] Implement AOT preparation support for Truffle libraries.
[GR-30872] Make ServiceLoaderFeature more resilient to failures.
[GR-30884] Update CI overlay.
[GR-30891] Support class predefinitions.
[GR-30900] Add MemoryFence class to Truffle API.
[GR-30911] Deploy Ruby AArch64 artefacts.
[GR-30914] Align StackValue memory to 16 bytes.
[GR-30928] Adapt GraalVM CE license files to the removal of Graal.nodejs from the base image.
[GR-30929] Added support for writing big endian data to files.
[GR-30940] Enable GC benchmarking for Native Image.
[GR-30941] Use a dedicated native library in the NFI library isolation test.
[GR-30942] Update to jvmci-21.1-b05.
[GR-30944] Insert a store-store fence between setting the value and the shape.
[GR-30948] Loops code: refactorings.
[GR-30949] Fix typo in arch string.
[GR-30952] Remove -H:AdditionalLinkerOptions option.
[GR-30962] Pass Xmx1g and Xms1g to awfy peak benchmarks.
[GR-30964] Integerhelper work.
[GR-30967] Prevent reflection on deleted fields and always provide a MetaAccessProvider in field value computers.
[GR-30969] Make child node arrays of BytecodeNode instrumentable.
[GR-30974] [GR-31230] Changed how microservices are benchmarked.
[GR-30979] Clear security provider caches leaving only used providers.
[GR-30990] Prevent from NPE when debugging languages without call nodes.
[GR-30997] Use Truffle logger for Espresso JDWP.
[GR-31005] Tooling tests are not running with libgraal.
[GR-31008] Disable experimental FIPS mode.
[GR-31016] Treat the compilation task as a mandatory part of the compilation pipeline.
[GR-31019] Implement –add-exports and –add-opens for native-image
[GR-31020] Change LocalLiveness pass to consider async exception edges.
[GR-31024] Redo DeoptEntry logic.
[GR-31027] Reset MethodType.methodDescriptor in the image heap.
[GR-31029] Fix Transient issue for active frame redefintion tests.
[GR-31031] Add intrinsic for Reference.refersTo and PhantomReference.refersTo.
[GR-31041] Support PhantomReference.refersTo0.
[GR-31050] Fix passing the extra image build arguments.
[GR-31053] Better benchmarking folder layout.
[GR-31059] Mark all MonitorIdNodes in irreducible lock regions.
[GR-31075] Add bench-suite default datapoint for benchmarks.
[GR-31075] Add detailed Native Image benchmark compilation metrics.
[GR-31075] Fix vminfo computation for JMH benchmarks.
[GR-31075] Reenable image build output for benchmarks.
[GR-31075] Revert benchmark mx changes.
[GR-31080] Move the docs sources in Graal/docs space by preserving website pages build.
[GR-31080] Prevent a full gate when there are only changes under graal/docs.
[GR-31086] Fix exports check.
[GR-31092] Handle method handle species initialised at build time.
[GR-31095] Make jvmci-21.2-b01 release.
[GR-31107] Added support for remote licenses, URL specified by LICENSE rpmtag.
[GR-31107] Improved testability of license presenter.
[GR-31116] Update to jvmci-21.2-b02.
[GR-31116] Update to jvmci-21.2-b05.
[GR-31116] Update to jvmci-21.2-b06.
[GR-31116] Update to jvmci-21.2-b07.
[GR-31116] Update to jvmci-21.2-b08.
[GR-31116] [GR-32120] Update to jvmci-21.2-b04.
[GR-31118] Improve polyglot context heap boundaries.
[GR-31120] Ignore LinkageError in JNI method/field matching.
[GR-31137] Fix mixed i32/i64 arithmetic in array range write barriers.
[GR-31138] Provide more CodeInfo offsets.
[GR-31144] Fix the missing of “s” in format string.
[GR-31147] Fix build on MacOS 11.3.
[GR-31155] Update visualvm to build number 998.
[GR-31162] Do not de-duplicate ValueAnchorNode.
[GR-31165] Fix analysis daily gates.
[GR-31165] Mark array types of elemental-type-supertypes as reachable.
[GR-31172] [GR-28201] Fix AArch64 Caller-Saved Registers Spec.
[GR-31173] Integrate Truffle inlining data into the truffle compilation task.
[GR-31174] Fixed an issue with volatile fields in the image heap.
[GR-31176] Reset DirectByteBuffer.cleaner on all JDK versions.
[GR-31177] Support iterators and hashes in debugger API.
[GR-31180] DebugValue methods hashCode() and equals() provide result of the interop identityHashCode() and isIdentical() calls.
[GR-31183] Run all Truffle gates for 16.
[GR-31200] Don’t add nodes twice in read elimination.
[GR-31215] Remove invalidation for second tier code installation until a JVMCI is available to make it non-entrant.
[GR-31216] Use mx build-graalvm as much as possible.
[GR-31238] [GR-31240] Provide frame slots in the default scope and reduce distracting suspends on function exits.
[GR-31242] SDK: report resources exhausted and any other unknown exceptions in launcher.
[GR-31243] Check for null coming from getCompileQueue.
[GR-31245] Remove unnecessary code in BytecodeParser.
[GR-31247] Substitute insensitive wording in compiler.
[GR-31251] Substitute insensitive wording in LLVM runtime.
[GR-31254] Remove UnknownTypeFlow.
[GR-31259] Tune Espresso interpreter.
[GR-31263] Make DynamicObjectLibary.putWithFlags more robust.
[GR-31273] Transient ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in LLVMContext.getSymbol.
[GR-31276] More lib nodes for import intrinsification
[GR-31277] Debug types refactoring.
[GR-31281] Fix potential null return in LLVMLanguage.parse when racing with GC.
[GR-31285] Workaround missing JFR events using trace compilation details in the polybench.
[GR-31289] Avoid unnecessary VM call and exception when canonicalizing array length read.
[GR-31299] Allow OptionDescriptors to be versioned like any other service
[GR-31309] Cannot invoke default methods of interfaces implemented in polyglot languages without explicit –add-reads.
[GR-31317] Having native projects in mx itself doesn’t work.
[GR-31320] CompilationStatistics does not reliably report invalidation reasons.
[GR-31321] [GR-31510] Improve image build time.
[GR-31329] Add Java-implemented math stub listener.
[GR-31331] Add Sulong gate jobs for JDK16.
[GR-31344] Enable liveness analysis only in compiled code.
[GR-31347] Improve AbsNode canonicalization.
[GR-31349] IVs: add duplication method.
[GR-31354] Improve detection of JDK dependent native projects.
[GR-31356] Add LoopConditionProfile#create() for convenience.
[GR-31363] Do not parse bytecode again after static analysis.
[GR-31370] Wasm: Memory allocation failure should not be an internal error.
[GR-31419] LLVM: fix race condition when initializing LLVMLanguage#activeConfiguration.
[GR-31422] Root methods must be treated as invoked.
[GR-31427] Add missing symbol.
[GR-31443] Support object type field changes in Espresso.
[GR-31447] Initialize the SnippetSignature primitive cache only once.
[GR-31454] Port AMD64 math stubs changes.
[GR-31457] Const-propagate assumption when writing globals.
[GR-31457] Invalid assumption in LLVMContext.getSymbol.
[GR-31464] Fix NPE in EspressoContext#lookup.
[GR-31469] Implement ‘clone’ in the array based static object.
[GR-31478] Force linking of types resolved by GraalTruffleRuntime.
[GR-31479] Introduce BoxNodeIdentityPhase.
[GR-31480] Allow compilation of methods with > 64 loops.
[GR-31483] Writing a foreign array index that is not insertable or writable should throw in strict mode.
[GR-31487] Fix CE debuginfo for substituted methods/fields.
[GR-31499] Fix all-instantiated type flows for arrays of Cloneable and Serializable.
[GR-31500] Add basic support to memset structured interop types.
[GR-31502] Remove unsupported API use from documentation.
[GR-31508] Remove redundant state in Member.
[GR-31514] Do not fail fatally if an AnnotatedType needed in java.lang.reflect.Executable cannot be computed at build-time.
[GR-31552] Added terminating abbrev record to list of abbreviations #3429.
[GR-31553] Added JNIUtil support for attaching and detaching threads from VM.
[GR-31553] Extend JNIExceptionWrapper.ExceptionHandlerContext.
[GR-31558] Extend test coverage to other PolyglotFunction-like types.
[GR-31558] PolyglotFunction should not always treat Object[] arguments as varargs.
[GR-31559] Fix mark SVM safepoint poll stub as reexecutable.
[GR-31564] Allow GraalVM CE to build with OpenJDK 8 and –no-jlinking.
[GR-31566] Refactor SecurityServicesFeature.
[GR-31570] Add helloworld microservice benchmarks to java_benchmarks.
[GR-31586] Prepare 21.2 release branch.
[GR-31596] Update visualVM.
[GR-31679] Refactor AArch64NodeMatchRules and ASIMD Bug Fixes.
[GR-31680] Check that the current JVMCI JDK matches the one in common.json when building Graal.
[GR-31683] Invalid options passed to the linker.
[GR-31691] Initial JFR support.
[GR-31706] [GR-31549] Support atomic inline asm instructions.
[GR-31708] Append customJavaArgs after JavaArgs consolidation.
[GR-31716] DebuggerSession.createPrimitiveValue() added, DebugValue.set(primitiveValue) is deprecated, DebugValue not associated with a parent value is not writable.
[GR-31717] [GR-31679] Fix AArch64 assembly bugs.
[GR-31748] Add support for hasIndices (d) flag in JavaScript regexps.
[GR-31761] InvocationPlugins for methods with more args.
[GR-31836] Don’t use pyc files during image build
[GR-31841] Prevent erroneous removal of exception branches when the exception object isn’t thrown.
[GR-31843] Do not store System.out, .err, or .in as final.
[GR-31847] Fix problems with NFI in context pre-initialization.
[GR-31851] Fix linking errors when AOTTrivialInline is disabled.
[GR-31852] Cut off more X11 methods when running in the headless mode.
[GR-31859] Disable IC combining for compatible shapes.
[GR-31860] SIGSEGV during context initialization while looking up native symbol.
[GR-31878] Fix EnsureClassInitializedNode state.
[GR-31883] Do not lose allowBufferAccess flag when HostAccess is derived from an existing one.
[GR-31912] enable skipped test_clear_pickler_memo.
[GR-31915] Defend against poor hashCode/equals behaviour in IGV ConstantPool.
[GR-31919] Turn Espresso Polyglot and Hotswap APIs into JDK modules.
[GR-31941] Update visualVM to build 1046.
[GR-31947] PolyglotUncaughtExceptionHandler should not log CancelExecution.
[GR-31951] Tweak Thread#wakeup spec to use a reasonable amount of Thread#wakeup calls
[GR-31953] [GR-32118] Support predefinition of classes with subtype and outer class relationships.
[GR-31954] TraceThreadLocalActions does not work on –native.
[GR-31954] [GR-30454] TraceThreadLocalActions does not work on –native.
[GR-31960] Sulong: VA list readArrayElement() unwraps.
[GR-31969] Document public classes and methods of the Static Object Model.
[GR-31970] Avoid constructing Truffle AST when we parse LLVM IR functions just for their debug info.
[GR-31987] Fix debug stepping can cause stack overflow errors for compiled call targets.
[GR-31992] Ensure proper initialization of external threads when entering Espresso.
[GR-31996] Fix behavior of shared caches that are used in guards.
[GR-32000] Fix race condition in lazy LLVM IR parsing.
[GR-32010] Remove FASTR_RELEASE jar distribution.
[GR-32018] Perform a sticky check on all regexp matches with the sticky flag.
[GR-32036] Fix AbstractObjectStamp.equals.
[GR-32037] Only scan for resources in jar if really a jar #3467.
[GR-32040] Trace removed security providers.
[GR-32046] Fix microservice benchmark heap settings.
[GR-32049] Add bitcast from i1 to ivar.
[GR-32055] Remove assert checking for toString equality in IGV.
[GR-32058] Fix typo initalize to initialize.
[GR-32095] Strong SecureRandom implementation doesn’t work on Windows.
[GR-32134] Use getMetaspacePointer() in JfrEventSubstitution for GraalVM 21.2.
[GR-32150] Require at least macOS Sierra (10.12) for GraalVM.
[GR-32150] Require at least macOS Sierra (10.12)
[GR-32156] Timeout in gate-truffle-oraclejdk-11/16.
[GR-32156] [GR-32296] Fix truffle gate timeout and update R import.
[GR-32195] Fix resource inclusion on Windows.
[GR-32204] Backport 21.2: Fix safepoint handling for thread dispose.
[GR-32233] Backport 21.2: Fix SVM performance regression for interpreter calls.
[GR-32246] [GR-32387] Backport 2 fixes to 21.2
[GR-32262] Improve StrengthenGraphs, and ensure that missed optimization potential is not a fatal error.
[GR-32267] Backports for benchmarking correctness.
[GR-32306] Fix assertion in CPUSamplerCLI
[GR-32313] Overriding Thread.isInterrupted() leads to StackOverflowError in Thread.park().
[GR-32332] Backports for 20.2 batch 2
[GR-32332] Backports for 20.2
[GR-32332] Backports for 21.2 batch 3
[GR-32349] Make TypeFlow objects unreachable after static analysis.
[GR-32394] Avoid failing if a config file isn’t present in the config merge directory.
[GR-32397] Use ansi only on windows.
[GR-32450] Sub-word atomic accesses for static object model - Backport.
[GR-32496] Handle duplicate field names in classfiles - Backport.
[GR-32556] Move non-java.base known classes to load after system init.
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