Liberica Native Image Kit 21.1.0 Release Notes

Liberica Native Image Kit 21.1.0

Liberica Native Image Kit is based on Liberica JDK 11.0.11 version. Please, find the release notes here.

Liberica NIK distribution includes the following runtimes components:

  • LLVM - 10.0.0 (GraalVM CE Native 21.1.0)
  • Python - 3.8.5 (GraalVM CE Native 21.1.0)
  • Node - v14.16.1
  • Java - Liberica JDK 11.0.11+9, LTS
  • Java Script - GraalVM JavaScript (GraalVM CE Native 21.1.0)
  • R - 4.0.3 (FastR)
  • TruffleRuby - 21.1.0 (Ruby 2.7.2)
  • Native Image - GraalVM Version 21.1.0 (Java Version 11.0.11+9-LTS)
  • Wasm - WebAssembly (GraalVM CE Native 21.1.0)

Issues fixed

Issue Description
GR-211 Add LoopsDataProvider.
GR-1786 Revisit MemoryUtil and use in CardTable, FirstObjectTable.
GR-2624 PUTFIELD/PUTSTATIC access checks should use the .class version, not the VM version.
GR-3749 Profile successors instead of blocks.
GR-6000 Add hooks to add DeoptEntryNodes within graph plugins.
GR-6000 Add missing DeoptEntryPoints.
GR-6000 Enhance VerifyDeoptimizationEntryPoints.
GR-6000 Use == instead of equals for Nodes.
GR-6190 Add Env#leaveAndEnter() to wait for another thread without triggering multithreading
GR-6190 Add Env#leaveAndEnter() to wait for another thread without triggering multithreading.
GR-6409 Adjust loop utilities.
GR-6975 Reflection based heap memory limits for Truffle guests.
GR-7731 Remove warning message.
GR-8937 Added ‘Hash’ prefix into ProxyHashMap methods.
GR-8937 Added HostAccessTest for Map.
GR-8937 Added InteropLibrary#getHashKeysIterator() and InteropLibrary#getHashValuesIterator().
GR-8937 Added InteropLibrary.readHashValueOrDefault().
GR-8937 Added Javadoc.
GR-8937 Added ProxyHashEntry.
GR-8937 Added TypeDescriptor.hash and TypeDescriptor.hashEntry.
GR-8937 Added Value API for hashes.
GR-8937 Added basic tests.
GR-8937 Added getHashSize message.
GR-8937 Added hash key and hash value iterators into Value.
GR-8937 Added interop tests.
GR-8937 Added setHashEntryValue message.
GR-8937 Added tests for PolyglotMap.
GR-8937 Fixed TCK tests, ValueAPITest. Added hashes into JavaHostLanguageProvider.
GR-8937 Fixed gates.
GR-8937 HashEntry replaced by an array.
GR-8937 Implemented HostObject hash messages.
GR-8937 Implemented hash messages in PolyglotProxy.
GR-8937 Implemented polyglot map.
GR-8937 Improved InteropLibrary#getHashEntriesIterator() Javadoc.
GR-8937 PolyglotMap fixes.
GR-8937 ProxyHashMap unboxes primitive values.
GR-8937 Refactored parameterized TypeDescriptors, added tests.
GR-8937 Renamed InteropLibrary#isHashValueReadable() to isHashEntryReadable().
GR-8937 Separate members and Hash/Attributes/Map values in interop.
GR-8937 Updated sigtests.
GR-9382 Backport removal of Graal.nodejs from the base GraalVM image.
GR-11756 Implement basic interop capabilities in Espresso.
GR-12345 Added iterator interop messages.
GR-12345 Enabled Iterator and Iterable types in the TCK.
GR-12345 Enabling InteropAssertionsTest#getIteratorNextElement.
GR-12345 Extended HostAccessTest, Truffle TCK, ValueAssert to support iterables and iterators.
GR-12345 Fixed gates.
GR-12345 Fixed review comments.
GR-12345 Improved Javadoc.
GR-12345 Improved javadoc.
GR-12345 InteropLibrary.getIteratorNextElement throws UnsupportedMessageException for unreadable elements.
GR-12345 Post rebase fixes.
GR-12345 Renamed array iterator to iterator.
GR-12345 Updated, sigtests.
GR-12513 Implement JNI_GetCreatedJavaVMs in Espresso.
GR-12728 Purge lambdas from Espresso codebase.
GR-12948 Some more JVM_*
GR-12957 Inline caches for INVOKE* bytecodes.
GR-13033 Wrap primitive arrays in Espresso.
GR-13051 Stack trace handling should be complete.
GR-13125 Implement missing JNI methods.
GR-13125 JCK for Espresso
GR-13125 Recursive initialization applied for interfaces with defaults.
GR-13125 Restore (limited) lazy loading in verifier.
GR-13125 Various JCK fixes.
GR-13141 Corrects a mistake in the vtable fixing loop.
GR-13255 Make Espresso self-hosting.
GR-13389 Refactor Espresso for PE-friendliness.
GR-13589 Re-implement Espresso core. Closes GR-13773 GR-13587 GR-13557 GR-13551 GR-13241 GR-13254 GR-11832 GR-13587 GR-13773
GR-13874 Implement JNI handles in Espresso.
GR-13897 Throw original exception for Class.forName() in ExceptionPlugins.
GR-13985 Make Espresso able to self-host it’s own unit-tests.
GR-14030 JSR/RET bytecodes broken in Espresso.
GR-14648 Faster itable lookups
GR-14648 Invokedynamic impl
GR-14706 Sulong: check target triple of bitcode modules.
GR-15275 ClassLoader.loadClass should reject array names.
GR-15865 Add -Xverify:none|[remote|all option.
GR-15866 Upgrade Espresso to the latest Graal.
GR-15901 Java serialization is broken in Espresso.
GR-16074 Add flag to control native library isolation in Espresso.
GR-16367 Wraps host exceptions thrown during class parsing.
GR-16598 JNI Call*Method fails with interface method seeds.
GR-16599 Add support for running Scala 2.11 REPL on Espresso.
GR-16643 Support ProtectionDomain in Espresso.
GR-16685 Aligns primitives according to their byte cost.
GR-16688 Add support for j.l.reflect.Constructor in JVM_GetMethodParameters.
GR-16693 Inline ExceptionHandler resolution.
GR-16711 Support additional Espresso options via launcher -Dproperties.
GR-16726 Add special handling to make sure JNI_OnLoad is executed in the correct class context.
GR-16727 Update slimbeans.
GR-16954 JVM_LatestUserDefinedLoader returns the wrong class loader.
GR-16955 Implement Unsafe.putFloatVolatile/putDoubleVolatile.
GR-17014 Espresso does not check access to super class and super interfaces.
GR-17018 Implement dynamic assertion status.
GR-17049 Espresso getObjectField segfaults on SVM EE.
GR-17107 Substitution Processor.
GR-17115 Update license headers.
GR-17180 MacOS support for Espresso.
GR-17362 MH intrinsics should now be unique.
GR-17386 Augment substitutions with calltargets.
GR-17476 Pass along the accessing klass during MH intrinsics resolution.
GR-17477 Misc. fixes for JCK tests.
GR-17479 Rework SOE/OOM handling.
GR-17530 Corrects behavior of MethodHandle.invoke* methods.
GR-17553 Update jvm.h header for libmokapot.
GR-17554 Fix generic signatures for reflection in Espresso.
GR-17555 Fix java.lang.reflect.Array inconsistencies.
GR-17556 Hardening of the .class file parser in Espresso.
GR-17583 Allow compilation of JSR/RET bytecodes.
GR-17584 Inline getters/setters in Espresso.
GR-17609 Complete Verifier.
GR-17609 Harden Verifier.
GR-17609 Some minor fixes/formatting.
GR-17735 Support Weak/Soft/PhantomReference(s) in Espresso.
GR-17845 JVM_GetSystemPackages should return the list of packages, not the locations.
GR-17923 Misc fixes.
GR-18115 Loading constraints.
GR-18142 Thread stop implementation.
GR-18216 JDK 17 changes.
GR-18216 Loom support for Native Image.
GR-18298 Add launcher JDWP flags.
GR-18471 JVM_Open may incorrectly set errno = EISDIR when files are not found.
GR-18472 Incorrect class modifiers for inner classes in Espresso.
GR-18473 JNI’s GetStaticMethodID should only look in the current class for .
GR-18478 j.l.reflect.Array.newMultiArray returns incorrect type with single dimension.
GR-18506 Partial implementation of the APIs
GR-18532 Bypass loading when resolving primitives.
GR-18549 Update readme.
GR-18620 Implementation of AccessController.doPrivileged() in VM
GR-18621 JCK bugfixes.
GR-18693 Remove dependency on
GR-18730 Support parallel class loading in Espresso.
GR-18767 Class.forName and JNI’s FindClass naming inconsistencies in Espresso.
GR-18848 Fix (de)-serialization of lambdas.
GR-18909 “modifyThreadGroup” permission incorrectly denied in Espresso.
GR-18999 Reduce number of benchmarks for Truffle.
GR-19107 JVM_GetCallerClass should ignore lambda @Compiled methods.
GR-19178 Peak perf. regression after eager stacktrace changes.
GR-19220 Update documentation for using the C1 Visualizer for Truffle (#2983).
GR-19252 Unbalanced monitors trigger host ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in Espresso.
GR-19402 Only direct super interfaces with default methods are initialized in Espresso.
GR-19627 Mimic HotSpot when parsing/verifying StackMapTable attribute.
GR-19664 AccessController.doPrivileged always deopts in Espresso.
GR-19668 Debugger re-attach, invocation options, encapsulated source section
GR-19691 Add grCUDA to the list of languages.
GR-19768 Update Truffle import.
GR-19816 Gregersen/class prepare suspend
GR-19837 Fixed AArch64 native-image JNI callee saved registers issue.
GR-19891 Migrate native pointer usages from long to TruffleObject.
GR-19927 Add benchmark suite versions to results.
GR-20077 Create guest threads for host threads entering the context.
GR-20109 Make inline cache viable for method handles.
GR-20139 Gregersen/test and closing context fixes
GR-20154 Introduce a flag to mimic hotspot ‘interpretation’ of the specs for MethodHandle resolution.
GR-20167 Check for empty LineNumberTable when retrieving source sections.
GR-20275 Code cleanup.
GR-20275 Espresso codebase cleanup.
GR-20275 Refactor StaticObject.
GR-20275 Refactor exception handling in Espresso.
GR-20411 JCK test fixes part 1
GR-20496 Rework teardown.
GR-20638 Added Runnable parameter to also get notified before and after interrupt safepoint processing.
GR-20638 Implement guest language safepoints for Truffle.
GR-20666 Mimic HotSpot behavior in JVM_GetCallerClass.
GR-20718 Replace host lock usages with ReentrantLock-based implementation.
GR-21020 Method modifiers verification incorrectly fails in the parser in presence of non-standard modifiers.
GR-21037 Update LICENSE.
GR-21084 Tackle performance warnings in Espresso.
GR-21160 Fast-path initialization for common guest runtime exception requested by espresso.
GR-21196 Modifications to the test suite to support Compilation during testing.
GR-21196 Re-enable unit-tests gate with forced compilation. Bump version.
GR-21543 Invocationtargetexception factorie benchmark.
GR-21590 Update Graal import
GR-21590 Update imports
GR-21593 Upgrade of ECJ and Eclipse to 4.14.0.
GR-21748 Improve Espresso CI config, refactor mx espresso, add benchmarks.
GR-21820 Sulong: canonical test exclusion mechanism.
GR-21861 Support Espresso native image on Windows.
GR-21905 Allow class loaders to be collected.
GR-21914 Make exceptions explicit in unit tests, enforce System.(out|err).print* ban.
GR-21978 Sulong: Aarch64 tests fixes.
GR-22036 Truffle compilations “seem” to never finish on Espresso.
GR-22054 Skip methods annotated with LambdaForm.Hidden in stack traces.
GR-22141 Implement DLOpen and DLSym.
GR-22149 Blacklist the use of functional interfaces for Truffle compilation.
GR-22309 Wasm: Parse name section and use debug function names.
GR-22508 Enforce TruffleCheckBlackListedMethods in Espresso (SVM) build.
GR-22509 Add “Are we fast yet?” (awfy) Java benchmarks for Espresso.
GR-22518 Sulong: collect test cases from VPATH.
GR-22603 FastR output shall be the same with or without –jvm flag.
GR-22656 JCK management API tests broken in Espresso.
GR-22717 Fail with descriptive error if native access is not allowed when spawning Espresso.
GR-22861 Ensure ObjectFile.write() binary compatibility between JDKs.
GR-23061 Fix submitting breakpoints on for loop lines.
GR-23085 Misc fixes for running Intellij with (Espresso) assertions enabled.
GR-23156 Computing fibonacci numbers in Espresso with an Insight written in Ruby.
GR-23156 Insight roots directive support in Espresso.
GR-23367 NPE on Unsafe substitutions with null base.
GR-23723 SVM Multi-locale support.
GR-23725 Backport of method handle bugfixes.
GR-23725 Fix substitution of maybeBindCaller on JDK14+.
GR-23808 Remove –enable-all-security-services option.
GR-23809 Improve pop frame JDWP test.
GR-23810 Fix slow execution when instruments are enabled on Espresso.
GR-23812 Return zero in case of invalid class name input in CLASSES_BY_SIGNATURE
GR-23843 Support a LLVMPointerVector argument for LLVMSignedCastToI64VectorNode
GR-23843 Support a LLVMPointerVector argument for LLVMSignedCastToI64VectorNode.
GR-23883 Allow calling Java methods via JNI with a different return type, mimicking HotSpot.
GR-23924 Fix broken locals for static methods
GR-23997 Periodic update of the graal import (2021-02-12).
GR-23997 Periodic update of the graal import (2021-02-19).
GR-23997 Periodic update of the graal import (2021-02-26).
GR-23997 Periodic update of the graal import (2021-03-05).
GR-23997 Periodic update of the graal import (2021-03-12).
GR-23997 Periodic update of the graal import (2021-03-19).
GR-24065 Complete _struct builtin
GR-24083 Find correct bootclass path according to javaHome.
GR-24084 Implement interop for boxed types, i.e. isNumber, isBoolean, asBoolean, fitsIn{Primitive type} and as{Primitive type} messages.
GR-24197 Java11: allow VM to initialize up until Modules initialization.
GR-24226 HelloWorld for Java 11
GR-24231 Allow Insight scripts to iterate over current stack.
GR-24231 Heap dumping of TruffleObject graphs with Insight.
GR-24231 Using screenshots with white background.
GR-24352 Expose Espresso arrays through interop: reads and writes to primitive arrays, reads from reference arrays.
GR-24400 Run awfy minheap benchmarks.
GR-24420 Move the computation of field slot and index to LinkedKlass.
GR-24480 Promote AWFY benchmarks to the Graal repo.
GR-24480 Remove the definition of the AWFY benchmark suite from espresso.
GR-24480 Update graal import.
GR-24615 Introduce Polyglot API for Espresso
GR-24615 Make ToEspressoNode consistent with Polyglot.cast
GR-24615 Support casting foreign values to arrays
GR-24653 Do not invoke SWITCH_TABLE methods for classes initialized at run time.
GR-24674 Sulong: JVM crashing tests fixed.
GR-24674 Sulong: stat function fixed on Aarch64.
GR-24706 VarHandle support.
GR-24722 Share array between host and guest strings.
GR-24724 Do not call toNative if isPointer==true.
GR-24733 Refactor the object model.
GR-24841 Fix NPE when doing same package checks in unnamed packages
GR-24848 Refactor klass loading calls.
GR-24854 Adds a java 11 test package and playground
GR-24878 knownKlass immediately looks up the correct type depending on JavaVersion.
GR-24918 Canonicalize comparison of parameters with new allocations.
GR-24922 Array and hybrid object-related refactorings.
GR-25012 Cleanup RemoveSaturatedTypeFlows flag.
GR-25050 Changes necessary for the heap scanning refactoring.
GR-25050 Optimize run time representation of image heap maps.
GR-25085 Profile arguments of IndirectCallNode as well
GR-25085 Profile arguments of IndirectCallNode as well.
GR-25204 fix a race regarding jdwp VM_START
GR-25278 Fail if LookupDeclaredMethod finds more than one method with the given name and arity
GR-25278 Support instantiating Espresso objects through interop
GR-25283 Make GETFIELD and PUTFIELD bytecodes support foreign objects
GR-25285 Make array bytecodes handle foreign arrays
GR-25292 Foreign objects, cast to wrapper classes, behave as a wrapper of a foreign primitive
GR-25318 Build GraalVM on JDK 16.
GR-25326 Misc JCK fixes
GR-25472 Allow use of ‘–[option=[value’.
GR-25498 Migrate nativeimage-benchmarks to JMH
GR-25498 Migrate nativeimage-benchmarks to JMH.
GR-25562 Constant Dynamic in Espresso
GR-25638 Invokespecial of multi-maximally-specific method should fail.
GR-25647 Wrap up trivial fixes for JCK 11.
GR-25705 Implement VM Stack Walking API.
GR-25793 Bump JNI and Management version. Also implement some missing 11 API
GR-25854 Adding AArch64 CAS instructions.
GR-25897 Fixes.
GR-25897 Loop infrastructure: refactorings.
GR-25913 Add option to disable type id result verification.
GR-25918 Avoid extra padding in TraceCompilation output for the Tier
GR-25918 Avoid extra padding in TraceCompilation output for the Tier.
GR-25918 Make tier name consistent in TraceCompilation output.
GR-26039 Add support for customTargetConstructorClass in serialization-config.json.
GR-26039 Perform runtime serialization checksumming when building with -esa.
GR-26050 Truffle: Add buffer interop messages.
GR-26065 Add warmup benchmarks for Espresso.
GR-26088 Fix latestUserDefinedClassLoader.
GR-26091 Expose Espresso public static fields to interop.
GR-26095 Fix Reference.enqueue() in 11.
GR-26127 TRegex: cleanup after API change.
GR-26127 TRegex: introduce new regex compilation API based on RegexLanguage#parse.
GR-26146 Implement recent interop APIs in Espresso.
GR-26149 Proofread and update Truffle documentation.
GR-26158 Espresso doesn’t honor –java.MultiThreaded=false option.
GR-26164 All fields that are constant folded during analysis must also be constant folded during compilation.
GR-26164 Constant fold some static final fields when class is initialized at run time.
GR-26192 Detect Java home automatically for different versions.
GR-26198 Reduce size of DynamicHub.
GR-26201 Fix the DaCapo fop native-image benchmark.
GR-26225 Fix some class formatting/verifier checks.
GR-26228 Ignore InnerClasses attribute check, mimicking HotSpot.
GR-26333 Fix assert for Klass.invokeMember()
GR-26337 Adopt the NodeLibrary in Espresso.
GR-26341 Align field offsets.
GR-26351 Dump inlined call targets.
GR-26351 Fix opening the scope for truffle compilations.
GR-26352 Use trufflejws library that does not depend on SLF4J.
GR-26354 Correct isMemberReadable() and isMemberModifiable() to match readMember() and writeMember().
GR-26357 JDK16-specific fixes.
GR-26395 Fix insight exception test.
GR-26395 Periodic update of the graal import.
GR-26409 Introduce 3 classes to manage some work in EspressoContext.
GR-26419 Wasm: Add core WASI IO functions.
GR-26445 Unignore test after fix in graal.
GR-26483 Add method-wide profiles for implicit exceptions + clear operand stack slots + misc. fixes.
GR-26490 Fixed race conditions.
GR-26503 JNI Call* methods must be lax on the return type.
GR-26515 Support add/remove/change methods/constructors through class redefinition
GR-26529 Use the proper SnippetReflectionProvider.forObject () in ExceptionSynthesizer.
GR-26561 Implement transitive overriding.
GR-26562 Do access checks when resolving MethodTypes.
GR-26566 Allows resolving method handle constants referencing field.
GR-26567 Make Thread.clearInterruptEvent a no-op.
GR-26620 Check index of indys in bootstrap method attribute array.
GR-26657 Fix dup bytecode, it should work with both objects and return addresses.
GR-26685 Handle foreign arrays in jdwp.
GR-26686 Custom implementation of a priority queue.
GR-26686 Introduce SingleTierCompilationThreshold.
GR-26686 Traversing queue inspired by hotspot.
GR-26686 Update values for compilation thresholds based on better bench results.
GR-26714 Implement liveness analysis.
GR-26719 Improve compatibility with HotSpot.
GR-26731 Substitutions with void return type, should return the guest null.
GR-26757 Bump version.
GR-26820 Implement Frame.clear().
GR-26820 Move Frame.clear from 21.0 to 21.1.
GR-26851 Enable MultiTier option.
GR-26851 Move MultiTier change to 21.1 in Truffle change log.
GR-26859 Truffle: Add truncate intrinsics.
GR-26864 Add to overcome (some) dlmopen limitations.
GR-26867 Work around the absence of SpeculationReasonEncoding in OpenJDK11.
GR-26933 JDK 15 support for Constable.
GR-26972 Inline during parsing if the result is a constant.
GR-26987 Method handle bugfixes.
GR-27019 Add support for reloading anonymous inner classes.
GR-27045 NFI throws an opaque interop exception instead of UnsatisfiedLinkError.
GR-27058 Remove virtual call to isFinalFlagSet.
GR-27059 Prevent allocating a field array for classes with no primitive fields.
GR-27062 Add support for startup, early- and late-warmup metrics.
GR-27067 Type-checking node and reference array store node.
GR-27084 Two-phase attach of source and section listeners.
GR-27152 Hunt down copied methods in iTables when redefining a method.
GR-27256 Replace (some) guards with explicit exception checks and fix JNI stub checks (and drop cached exceptions).
GR-27273 Facilitate move varied use of ReverseBytesNode.
GR-27310 Don’t write the value of write-only fields in the image heap.
GR-27325 Include “dir_jars” entry in org.graalvm.launcher.classpath.
GR-27344 Add support for locatable hosted options.
GR-27358 Off-frame operand stack and locals.
GR-27361 Correct the stack trace of DebugException.
GR-27381 PerfData-related fixes.
GR-27394 Specify failures for global imports.
GR-27394 Wasm: standardize binary validation and failures.
GR-27397 Wasm: shrink memory size on reinitialization.
GR-27399 Wasm: Convert StackOverlowError to WebAssemblyException.
GR-27420 Split NFI into frontend and nfi-native.
GR-27432 Make sulong build on Windows (by ignoring offending projects).
GR-27432 Sulong: further split common and native parts.
GR-27450 Detect non-trivial imageClassLoader use at image build-time.
GR-27456 Implement package access checks during class loading.
GR-27463 Use ctrl+n for language switching in polyglot shell.
GR-27485 Add a pure-startup metric to our benchmarks.
GR-27520 Add ReinterpretNode to arithmetic op tables.
GR-27524 Upgrading the underlying Node.js to version 14.16.0.
GR-27569 Add libgraal compilation throughput benchmark.
GR-27605 Reduce unnecessary lookup optimization in HomeFinder.getInstance() to be conditional.
GR-27636 Sulong: LLVM launcher allows multiple-execution.
GR-27649 Disallow Random/SplittableRandom in the image heap and initialize relevant classes at runtime.
GR-27655 Intrinsify memmove and __memmove_chk.
GR-27681 Reenable in TCK values now that issues are fixed
GR-27683 Several performance improvements for multi-context mode.
GR-27699 Fix issues with -H:+RemoveSaturatedTypeFlows in Truffle.
GR-27745 Upload benchmark results in teardown.
GR-27758 Add DeltaBlue and Richards benchmarks to polybench.
GR-27798 Mention Apache NBLS extension in GraalVM Readme more visibly.
GR-27827 Sulong: AArch64 implementation of va_list.
GR-27838 AArch64 assembly cleanup.
GR-27848 Filter internal GraalVM packages in agent and configuration elements not in the target platform during the image build.
GR-27852 Allowed channels to intercept MetadataLoader creation for customization.
GR-27858 Align benchmarking methodology across benchmark suites.
GR-27860 Upgrading the underlying Node.js to version 12.20.1.
GR-27861 Fix Java 11 string conversions.
GR-27875 Some parser optimizations.
GR-27896 Use ‘/’ as separator for method overload lookup.
GR-27916 Make sure to re-initialize frame arguments on pop frame events breaks the invariants in BytecodeNode.executeNodeBody. Re-enable popFrameTest again
GR-27927 Implement CE > EE upgrade.
GR-27932 FastR: upgrade to R 4.0.3.
GR-27938 Micronaut project is not opened in case of a creation error without any message.
GR-27946 Box lowering: canonicalize box nodes before lowering.
GR-27949 Duplicate original code only if needed.
GR-27951 Fix UnsatisfiedLinkError when using ImageIO and jpeg.
GR-27962 Convert exceptions thrown from scope’s display name to DebugException.
GR-28016 Fix image-builder watchdog for very slow systems.
GR-28018 Use insight in benchmarks.
GR-28025 Use InteropLibrary.getExecutableName() instead of RootNode.getName().
GR-28030 Support for invokespecial.
GR-28032 Fix invocation of method handle getter for static fields.
GR-28034 Support for VarHandles.
GR-28041 Use libgraal in polybench.
GR-28050 Truffle DSL AOT support and AOT Tutorial.
GR-28054 Fix deadlock when thread is suspended in response to class prepare events and instrumentation handler requires node locks held by the suspended thread.
GR-28070 Revert outermost scope lookup for static analysis results.
GR-28071 Remove use of try-with-resource in HeapVerifier.
GR-28073 TRegex: remove all usages of ValueProfile.createIdentityProfile.
GR-28076 Fix tracing of compilation details.
GR-28079 Allow NULL for result in poly_context_eval / poly_value_execute.
GR-28081 Survivor space-related fixes.
GR-28100 Imported javascript File is read twice by Truffle virtual file system.
GR-28107 Add explicit Interop API for Espresso.
GR-28107 Allow substitutions only for classes on the boot classpath.
GR-28108 Add imported functions types check.
GR-28108 Wasm: Add import type checks.
GR-28112 Allow parsing of legacy dates without time-zone offset as being in local time.
GR-28136 Fix Windows unstripping issues.
GR-28138 Intrinsic for retrieving native function pointer.
GR-28148 Espresso Interop and redefinition support.
GR-28148 Handle class redefinition for method handle invocations.
GR-28150 Make CAP output deterministic.
GR-28160 Support clearing step requests.
GR-28161 Don’t print extra [ character in array stamps.
GR-28166 Fix exact type checks such that they behave exactly the same as normal type checks on final types.
GR-28166 Use the “after truffle tier” node count as proxy for inlining cost.
GR-28172 Do not include Sulong in artefacts for Linux/AArch64.
GR-28173 Handle errors when invoking methods through JDWP as internal and send appropriate error code.
GR-28200 Update graal import.
GR-28209 Try to fix regression by restoring original invalidate notification behavior.
GR-28224 Remove obsolete directory.
GR-28249 Next dev cycle.
GR-28303 Initial AArch64 neon vector backend support.
GR-28307 Fix PolyglotContextImpl#currentEntered and PolyglotContextImpl#currentNotEntered race conditions.
GR-28319 Ignore non zip/jar files in classpath #3071.
GR-28321 Fix trunc and convert instructions.
GR-28321 Fix truncate instructions.
GR-28335 Fix implementation of SerializationSupport#getSerializationConstructorAccessorClass.
GR-28347 Failed JMethodID lookup on JDK-11.
GR-28348 Expose class loading through language bindings (top scope).
GR-28358 Agent support for MethodType.fromMethodDescriptorString.
GR-28359 Throw UnsupportedOperationException when invoking invoke and invokeExact through reflection.
GR-28364 JDWP options tweaks.
GR-28370 Allow embedders to inject objects into Insight scripts.
GR-28372 Deploy Espresso installables on supported platforms.
GR-28375 Invalidate argument and return type assumptions before installing new profile.
GR-28385 Mx env values should only be strings since it depends on fsencode.
GR-28410 Fix assertion failures in TRegex.
GR-28419 Fix for issue in debugger variables view.
GR-28423 Use the NFI posix backend by default in the launcher
GR-28439 Add support for dynamic linking of JDK libraries on Windows.
GR-28446 Store packages into an instance field.
GR-28456 Allow initialization of the JDK classes.
GR-28463 Add missing finishInstruction to processPlaceholderFrameStates.
GR-28479 Sulong: update copyright for debugger tests.
GR-28482 Optimize uncached DynamicObjectLibrary.put.
GR-28484 Fix race condition in SubstrateSpeculationLog.
GR-28503 CI job duration change.
GR-28519 Fix engine patching should always be supported.
GR-28520 Fix TypeCheckNode.
GR-28521 Fix check order for arrayCopy.
GR-28523 Box out of cache range optimizations.
GR-28524 Make linker correctly recover from errors.
GR-28526 Update TruffleStackTraceElement.getFrame doc to read-only.
GR-28537 AllocationReporter must be final.
GR-28537 Track allocated objects with AllocationReporter.
GR-28538 Be less strict about interop with foreign objects.
GR-28539 Check data and element segments size
GR-28539 Wasm: Check data and element segments size.
GR-28542 Handle breakpoints in sources with relative paths.
GR-28544 Fix race condition that allows entering an invalid polyglot context.
GR-28547 Fix -version for 11.
GR-28549 Fix deopts and reduce boxing in LLVMPolyglotFromString.
GR-28551 Don’t create thread-related call targets for each context.
GR-28553 Pass the path to libc++ to benchmark Makefiles.
GR-28554 Allow adding KNOWN VMs to the jre’s jvm.cfg.
GR-28554 Move to a standard location and implement the invocation API.
GR-28554 The ‘truffle’ vm is registered in sdk.
GR-28554 Update slimbeans import.
GR-28564 Create a direct method in ClassFileParser for reading the class name from bytes.
GR-28566 TRegex: add support for getSourceLocation in syntax error exceptions.
GR-28567 Wasm: Validate align hint.
GR-28572 Cache source sections.
GR-28583 Allow non-constant method handle invocations to skip through the method handle intrisification plugin.
GR-28584 Fix unclosed collected contexts are leaking a reference from explicit engines.
GR-28588 Fix rules for classfile version checking, depending on version.
GR-28590 Refactor ShortCircuitOrNodeTest.
GR-28605 Provide volatile byte array accessor, and use it for quickening.
GR-28606 Rename compile immediately gate to include truffle.
GR-28612 Remove versioned dynamic import of truffleruby.
GR-28613 Support JMM version 3.
GR-28615 Ensure that duplicating nodes between graphs also transfers Assumptions.
GR-28618 Added AMD64 Unsafe CAS Acquire/Release Variants.
GR-28619 Fix missing @Override annotation in generated getIntrospectionData.
GR-28627 Enable & Extend ServiceLoader tests.
GR-28627 ServiceLoader does not find registered JavaCompiler implementors.
GR-28628 Handle dettach debugger properly.
GR-28630 Support RTLD_DEFAULT or equivalent in JVM_FindLibraryEntry.
GR-28633 Fixed errors in messages, misreported component in upgrade.
GR-28643 Sulong: fix broken links in documentation.
GR-28649 Make sure it still works to create multiple Espresso contexts.
GR-28650 Arguments parsing for java -truffle.
GR-28652 Handle -XX: arguments, and --vm. arguments.
GR-28653 Secure the native JavaVM pointer.
GR-28654 Allow mokapot to look for the libespresso interface in libpolyglot.
GR-28666 Fix convert instructions.
GR-28672 Fix AttachCurrentThread.
GR-28683 Give the Espresso context a chance to prepare for disposal before actual tear down.
GR-28686 Check unsafe usage, consistency of common files, and fix benchmarks.
GR-28693 Fix compatibility errors in the TRegex Ruby flavor.
GR-28693 Ruby regex: Ignore capture groups inside line comments.
GR-28702 Handle more complex local variable cases.
GR-28705 Set installable_id to ‘python’.
GR-28714 Update FastR import.
GR-28715 Fix Transient and strengthen coverage in Espresso redefinition tests.
GR-28716 Remove unreliable test.
GR-28720 Update common CI file and fix mx version.
GR-28720 Use the ‘release/graal-vm/21.0’ branch rather than ‘slimbeans’.
GR-28726 Simple fix for Event.THREAD_START JCK test failure.
GR-28730 Fix exit code in java -truffle mode.
GR-28737 More efficient implementation of foreign calls to LLVM runtime builtins.
GR-28738 Add snippets for methods with OR-mask in ArrayUtils.
GR-28741 Run all tests with type-profile widths set to 8.
GR-28754 Make generating JvmFuncsFallbacks.c Java version specific.
GR-28757 Add LLVM support for PolyBench.
GR-28757 Put PolyBench benchmarks into a distribution.
GR-28761 Re-initialize PipeImpl on Windows due to static SecureRandom field.
GR-28762 Allow writing Espresso objects into Espresso arrays via interop.
GR-28768 Ensure globals’ state is not constant propagated during writes.
GR-28769 Adding support for SpringBoot PetClinic in mx benchmark.
GR-28769 Adding support for latency measurements with Wrk2.
GR-28769 Adding support for throughput measurements with Wrk.
GR-28769 Allowing users to overwrite Microservice Benchmark Configuration.
GR-28769 Calling super constructor in GccLikeVM.
GR-28769 Calling super constructor in GccLikeVm.
GR-28769 Fixing stages support in BasePetClinicBenchmarkSuite.
GR-28769 Improve Native Image benchmark support.
GR-28769 Moving shopcart to 0.2 and adding app-startup rule.
GR-28769 Moving shopcart to 0.2.
GR-28769 ShopCart benchmark into mx java benchmarks.
GR-28773 Asserts from PolyglotValue#getMetaObjectImpl don’t see through delegation.
GR-28776 Correct the typo.
GR-28777 EngineImpl#isMultiThreaded returns incorrect value.
GR-28779 Add MaxDirectMemorySize option.
GR-28783 Handle agent related options in espresso.
GR-28783 Implement environment for JVMTI in Espresso.
GR-28785 DEVKIT_ROOT is set by the CI.
GR-28790 Prohibit @Delete public/protected methods.
GR-28800 Handle --help:vm option for java -truffle.
GR-28801 Make FatalError exit in ExitHost mode.
GR-28803 Add tools to libespresso.
GR-28804 Make sure exit is called in the SVM isolate even if we fall off the end of main.
GR-28815 JDWP: implement server=n mode.
GR-28820 Misc fixes.
GR-28820 Urgent fixes for the release.
GR-28823 Implement –help{tools,language,internal,expert}.
GR-28827 Allow unknown value node during compilation.
GR-28827 Allow unsafe partition nodes during compilation.
GR-28827 Always intrinsify getCallerClass.
GR-28827 Use SubstrateArraysCopyOf also during analysis.
GR-28828 Improve intrinsification of AssertionError constructors.
GR-28830 Allow races when computing class initialization kind.
GR-28835 Substitute and make unsupported.
GR-28836 Graal changes needed to work with labsjdk 16.
GR-28838 Fix global index check
GR-28838 Wasm: Fix indices bound checks and unreachable typecheck.
GR-28850 Fix unreachable locations typechecking.
GR-28854 Sulong: add hints to “no viable configuration found” error.
GR-28859 When polyglot context is cancelled, always set the corresponding property of PolyglotException.
GR-28862 Provide a replacement for Shape.getLayout().getType().
GR-28864 Add builds of GraalVM including Ruby
GR-28864 Add builds of GraalVM including Ruby.
GR-28865 Allow importing several times the same global.
GR-28867 Add debugtypes to CE dwarf debuginfo.
GR-28867 Document object reference variants used in SubstrateVM.
GR-28872 Fix SpecializationStatistics nesting.
GR-28885 Remove sparc from the graal gate.
GR-28904 Support Character.getName.
GR-28910 Update the JDKs used by graal builders.
GR-28911 NullPointerException from PolyglotException. when TruffleException is thrown from createContext.
GR-28913 JNI Get**Field methods must be lax on field type.
GR-28918 Merge Espresso: A meta-circular Java bytecode interpreter for the GraalVM.
GR-28925 Sulong: build with ninja.
GR-28935 Sulong: SulongEngineOption do not belong to the NativeConfiguration.
GR-28936 Fix PE-reachability of blacklisted methods.
GR-28940 Fix Lookup substitution.
GR-28940 Ruby does not work yet on JDK16 in –native mode
GR-28940 Ruby does not work yet on JDK16 in –native mode.
GR-28940 Some JDK 16 updates.
GR-28943 Move guards upwards: Avoid moving into loops if there are multiple exits.
GR-28945 IncludeAllTimeZones is no longer necessary.
GR-28950 Simplify JFR and add async-profiler support in CI.
GR-28953 Add class profile to HostObject.isNumber() and isString().
GR-28956 Backport branch probability/loop frequency improvements.
GR-28956 Fix inverted deopt probability.
GR-28957 Added entries for new JDK 16 intrinsics.
GR-28962 Fix transient in Espresso JDWP tests.
GR-28963 Add Enso to the list of truffle languages.
GR-28973 JarLoader resource streams should not share the same SeekableByteChannel.
GR-28974 Reset MethodHandle.asTypeCache.
GR-28981 NullPointerException from
GR-28984 Make LocatableMultiOptionValue options show up nicely in native-image –expert-options.
GR-29001 Add more diagnostic output.
GR-29003 Improve early class initializer analysis.
GR-29013 Print class initialization traces even when an error isn’t encountered.
GR-29019 Check method handle lookup mode on JDK 16.
GR-29021 Fix internal context and internal language create.
GR-29023 Update visualvm to build 944.
GR-29032 Make AWT invocation plugin conditional on Linux OS.
GR-29043 Enable TruffleCheckBlackListedMethods by default.
GR-29043 Enable TruffleCheckBlackListedMethods in the Truffle macro.
GR-29051 Remove obsolete parts of SerializationFeature.
GR-29053 Update to jvmci-21.1-b01.
GR-29061 Improve espresso single-threaded mode.
GR-29068 Removed SPARC sources.
GR-29078 Improved license IDs.
GR-29081 Provide more info if native toolchain cannot be detected.
GR-29099 Polybench: add Python benchmarks.
GR-29102 Make wildcard expansion independent of runtime parsing.
GR-29102 Windows app parameters not consistent for file globbing.
GR-29110 Throw IOException when a resource is not found.
GR-29126 Box Nodes: Unify boxing operations and trust primitive wrappers as boxed in Truffle compilations.
GR-29126 Enable CompilationExpirationPeriod also when assertions are enabled.
GR-29128 Fix retrieving constant pool through JDWP.
GR-29129 Espresso: move scala-dacapo-warmup-forks.json to ci_common.
GR-29137 Update manifest header name, backwards compatibility with 21.0.0.
GR-29140 Upgrade fastr import to fix usages of blacklisted methods for Truffle runtime compilation.
GR-29142 Espresso native interface.
GR-29150 CI: introduce common.jsonnet.
GR-29150 CI: move more definitions from common.hocon to common.json.
GR-29150 Sulong: clean up FIXMEs in the ci config.
GR-29150 Sulong: clean up ci config.
GR-29150 Sulong: port CI config to jsonnet.
GR-29154 Move thread-local dict to PythonThreadState.
GR-29160 Sulong: add support test engine configs in embedded tests.
GR-29160 Sulong: runtime configuration for junit classes.
GR-29165 Retrieving value on Windows should never fail.
GR-29167 Performance-related fixes.
GR-29168 Espresso fixes for embedding.
GR-29180 Cache CallTargets for NFI closures.
GR-29187 External LLVMFunction TLS init function for … cannot be found.
GR-29189 Make breakpoint resolving more thread-safe.
GR-29190 Ensure LocatableMultiOptionValue HostedOptions trigger OptionKey#onValueUpdate.
GR-29195 Check root method for unique NodeSourcePositions.
GR-29196 Cache Element Size for Interop Array Accesses for Optimized Offset Calculation.
GR-29199 TCK compile mode is very slow and does not test relevant things.
GR-29211 Fix handling of fields whose final flag is revoked using reflection configuration.
GR-29213 Add stability attribute for components and reflect it in metadata.
GR-29213 Set GraalVM components as experimental
GR-29213 Set GraalVM components as experimental.
GR-29213 Use stability rather than supported attribute.
GR-29214 Move GraalEdgeUnsafePartition to core project.
GR-29221 Limit warnings due to forward slashes on Windows.
GR-29222 Fix minor JDK 16 related issues.
GR-29224 Apply custom simplification for all nodes, not just nodes that implement Simplifiable.
GR-29225 Reenable PE tests on supported JDK versions.
GR-29226 Clean the ImageBuildTimeFactory.emittedPaths after context pre-initialization.
GR-29233 Use same field name in DynamicHub as in java.lang.Class.
GR-29236 Synchronize sub-type list in ObjectKlass.
GR-29239 Update env files, avoid building the espresso launcher, and rename mx functions.
GR-29251 Access foreign buffers via interop API.
GR-29263 Allow uncached nodes as @NodeChild.
GR-29271 Intercept help message printing.
GR-29272 Fix async file channel support on JNI platforms.
GR-29291 In entry points, ensure the declaring class is initialized.
GR-29296 Move definition of EE benchmarks and fix multi-tier benchmarks.
GR-29298 Specialize HostObject.getArraySize.
GR-29308 Aarch64 weekly benchmarking.
GR-29313 Handle null Assumptions when dumping graph properties.
GR-29317 Stability level header checks relaxed.
GR-29319 Preserve allowUnsafeAccess through subsequent getField traces.
GR-29320 Move field accessor methods from StaticObject to StaticProperty.
GR-29321 Support for StaticProperty on JDK 15 and 16.
GR-29322 Sulong: canonicalize CI job names.
GR-29323 Sulong: Move tests without reference executable out of SULONG_TEST_SUITES.
GR-29329 Sulong: use @Ignore for test exclusion.
GR-29337 RawVolatileLoadNode stamp is imprecise for arrays.
GR-29339 Prevent nested tracing of JNI calls.
GR-29340 Fix CE dwarf debugtypes debuginfo for compressed refs usecase.
GR-29345 Run debuginfotest with and without SpawnIsolates #3206.
GR-29348 Do not use sun.* classes.
GR-29354 Omit DebugLineInfo originating from inlined methods for now.
GR-29356 Use non-debug JDK 16 binaries and re-enable gates.
GR-29359 Espresso: add misc.Signal support.
GR-29364 Count with iteration count int overflow in OptimizedOSRLoopNode.
GR-29370 JDK 16: Support for Record classes.
GR-29373 Elide unnecessary STORE_LOAD barriers on x86.
GR-29374 Handle jdwp server=n option correctly.
GR-29381 Create intrinsic for pthread_set_name and pthread_get_name.
GR-29385 Add support for command mapper hooks and collect max-rss by default.
GR-29394 Wrap logic object cmpxchg ops in a helper function.
GR-29399 Fix JNI code for PiNode.create() returning existing node.
GR-29402 Fix benchmarks and gates.
GR-29407 Fix barriers for Unsafe#storeFence on NativeImage.
GR-29408 Add missing synchronization in SymbolicSnippetEncoder.
GR-29410 Introduce –no-jlinking flag for building a non-jlinked VM.
GR-29411 Don’t cast the discovered Reference, it can still be a forwarding object.
GR-29417 Add exclude-config option #2535.
GR-29424 Sulong: make ExternalTestSuite based tests more similar to SulongTestSuite tests.
GR-29436 Ignore JVMCI in CheckGraalInvariants and remove checks related to API hidden from Graal.
GR-29440 Sulong: LLVMDebugExprParserTest exclude tests that fail on AArch64.
GR-29443 Fix race in jdwp packets when thread suspended count differs.
GR-29447 Ensure that nodes are re-added to the inlining log during graph compression.
GR-29450 Add reporting on native image build artifacts.
GR-29450 Rename AbstractBootImage class hierarchy to remove “Boot”.
GR-29460 Add forknums for startup and warmup benchmark output lines.
GR-29461 Rerun AbstractPlainDatagramSocketImpl and AbstractPlainSocketImpl for all JDK versions.
GR-29462 Debug info sources should not be cached in CWD.
GR-29469 Refactorings.
GR-29480 Fix Lookup change backported to JDK 11.0.11 #3229.
GR-29502 Do not deploy JDK8-based GraalVM artefacts for Darwin.
GR-29502 Fix deployment of JDK8-based GraalVM artefacts.
GR-29502 Increment code cache size and fix deployment of JDK8 artefacts.
GR-29507 Add TruffleLanguage.Env#getInternalTruffleFile() with stdllib predicate.
GR-29512 Fix license inconsistencies in Espresso.
GR-29556 Accept numeric proxy addresses without protocol.
GR-29575 Update overlay.
GR-29585 Update visualvm for release 21.1.
GR-29625 Sulong: Convert ExternalTestSuite to exclusion based test collection.
GR-29626 Updating ICU library to version 68.2.
GR-29631 Disable profiling info during callBoundary’s host compilation.
GR-29636 Sulong: remove dead mx.sulong code.
GR-29638 Update to jvmci-21.1-b02.
GR-29639 Adds support for getting VM args.
GR-29641 Make GraphUtil.killWithUnusedFloatingInputs iterative.
GR-29641 Prevent excessive graph size in IntrinsifyMethodHandlesInvocationPlugin.
GR-29647 Sulong: clean up sulong mx code.
GR-29651 Run Scala DaCapo benchmarks with a large code cache.
GR-29652 Missing profiles in host ByteBuffer interop messages.
GR-29653 Initialize at run time.
GR-29658 Force location identity for Truffle unsafe accesses.
GR-29660 Add interpreter benchmark
GR-29663 Use ParsingReason instead of analysis/hosted flags.
GR-29666 Add closing single quote to assumption invalidation log message.
GR-29668 Remove deprecated TruffleLanguage.Env#getTruffleFile methods.
GR-29691 TRegex: remove erroneous partialEvaluationConstant assertion.
GR-29693 Sulong: gate description.
GR-29702 Fix JCK frame test failures.
GR-29715 Fixed JNIExceptionWrapperTest.
GR-29715 Fixed patching of PolyglotEngineImpl#engineLogger.
GR-29715 Fixed review comments.
GR-29715 Introduce context bound loggers.
GR-29718 Remove output from helloWorld benchmark.
GR-29720 Fix PolyglotIterable.iterator() target return type.
GR-29725 Updated minimal mx version in java-benchmarks.
GR-29741 Remove substitutions for shutdown hooks.
GR-29742 Deregister the Phaser in InspectorDebugger.
GR-29743 Change default value of InternalSymbolsAreGlobal to false.
GR-29743 Make internal symbols local.
GR-29744 Fix ReferenceEqualNode to never compare Boolean by identity
GR-29744 Update to latest Ruby
GR-29744 Update to latest Ruby.
GR-29745 Workaround for class loading deadlock.
GR-29751 Improve native-image-agent usage and link to documentation on
GR-29781 Add initial AWT support on Windows.
GR-29783 Evaluate mainClass value before using it in our native-image maven plugin.
GR-29787 Make it possible for other languages to get to Espresso.
GR-29798 Only process run time reachable methods in TypeInitializerGraph.
GR-29800 Decouple SubstrateOptions.DeleteLocalSymbols from debuginfo generation.
GR-29813 Fix native-image build on JDK16.
GR-29816 Wasm: Correction of the handling of name (custom) section.
GR-29818 Remove jaotc sources.
GR-29819 Fix issues when running with –engine.ExcludeAssertions=false.
GR-29831 Ignore bailouts in hosted Graal CTW.
GR-29833 Switch from lazy NFA to DFA sooner when encountering large inputs.
GR-29877 Fix ASIMD bugs.
GR-29888 Fix bugs within AArch64Move.
GR-29892 Add Bouncy Castle Native Image integration test.
GR-29902 Improve error message when TCK tests are executed with explicitly entered context.
GR-29905 Fix stack map initialization in verifier.
GR-29925 Implement PolyglotStackFramesRetriever using Truffle safepoints.
GR-29942 Fix initial value of java.library.path.
GR-29946 Cache the receiver (make it constant) in the native <-> Java wrappers.
GR-29951 Represent boolean[ as byte[ with _boolean_array Klass.
GR-29963 Make sure that access filter applies to SerializationProcessor.
GR-29987 Mapping from java.lang.Thread to IsolateThread.
GR-29990 Change LDNP/STNP to LDP/STP.
GR-30013 Make PrintPointsToStatistics thread safe.
GR-30018 Loops: remove unsafe loop proxy logic and replace with proxy analysis.
GR-30023 Provide more robust setting of org.graalvm.config.
GR-30029 Update to jvmci-21.1-b03.
GR-30029 Update to jvmci-21.1-b04.
GR-30036 Use hashCode of “value” in ValueLocation.
GR-30045 Disallow float/double return for InvokeJavaMethodStub.
GR-30072 ContextThreadLocals (possibly) not working during context pre-initialization on SVM.
GR-30084 Disable -esa for libgraal truffle tests.
GR-30178 Disable agents, and use uncached node in arrayCopy.
GR-30187 Fix NPE in uncached getIterator interop message.
GR-30191 Add missing double-quote in gu’s manifest.
GR-30194 TCK provider: ignore values that are primitive value (string) and array of some other type (bytes) at the same time.
GR-30202 Wasm: Implementation of buffer-related interop messages of MemoryArrayBuffer.
GR-30203 Support RuntimeMxBean methods.
GR-30213 Do not treat a synthetic jdk.internal.vm.compiler module as a real Graal compiler.
GR-30216 Deploy JDK16-based GraalVM artefacts.
GR-30221 Fix interrupt for blocked operations and missing thread deactivation for TruffleSafepoints.
GR-30225 Sulong: More fixes on Aarch64.
GR-30233 Fixes for native-image/aarch64.
GR-30235 ValueAssert does not work with object with HASH and MEMBERS trait.
GR-30260 Revert “Disable StaticFinalFieldFolding in native-image to workaround a bug in native-image”.
GR-30261 Refactor FieldFoldingFeature: prepare optimized fields earlier, immediately after analysis.
GR-30266 Avoid inserting a receiver null check guard in the ReflectionPlugins.
GR-30271 Fixed Values API Javadoc inconsistences.
GR-30290 Backport: ArrayBuffer.prototype.byteLength should handle detached interop array buffer.
GR-30294 Fix Espresso jdwp stepping bug.
GR-30301 Backports for 21.1
GR-30306 generate catalog should fail fast on unexpected parameters.
GR-30311 Source.CONTENT_NONE breaks IGV and graal.Dump.
GR-30312 Backport to 21.1: Fix path relativization issues on Windows.
GR-30321 Backport: Wasm: Avoiding ClassCastException from global_get.
GR-30323 Remove GIL from python internal libs.
GR-30325 Backport fix handling of java.sql.Date and java.sql.Time.
GR-30329 Sulong fails to dlopen the default namespace.
GR-30344 Update to jvmci-21.1-b05.
GR-30346 Remove Platform.HOSTED_ONLY from OptimizedLocaleMode as it is actually reachable via substituted type.
GR-30360 Fix Bundle-Symbolic-Name of installables (21.1).
GR-30360 Mismatch between catalog and component will fail the installation.
GR-30364 Fix ignored unit tests and Rf_installTRChar.
GR-30367 Avoid implicit allocation in VMOperationControl.
GR-30381 FastR: use libRlas and libRlapack without OpenMP dependency on MacOS.
GR-30445 PolyglotMap.EntrySet#remove does not work for members and arrays.
GR-30451 Fix name of metadata file of components that are part of the base image.
GR-30452 Fix NullPointerException in EnumSwitchPlugin.
GR-30456 Remove / from Member unique short name.
GR-30457 Pause thread local intrinsification registries when parsing a new method.
GR-30477 Backport: Fix inner class name computation + InnerClasses attribute validation.
GR-30490 Only build no-fastr variants on demand.
GR-30522 Remove incorrect assertions in AArch64 atomics (ldadd, cas, swp).
GR-30525 Adjusted available column sizes.
GR-30573 Avoid * in pathnames, Path errors out on Windows.
GR-30573 GU bugfixes cherry-picked to 21.1 release.
GR-30573 Use proper path separator in N-I macro.
GR-30599 Backport: Upgrading the underlying Node.js to version 14.16.1.
GR-30629 Native image bash launcher version and vm config #3329. Cherrypicked for 21.1.
GR-30633 Add -dynamiclib to Makeconf.llvm on Darwin.
GR-30702 Force monitor slot for PhantomCleanable.
GR-30708 Fix Array.set/getBoolean substitutions.
GR-30738 Fetch local component info, E-mail prompt just once (backport to 21.1).
GR-30738 Fetch missing info from local, not catalog info.
GR-30743 Fix race condition in LibFFIContext.
GR-30753 E-mail is prompted just once/gu invocation.
GR-30769 Check if fieldInfo is null before querying it.
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