Liberica JDK 8u242+7 Release Notes

The full version string for this update release is 8u242-b07. The version number is 8u242.

Liberica JDK 8u242+7

Please refer to the Oracle JDK 8 release notes for further information on JDK 8 features. This document further outlines the peculiarities of Liberica distribution as compared to Oracle JDK 8 distribution.

Supported configurations

Supported Server and Desktop configurations

Liberica is supported on the following OSes:

  • Ubuntu Linux 14.04, 16.04, 18.04 (x86_64, x86, ARMv8*)
  • Debian Linux 8, 9 (x86_64, x86, ARMv8*)
  • Red Hat, Oracle Linux and CentOS 5.5+, 6.x, 7.x (x86_64, x86, ARMv8*)
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise 12, 15 and tumbleweed (x86_64, ARMv8*)
  • Apple macOS 10.11+ (64 bit only)
  • Solaris 10.9+ (SPARC and x86_64)*
  • Microsoft Windows 2019, Windows 2016, Windows 2012 R2, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit)

* - version doesn't have Client VM

Note: The minimum supported Linux kernel version is 2.6.18 and GLIBC version 2.5. LibericaFX works on all supported Ubuntu versions, Red Hat Linux family starting from 7.x and SUSE versions with GTK3 backend.

Liberica JDK and JRE distribution

Liberica JDK and JRE are distributed as .rpm, .zip, .deb and .tar.gz packages. Please select the one which is most appropriate for your purposes.

  • Use Liberica JDK if your application requires javac or other tools and services not present in a JRE, or you would like to use jlink to create a trimmed-down version of the Java Runtime for your particular needs.
  • Use Liberica JRE for all other purposes.

Liberica 8 introduces all new features supported by OpenJDK 8 on Linux x64

By default, the Liberica uses Server VM. Server VM and Client VM can be enabled with -server and -client command line options, respectively. In case the deployment requires to minimize the footprint, it may be beneficial to use Minimal VM, which emphasises on a minimal footprint. It has C1 JIT compiler only, Serial GC and no serviceability features. In a JRE it can be enabled in runtime with -minimal command line option.

Linux x86_64, Linux x86, Apple macOS x86_64, Microsoft Windows x86_64, Microsoft Windows x86 versions of Liberica 8 also contains LibericaFX. On macOS, LibericaFX works starting with 10.10+.

Security Baselines

BellSoft Liberica follows the security baselines for Oracle Java SE. Please refer to the Oracle documentation for a list of issues fixed in a given release.

Issues fixed

Issue Description
8010500 [parfait] Possible null pointer dereference at hotspot/src/share/vm/opto/loopnode.hpp
8029629 java/lang/ProcessBuilder/ fails intermittently
8037550 Update RFC references in javadoc to RFC 5280
8039438 Some tests depend on internal API sun.misc.IOUtils
8044500 Add kinit options and krb5.conf flags that allow users to obtain renewable tickets and specify ticket lifetimes
8048556 Unnecessary GCLocker-initiated young GCs
8055351 sun/security/provider/DSA/ failed with interrupted! (timed out?)
8057986 freetype code to get glyph outline does not handle initial control point properly
8058290 JAAS Krb5LoginModule has suspect ticket-renewal logic, relies on clockskew grace
8067429 java.lang.VerifyError: Inconsistent stackmap frames at branch target
8068736 Avoid synchronization on Executable/Field.declaredAnnotations
8073108 Use x86 and SPARC CPU instructions for GHASH acceleration
8073154 NULL-pointer dereferencing in LIR_OpProfileType::print_instr
8073347 javadoc of Formattable messed up by JDK-8019857
8077707 jdk9 b58 cannot run any graphical application on Win 8 with JAWS running
8080835 Add blocking bulk read to sun.misc.IOUtils
8130341 GHASH 32bit intrinsics has AEADBadTagException
8131778 java disables UseAES flag when using VIS=2 on sparc
8132249 Clean up JAB debugging code
8133489 Better messaging for PKIX path validation matching
8133951 Zero interpreter asserts in stubRoutines.cpp
8134424 BlockDataInputStream.readUTFBody: size local StringBuffer with the given length
8134739 compiler/loopopts/superword/TestVectorizationWithInvariant crashes in loop opts
8138978 Examine usages of sun.misc.IOUtils
8139178 Wrong fontMetrics when printing in Landscape (OpenJDK)
8139206 Add InputStream readNBytes(int len)
8146238 [macosx] Java2D Queue Flusher crash on OSX after switching between user accounts
8156028 G1YoungGenSizer _adaptive_size not correct when setting NewSize and MaxNewSize to the same value
8170641 sun/net/www/protocol/https/HttpsURLConnection/ fails with timeout
8173956 KeyStore regression due to default keystore being changed to PKCS12
8178870 instrumentation.retransformClasses cause coredump
8183591 Incorrect behavior when reading DER value with Integer.MAX_VALUE length
8185898 setRequestProperty(key, null) results in HTTP header without colon in request
8186576 KerberosTicket does not properly handle renewable tickets at the end of their lifetime
8186831 Kerberos ignores PA-DATA with a non-null s2kparams
8186884 Test native KDC, Java krb5 lib, and native krb5 lib in one test
8189762 [TESTBUG] Create tests for JDK-8146115 container awareness and resource configuration
8191446 [Linux] Build and deliver the libav media stubs for openjfx build
8193832 Performance of InputStream.readAllBytes() could be improved
8195088 [TEST_BUG] StartManagementAgent got unexpected exception
8195667 ProblemList PKCS11 tests Secmod/ and tls/ due to JDK-8180837
8196681 Java Access Bridge logging and debug flags dynamically controlled
8196956 (ch) More channels cleanup
8198649 Switch AWT/Swing's default GTK version to 3
8201627 Kerberos sequence number issues
8204288 Matching the end of a string followed by an empty greedy regex and a word boundary fails
8204290 Add check to limit number of capture groups
8206173 MallocSiteTable::initialize() doesn't take function descriptors into account
8208715 Conversion of milliseconds to nanoseconds in UNIXProcess contains bug
8212071 Need to set the FreeType LCD Filter to reduce fringing.
8213119 [macos] java/awt/GraphicsDevice/ fails
8213568 Typo in java/awt/GraphicsEnvironment/LoadLock/
8215032 Support Kerberos cross-realm referrals (RFC 6806)
8215210 [macos] Hangul text does not shape to the precomposed form on JDK8u
8215686 FX build fails using gradle 5 (archiveName)
8215894 Provide media support for libav version 58
8216401 Allow "file:" URLs in Class-Path of local JARs
8217676 Upgrade libpng to 1.6.37
8218558 NMT stack traces in output should show mt component for virtual memory allocations
8218640 Update ICU4C to version 64.2
8219914 Change the environment variable for Java Access Bridge logging to have a directory.
8221172 SunEC specific test is not limited to SunEC
8221246 NullPointerException within Win32ShellFolder2
8222108 Reduce minRefreshTime for updating remote printer list on Windows
8223490 Optimize search algorithm for determining default time zone
8224636 CSS "pointer-events" property "stroke" is not respected for SVG renderings
8224909 Unlink Set of LinkedHashSets
8225101 Crash at sun.awt.X11.XlibWrapper.XkbGetUpdatedMap when change keybord map
8225141 Better handling of classes in error state in fast class initialization checks
8225261 Better method resolutions
8225279 Better XRender interpolation
8225505 ctrl-F1 does not show the tooltip of a menu item (JMenuItems)
8226352 Improve Kerberos interop capabilities
8226719 Kerberos login to Windows 2000 failed with "Inappropriate type of checksum in message"
8227061 test behaves incorrectly when AS-REQ contains a PAData not PA-ENC-TS-ENC
8227381 GSS login fails with PREAUTH_FAILED
8227437 S4U2proxy cannot continue because server's TGT cannot be found
8227473 Improve gstreamer media support
8227715 GPLv2 files missing Classpath Exception
8227758 More valid PKIX processing
8227816 More Colorful ICC profiles
8228548 Normalize normalization for all
8228888 C2 compilation fails with assert "m has strange control"
8229020 Failure on CPUs allowing loads reordering: assert(_tasks[t] == 1) failed: What else?
8229169 False failure of GenericTaskQueue::pop_local on architectures with weak memory model
8229420 [Redo] jstat reports incorrect values for OU for CMS GC
8229951 Better Ticket Granting Services
8230238 Add another regression test for JDK-8134739
8230279 Improve Pack200 file reading
8230318 Better trust store usage
8230363 C2: Let ConnectionGraph::not_global_escape(Node* n) return false if n is not in the CG
8230813 Add JDK-8010500 to compiler/loopopts/superword/ bug list
8230967 Improve Registry support of clients
8231124 Missing closedir call with JDK-8223490
8231139 Improved keystore support
8231398 Add time tracing for gc log rotation at safepoint cleanup
8231422 Better serial filter handling
8231584 Deadlock with ClassLoader.findLibrary and System.loadLibrary call
8231854 Change Mercurial to git in various README files
8231887 fails because certificate was revoked
8231988 Unexpected test result caused by C2 IdealLoopTree::do_remove_empty_loop
8232019 Add LuxTrust certificate updates to the existing root program
8232121 Better numbering system
8232128 Better formatting for numbers
8232214 Improved internal validations
8232381 add result NULL-checking to freetypeScaler.c
8232419 Improve Registry registration
8232522 FX: Update copyright year in docs, readme files to 2020
8232984 Upgrading Joni License version to 2.1.16
8233223 Add Amazon Root CA certificates
8233886 TEST_BUG jdk/java/net/CookieHandler/ hit hardcoded expiration date
8233944 Make KerberosPrincipal.KRB_NT_ENTERPRISE field package private
8234037 Improve Object Identifier Processing
8234591 [11u] Build with old C compiler broken by 8223490
8235850 [TESTBUG] Remove test/runtime/RedefineTests/
8235909 File.exists throws AccessControlException for invalid paths when a SecurityManager is installed
8236178 Debug build failed after 8236058
8236984 Add compatibility wrapper for IOUtils.readFully