Liberica JDK 15 Release Notes

The full version string for this update release is 15+36. The version number is 15.

Liberica JDK 15+36

Liberica is a certified, Java SE 15-compliant distribution of OpenJDK 15 which works on server (Linux x86_64, Linux ARM64, Solaris SPARC, Solaris x64, Windows 64), desktop (Windows 64, Windows 32, Mac, Linux x86_64), and embedded devices (Linux ARM64, Linux ARMv7, including Raspberry Pi 2, 3, 4 (ARMv6 hardfloat)). It has the following notable additions:

  • Linux x86_64 version contains experimental support for ZGC.
  • Linux x86_64, ARMv8 and ARMv7 distributions include a choice of Client VM, Server VM and Minimal VM.
  • Alpine Linux x86_64 version is build with musl support.
  • Windows x86_64, Windows x86, Mac, Linux x86_64, Linux x86 and Linux ARMv7 distributions contain OpenJFX 15.
  • Linux ARMv7 distribution contains Device IO API compiled for Raspberry Pi.

Please refer to the Oracle JDK 15 release notes for further information on JDK 15 features. This document further outlines the peculiarities of Liberica distribution as compared to Oracle JDK 15 distribution.

Supported Server and Desktop configurations

Liberica is supported on the following OSes:

  • Ubuntu Linux 16.04, 18.04 (x86, x86_64, ARMv8)
  • Debian Linux 8, 9 (x86, x86_64, ARMv8)
  • Red Hat, Oracle Linux and CentOS 6.x, 7.x (x86, x86_64, ARMv8)
  • Alpine Linux 3.7+
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise 12, 15 and tumbleweed (x86_64, ARMv8)
  • Apple macOS 10.11+
  • Microsoft Windows 2019, Windows 2016, Windows 2012 R2, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 (64 and 32 bit)

It is also known to work on other Linux distributions and Windows versions.

Note: The minimum supported Linux kernel version is 2.6.18 and GLIBC version 2.6. LibericaFX works on all supported Ubuntu versions, Red Hat Linux family starting from 7.x and SUSE versions with GTK3 backend.

Supported Embedded configurations

Liberica is tested and certified on Raspberry Pi 2, 3 and 4 running the following OSes:

  • Raspbian OS (armhf)
  • OpenSUSE (armv8)

It is also known to work with Debian (armhf) and Ubuntu (armhf).

Liberica JDK 15 distribution

Liberica JDK 15 are distributed as .rpm, .zip, .deb and .tar.gz packages. Please select the one which is most appropriate for your purposes.

Liberica 15 introduced all new features supported by OpenJDK 15.

With the introduction of the Jigsaw feature in JDK 9 and Minimal VM it is now possible to create a Runtime that is sufficient to run your application and trim down the size of the Runtime. To generate a Runtime with just the Minimal VM, add --vm=minimal to jlink options.

By default, the Liberica uses Server VM. Server VM and Client VM can be enabled with -server and -client command line options, respectively. In case the deployment requires to minimize the footprint, it may be beneficial to use Minimal VM, which emphasises on a minimal footprint. It has C1 JIT compiler only, Serial GC and no serviceability features.

LibericaFX for the Raspberry Pi

Liberica JDK 15 come with a bundled LibericaFX implementation, which is based on OpenJFX. The following tables lists Java FX modules status of Liberica distribution

  • Java FX Graphics - works.
  • Java FX Controls - works.
  • Java FX Media - does not work.
  • Java FX Webkit - does not work.

The following pipelines are known to work: EGL, SW (direct framebuffer) and GTK. By default, Liberica tries to use the accelerated EGL pipeline, which requires the presence of EGL libraries. If they are not found, the implementation falls back to software rendering.

Use the following command line options to specify the rendering pipeline:

  • -Dprism.order=sw forces the use of software rendering pipeline. *
  • -Dprism.order=es2 forces the use of EGL pipeline and hardware acceleration. *
  • -Djavafx.platform=gtk if you would like to launch a LibericaFX application using Liberica from X11.

* Not supported on Raspberry Pi 4.

Please refer to the following wiki for more information.

Device IO API for the Raspberry Pi

Liberica JDK 15 comes with a bundled OpenJDK Device I/O (DIO) API implementation module. DIO provides a Java API for accessing Raspberry PI GPIO pins and for communicating with peripheral devices:

  • General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO).
  • Inter-Integrated Circuit Bus (I2C), Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI).
  • Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (UART).

Please refer to the following wiki for more information.

Security Baselines

BellSoft Liberica follows the security baselines for Oracle Java SE. Please refer to the Oracle documentation for a list of issues fixed in a given release.

Known Issues

LibericaFX and EGL on Raspbian

As of 2017, the default location of Broadcom and has changed in Raspbian OS. If you'd like to leverage hardware EGL acceleration available from Broadcom video drivers in LibericaFX while running a recent Raspbian OS, run the following command:

cd /opt/vc/lib
sudo ln -s
sudo ln -s

Issues fixed

Issue Description
4617266 (se spec) SelectionKey.OP_READ/OP_WRITE documentation errors
6415694 Clarification in Javadoc for java.rmi.AlreadyBoundException
6532025 GIF reader throws misleading exception with truncated images
6949753 [TEST BUG]: java/awt/print/PageFormat/ needs update by removing a infinite loop
7105119 [TEST_BUG] [macosx] In test UIDefaults.toString() must be called with the invokeLater()
7107012 sun.jvm.hostspot.code.CompressedReadStream readDouble() conversion to long mishandled
7185258 [macosx] Deadlock in SunToolKit.realSync()
8022574 remove HaltNode code after uncommon trap calls
8028701 java/awt/Focus/ShowFrameCheckForegroundTest/ fails
8035787 SourcePositions are wrong for Strings concatenated with '+' operator
8040630 Popup menus and tooltips flicker with previous popup contents when first shown
8059309 network tests fail with " Couldn't obtain phys addr" when run as "root"
8062947 Fix exception message to correctly represent LDAP connection failure
8067986 Test javax/swing/JComboBox/ConsumedKeyTest/ fails
8081652 [TESTBUG] java/lang/management/ThreadMXBean/ timed out intermittently
8087327 CipherStream produces new byte array on every update or doFinal operation
8087555 [ChoiceBox] uncontained value not shown
8089134 [2D traversal, RTL] TraversalEngine only handles left/right key traversal correctly in RTL for top-level engine in ToolBar
8089828 RTL Orientation, the flag of a mnemonic is not placed under the mnemonic letter.
8129841 Update comment for Java_java_net_Inet6AddressImpl_getHostByAddr
8131745 java/lang/management/ThreadMXBean/ still fails intermittently
8139652 Mutator refinement processing should take the oldest dirty card buffer
8146330 [macosx] UIDefaults.keys() different size than UIDefaults.keySet()
8147018 CompilerControl: Improve handling of timeouts and failures for tests
8149110 Introduce DISABLED_WARNINGS for Java compilation
8151030 PPC64: AllocatePrefetchStyle=4 is out of range
8152332 [macosx] JFileChooser cannot be serialized on Mac OS X
8153090 TAB key cannot change input focus after the radio button in the Color Selection dialog
8153224 Monitor deflation prolong safepoints
8153430 jdk regression test MletParserLocaleTest, ParserInfiniteLoopTest reduce default timeout
8157224 isNPOTSupported check is too strict
8159597 [TEST_BUG] closed/javax/swing/JPopupMenu/4760494/ leaves key pressed
8160818 GssKrb5Client violates RFC 4752
8161558 ListIterator should not discard cause on exception
8163251 Hard coded loop limit prevents reading of smart card data greater than 8k
8164408 Add module support for @see, @link and @linkplain javadoc tags.
8166358 Re-enable String verification in java_lang_String::create_from_str()
8166597 Crypto support for the EdDSA Signature Algorithm
8167493 Test that JFR event can be retransformed by an agent
8168304 Make all of DependencyContext_test available in product mode
8169953 JComboBox/8057893: ComboBoxEdited event is not fired! on Windows
8172269 When checking the default behaviour for a scroll tab layout and checking the 'opaque' checkbox, the area behind tabs is not red
8172404 Tools should warn if weak algorithms are used before restricting them
8172485 [TESTBUG] runs out of metaspace memory
8172680 Support SHA-3 based Hmac algorithms
8174768 Make ProcessTools print executed process output into a separate file
8175358 Memory leak when moving MenuButton into another Scene
8176040 Documentation of java.awt.Rectangle.add(java.awt.Point) is wrong.
8176270 Adding ChangeListener to TextField.selectedTextProperty causes StringOutOfBoundsException
8176499 Dependence on java.util.Timer freezes screen when OS time resets backwards
8176894 Provide specialized implementation for default methods putIfAbsent, computeIfAbsent, computeIfPresent, compute, merge in TreeMap
8177280 @see syntax should allow generic types
8178028 Typing 'C' cannot change the tab layout to WRAP_TAB_LAYOUT
8178349 Cache builtin class loader constraints to avoid re-initializing itable/vtable for shared classes
8183040 update jdk/test/lib/ to use NIO file
8183266 [TESTBUG]Add test to cover XPathEvaluationResult.XPathResultType.getQNameType method
8183369 RFC unconformity of HttpURLConnection with proxy
8183574 Unify the is_power_of_2 functions
8184249 SA: clhsdb 'intConstant' throws a NullPointerException when not attached to a VM
8186143 keytool -ext option doesn't accept wildcards for DNS subject alternative names
8186780 clang fastdebug assertion failure in os_linux_x86:os::verify_stack_alignment()
8187305 Add logging for shared library loads/unloads
8191758 Match WebKit's font weight rendering with JavaFX
8191930 [Graal] emits unparseable XML into compile log
8193066 Avoid use of capturing lambdas in JarFile
8193210 [JVMCI/Graal] add JFR compiler phase/inlining events
8193237 SA: ClhsdbLauncher should show the command being executed
8193553 Provide better guidance on using javax.lang.model visitors
8193800 TreeTableView selection changes on sorting
8194874 SA: Remove scripts with sa-jdi.jar dependencies.
8195841 PNGImageReader.readNullTerminatedString() doesnt check for non-null terminated strings with length equal to maxLen
8196019 java/awt/Window/Grab/ fails on Windows
8196094 javax/swing/JFileChooser/8002077/ fails
8196181 sun/java2d/GdiRendering/ fails
8196334 Optimize UUID#fromString
8196450 Deprecate JDWP/JDI canUnrestrictedlyRedefineClasses to match JVM TI capabilities
8196586 Remove use of deprecated finalize methods from javafx property objects
8196751 Add jhsdb option to specify debug server RMI connector port
8197797 Test java/awt/Graphics2D/DrawString/ fails
8198402 ToggleButton.setToggleGroup causes memory leak when button is removed via ToggleGroup.getToggles()
8198698 Support Lambda proxy classes in dynamic CDS archive
8198705 Javadoc search needs a fix to handle duplicate package names in different modules
8199138 Add RISC-V support to Zero
8201567 QuantumRenderer modifies buffer in use by JavaFX Application Thread
8201570 Get two bytes for the Linux input event type, not four
8202117 com/sun/jndi/ldap/ fails intermittently: Connection reset
8202296 Monocle MouseInput doesn't send keyboard modifiers in events.
8202469 (ann) Type annotations on type variable bounds that are also type variables are lost
8203238 [TESTBUG] rewrite MemOptions shell test in Java
8203239 [TESTBUG] remove vmTestbase/vm/gc/kind/parOld test
8203883 Remove State from InvocationCounters
8204161 [TESTBUG] auto failed with the "Applet thread threw exception: java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException" exception
8204994 SA might fail to attach to process with "Windbg Error: WaitForEvent failed"
8206925 Support the certificate_authorities extension
8208169 can not print selected pages of web page
8208207 Test nsk/stress/jni/gclocker/gcl001 fails after co-location
8208243 vmTestbase/gc/lock/jni/jnilock002/ fails in jdk/hs nightly
8208566 [TEST_BUG] javax\swing\text\GlyphPainter2\6427244\ Test failed
8208761 Update constant collections to use the new immutable collections
8209162 Page size selection does not always select optimal page size
8209632 Develop new tests for EdDSA API
8209774 Refactor shell test javax/xml/jaxp/common/8035437/ to java
8210012 Implement Unified Logging Option for -XX:+TraceMethodHandles and -XX:+TraceInvokeDynamic
8210649 AssertionError @ jdk.compiler/
8210977 jdk/jfr/event/oldobject/ fails to find ThreadLocalObject
8211917 Zip FS should add META-INF/MANIFEST.FS at the start of the Zip/JAR
8211974 move test/jdk/lib/testlibrary/java/util/jar/*.java to top-level library or a local library
8211977 move testlibrary tests into one place
8212034 Potential memory leaks in jpegLoader.c in error case
8213123 javax/swing/JButton/4368790/ fails on mac
8213129 java/awt/font/FontNames/ times out in Win7
8213185 Properly handle run-test-prebuilt -> test-prebuilt migration
8214245 Case insensitive matching doesn't work correctly for some character classes
8214694 cleanup rawtypes warnings in open jndi tests
8214699 Node.getPseudoClassStates must return the same instance on every call
8214797 timed out
8215401 Add isEmpty default method to CharSequence
8215711 Missing key_share extension for (EC)DHE key exchange should alert missing_extension
8215712 Parsing extension failure may alert decode_error
8216303 JFR: Simplify generated files
8216329 Cannot resize CheckBoxItemMenu in Synth L&F with setHorizontalTextPosition
8216332 Grapheme regex does not work with emoji sequences
8216557 Aarch64: Add support for Concurrent Class Unloading
8216975 Using ForceNUMA does not disable adaptive sizing with parallel gc
8217441 Failure of ::realloc() should be handled correctly in sawindbg.cpp
8217475 Unexpected StackOverflowError in "process reaper" thread
8218173 exception during StringConcatFactory clinit breaks string concat with no fallback
8218482 sun/security/krb5/auto/ failed - no KrbException thrown
8219536 Add Option for user defined jlink options
8219578 No associated icon for the leaf node of JTree
8219607 Add support in Graal and AOT for hidden class
8219904 ClassCastException when calling FlightRecorderMXBean#getRecordings()
8219989 Retire the name
8220051 Remove global safepoint code
8220150 macos10.14 Mojave returns anti-aliased glyphs instead of aliased B&W glyphs
8220484 JFXPanel renders a slanted image with a hidpi monitor scale of 125% or 175%
8220503 Move ShenandoahTerminatorTerminator::should_exit_termination out of header
8221305 java/awt/FontMetrics/ fails on MacOS + Solaris
8221306 JVMTI spec for FramePop(), MethodExit(), and MethodEnter() could use some cleanup
8221823 Requested JDialog width is ignored
8221902 PIT: javax/swing/JRadioButton/FocusTraversal/ fails on ubuntu
8222000 JFR: Process start event
8222005 ClassRedefinition crashes with: guarantee(false) failed: OLD and/or OBSOLETE method(s) found
8222241 Example in ServiceLoader API docs should have one provides directive
8222489 jcmd VM.system_properties gives unusable paths on Windows
8223066 "jfr metadata" output the @Name annotation twice
8223090 Clean up obsolete logic & reference to Amble fonts.
8223217 [TESTBUG] Create JFR tests with JMX across container boundary
8223298 SVG patterns are drawn wrong
8223898 Forward references to Nashorn
8223904 Improve Nashorn matching
8223935 PIT: java/awt/font/ fails on windows10
8224541 Better mapping of serial ENUMs
8224549 Less Blocking Array Queues
8224612 javadoc should better handle empty set of doclet options
8224613 javadoc should better handle bad options
8225068 Remove DocuSign root certificate that is expiring in May 2020
8225069 Remove Comodo root certificate that is expiring in May 2020
8225128 Add exception for expiring DocuSign root to VerifyCACerts test
8225130 Add exception for expiring Comodo roots to VerifyCACerts test
8225216 gc/logging/ doesn't work for Shenandoah
8225319 Remove rmic from the set of supported tools
8225495 Note whether returned annotations are declaration annotations or type annotations
8225540 In core reflection note whether returned annotations are declaration or type annotations
8225603 Enhancement for big integers
8225760 oop::raw_set_obj isn't needed
8226230 Test javax/swing/JInternalFrame/8020708/ fails on Ubuntu
8226253 JAWS reports wrong number of radio buttons when buttons are hidden.
8226346 Build better binary builders
8226464 TitledBorder label appears cut off on hidpi devices
8226806 [macOS 10.14] Methods of Java Robot should be called from appropriate thread
8227046 compiler implementation for sealed classes
8227269 Slow class loading when running with JDWP
8227340 Modify problem list entry for javax/management/remote/mandatory/connection/
8227425 Add support for e-paper displays on i.MX6 devices
8227467 Better class method invocations
8227542 Manifest improved jar headers
8227559 JFR: Slow dump with path-to-gc-roots=true
8227619 Potential memory leak in javafx.scene.control.ListView
8227647 [Graal] fails due to "RuntimeException: static java.lang.Object compiler.uncommontrap.Test8009761.m3(boolean,boolean) not compiled"
8228336 Refactor native library loading implementation
8228451 NPE in when -XDshould-stop.ifError=FLOW
8228692 BitMap::reallocate might not clear some bits
8228991 Obsolete -XX:UseAdaptiveGCBoundary
8229495 SIGILL in C2 generated OSR compilation
8229733 TLS message handling improvements
8229829 java/lang/management/ThreadMXBean/ fails with java.lang.RuntimeException: Thread WaitingThread is at WAITING state but is expected to be in Thread.State = WAITING
8229856 [macos] Opening a menu on a JTextField can clear the text selection
8230117 Remove unused JAR tool classes
8230290 [JVMCI] Remove unused API entry points
8230402 Allocation of compile task fails with assert: "Leaking compilation tasks?"
8230552 Provide information when hitting a HaltNode for architectures other than x86
8230613 Better ASCII conversions
8230672 Specification for java.awt.FontMetrics.getMaxAdvance() is too prescriptive
8230731 SA tests fail with "Windbg Error: ReadVirtual failed
8230743 StringJoiner does not handle too large strings correctly
8230744 Several classes throw OutOfMemoryError without message
8230800 Clarify String::stripIndent javadoc when string ends with line terminator
8230809 HTMLEditor formatting lost when selecting all (CTRL-A)
8230827 javac gives inappropriate warning about potentially ambiguous methods
8230853 Shenandoah: replace leftover assert(is_in(...)) with rich asserts
8230940 Obsolete MonitorBound
8231042 [macos] JFileChooser creates new folder on ESC
8231111 Cgroups v2: Rework Metrics in java.base so as to recognize unified hierarchy
8231118 ARM32: Math tests failures
8231264 Implementation of JEP 374: Disable biased-locking and deprecate all flags related to biased-locking
8231283 Add support to jpackage to create install Linux packages in /usr hierarchy
8231415 Better signatures in XML
8231572 Use -lobjc instead of -fobjc-link-runtime in libosxsecurity
8231585 java/lang/management/ThreadMXBean/ fails with java.lang.NullPointerException
8231634 SA stack walking fails with "illegal bci"
8231668 Remove ForceDynamicNumberOfGCThreads
8231756 [JVMCI] need support for deoptimizing virtual byte arrays encoding non-byte primitives
8231779 crash HeapWord*ParallelScavengeHeap::failed_mem_allocate
8231785 Improved socket permissions
8231800 Better listing of arrays
8232014 Expand DTD support
8232081 Try to link all classes during dynamic CDS dump
8232161 Align some one-way conversion in MS950 charset with Windows
8232213 runtime/MemberName/ fails intermittently
8232243 Wrong caret position in JTextPane on Windows with a screen resolution > 100%
8232424 More constrained algorithms
8232438 Remove ?is-external=true from external links
8232581 Improve TLS verification
8232622 Technical debt in BadAttributeValueExpException
8232634 Problem List
8232686 Turn parallel gc develop tracing flags into unified logging
8232744 j.awt.Window::setShape(Shape) paints visible artifacts outside of the given shape
8232841 [TESTBUG] [macos] SigningPackageTest fails when untrusted certificates exist on machine
8232846 ProcessHandle.Info command with non-English shows question marks
8232935 jpackage failed with NPE whenever --file-associations provided
8233006 freetype incorrectly adjusts advances when emboldening rotated glyphs
8233014 Enable ShowCodeDetailsInExceptionMessages by default.
8233093 Move CDS heap oopmaps into new MetaspaceShared::bm region
8233166 jpackage tool skips empty directories
8233215 jpackage doesn't allow enough flexibility for file type binding
8233234 Better Zip Naming
8233239 Enhance TIFF support
8233244 Add tests for icons configuration in rpm/deb packages
8233245 More adaptive sockets
8233250 Better X11 rendering
8233255 Better Swing Buttons
8233410 Better Build Scripting
8233439 G1 zero_filled optimization when committing CardCountsTable does not work
8233550 [TESTBUG] JTree tests fail regularly on MacOS
8233551 [TESTBUG] fails on MacOS
8233552 [TESTBUG] JTable Test fails on MacOS
8233553 [TESTBUG] JSpinner test fails on MacOS
8233559 [TESTBUG] is failing on macos
8233566 [TESTBUG] KeyboardFocusManager tests failing on MacoS
8233573 Toolkit.getScreenInsets(GraphicsConfiguration) may throw ClassCastException
8233584 [Win LAF] When navigating the contents of the file list changes in Win LAF
8233619 SSLEngine handshake status immediately after the handshake can be NOT_HANDSHAKING rather than FINISHED with TLSv1.3
8233638 [TESTBUG] Swing test fails on macos
8233642 [TESTBUG] JMenuBar test bug fails on macos
8233643 [TESTBUG] JMenu test fails on macos
8233647 [TESTBUG] JColorChooser/ is failing on macos
8233705 Let artifact iteration running time be a function of incrementally tagged artifacts
8233706 JFR emergency dump should be performed after error reporting
8233827 Enable screenshots in the enhanced failure handler on Linux/macOS
8233942 Update to 609.1 version of WebKit
8234027 Better JCEKS key support
8234032 Improve basic calendar services
8234042 Better factory production of certificates
8234146 compiler/jsr292/ times out on SPARC
8234160 Enable optimized mitigation for Intel jcc erratum in C2
8234408 Improve TLS session handling
8234418 Better parsing with CertificateFactory
8234471 Canvas in webview displayed with wrong scale on Windows
8234605 C2 failed "assert(C->live_nodes() - live_at_begin <= 2 * _nodes_required) failed: Bad node estimate: actual = 208 >> request = 101"
8234624 jstack mixed mode should refer DWARF
8234628 Change BasicHashTables::new_entry() to use clamp()
8234691 Potential double-free in ParallelSPCleanupTask constructor
8234812 Add micros for DatagramChannel send/receive
8234825 Better Headings for HTTP Servers
8234836 Improve serialization handling
8234841 Enhance buffering of byte buffers
8234896 Tab completion does not work for method references in jshell.
8234959 FXMLLoader does not populate ENGINE_SCOPE Bindings with FILENAME and ARGV
8235147 Release HDC from passiveDCList sooner
8235153 [TESTBUG] [macos 10.15] java/awt/Graphics/DrawImageBG/ fails
8235206 JFR TestCrossProcessStreaming - validate that data can be consumed while it is being produced
8235211 serviceability/attach/ fails with AttachNotSupportedException: Unable to open socket file
8235216 typo in test filename
8235220 fails with sun.jvm.hotspot.types.WrongTypeException
8235225 Replace CHECK_0 with CHECK_NULL for non-integer returning methods
8235274 Enhance typing of methods
8235339 test is failing after new target RECORD_COMPONENT was added
8235459 HttpRequest.BodyPublishers::ofFile assumes the default file system
8235480 Regression: [RTL] Arrow keys navigation doesn't respect TableView orientation
8235521 Replacement API for Unsafe::ensureClassInitialized
8235564 javac crashes while compiling incorrect method invocation with member reference
8235673 [C1, C2] Split inlining control flags
8235691 Enhance TLS connectivity
8235791 [TESTBUG] Fix comment in
8235834 IBM-943 charset encoder needs updating
8235908 omit ThreadPriorityPolicy warning when value is set from image
8235921 jdk/jfr/event/oldobject/ times out with debug bits
8235995 Remove src/jdk.internal.vm.compiler/.mx.graal directory
8236108 tools/javac/lambda/ timed out
8236129 Exe installers have wrong properties
8236177 assert(status == 0) failed: error ETIMEDOUT(60), cond_wait
8236191 Enhance OID processing
8236201 Better Scanner conversions
8236259 MemoryLeak in ProgressIndicator
8236282 [macos] Find permanent solution to macOS test timeout problem JDK-8235738
8236285 [JVMCI] improve TranslatedException traces
8236464 SO_LINGER option is ignored by SSLSocket in JDK 11
8236469 macOS devkit needs 64-bit SetFile for Catalina
8236518 There is no Native Packages WinUpgradeUUIDTest-2.0.exe after creating Native packages on win
8236539 Relative link tags in record javadoc don't resolve
8236604 Optimize SystemDictionary::resolve_well_known_classes for CDS
8236635 JTabbedPane preferred size calculation is wrong for SCROLL_TAB_LAYOUT
8236647 Correct Fix for 8236647: java/lang/invoke/ failed with InvocationTargetException in Graal mode
8236647 java/lang/invoke/ failed with InvocationTargetException in Graal mode
8236685 [macOs] Remove obsolete file dialog subclasses
8236697 Stack overflow with cyclic hierarchy in class file
8236759 ShouldNotReachHere in PhaseIdealLoop::verify_strip_mined_scheduling
8236809 [Graal] java/lang/Class/getDeclaredField/ timeouts
8236823 Ensure that API documentation uses minified libraries
8236832 [macos 10.15] JavaFX Application hangs on video play on Catalina
8236839 System menubar removed when other menubars are created or modified
8236840 Memory leak when switching ButtonSkin
8236867 Enhance Graal interface handling
8236935 Improve UX of the search control
8236938 [TESTBUG] JFR event MetaspaceAllocationFailure is not tested
8236971 [macos] Gestures handled incorrectly due to missing events
8236975 compiler/graalunit tests fails with --illegal-access=deny
8236980 Cleanup of toString methods in JavaSound
8236981 Remove ShenandoahTraversalUpdateRefsClosure
8237045 JVM uses excessive memory with -XX:+EnableJVMCI -XX:JVMCICounterSize=2147483648
8237117 Better ForkJoinPool behavior
8237187 Obsolete references to
8237192 Generate stripped/public pdbs on Windows for jdk images
8237210 Modify the header to include Oracle copyright line
8237218 Support NIST Curves verification in java implementation
8237219 Disable native SunEC implementation by default
8237221 [macos] java/awt/MenuBar/SeparatorsNavigation/ fails
8237243 [macOS] java/awt/event/KeyEvent/DisabledTargetF10/DisabledTargetF10.html fails
8237250 pmap and pstack should do a better of making it clear that they are not supported on Mac OS X
8237354 Add option to jcmd to write a gzipped heap dump
8237383 Members inherited from non-public types are not included in index
8237450 JDK13 annotation processors not run when a supported annotation type specifies a module
8237453 [TabPane] Incorrect arrow key traversal through tabs after reordering
8237456 Transform filtered through SAX filter mishandles character entities
8237469 Inherited styles don't update when node is moved
8237470 HttpResponse.BodySubscriber::ofFile throws UOE with non-default file systems
8237474 Default SSLEngine should create in server role
8237480 Add micros for DatagramSocket send/receive
8237488 jdk/jfr/event/compiler/ failed due to "RuntimeException: No thread in event"
8237490 [macos] Add support notarizing jpackage app-image and dmg
8237497 vmStructs_jvmci.cpp does not check that the correct field type is specified
8237499 JFR: Include stack trace in the ThreadStart event
8237566 FindTests.gmk should only include existing TEST.ROOT files
8237572 Combine the two LingeredApp classes
8237592 Enhance certificate verification
8237599 Greedy matching against supplementary chars fails to respect the region
8237602 TabPane doesn't respect order of TabPane.getTabs() list
8237632 Shenandoah: accept NULL fwdptr to cooperate with JVMTI and JFR
8237746 Fixing compiler warnings in src/demo/share/jfc
8237750 Load only if necessary
8237766 Enhance signature API to include ResolvingSignatureStream
8237770 Error creating fragment phong shader on iOS
8237777 "Dumping core ..." is shown despite claiming that "# No core dump will be written."
8237780 Shenandoah: More reliable nmethod verification
8237782 Only read advances up to the minimum of the numHorMetrics or the available font data.
8237818 Typo in Unsafe: resposibility
8237833 Check glyph size before adding to glyph texture cache.
8237834 com/sun/jndi/ldap/ failing with LDAP response read timeout
8237859 C2: Crash when loads float above range check
8237888 security/infra/java/security/cert/CertPathValidator/certification/ fails when checking validity interval
8237889 Update libxml2 to version 2.9.10
8237890 DatagramPacket::getSocketAddress doesn't specify what happens if address or port are not set
8237894 CTW: C1 compilation fails with assert(x->type()->tag() == f->type()->tag()) failed: should have same type
8237908 [TESTBUG] [macos] Add support to jtreg helpers to unpack pkg packages
8237926 Potential memory leak of model data in javafx.scene.control.ListView
8237949 CTW: C1 compilation fails with "too many stack slots used"
8237950 C2 compilation fails with "Live Node limit exceeded limit" during ConvI2L::Ideal optimization
8237966 Creating runtime pkg requires --mac-package-identifier
8237967 No proper error message when --runtime-image points to non-existent path
8237971 Package type for runtime image on macosx
8237977 Further update javax/net/ssl/compatibility/
8238000 Crash in ClassLoader::record_result while dynamic dumping netty
8238002 Better matrix operations
8238013 Enhance String writing
8238048 Close alignment gaps in InstanceKlass
8238075 [OGL] Delete unused properties
8238080 FXMLLoader: if script engines implement javax.script.Compilable compile scripts
8238085 PIT: javax/swing/JSpinner/8223788/ fails on Mac
8238180 RunThese30M failed "assert(t->jfr_thread_local()->shelved_buffer() == __null) failed: invariant"
8238183 SAX2StAXStreamWriter cannot deal with comments prior to the root element
8238195 Lookup::defineClass should link the class to match the specification
8238196 tests that use SA Attach should not be allowed to run against signed binaries on Mac OS X 10.14.5 and later
8238204 fails on macOS when called from
8238236 Add JFR class redefinition events
8238268 Many SA tests are not running on OSX because they do not attempt to use sudo when available
8238270 HTTP/2 client does not decrease stream count when receives 204 response
8238289 Use byteswap functions to implenent Bytes::swap_uX on Windows
8238355 Update Graal
8238356 CodeHeap::blob_count() overestimates the number of blobs
8238358 Implementation of JEP 371: Hidden Classes
8238384 CTW: C2 compilation fails with "assert(store != load->find_exact_control(load->in(0))) failed: dependence cycle found"
8238438 SuperWord::co_locate_pack picks memory state of first instead of last load
8238452 Keytool generates wrong expiration date if validity is set to 2050/01/01
8238526 Cherry pick GTK WebKit 2.26.3 changes
8238534 Deep sign macOS bundles before bundle archive is being created
8238555 Allow Initialization of SunPKCS11 with NSS when there are external FIPS modules in the NSSDB
8238560 Cleanup and consolidate algorithms in the jdk.tls.legacyAlgorithms security property
8238566$Service.supportsParameter() is racy
8238567 SoftMainMixer.processAudioBuffers(): Wrong handling of stoppedMixers
8238575 DragSourceEvent.getLocation() returns wrong value on HiDPI screens (Windows)
8238579 HttpsURLConnection drops the timeout and hangs forever in read
8238585 JvmtiEventControllerPrivate::enter_interp_only_mode() should not make compiled methods on stack not_entrant
8238592 JFR: Crash when dumping paths to gc roots on deep heaps
8238643 ARM32 build fails after JDK-8230199
8238665 Add JFR event for direct memory statistics
8238676 jni crashes on accessing it from process exit hook
8238681 Make -XX:UseSSE flag x86-specific
8238691 C2: turn subtype check into macro node
8238692 MacOS runtime Installer issue
8238696 x86: Enumerate all detected CPU features in VM_Version feature string
8238705 [TESTBUG] jfr/event/gc/stacktrace/TestMetaspace* are stable with Xcomp on AArch64
8238710 LingeredApp doesn't log stdout/stderr if exits with non-zero code
8238719 [macOS] Delete the property which use deprecated prefix ""
8238723 yank_alloc_node must remove membar
8238735 NPE compiling lambda expression within conditional expression
8238738 AudioSystem.getMixerInfo() takes about 30 sec to report a gone audio device
8238740 java/net/httpclient/whitebox/ would not specify a TLS protocol
8238741 java.awt.Robot(GraphicsDevice) constructor does not follow the spec
8238755 allow to create static lib for on linux
8238758 [JVMCI] fix JVMCI jtreg events tests to work with GraalVM
8238759 Clones should always keep the base pointer
8238763 ObjectInputStream readUnshared method handling of Records
8238765 PhaseCFG::schedule_pinned_nodes cannot handle precedence edges from unmatched CFG nodes correctly
8238804 Enhance key handling process
8238824 [macos] javax/swing/JSpinner/4840869/ fails on macos
8238842 AIOOBE in GIFImageReader.initializeStringTable
8238843 Enhanced font handing
8238855 Move G1ConcurrentMark flag sanity checks to g1Arguments
8238863 Refactor out static initialization from Dict constructors
8238867 Improve G1DirtyCardQueueSet::Queue::pop
8238920 Better Buffer support
8238925 Enhance WAV file playback
8238936 The crash in XRobotPeer when the custom GraphicsDevice is used
8238942 Rendering artifacts with LCD text and fractional metrics
8238943 switch to jtreg 5.0
8238947 tools/jpackage tests fail with old rpmbuild versions
8238953 tools/jpackage tests do not work on Ubuntu Linux
8238954 Improve performance of tiled snapshot rendering
8238959 Add missing classpath exception to FileAcess and ConstantLookup
8238960 linux-i586 builds are inconsistent as the newly build jdk is not able to reserve enough space for object heap
8238969 Miscellaneous cleanup
8238979 Improve G1DirtyCardQueueSet handling of previously paused buffers
8238985 [TESTBUG] The arrow image is blue instead of green
8238988 Rename thread "in stack" methods and add in_stack_range
8238990 java/net/httpclient/ failed against TLSv1.3 on Windows
8238999 Remove MemRegion custom new/delete operator overloads
8239000 handle ContendedPaddingWidth in vm_version_ppc
8239001 Hotspot build broken on linux-sparc after 8238281
8239005 [TESTBUG] test/hotspot/jtreg/runtime/StackGuardPages/ exeinvoke.c: must initialize static state before calling do_overflow()
8239008 C2: Simplify Replicate support for sub-word types on x86
8239009 C2: Don't use PSHUF to load scalars from memory on x86
8239013 java.util.logging.Logger catalog cache keeps strong references to ResourceBundles
8239014 -XX:-UseEmptySlotsInSupers sometime fails to reproduce the layout of the old code
8239017 cmp-baseline fails because of differences in TimeZoneNames_kea
8239019 testmake fails with FATAL: VCS_TYPE is empty
8239024 failed due to timeout
8239025 ProblemList java/net/httpclient/ due to JDK-8238990
8239026 Support non-maven artifacts by JibArtifactManager
8239052 java/net/httpclient/whitebox/ failed with BufferUnderflowException against TLSv1.3
8239055 Wrong implementation of VMState.hasListener
8239066 make LinkedList more generic
8239069 C2: SIGSEGV in IdealGraphPrinter::walk_nodes due to C->root() being NULL
8239070 Memory leak when unsuccessfully mapping in archive regions
8239072 subtype check macro node causes node budget to be exhausted
8239081 Shenandoah: Consolidate C1 LRB and native barriers
8239083 C1 assert(known_holder == NULL || (known_holder->is_instance_klass() && (!known_holder->is_interface() || ((ciInstanceKlass*)known_holder)->has_nonstatic_concrete_methods())), "should be non-static concrete method");
8239091 Reversed arguments in call to strstr in freetype "debug" code.
8239092 Provide explicit specification for getKind methods of javax.lang.model
8239094 PKCS#9 ChallengePassword attribute does not allow for the UTF8String type
8239095 Upgrade libFFI to the latest 3.3 version
8239107 Update libjpeg to version 9d
8239109 Update SQLite to version 3.31.1
8239110 Zero VM build fails after JDK-8203883
8239124 Minimize the usage of AwtGraphicsConfigDataPtr in native
8239129 ZGC: Allow -XX:AllocateHeapAt to use any filesystem
8239139 test/jdk/java/nio/channels/spi/SelectorProvider/inheritedChannel/libInheritedChannel.c does not compile with gcc 8.3.1
8239142 C2's UseUniqueSubclasses optimization is broken for array accesses
8239149 Cleanups in and
8239224 libproc_impl.c previous_thr may be used uninitialized warning
8239235 Examine SignatureStream performance after consolidation
8239243 Create index structures only if required
8239264 Clearup the legacy ObjectIdentifier constructor from int array
8239265 JFR: Test cleanup of jdk.jfr.api.consumer package
8239312 [macos] javax/swing/JFrame/NSTexturedJFrame/
8239333 test/jdk/security/infra/java/security/cert/CertPathValidator/certification/ fails intermittent
8239334 Tab Size does not work correctly in JTextArea with setLineWrap on
8239335 C2: assert((Value(phase) == t) || (t != TypeInt::CC_GT && t != TypeInt::CC_EQ)) failed: missing Value() optimization
8239347 Refactor Symbol to make _length a standalone field again
8239350 Add tests for JFR class redefinition events
8239351 Give more meaningful InternalError messages in Deflater.c
8239354 Shenandoah: minor enhancements to traversal GC
8239355 (dc) Initial value of SO_SNDBUF should allow sending large datagrams (macOS)
8239357 Revert gcc implementation of offset_of
8239363 PPC64: Wrong code generation after JDK-8183574
8239365 ProcessBuilder test modifications for AIX execution
8239367 failed due to "assert(false) failed: graph should be schedulable"
8239376 JFR: assert(!cld->is_unsafe_anonymous()) failed: invariant
8239378 Add Classpath Exception to license in source file.
8239379 ProblemList serviceability/sa/sadebugd/ on OSX
8239383 Support for Unicode 13.0
8239385 KerberosTicket client name refers wrongly to sAMAccountName in AD
8239422 [TESTBUG] compiler/c1/ failed when C1 is disabled
8239423 jdk/jfr/jvm/ failed with -XX:-TieredCompilation
8239424 [TESTBUG] compiler/whitebox/ failed when TieredCompilation is disabled
8239429 fails in JDK 11u and 14u on Windows
8239447 compiler error for annotations applied to record components with target METHOD
8239449 [TESTBUG] test/hotspot/jtreg/runtime/TLS/ skip test if glibc too old for AdjustStackSizeForTLS
8239450 Overhaul JVM feature handling in configure
8239454 LLIntData : invalid opcode returned for 16 and 32 bit wide instructions
8239456 vtable stub generation: assert failure (code size estimate)
8239457 call ReleaseStringUTFChars before early returns in Java_sun_security_pkcs11_wrapper_PKCS11_connect
8239461 Use jcod rather than jar files in runtime tests
8239462 jdk.hotspot.agent misses some ReleaseStringUTFChars calls in case of early returns
8239477 jdk/jfr/jcmd/ fails -XX:+VerifyOops with "verify_oop: rsi: broken oop"
8239478 Make specification of SourceVersion.isName explicit for dotted names
8239480 Support for CLDR version 37
8239487 Better links generation for system properties found in HTML files
8239492 [x86] Turn MacroAssembler::verify_oop into macro recording file and line
8239497 SEGV in EdgeUtils::field_name_symbol(Edge const&)
8239500 jittester shouldn't use non-deterministic System methods
8239503 FieldLayout/ fails due to "RuntimeException: Misplaced int field: expected 24 to equal 12"
8239514 Build for arm-linux-gnueabihf fails with undefined reference read_polling_page
8239520 ValueRange.of(long, long, long) does not throw IAE on invalid inputs
8239533 ZGC: Make the ZProactive flag non-diagnostic
8239536 Can't use java.util.List object after importing java.awt.List
8239537 cgroup MetricsTester testMemorySubsystem fails sometimes when testing memory.kmem.tcp.usage_in_bytes
8239544 Javac does not respect should-stop.ifNoError policy to stop after CompileState PARSE, ENTER and PROCESS
8239549 AArch64: Backend support for MulAddVS2VI node
8239556 (zipfs) remove ExistingChannelCloser facility in zipfs implementation
8239557 [TESTBUG] validating "END." marker at lastline is not always true
8239559 Cgroups: Incorrect detection logic on some systems
8239563 Reduce public exports in dynamic libraries built from JDK static libraries
8239566 gtest/ fails due to " open failed: No such file or directory"
8239568 [TESTBUG] fails with RuntimeException
8239569 failed due to NPE in java.base/java.nio.file.FileSystems.getFileSystem(
8239575 javadoc triggers javac AssertionError for annos on modules
8239581 Improve javadoc example for @jdk.jfr.Category
8239583 [AIX] simplify the native references in X input methods
8239584 EventStream::close should state that stream will be stopped
8239585 JFR: Native events should support empty payloads
8239593 Bogus warning "Re-registering of platform native method" for a JVMTI agent
8239594 jdk.tls.client.protocols is not respected
8239708 Split basics.m4 into basic.m4 and util.m4
8239785 Cgroups: Incorrect detection logic on old systems in hotspot
8239786 Shenandoah: print per-cycle statistics
8239787 AArch64: String.indexOf may incorrectly handle empty strings
8239789 Follow-up on JVM feature rewrite
8239793 'jfr' tool should hide hidden frames
8239794 Move -Os from JVM feature 'minimal' to new feature 'opt-size'
8239798 SSLSocket closes socket both socket endpoints on a SocketTimeoutException
8239799 Cross-compilation ARM32/AARCH clientvm builds fails after JDK-8239450
8239804 Cleanup/simplify HTML/CSS for general block tags
8239815 Update ECC legal file
8239816 Make handling of module / package / types consistent.
8239817 Eliminate use of contentContainer and friends
8239819 XToolkit: Misread of screen information memory
8239825 G1: Simplify threshold test for mutator refinement
8239827 The test should be changed to be manual
8239836 ZoneRules.of() doesn't check transitionList/standardOffsetTL arguments validity
8239837 Typo in source code of ZoneOffsetTransitionRule leaking to Javadocs
8239852 java/util/concurrent tests fail with -XX:+VerifyGraphEdges: assert(!VerifyGraphEdges) failed: verification should have failed
8239854 Non-PCH gtest build fails after JDK-8239235 due to a missing include
8239856 [ntintel] asserts about copying unaligned array element
8239860 Add support for testing the configure script
8239868 Shenandoah: ditch C2 node limit adjustments
8239873 [TESTBUG] FieldLayout/ fails after the fix for JDK-8239503
8239876 Improve SearchIndexItem
8239878 Bug in PrintEliminateAllocations code causes to fail
8239885 [TESTBUG] compiler/allocation/ fails with release VMs
8239886 Minimal VM build fails after JDK-8237499
8239893 Windows handle Leak when starting processes using ProcessBuilder
8239895 assert(_stack_base != 0LL) failed: Sanity check
8239902 Remove direct usage of JSlider, JProgressBar classes in CAccessible class
8239904 Shenandoah: accumulated penalties should not be over 100% of capacity
8239915 Zero VM crashes when handling dynamic constant
8239916 SA: delete dead code in jdk.hotspot.agent/share/classes/sun/jvm/hotspot/oops/
8239926 Shenandoah: Shenandoah needs to mark nmethod's metadata
8239928 ec/ failed due to timeout
8239931 [win][x86] vtable stub generation: assert failure (code size estimate) follow-up
8239965 XMLEncoder/ fails due to "Error: Cp943 - can't read properly"
8239976 Put JDK-8239965 on the ProblemList.txt
8239979 sun/security/tools/keytool/ is not run
8240069 Shenandoah: turn more flags diagnostic
8240070 Shenandoah: remove obsolete ShenandoahCommonGCStateLoads
8240076 Shenandoah: pacer should cover reset and preclean phases
8240094 Optimize empty substring handling
8240119 Less Affine Transformations
8240130 Improve and update discussion of visitor evolution warnings
8240132 ProblemList com/sun/jdi/
8240133 G1DirtyCardQueue destructor has useless flush
8240134 ProblemList javax/script/
8240135 ProblemList vmTestbase/vm/mlvm/meth/stress/compiler/deoptimize/
8240136 Cleanup/simplify HTML/CSS for definition lists
8240137 Support chained use of Content.add
8240138 Cleanup HtmlTree
8240141 Incorrect copyright header in src/hotspot/os_cpu/linux_sparc/os_linux_sparc.cpp
8240142 Fix copyright in ThreadGroupReferenceImpl.h
8240169 javadoc fails to link to non-modular api docs
8240189 [TESTBUG] Some cgroup tests are failing after JDK-8231111
8240193 loadLibrary("osxsecurity") should not be removed
8240195 some jaotc failures of fastdebug build with specific flags
8240197 Cannot start JVM when $JAVA_HOME includes CJK characters
8240202 A few client tests leave mouse buttons pressed
8240204 Optimize package handling for archived classes
8240205 Avoid PackageEntry lookup when loading shared classes
8240211 Stack overflow on Windows 32-bit can lead to crash
8240215 Shenandoah: remove ShenandoahAllocationTrace
8240216 Shenandoah: remove ShenandoahTerminationTrace
8240217 Shenandoah: remove ShenandoahEvacAssist
8240218 IOS Webkit implementation broken
8240220 IdealLoopTree::dump_head predicate printing is broken
8240222 [TESTBUG] gtest/jfr/test_networkUtilization.cpp failed when the number of tests is greater than or equal to 2
8240223 Use consistent predicate order in and with PhaseIdealLoop::find_predicate
8240226 test incorrectly assumes size of compressed file
8240227 Loop predicates should be copied to unswitched loops
8240228 "make hotspot-ide-project" on Windows creates a Visual Studio project with empty preprocessor defines
8240231 Build failure on illumos after 8238988
8240235 jdk.test.lib.util.JarUtils updates jar files incorrectly
8240239 Replace ConcurrentGCPhaseManager
8240241 Add support for JCov DiffCoverage to make files
8240242 improve the javadoc for Lookup::dropLookupModes w.r.t. dropping UNCONDITIONAL
8240244 Avoid calling resolve_super_or_fail in SystemDictionary::load_shared_class
8240245 Avoid calling is_shared_class_visible() in SystemDictionary::load_shared_class()
8240246 Avoid cast_to_oop from char*
8240248 Extend superword reduction optimizations for x86
8240254 Build is broken when cds is disabled after JDK-8236604
8240258 SystemDictionary::quick_resolve need guarded by INCLUDE_CDS
8240259 Disable -Wshift-negative-value warnings
8240261 Use make/templates/gpl-cp-header in
8240262 iOS refresh rate is capped to 30 Hz
8240263 Assertion-only call in Method::link_method affecting product builds
8240264 iOS: Unnecessary logging on every pulse when GL context changes
8240265 iOS: Unnecessary logging on pinch gestures
8240267 VM fails to start with CDS enabled but JVMTI disabled
8240286 [TESTBUG] Test command error in hotspot/jtreg/compiler/loopopts/superword/
8240290 Clean the "libawt_xawt" library from code for macOS
8240295 hs_err elapsed time in seconds is not accurate enough
8240302 x64: Assembler::reachable redundantly call Relocation::type() more than once
8240315 Shenandoah: Rename ShLBN::get_barrier_strength()
8240324 Improve is_boot_class_loader_data() by adding simple check
8240333 jmod incorrectly updates .jar and .jmod files during hashing
8240335 C2: assert(found_sfpt) failed: no node in loop that's not input to safepoint
8240340 java/lang/management/ThreadMXBean/ is buggy
8240342 Custom composite is ignored when printing an opaque image to a page
8240353 AArch64: missing support for -XX:+ExtendedDTraceProbes in C1
8240360 NativeLibraryEvent has wrong library name on Linux
8240363 Refactor Compile::Output() to its own Phase
8240370 Provide Intel JCC Erratum opt-out
8240440 Implement get_safepoint_workers() for parallel GC
8240454 incorrect error message: as of release 13, 'record' is a restricted type name
8240476 SystemPropertiesWriter does not conform to standard page layout
8240481 Remove CDS usage of InstanceKlass::is_in_error_state
8240482 Improved WAV file playback
8240511 Shenandoah: parallel safepoint workers count should be ParallelGCThreads
8240518 Incorrect JNU_ReleaseStringPlatformChars in Windows Print
8240524 Remove explicit type argument in test jdk/java/lang/Boolean/
8240528 OopMap cleanup
8240529 CheckUnhandledOops breaks NULL check in Modules::define_module
8240530 CheckUnhandledOops breaks BacktraceBuilder::set_has_hidden_top_frame
8240532 heap inspection prints trailing @ after name of module without version
8240533 Inconsistent Exceptions are thrown by DatagramSocket and DatagramChannel when sending a DatagramPacket to port 0.
8240534 Shenandoah: ditch debug safepoint timeout adjustment
8240535 Add additional linux-aarch64 jib profiles
8240538 [JVMCI] add test for JVMCI ConstantPool class
8240543 Update problem list entry for serviceability/sa/ to reference JDK-8241235
8240546 runtime/cds/appcds/ fails with Graal
8240548 [TESTBUG] CDS fails with Graal
8240555 Using env of JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS and _JAVA_OPTIONS breaks test
8240563 [TESTBUG] WB_IsCDSIncludedInVmBuild should support uncompressed oops/klasses
8240576 JVM crashes after transformation in C2 IdealLoopTree::merge_many_backedges
8240588 _threadObj cannot be used on an exiting JavaThread
8240589 OtherRegionsTable::_num_occupied not updated correctly
8240590 Add MemRegion::destroy_array to complement introduced create_array
8240591 G1HeapSizingPolicy attempts to compute expansion_amount even when at full capacity
8240592 HeapRegionManager::rebuild_free_list logs 0s for the estimated free regions before
8240603 Windows 32bit compile error after 8238676
8240604 Rewrite sun/management/jmxremote/bootstrap/ test to make binaries from source file
8240610 [JVMCI] Export VMVersion::_has_intel_jcc_erratum to JVMCI compiler
8240613 InstanceKlass::set_init_state failed with assert(good_state || state == allocated)
8240615 is_power_of_2() has Undefined Behaviour and is inconsistent
8240624 Note mapping of RoundingMode constants to equivalent IEEE 754-2019 attribute
8240626 Some of the java.time.chrono.Eras return empty display name for some styles and locales
8240629 argfiles parsing broken for argfiles with comment cross 4096 bytes chunk
8240633 Memory leaks in the implementations of FileChooserUI
8240634 event/runtime/ times out
8240654 ZGC can cause severe UI application repaint issues
8240666 Websocket client’s OpeningHandshake discards the HTTP response body
8240668 G1 list of all PerRegionTable does not have to be a double linkedlist any more
8240669 Devirtualize Relocation::type
8240671 Shenandoah: refactor ShenandoahPhaseTimings
8240676 Meet not symmetric failure when running lucene on jdk8
8240679 ZGC GarbageCollectorMXBean reports inaccurate post GC heap size for ZHeap pool
8240684 ProblemList 70 security tests that are failing on Windows due to "Fetch artifact failed"
8240686 70 security tests are failing on Windows due to "Fetch artifact failed"
8240688 Remove the JavaBeanXxxPropertyBuilders constructors
8240690 Race condition between EDT and BasicDirectoryModel.FilesLoader.run0()
8240691 ClhsdbCDSJstackPrintAll incorrectly thinks CDS is in use
8240692 Cleanup of the javafx property objects
8240693 Sweeper should not examine dying metadata in is_unloading() nmethod during static call stub cleaning
8240694 [macos 10.15] JavaFX Media hangs on some video files on Catalina
8240695 Build is broken when cds is disabled after JDK-8232081
8240697 convert builders to high-level Content blocks
8240698 LingeredApp does not pass getTestJavaOpts() to the children process if vmArguments is already specified
8240704 failed "AssertionError: Handle use increased by more than 10 percent."
8240711 failed due to "ExportException: Port already in use:"
8240714 ZGC: failed due to OutOfMemoryError
8240722 [BACKOUT] G1DirtyCardQueue destructor has useless flush
8240725 Some functions might not work with CJK character
8240734 ModuleHashes attribute not reproducible between builds
8240738 nested comment in and other minor formatting errors
8240745 Implementation: JEP 377: ZGC: A Scalable Low-Latency Garbage Collector (Production)
8240749 Shenandoah: refactor ShenandoahUtils
8240750 Shenandoah: remove leftover files and mentions of ShenandoahAllocTracker
8240754 Instrument to provide more debug traces.
8240772 x86_64: Pre-generate Assembler::popa, pusha and vzeroupper
8240773 JFR: Non-Java threads are not serialized
8240777 Update all nroff manpages for JDK 15 release
8240778 JFR: Create timer task lazily
8240783 JFR: TestClose could not finish chunk
8240786 [TESTBUG] The test java/awt/Window/GetScreenLocation/ fails on HiDPI screen
8240794 [BACKOUT] 8238384 CTW: C2 compilation fails with "assert(store != load->find_exact_control(load->in(0))) failed: dependence cycle found"
8240795 [REDO] 8238384 CTW: C2 compilation fails with "assert(store != load->find_exact_control(load->in(0))) failed: dependence cycle found"
8240818 Remove colon from "JFR: Shutdown Hook" thread name
8240819 Assign a name to the JfrThreadSampler thread
8240820 Replace AC_ARG_ENABLE with UTIL_ARG_ENABLE
8240824 enhance print_full_memory_info on Linux by THP related information
8240829 Use a fast O(1) algorithm for exact_log2
8240830 [BACKOUT] 8240195: some jaotc failures of fastdebug build with specific flags
8240831 [JVMCI] Export missing vmStructs entries used by JVMCI compilers
8240840 Rollback whitebox.cpp in push 8240691
8240846 Zero VM is broken after JDK-8238681: UseSSE not defined
8240848 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException buf for TextCallbackHandler
8240854 [REDO] some jaotc failures of fastdebug build with specific flags
8240866 Typo in JDK-8240820 messes up configure --help
8240868 Shenandoah: remove CM-with-UR piggybacking cycles
8240871 SSLEngine handshake status immediately after the handshake can be NOT_HANDSHAKING rather than FINISHED with TLSv1.3
8240872 Shenandoah: Avoid updating new regions from start of evacuation
8240873 Shenandoah: Short-cut arraycopy barriers
8240877 NPE at javax.swing.text.html.FormView.appendBuffer with null option values
8240881 [BACKOUT] 8222489 jcmd VM.system_properties gives unusable paths on Windows
8240902 JDI shared memory connector can use already closed Handles
8240904 Screen flashes on test failures when running tests from make
8240905 assert(mem == (Node*)1 || mem == mem2) failed: multiple Memories being matched at once?
8240906 Update ZGC ProblemList for serviceability/sa/
8240910 jmod rejects duplicate entries in --class-path jars
8240915 Shenandoah: Remove unused fields in init mark tasks
8240916 Convert to using hyphenated naming for CSS classes
8240917 Shenandoah: Avoid scanning thread code roots twice in all root scanner
8240918 [REDO] Allow direct handshakes without VMThread intervention
8240921 Minor correction to HttpResponse.BodySubscribers example
8240947 Change conflicting JVM features from warning to error
8240948 Shenandoah: cleanup not-forwarded-objects paths after JDK-8240868
8240950 Missing AC_SUBST after JDK-82408
8240956 SEGV in DwarfParser::process_dwarf after JDK-8234624
8240957 Clarify BadAttributeValueExpException readObject method
8240964 Compilation error thrown when long literal used with yield
8240970 Some tests fail when run with JCov
8240971 Fix CSS styles in some doc comments
8240972 macOS codesign fail on macOS 10.13.5 or older
8240975 Extend NativeLibraries to support explicit unloading
8240976 [JVMCI] MethodProfileWidth flag is broken
8240977 ProblemList failing jtreg tests on macos
8240980 Backout JDK-8240261
8240982 Incorrect copyright header in BCEL 6.4.1 sources
8240983 Incorrect copyright header in Apache Santuario files
8240988 Incorrect copyright header in
8240989 convert clhsdb "dumpheap" command from javascript to java
8240990 convert clhsdb "dumpclass" command from javascript to java
8241001 Improve logging in the ConcurrentGCBreakpoint mechanism
8241004 NMT tests fail on unaligned thread size with debug build
8241006 Cleanup TemplateInterpreter initialization
8241007 Shenandoah: remove ShenandoahCriticalControlThreadPriority support
8241009 fails after JDK-8240563
8241010 Unnecessarily resolving some well-known classes
8241014 Miscellaneous typos in documentation comments
8241018 32-bit integer log2 functions return the wrong value for negative arguments on 64-bit machines
8241030 rename HtmlTag to TagName
8241033 Create test library utility for getting JFR streaming repository
8241034 Fix a configuring error with "-Xmx2048M: command not found"
8241039 Retire the deprecated SSLSession.getPeerCertificateChain() method
8241040 Support for AVX-512 Ternary Logic Instruction.
8241041 C2: "assert((Value(phase) == t) || (t != TypeInt::CC_GT && t != TypeInt::CC_EQ)) failed: missing Value() optimization" still happens after fix for 8239335
8241042 x86_64: Improve Assembler generation
8241043 Expand assertions to identify thread with errant _stack_base
8241055 Regex Grapheme Matcher Performance Depends too much on Total Input Sequence Size
8241062 Shenandoah: rich asserts trigger "empty statement" inspection
8241064 JFR related tests and miss requires tag
8241065 Shenandoah: remove leftover code after JDK-8231086
8241067 Shenandoah: improve ShenandoahNMethod::has_cset_oops arguments
8241068 Shenandoah: improve ShenandoahTraversalGC constructor arguments
8241070 Shenandoah: remove unused local variables in C2 support
8241071 Generation of classes.jsa with -Xshare:dump is not deterministic
8241072 Reimplement the Legacy DatagramSocket API
8241073 Pre-generated Stubs for, Activation, Naming
8241074 JDK-8240363 broke the build on AArch64
8241077 x86_64: Minor Assembler improvements
8241078 OOM error parsing HTML with large <pre> Tag text
8241080 Consolidate signature parsing code in serviceability tools
8241081 Shenandoah: Do not modify update-watermark concurrently
8241082 Upgrade IANA Language Subtag Registry data to 03-16-2020 version
8241086 Test runtime/NMT/ is failing on 32bit Windows
8241087 Build failure with VS 2019 (16.5.0) due to C2039 and C2873
8241091 AArch64: "bad AD file" with VM option "-XX:-UsePopCountInstruction"
8241093 Shenandoah: editorial changes in flag descriptions
8241095 x86: Improve prefix handling in Assembler
8241097 java/math/BigInteger/largeMemory/ requires -XX:+CompactStrings
8241100 Make Boolean, Character, Byte, and Short implement Constable
8241101 [s390] jtreg test failure after JDK-8238696: not conformant features string
8241122 Remove unimplemented InlineTree constructor definition from parse.hpp
8241123 Refactor vmTestbase stress framework to use j.u.c and make creation of threads more flexible
8241124 Aarch64 build broken by JDK-8239593
8241128 x86_32 build failure after JDK-8241042
8241130 com.sun.jndi.ldap.EventSupport.removeDeadNotifier: java.lang.NullPointerException
8241138 http.nonProxyHosts=* causes StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in DefaultProxySelector
8241139 Shenandoah: distribute mark-compact work exactly to minimize fragmentation
8241141 Restructure humongous object allocation in G1
8241142 Shenandoah: should not use parallel reference processing with single GC thread
8241144 Javadoc is not generated for new module jdk.nio.mapmode
8241153 Refactor HeapRegionManager::find_unavailable_from_idx to simplify expand_at
8241158 SA fails when CDS archive is relocated
8241160 Concurrent class unloading reports GCTraceTime events as JFR pause sub-phase events
8241162 ProblemList serviceability/sa/ on OSX
8241190 Fix name clash for constants-summary CSS class
8241214 Test debugging of hidden classes using jdb
8241228 Test jdk/javax/swing/UIDefaults/8146330/ is failing
8241229 Problem list jdk/javax/swing/UIDefaults/8146330/
8241231 Update Graal
8241232 -XX:+BootstrapJVMCI is not compatible with TieredStopAtLevel < CompLevel_full_optimization
8241233 Typo in problem listing of
8241234 Unify monitor enter/exit runtime entries.
8241244 CDS dynamic dump asserts in ArchivePtrBitmapCleaner::do_bit
8241249 NPE in TabPaneSkin.perfromDrag
8241254 Simplify usage of UTIL_DEPRECATED_ARG_ENABLE
8241263 JFR: Bump native events limit
8241271 Make hotspot build reproducible
8241291 JCK test javax_swing/text/DefaultStyledDocument/ElementSpec/ESpecCtor.html fails
8241292 Interactive Search results are not highlighted as they used to be
8241296 Segfault in JNIHandleBlock::oops_do()
8241305 Add protocol specific factory creation methods to SocketChannel and ServerSocketChannel
8241310 Fix warnings in jdk buildtools
8241311 Move some charset mapping tests from closed to open
8241312 missing code coverage for records
8241319 WB_GetCodeBlob doesn't have ResourceMark
8241320 The ClassLoaderData::_is_unsafe_anonymous field is unused in the SA
8241335 ProblemList serviceability/sa/ due to JDK-8240956
8241336 Some tests failed with NoRouteToHostException on MacOS with special network configuration
8241351 Shenandoah: fragmentation metrics overhaul
8241361 ZGC: Implement memory related JFR events
8241365 Define Unique_Node_List::contains() to prevent usage by mistake
8241370 Crash in JPEGImageLoader after fix for JDK-8212034
8241371 Refactor and consolidate package_from_name
8241374 add Math.absExact
8241379 Update JCEKS support
8241389 URLConnection::getHeaderFields returns result inconsistent with getHeaderField/Key for FileURLConnection, FtpURLConnection
8241395 Factor out platform independent code for os::xxx_memory_special()
8241400 [macos] jpackageapplauncher/main.m built using CXXFLAGS_JDKEXE
8241419 Remove unused InterfaceSupport::_number_of_calls
8241421 Cleanup handling of jtreg
8241427 Coarsen locking in Modules::add_module_exports
8241433 x86: Add VBMI CPU feature detection
8241434 x86: Fix Assembler::emit_operand asserts for XMM registers
8241435 Shenandoah: avoid disabling pacing with "aggressive"
8241436 C2: Factor out C2-specific code from MacroAssembler
8241438 Move IntelJccErratum mitigation code to platform-specific code
8241439 jdk.NativeLibraryEvent hooks all opened regular files
8241443 Problem list some tests failing with NoRouteToHostException on macOS with special network configuration
8241445 Fix copyright in test/jdk/tools/launcher/
8241455 Memory leak on replacing selection/focusModel
8241456 ThreadRunner shouldn't use Wicket for threads starting synchronization
8241458 [JVMCI] add mark value to expose CodeOffsets::Frame_Complete
8241462 StripNativeDebugSymbols jlink plugin allocates huge arrays
8241470 HtmlStyle: group and document members: description, flex, signature
8241475 AArch64: Add missing support for PopCountVI node
8241478 vmTestbase/gc/gctests/Steal/steal001/ fails with OOME
8241482 AArch64: Fix a potential issue after JDK-8239549
8241491 Problem list jdk/javax/swing/UIDefaults/8146330/ on aix
8241492 Strip mining not working for test/hotspot/jtreg/compiler/c2/
8241500 FieldLayout/ fails in 32-bit VMs
8241519 javac crashes with wrong module-info.class in module path
8241520 Shenandoah: simplify region sequence numbers handling
8241522 Manifest improved jar headers redux
8241530 com/sun/jdi tests fail due to network issues on OSX 10.15
8241532 ProblemList tests from 8241530 on OSX
8241534 Shenandoah: region status should include update watermark
8241544 update stylesheet for *-page CSS class rename and hyphenated naming
8241545 Shenandoah: purge root work overwrites counters after JDK-8228818
8241556 Memory leak if -XX:CompileCommand is set
8241568 (fs) UserPrincipalLookupService.lookupXXX failure with IOE "Operation not permitted"
8241574 Shenandoah: remove ShenandoahAssertToSpaceClosure
8241581 Add BitMap::count_one_bits variant for arbitrary lengths
8241582 Infinite animation does not start from the end when started with a negative rate
8241583 Shenandoah: turn heap lock asserts into macros
8241584 Remove unused classLoader perf counters
8241585 Remove unused _recursion_counter facility from PerfTraceTime
8241586 compiler/cpuflags/ fails on aarch64
8241587 Aarch64: remove x86 specifics from os_linux.cpp/hpp/inline.hpp
8241595 Fix missing debug_orig information in Ideal Graph Visualizer
8241596 ZGC: Shorten runtime of gc/z/
8241597 x86: Remove MMX support
8241598 Upgrade JLine to 3.14.0
8241602 jlink does not produce reproducible jimage files
8241603 ZGC: java/lang/management/MemoryMXBean/ crashes on macOS
8241616 Timestamps on ct.sym entries lead to non-reproducible builds
8241618 Fix trivial unchecked warnings for jdk.hotspot.agent
8241625 use new "member-list" CSS class instead of general "block-list" for list of members
8241627 Updating ASM to 8.0.1 for JDK 15
8241629 [macos10.15] Long startup delay playing media over https on Catalina
8241631 PropertyGetterTaglet, PropertySetterTaglet may be removed
8241638 launcher time metrics always report 1 on Linux when _JAVA_LAUNCHER_DEBUG set
8241649 Optimize Character.toString
8241660 Add virtualization information output to hs_err file on macOS
8241665 Configuring --with-jvm-features=-compiler2 fails to build on AArch64
8241666 Enhance log messages in ReferenceProcessor
8241668 Shenandoah: make ShenandoahHeapRegion not derive from ContiguousSpace
8241670 Enhance heap region size ergonomics to improve OOTB performance
8241673 Shenandoah: refactor anti-false-sharing padding
8241674 Fix incorrect jtreg option in FilePublisherPermsTest
8241675 Shenandoah: assert(n->outcnt() > 0) at shenandoahSupport.cpp:2858 with java/util/Collections/
8241680 crypto microbenchmarks need updating for disabled EC curves
8241692 Shenandoah: remove ShenandoahHeapRegion::_reserved
8241693 The paragraphs in the help page should not be in a
    8241695 JFR child process exited with SIGQUIT (131)
    8241696 ProblemList gc/metaspace/ due to JDK-8241293
    8241700 Shenandoah: Fold ShenandoahKeepAliveBarrier flag into ShenandoahSATBBarrier
    8241707 introduce randomness k/w to hotspot test suite
    8241710 NullPointerException while entering empty submenu with "arrow right"
    8241713 Linux desktop shortcuts with spaces make postinst/prerm fail
    8241718 assert ((klass)->trace_id()) & ((JfrTraceIdEpoch::method_and_class_in_use_this_epoch_bits()))) != 0 in ObjectSampleCheckpoint::add_to_leakp_set
    8241721 Change to GCC 9.2 for building on Linux at Oracle
    8241723 Build error after 8241581
    8241726 Re-enable gtest for BitMap::count_one_bits()
    8241727 Typos: empty lines in javadoc, inconsistent indents, etc. (core-libs only)
    8241737 TabPaneSkin memory leak on replacing selectionModel
    8241740 Shenandoah: remove ShenandoahHeapRegion::_heap
    8241741 Implement Text Blocks as a standard feature in javac
    8241742 Remove the preview status for methods introduced for Text Blocks
    8241743 Shenandoah: refactor and inline ShenandoahHeap::heap()
    8241748 Shenandoah: inline MarkingContext TAMS methods
    8241749 Remove the Nashorn JavaScript Engine
    8241750 x86_32 build failure after JDK-8227269
    8241760 Typos: empty lines in javadoc, inconsistent indents, etc. (net and nio)
    8241761 Typos: empty lines in javadoc, inconsistent indents, etc. (security-libs only)
    8241765 Shenandoah: AARCH64 need to save/restore call clobbered registers before calling keepalive barrier
    8241770 Module xxxAnnotation() methods throw NCDFE if module-info.class found as resource in unnamed module
    8241771 Remove dead code in SparsePRT
    8241780 Allow \[email protected] inside inline tags.
    8241786 Improve heuristic to determine default network interface on macOS
    8241789 Make citations of JLS and JVMS consistent in java.lang.Class
    8241791 [TESTBUG] Test failing with exception "java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException"
    8241793 Shenandoah: Enable concurrent class unloading for aarch64
    8241797 Add some tests to the problem list
    8241798 Allow enums to have more constants
    8241802 [Graal] compiler/loopopts/ timed out
    8241803 JFR failed due to "RuntimeException: Wrong thread id"
    8241807 JDWP needs update for hidden classes
    8241808 [TESTBUG] The JDK-8039467 bug appeared on macOS
    8241815 Unnecessary calls to SystemDictionaryShared::define_shared_package
    8241825 Make compressed oops and compressed class pointers independent (x86_64, PPC, S390)
    8241827 JFR: requires SerialGC
    8241828 JFR: Some streaming tests require a larger heap size with ZGC
    8241829 Cleanup the code for PrinterJob on windows
    8241830 Simplify commit error messages in G1PageBasedVirtualSpace
    8241837 Cleanup stringStream usage in ObjectSynchronizer
    8241838 Shenandoah: no need to trash cset during final mark
    8241841 Shenandoah: ditch one of allocation type counters in ShenandoahHeapRegion
    8241842 Shenandoah: inline ShenandoahHeapRegion::region_number
    8241844 Shenandoah: rename ShenandoahHeapRegion::region_number
    8241845 Shenandoah: align ShenandoahHeapRegions to cache lines
    8241852 Cleanup error message generation in LinkResolver::resolve_field
    8241874 [PPC64]: Improve performance of Long.reverseBytes() and Integer.reverseBytes() on Power9
    8241881 ZGC: Add tests for JFR events
    8241883 (zipfs) SeekableByteChannel:close followed by SeekableByteChannel:close will throw an NPE coverage
    8241888 Mirror system property with a security one
    8241895 use new "details-list" CSS class instead of general "block-list" for list of details sections
    8241900 Loop unswitching may cause dependence on null check to be lost
    8241909 Remove useless code cache lookup in frame::patch_pc
    8241911 AArch64: Fix a potential register clash issue in reduce_add2I
    8241920 G1: Lazily initialize OtherRegionsTable::_coarse_map
    8241921 Remove leftover diagnostic from test/jdk/java/io/Serializable/records/
    8241926 Shenandoah: only print heap changes for operations that directly affect it
    8241934 Simplify parse_stream() and remove has_class_mirror_holder_cld()
    8241947 Minor comment fixes for system property handling
    8241948 enhance list of environment variables printed in hs_err file
    8241950 JShell could support auto-indent
    8241952 (fs) FileChannel.write(ByteBuffer src, long position) does not check for the FileChannel being closed first
    8241958 Slow ClassLoaderReferenceImpl.findType
    8241960 The SHA3 message digests impl of SUN provider are not thread safe after cloned
    8241964 Clean up java.lang.Class javadoc
    8241969 Type annotation is not shown for wildcard type in Javadoc
    8241975 Run jdk/jfr/event/metadata/ in tier3
    8241976 Add test for GCPhaseConcurrentLevel1 JFR event
    8241982 Make run with GraalJS
    8241983 Shenandoah: simplify FreeSet logging
    8241984 Shenandoah: enhance GCTimer and JFR support
    8241985 Shenandoah: simplify collectable garbage logging
    8241986 The java man page erroneously refers to XEND when it should refer XTEST
    8241988 DatagramSocket incorrectly caches the first set of socket options
    8241996 on linux set full relro in the linker flags
    8241997 Scalar replacement of cloned array is broken after JDK-8238759
    8241999 ChoiceBox: incorrect toggle selected for uncontained selectedItem
    8242000 clean up list of environment variables printed in hs_err file
    8242001 ChoiceBox: must update value on setting SelectionModel, part 2
    8242003 Remove CallInfo::_selected_klass
    8242004 TextLayout throws Exception with a non-invertible transform
    8242006 (zipfs) Improve Zip FS FileChannel and SeekableByteChannel test coverage
    8242008 SSLSession inconsistencies
    8242009 Review setting in jcmd/jhsdb and debugger in serviceability tests
    8242010 Upgrade IANA Language Subtag Registry to Version 2020-04-01
    8242027 Clean up LinkResolver::check_klass_accessability
    8242029 AArch64: skip G1 array copy pre-barrier if marking not active
    8242030 Wrong package declarations in jline classes after JDK-8241598
    8242031 fails because newly added test tests experimental events
    8242034 Remove JRE_HOME references
    8242038 G1: Lazily initialize RSHashTables
    8242039 Improve jlink VersionPropsPlugin
    8242040 Shenandoah: print allocation failure type
    8242041 Shenandoah: adaptive heuristics should account evac reserve in free target
    8242042 Shenandoah: tune down ShenandoahGarbageThreshold
    8242044 Add basic HTTP/1.1 support to the HTTP/2 Test Server
    8242054 Shenandoah: New incremental-update mode
    8242056 Merge support for AnnotationType builders/writers into support for other types
    8242060 Add revocation checking to jarsigner
    8242070 AArch64: Fix a typo introduced by JDK-8238690
    8242073 x86_32 build failure after JDK-8241040
    8242075 Shenandoah: rename ShenandoahHeapRegionSize flag
    8242078 G1: Improve concurrent refinement analytics and logging
    8242082 Shenandoah: Purge Traversal mode
    8242083 Shenandoah: split "Prepare Evacuation" tracking into cset/freeset counters
    8242088 Replace mutually exclusive lists with concurrent alternatives
    8242089 Shenandoah: per-worker stats should be summed up, not averaged
    8242090 Remove dead code from c1_LIR
    8242101 Shenandoah: coalesce and parallelise heap region walks during the pauses
    8242107 Shenandoah: Fix aarch64 build after JDK-8242082
    8242108 Performance regression after fix for JDK-8229496
    8242114 Shenandoah: remove ShenandoahHeapRegion::reset_alloc_metadata_to_shared
    8242130 Shenandoah: Simplify arraycopy-barrier dispatching
    8242134 Consolidate the get_package_entry() in SystemDictionaryShared and ClassLoader
    8242136 Better XML namespace handling
    8242141 New System Properties to configure the TLS signature schemes
    8242142 convert clhsdb "class" and "classes" commands from javascript to java
    8242150 [GRAAL] Add jtreg "serviceability/sa/" to graal problem list
    8242151 Improve OID mapping and reuse among JDK security providers for aliases registration
    8242153 ProblemList serviceability/sa/ on OSX
    8242155 Enhance automated macos signing tests
    8242162 convert clhsdb "sysprops" command from javascript to java
    8242163 Android keyboard integration fails
    8242165 SA sysprops support fails to dump all system properties
    8242167 ios keyboard handling
    8242168 failed due to "RuntimeException: 'In code in NMethod for LingeredAppWithTrivialMain.main' missing from stdout/stderr"
    8242174 [macos] The NestedModelessDialogTest test make the macOS unstable
    8242184 CRL generation error with RSASSA-PSS
    8242186 Reduce allocations in URLStreamHandler.parseURL for some cases
    8242188 [TESTBUG] error in jtreg test jdk/jfr/api/consumer/ on linux-aarch64
    8242208 Use Method.getParameterCount where applicable
    8242209 Increase web native thread stack size for x86 mode
    8242211 Shenandoah: remove ShenandoahHeuristics::RegionData::_seqnum_last_alloc
    8242212 Shenandoah: initialize ShenandoahHeuristics::_region_data eagerly
    8242213 Shenandoah: remove ShenandoahHeuristics::_bytes_in_cset
    8242214 NullPointerException in JDK 14 javac compiling a method reference
    8242216 ObjectSampler::weak_oops_do() should not trigger barrier
    8242217 Shenandoah: Enable GC mode to be diagnostic/experimental and have a name
    8242227 Shenandoah: transit regions to cset state when adding to collection set
    8242228 Shenandoah: remove unused ShenandoahCollectionSet methods
    8242229 Shenandoah: inline ShenandoahHeapRegion liveness-related methods
    8242230 Whitespace typos, relaxed javadoc, formatting
    8242235 Disable SA testing on Solaris. Remove JDK-8193639 entries from ProblemList.txt
    8242237 Improve JVM TI HiddenClasses tests
    8242239 [Graal] javax/management/generified/ fails: FAILED: queryMBeans sets same
    8242240 JfrStacktrace_lock rank not special enough
    8242241 add assert to ClassUnloadEventImpl::className
    8242244 Remove redundant ELF machine definitions
    8242260 Add forRemoval=true to already deprecated ContentSigner
    8242265 serviceability/sa/ fails due to bad @requires expression
    8242267 Shenandoah: regions space needs to be aligned by os::vm_allocation_granularity()
    8242271 Shenandoah: add test to verify GC mode unlock
    8242273 Shenandoah: accept either SATB or IU barriers, but not both
    8242281 IntStream.html#reduce doc should not mention average
    8242282 Test sun/tools/jps/ fails after JDK-8237572
    8242283 Can't start JVM when java home path includes non-ASCII character
    8242289 C2: Support platform-specific node cloning in Matcher
    8242292 (fs) FileSystems.getFileSystem(URI) should throw IAE if the URI scheme is null
    8242294 JSSE Client does not throw SSLException when an alert occurs during handshaking
    8242295 Change ThreadMBean in vmTestbase/nsk/monitoring to ThreadMXBean
    8242301 Shenandoah: Inline LRB runtime call
    8242302 Refactor jpackage native code
    8242310 use reproducible random in hotspot compiler tests
    8242311 use reproducible random in hotspot runtime tests
    8242312 use reproducible random in hotspot gc tests
    8242313 use reproducible random in hotspot svc tests
    8242314 use reproducible random in vmTestbase shared code
    8242316 Shenandoah: Turn NULL-check into assert in SATB slow-path entry
    8242325 Remove VIS version of medialib
    8242326 use new "summary-list" CSS class instead of general "block-list" for list of summary sections
    8242327 List spec should state that unmodifiable lists implement RandomAccess
    8242330 Arrays should be cloned in several JAAS Callback classes
    8242335 Additional Tests for RSASSA-PSS
    8242337 javadoc typo in NumberFormat::setMinimumFractionDigits
    8242353 Shenandoah: micro-optimize region liveness handling
    8242356 (se) epoll Selector should use epoll_create1 instead of epoll_create
    8242357 [JVMCI] Incorrect use of JVMCI_CHECK_ on return statement
    8242365 Shenandoah: use uint16_t instead of jushort for liveness cache
    8242366 Fix JavaDoc warnings
    8242370 Enable JFR TestGCPhaseConcurrent test for Shenandoah
    8242375 Shenandoah: Remove ShenandoahHeuristic::record_gc_start/end methods
    8242379 [TESTBUG] compiler/loopopts/ fails with release VMs
    8242382 test/jdk/TEST.groups cleanup of sun/tools/java
    8242384 sa/ failed due to "RuntimeException: Could not find property in jinfo output: [0.058s][info][cds] Archive was created with UseCompressedOops"
    8242388 compiler/graalunit/ timed out
    8242400 Shenandoah: Restore logging to pre-jdk8241984 format
    8242424 Deprecate InitialBootClassLoaderMetaspaceSize
    8242425 JVMTI monitor operations should use Thread-Local Handshakes
    8242429 Better implementation for sign extract
    8242430 Correct links in javadoc of OperatingSystemMXBean
    8242448 Change HeapRegionManager::guarantee_contiguous_range to be assert_contiguous_range
    8242449 AArch64: r27 can be allocated in CompressedOops mode
    8242452 During module definition, move conversion of packages from native to VM
    8242459 ForceNUMA and only one available NUMA node hits a guarantee
    8242462 Residual Cleanup of rmic removal
    8242463 ProcessTools.createNativeTestProcessBuilder() in testlib needs jdk/bin on PATH on Windows
    8242468 VS2019 build missing vcruntime140_1.dll
    8242470 Update Xerces to Version 2.12.1
    8242471 remove "temporarily" restrictions of nsk/jdi/Argument/value/value004
    8242472 Comment for unused PreviewFeature.Feature.TEXT_BLOCKS enum
    8242478 compiler implementation for records (Second Preview)
    8242480 Negative value may be returned by getFreeSwapSpaceSize() in the docker
    8242482 AArch64: Change parameter names of reduction operations to make code clear
    8242484 Rework thread deletion during VM termination
    8242485 Null _file checking in fileStream::flush()
    8242489 ChoiceBox: initially toggle not sync'ed to selection
    8242491 C2: assert(v2->bottom_type() == vt) failed: mismatch when creating MacroLogicV
    8242492 C2: Remove Matcher::vector_shift_count_ideal_reg()
    8242498 Invalid "sun.awt.TimedWindowEvent" object leads to JVM crash
    8242502 failed "assert(phase->type(obj)->isa_oopptr()) failed: only for oop input"
    8242504 Enhance the system clock to nanosecond precision
    8242522 Minor LingeredApp improvements
    8242523 Update the Animation and ClipEnvelope classes
    8242524 Use different default CDS archives depending on UseCompressOops
    8242526 PIT: javax/swing/JInternalFrame/8020708/ fails in mach5 ubuntu system
    8242527 ZGC: fails due to "Exception: Uncommitted too fast"
    8242529 javac defines type annotations incorrectly for record members (constructor and property accessor)
    8242530 [macos] Some audio files miss spectrum data when another audio file plays first
    8242532 convert tests to use Text Blocks
    8242538 java/security/SecureRandom/ failed on windows
    8242541 Small charset issues (ISO8859-16, x-eucJP-Open, x-IBM834 and x-IBM949C)
    8242548 Wrapped labeled controls using -fx-line-spacing cut text off
    8242556 Cannot load RSASSA-PSS public key with non-null params from byte array
    8242557 Add length limit for strings in PNGImageWriter
    8242565 Policy initialization issues when the denyAfter constraint is enabled
    8242577 Cell selection fails on iOS most of the times
    8242596 Improve JarFile.getEntry performance for multi-release jar files
    8242597 Remove GenericTaskQueue<>::push_slow
    8242602 Shenandoah: allow earlier recycle of trashed regions during concurrent root processing
    8242607 -Xdoclint doesn't report missing/unexpected comments
    8242614 cleanup duplicated test ldap server in some com/sun/jndi/ldap/ tests
    8242625 Shenandoah: restore heap logging for Degenerated/Full cycles
    8242626 enhance posix print_rlimit_info
    8242629 Remove references to deprecated java.util.Observer and Observable
    8242631 Missing but used special functions for some classes
    8242638 Shenandoah: restore heap logging for uncommit
    8242641 Shenandoah: clear live data and update TAMS optimistically
    8242643 Shenandoah: split concurrent weak and strong root processing
    8242649 improve the CSS class names used for summary and details tables
    8242786 [macos] tools/jpackage/share/ fails: ABORT trying to dequeue work
    8242787 sun/tools/jhsdb/ fails with sun.jvm.hotspot.types.WrongTypeException
    8242789 sun/tools/jhsdb/ fails with 'JShellToolProvider' missing from stdout/stderr
    8242792 interval < flushInterval is always false in jdk.jfr.internal.RequestEngine#setFlushInterval
    8242793 Incorrect copyright header in
    8242796 Fix client build failure
    8242802 javac crashes when checking equals and hashCode in unresolvable anonymous class
    8242804 Fix trivial deprecation issues in jdk.hotspot.agent
    8242808 Fix all remaining deprecation warnings in jdk.hotspot.agent
    8242811 AlgorithmId::getDefaultAlgorithmParameterSpec returns incompatible PSSParameterSpec for an RSASSA-PSS key
    8242842 Avoid reallocating name when checking for trailing slash in ZipFile.getEntryPos
    8242844 JFR: Clean up typos and log format
    8242846 Bring back test/jdk/tools/jlink/plugins/
    8242848 Improve performance of InflaterOutputStream.write()
    8242859 test/jdk/tools/jlink/ uses nashorn module
    8242860 test/jdk/tools/jlink/ uses nashorn module
    8242863 Bump minimum boot jdk to JDK 14
    8242865 Usability problems using mac signing in jpackage
    8242895 failed: sanity at src/hotspot/share/opto/escape.cpp:2361
    8242896 typo #ifdef INCLUDE_JVMTI in codeCache.cpp
    8242897 KeyFactory.generatePublic( x509Spec ) failed with
    8242898 Clean up InstanceKlass::_array_klasses
    8242901 Duplicate PSYoung/OldGen max size functions
    8242905 AArch64: Client build failed
    8242913 Bump the SPECIAL_FLAG_VALIDATION_BUILD to 25
    8242919 Paste locks up jshell
    8242921 test/hotspot/jtreg/runtime/CompactStrings/ uses nashorn script engine
    8242923 Trigger interface MethodHandle resolve in test without Nashorn.
    8242929 The values of jdk.tls.namedGroups should not be case-sensitive
    8242931 Few more tests that use nashorn have been missed
    8242933 jdk/jfr/api/consumer/TestHiddenMethod uses nashorn script engine
    8242934 test/jdk/jdk/jfr/tool/ uses nashorn script engine
    8242935 test/jdk/java/util/ServiceLoader/ uses nashorn script engine
    8242943 Fix all remaining unchecked warnings in jdk.hotspot.agent
    8242959 Optimize ZipFile.getEntry by folding lookups for name and name+'/'
    8242999 HTTP/2 client may not handle CONTINUATION frames correctly
    8243000 javac only build fails after removal of Nashorn
    8243008 Shenandoah: TestVolatilesShenandoah test failed on aarch64
    8243010 Test support: Customizable Hex Printer
    8243012 Fix issues in j.l.i package info
    8243029 Rewrite javax/net/ssl/compatibility/ with a flexible interop test framework
    8243045 AOTCompiledMethod::print_on triggers assertion after JDK-8210012
    8243047 javac may crash when processing exits in class initializers
    8243059 Build fails when --with-vendor-name contains a comma
    8243074 Misplaced and/or duplicate super or this constructor invocation not attributed
    8243099 SO_INCOMING_NAPI_ID support
    8243109 Bootcycle build failures after Nashorn removal
    8243117 Cleanups in Java code of module jdk.jlink
    8243138 Enhance BaseLdapServer to support starttls extended request
    8243146 Further cleanups after UseAdaptiveGCBoundary removal
    8243154 Fix deprecation warnings in failure handler
    8243155 AArch64: Add support for SqrtVF
    8243156 Fix deprecation and unchecked warnings in microbenchmark
    8243168 Remove addition preview adornment from String::stripIndent and String::translateEscapes
    8243200 Shenandoah: Allow concurrent nmethod iteration
    8243206 Cleanup error checking and handling in serviceability/sa/JhsdbThreadInfoTest.ja
    8243210 ClhsdbScanOops fails with NullPointerException in FileMapHeader.inCopiedVtableSpace
    8243238 Shenandoah: explicit GC request should wait for a complete GC cycle
    8243240 AArch64: Add support for MulVB
    8243246 HTTP Client sometimes gets -> Invalid chunk header byte 32
    8243254 Examine ZipFile slash optimization for non-ASCII compatible charsets
    8243255 Font size is large in JavaFX app with enabled Monocle on Raspberry Pi
    8243274 suppress warnings in LookupDefineClass microbenchmarks due to JDK-8243156
    8243291 Shenandoah: no need to retire TLABs at Init Update Refs
    8243301 Shenandoah: ditch ShenandoahAllowMixedAllocs
    8243307 Shenandoah: remove ShCollectionSet::live_data
    8243314 Problem list java/awt/image/multiresolution/ on Windows
    8243318 New test jdk/javadoc/tool/8224612/ is failing
    8243320 Add SSL root certificates to Oracle Root CA program
    8243321 Add Entrust root CA - G4 to Oracle Root CA program
    8243323 Shenandoah: Recycle immediate garbage before concurrent class unloading
    8243325 Cleanup TaskQueueSuper<>::peek
    8243326 Cleanup use of volatile in taskqueue code
    8243339 AArch64: Obsolete UseBarriersForVolatile option
    8243380 Update Graal
    8243388 Moving search result selection clears search input
    8243389 enhance os::pd_print_cpu_info on linux
    8243392 Remodel CDS/Metaspace storage reservation
    8243393 Improve ReservedSpace constructor resolution
    8243395 Shenandoah: demote guarantee in ShenandoahPhaseTimings::record_workers_end
    8243396 Add a brief description of argfiles to the javadoc help output
    8243408 Inconsistent Exceptions are thrown by MulticastSocket when sending a DatagramPacket to port 0
    8243417 Clean up
    8243424 Signature and SignatureSpi get parameter methods may return null when unsupported
    8243427 use reproducible random in :vmTestbase_vm_mlvm
    8243428 use reproducible random in :vmTestbase_vm_compiler
    8243429 use reproducible random in :vmTestbase_nsk_stress
    8243430 use reproducible random in :vmTestbase_vm_gc
    8243431 use reproducible random in :vmTestbase_vm_metaspace
    8243432 use reproducible random in :vmTestbase_vm_defmeth
    8243433 use reproducible random in :vmTestbase_nsk_sysdict
    8243434 use reproducible random in :vmTestbase_vm_g1classunloading
    8243435 use reproducible random in :vmTestbase_nsk_jvmti
    8243436 use reproducible random in :vmTestbase_nsk_monitoring
    8243437 use reproducible random in :vmTestbase_nsk_jdi
    8243450 Remove VMOps from jdk.hotspot.agent
    8243451 nsk.share.jdi.Debugee.isJFR_active() is incorrect and corresponsing logic seems to be broken
    8243452 JFR: Could not create chunk in repository with over 200 recordings
    8243453 java --describe-module failed with non-ASCII module name under non-UTF8 environment
    8243460 Shenandoah: purge init_update_refs_prepare counter
    8243463 Shenandoah: ditch total_pause counters
    8243464 Shenandoah: print statistic counters in time order
    8243465 Shenandoah: ditch unused pause_other, conc_other counters
    8243469 Lazily encode name in ZipFile.getEntryPos
    8243470 [macos] bring back O2 opt level for unsafe.cpp
    8243477 FreeType library check should prefer 64-bit directory
    8243478 Shenandoah: avoid implicit worker_id = 0
    8243486 ZGC: Adjust "Allocated" statistics to take undone page allocations into account
    8243487 Shenandoah: make _num_phases illegal phase type
    8243488 Add tests for set/get SendBufferSize and getReceiveBufferSize in DatagramSocket
    8243489 Thread CPU Load event may contain wrong data for CPU time under certain conditions
    8243491 Implementation of Foreign-Memory Access API (Second Incubator)
    8243494 Shenandoah: set counters once per cycle
    8243495 Shenandoah: print root statistics for concurrent weak/strong root phases
    8243500 SA: Incorrect BCI and Line Number with jstack if the top frame is in the interpreter (BSD and Windows)
    8243503 InstanceKlass::_array_name is not needed and leaks
    8243506 SharedBaseAddress is ignored by -Xshare:dump
    8243507 DatagramSocket constructors don’t always specify what happens when passed invalid parameters
    8243510 fails on Windows
    8243533 Only one of several deprecated overloaded methods listed in the Deprecated list
    8243535 NMT may show wrong numbers for CDS and CCS
    8243539 Copyright info (Year) should be updated for fix of 8241638
    8243541 (tz) Upgrade time-zone data to tzdata2020a
    8243548 Javac incorrectly collects enum fields when verifying switch expression exhaustivness
    8243549 sun/security/ssl/CipherSuite/ failed with Unsupported signature algorithm: DSA
    8243557 Inconvenient span for multi-catch error diagnostics
    8243562 Make display of search results consistent with color scheme
    8243563 Doc comments cleanup
    8243565 some gc tests use '' and not 'test.vm.opts'
    8243567 Update download link of jtreg provided by Adoption Group
    8243568 serviceability/logging/ uses '' and not 'test.vm.opts'
    8243572 Multiple tests fail with assert(cld->klasses() != 0LL) failed: unexpected NULL for cld->klasses()
    8243573 Shenandoah: rename GCParPhases and related code
    8243574 java.lang.invoke.InvokerBytecodeGenerator.ClassData should be package-private
    8243575 Trivial javadoc fix of j.l.i.MethodHandles::arrayElementVarHandle
    8243576 Remove residual reference to nashorn modules in make/CompileJavaModules.gmk
    8243578 Shenandoah: Cleanup ShenandoahStringDedup::parallel_oops_do()
    8243587 Missing comma in copyright header
    8243590 Bump boot jdk to JDK 14 on aarch64 at Oracle
    8243591 Change to GCC 9.2 for building Linux/aarch64 at Oracle
    8243596 ModuleLayer::parents should return an unmodifiable list
    8243597 AArch64: Add support for integer vector abs
    8243598 Typos in java.lang.invoke package-info
    8243617 compiler/onSpinWait/ test uses wrong class
    8243618 compiler/rtm/cli tests can be run w/o WhiteBox
    8243619 compiler/codecache/ test misses -version
    8243620 a few compiler/jvmci tests can be run in driver mode
    8243621 use SkippedException in compiler/jsr292/ test
    8243622 all actions in compiler/aot/fingerprint/ can be run in driver mode
    8243628 Deprecate -XX:ForceNUMA option
    8243633 Remove cups dependency when building linux at Oracle
    8243634 Add pandoc dependency when building linux-aarch64 at Oracle
    8243648 Windows 32bit compile error src/jdk.incubator.jpackage/windows/native/libjpackage/VersionInfo.cpp
    8243655 Map.replace javadoc code snippet typo
    8243656 Shell built-in test in configure depends on help
    8243664 JavaDoc of CompactNumberFormat points to wrong enum
    8243665 exploded-image-optimize touches module-info.class in all modules
    8243666 ModuleHashes attribute generated for JMOD and JAR files depends on timestamps
    8243670 Unexpected test result caused by C2 MergeMemNode::Ideal
    8243673 Mac signing process should not use --deep arg.
    8243848 Shenandoah: Windows build fails after JDK-8239786
    8243925 Toolkit#getScreenInsets() returns wrong value on HiDPI screens (Windows)
    8243928 several svc tests can be run in driver mode
    8243929 use @requires in serviceability/attach/ test
    8243930 update copyright years
    8243932 compiler/codecache/cli/printcodecache/ test can use driver mode
    8243933 use driver mode in gc tests
    8243935 remove copying of s.h.WB$WhiteBoxPermission in hotspot tests
    8243936 NonWriteable system properties are actually writeable
    8243941 build issue introduced with the push of 8242237
    8243942 use SkippedException in gc/arguments/ test
    8243944 use SkippedException and @requires in runtime/memory/ test
    8243945 use driver mode in runtime tests
    8243946 serviceability/sa and jvmti tests fail after JDK-8243928
    8243947 [TESTBUG] hotspot/jtreg:hotspot_appcds_dynamic fails when the JDK doesn't have default CDS archive
    8243954 serviceability/logging/ fails after 8243928
    8243961 ForceNUMA and only one available NUMA node fails assertion on Windows
    8243973 Clarify difference between JAVA_OPTIONS and VM_OPTIONS
    8243982 Fix testing documentation after JDK-8240241
    8243985 Make source generation by generatecharacter reproducible
    8243988 Added flexibility in build system for unusal hotspot configurations
    8243989 test/hotspot/jtreg/serviceability/jvmti/CanGenerateAllClassHook/ needs to use othervm
    8243991 Remove obsolete -XX:ThreadStackSize from java command line
    8243996 Remove hardcoded field offsets from HotSpot
    8243997 Linux build failed after JDK-8242244
    8243999 DatagramSocket and MulticastSocket constructors don't specify how a null InetAddress is handled
    8244009 Separate -Xdoclint options in CompileJavaModules.gmk
    8244010 Simplify usages of ProcessTools.createJavaProcessBuilder in our tests
    8244018 No error message for non-existent icon path
    8244021 Hide warning from jlink about incubating modules
    8244031 HttpClient should have more tests for HEAD requests
    8244036 Refresh SetupJavaCompilation, and remove support for sjavac
    8244044 Refactor phase makefiles to be structured per module
    8244051 still fails on Windows
    8244052 remove copying of s.h.WB$WhiteBoxPermission in test/jdk
    8244061 Disable jvmci/graal/aot when building linux-aarch64 at Oracle
    8244066 ClassFileInstaller should be run in driver mode
    8244078 ProcessTools executeTestJvm and createJavaProcessBuilder have inconsistent handling of test.*.opts
    8244086 Following 8241492, strip mined loop may run extra iterations
    8244087 2020-04-24 public suffix list update
    8244093 Move all IDE support into coherent structure in make directory
    8244094 Fix Amazon copyright in various test files
    8244097 make bootcycle-images fails after JDK-8244036
    8244107 Incorrect parameters in ReservedSpace constructor change
    8244110 NPE in MenuButtonSkinBase change listener
    8244112 Skin implementations: must not violate contract of dispose
    8244113 [TESTBUG] java/awt/font/Rotate/ test comments interpreted as args.
    8244133 Refactor nsk/jdi tests to reduce code duplication in settingBreakpoint communication
    8244141 use @requires and SkippedException in some hotspot/runtime tests
    8244142 some hotspot/runtime tests don't check exit code of forked JVM
    8244149 jdk/jfr/api/consumer/recordingstream/ times out
    8244151 Update MUSCLE PC/SC-Lite headers to the latest release 1.8.26
    8244152 Remove unnecessary hash map resize in LocaleProviderAdapters
    8244164 AArch64: jaotc generates incorrect code for compressed OOPs with non-zero heap base
    8244170 [aarch64] correct instruction typo for dcps1/2/3
    8244173 Uncomment subtest in runtime/InvocationTests/
    8244180 Shenandoah: carry Phase to ShWorkerTimingsTracker explicitly
    8244182 Use root node as default for find_node when called from debugger
    8244183 linker error jpackageapplauncher on Windows 32bit
    8244186 assertion failure test/jdk/javax/net/ssl/DTLS/
    8244196 adjust output in os_linux
    8244200 Shenandoah: build breakages after JDK-8241743
    8244203 sun/tools/jhsdb/ fails with NullPointerException
    8244205 HTTP/2 tunnel connections through proxy may be reused regardless of which proxy is selected
    8244207 Simplify usage of Compile::print_method() when debugging with gdb and enable its use with rr
    8244210 The javac server is never used
    8244214 Change to VS2019 for building on Windows at Oracle
    8244220 Compiler error in jpackage with VS2019
    8244224 Implementation of JEP 381: Remove the Solaris and SPARC Ports
    8244226 Shenandoah: per-cycle statistics contain worker data from previous cycles
    8244243 Shenandoah: Cleanup Shenandoah phase timing tracking and JFR event supporting
    8244245 localizedBy() should override localized values with default values
    8244247 Build failures after sjavac cleanup
    8244248 boot-jdk.m4 captures the version line using regex
    8244267 Improve serviceability task definitions in CI
    8244276 Zero and minimal VM build failure after JDK-8178349 (use of undeclared identifier 'SystemDictionaryShared')
    8244278 Excessive code cache flushes and sweeps
    8244281 test/jdk/com/sun/crypto/provider/KeyProtector/ fails with --illegal-access=deny
    8244282 test/hotspot/jtreg/compiler/intrinsics/ fails with --illegal-access=deny
    8244283 test/jdk/sun/net/idn/ fails with --illegal-access=deny
    8244284 Two tests in test/hotspot/jtreg/vmTestbase fail with --illegal-access=deny
    8244291 Test: gc/z/ failed: "unexpected cycles"
    8244292 Headful clients failing with --illegal-access=deny
    8244293 Remove outdated @apiNote in java.util.Objects
    8244307 Improve assertions against taskqueue underflow
    8244326 Shenandoah: global statistics should not accept bogus samples
    8244328 Shenandoah: move ShenandoahThreadLocalData::_disarmed_value initialization
    8244340 Handshake processing thread lacks yielding
    8244342 Compilation warnings about unexpected serialization related method signatures.
    8244384 @requires-related clean up in gc/metaspace/ tests
    8244385 various clean-ups in runtime tests
    8244407 JVM crashes after transformation in C2 IdealLoopTree::split_fall_in
    8244413 Avoid rebinds in MethodHandle.viewAsType
    8244416 Remove incorrect assert during inline cache cleaning
    8244417 support static build for Windows
    8244418 MenuBar: IOOB exception on requestFocus on empty bar
    8244420 Shenandoah: Ensure _disarmed_value offset < 128
    8244421 Wrong scrollbar position on touch enabled devices
    8244433 Remove saving of RSP in Assembler::pusha_uncached()
    8244444 [TESTBUG] Test for XPathEvaluationResult.XPathResultType
    8244459 Optimize the hash map size in LocaleProviderAdapters
    8244463 JFR: Clean up jdk.jfr.internal.RepositoryChunk
    8244485 runtime/cds/appcds/ fails after 8244385
    8244489 Zero and minimal VM build failure after JDK-8241071 (MetaspaceShared::symbol_space_alloc is undefined)
    8244491 make runtime/cds/appcds/ test more robust
    8244495 Some jlink tests crash on Windows after JDK-8237750
    8244497 [TESTBUG] Incompatible types conversion error in vmTestbase/vm/runtime/defmeth/ after JDK-8243432
    8244504 C2: refactor counted loop code in preparation for long counted loop
    8244508 JFR: FlightRecorderOptions reset date format
    8244509 Shenandoah: refactor ShenandoahBarrierC2Support::test_* methods
    8244510 Shenandoah: invert SHC2Support::is_in_cset condition
    8244523 Shenandoah: Remove null-handling in LRB expansion
    8244536 cds/ failed: File content different
    8244542 ProblemList cds/ for Windows
    8244550 Unsafe::allocateInstance does redundant transitions
    8244551 Shenandoah: Fix racy update of update_watermark
    8244557 test/jdk/javax/swing/JTabbedPane/ failed
    8244565 Accept PKCS #8 with version number 1
    8244571 assert(!_thread->is_pending_jni_exception_check()) failed: Pending JNI Exception Check during class loading
    8244573 java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException thrown for malformed class file
    8244576 [macos] Volume icon deleted by osascript for background image
    8244579 Windows "User Objects" leakage with WebView
    8244582 Remove terminally deprecated Solaris-specific SO_FLOW_SLA socket option
    8244592 Start supporting SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH
    8244594 [BACKOUT] 8244523: Shenandoah: Remove null-handling in LRB expansion
    8244595 [REDO] 8244523: Shenandoah: Remove null-handling in LRB expansion
    8244606 Non-PCH build is broken after JDK-8244550
    8244614 cleanup keywords used/available in hotspot testbase
    8244615 build-performance.m4 is not always parsing /proc/cpuinfo correctly
    8244618 fails after JDK-8236518
    8244620 Fix test WinUpgradeUUIDTest failures in Mach5
    8244621 [macos10.15] Garbled FX printing plus CoreText warnings on Catalina when building with Xcode 11
    8244622 Remove SA's memory/ It's no longer used.
    8244624 Improve handling of JarFile META-INF resources
    8244625 Zero VM is broken after JDK-8244550 (java_lang_Class::as_Klass(oopDesc*) undefined)
    8244634 LoadLibraryW failed from tools/jpackage tests after JDK-8242302
    8244647 Wrong first layout pass of Scrollbar controls on touch supported devices
    8244652 Add test for non utf-8 response handling by websocket
    8244653 Suppress gcc 9.1 ABI change notes on aarch64
    8244657 ChoiceBox/ToolBarSkin: misbehavior on switching skin
    8244658 Remove dead code in code cache sweeper
    8244660 Code cache sweeper heuristics is broken
    8244661 JFR: Remove use of thread-locals for java.base events
    8244663 Shenandoah: C2 assertion fails in Matcher::collect_null_checks
    8244667 Shenandoah: SBC2Support::test_gc_state takes loop for wrong control
    8244668 Remove SA's javascript support
    8244673 Add periods to SourceVersion.isName javadoc
    8244674 Third-party code version check
    8244676 test/jdk/jdk/jfr/startupargs/ fails
    8244683 A TSA server used by tests
    8244684 G1 abuses StarTask to also include partial objarray scan tasks
    8244703 "platform encoding not initialized" exceptions with debugger, JNI
    8244714 G1 young gen sizer allows zero young gen with huge -XX:NewRatio
    8244719 CTW: C2 compilation fails with "assert(!VerifyHashTableKeys || _hash_lock == 0) failed: remove node from hash table before modifying it"
    8244721 CTW: C2 (Shenandoah) compilation fails with "unexpected infinite loop graph shape"
    8244724 CTW: C2 compilation fails with "Live Node limit exceeded limit"
    8244729 Shenandoah: remove resolve paths from SBSA::generate_shenandoah_lrb
    8244730 Shenandoah: gc/shenandoah/options/ should only verify the heuristics
    8244732 Shenandoah: move heuristics code to gc/shenandoah/heuristics
    8244733 Add ResourceHashtable::xxx_if_absent
    8244735 Error on iOS passing keys with unicode values greater than 255
    8244737 Shenandoah: move mode code to gc/shenandoah/mode
    8244739 Shenandoah: break superclass dependency on ShenandoahNormalMode
    8244740 Shenandoah: rename ShenandoahNormalMode to ShenandoahSATBMode
    8244752 Enable Linux support for multiple huge page sizes -XX:LargePageSizeInBytes
    8244756 Build broken with some awk version after JDK-8244248
    8244757 Introduce SetupTarget in Main.gmk
    8244758 DMG bundler ignores --install-dir option.
    8244759 Shenandoah: print verbose class unloading counters
    8244763 Update --release 8 symbol information after JSR 337 MR3
    8244767 Potential non-terminated string in getEncodingInternal() on Windows
    8244775 Remove unnecessary dependency to jfrEvents.hpp
    8244777 ClassLoaderStats VM Op uses constant hash value
    8244779 ProblemList serviceability/jvmti/HiddenClass/P/Q/ pending JDK-8244571
    8244807 Shenandoah: ditch filter in ShenandoahUnload::unload
    8244813 [BACKOUT] 8244523: Shenandoah: Remove null-handling in LRB expansion
    8244815 Always log MMU information in G1
    8244817 Add configuration logging similar to ZGCs to other GCs
    8244818 Java2D Queue Flusher crash while moving application window to external monitor
    8244819 hsdis does not compile with binutils 2.34+
    8244821 Shenandoah: disarmed_value is initialized at wrong place
    8244824 TableView : Incorrect German translation
    8244844 javac command line is not re-executable
    8244852 GraalVM native-image fails after JDK-8238048 change
    8244853 The static build of libextnet is missing the JNI_OnLoad_extnet function
    8244855 Remove unused "getParent" function from Windows jni_util_md.c
    8244920 Access violation in frames::interpreter_frame_method
    8244928 Build log output too verbose after JDK-8244844
    8244930 Building without test failure handler broken after JDK-8244844
    8244933 DatagramSocket.connect does not specify that it may cause datagrams in the socket receive buffer to be discarded
    8244936 Reduce JNI overhead of accessing FileDescriptor
    8244945 Mark VS2019 as supported and default
    8244946 fatal error: memory leak: allocating without ResourceMark with -XX:+Verbose -Xlog:methodhandles
    8244949 [PPC64] Reengineer assembler stop function
    8244951 Missing entitlements for hardened runtime
    8244953 Shenandoah: gc/shenandoah/TestStringInternCleanup fails with broken string table root
    8244958 preferIPv4Stack and preferIPv6Addresses do not affect addresses returned by HostsFileNameService
    8244961 MethodHandles::privateLookupIn throws NPE when called during initPhase2
    8244966 Add .vscode to .hgignore and .gitignore
    8244971 Zero VM is broken after JDK-8241825 (COMPRESSED_CLASS_POINTERS_DEPENDS_ON_COMPRESSED_OOPS not defined)
    8244973 serviceability/attach/ fails "stderr was not empty"
    8244981 jpackage error due to missing final newline in Debian control file
    8244993 Revert changes to OutputAnalyzer stderrShouldBeEmptyIgnoreVMWarnings() that allow version strings
    8245000 Windows GDI functions don't support large pages
    8245002 Windows GDI functions don't support NUMA interleaving
    8245005 javax/net/ssl/compatibility/ failed with No enum constant
    8245022 ParallelGC abuses StarTask to also include partial objarray scan tasks
    8245024 Simplify and eagerly initialize StringConcatFactory
    8245032 Remove exceptions from
    8245033 Fixes for building in WSL
    8245035 Clean up os::split_reserved_memory()
    8245041 Fix incorrect output order in configure
    8245042 Improve scalability of reading Windows Performance counters via PDH when using the Process object
    8245043 Simplified contention benchmark
    8245046 SetupTarget incorrect for hotspot-ide-project
    8245047 [PPC64] C2: ReverseBytes + Load always match to unordered Load (acquire semantics missing)
    8245051 c1 is broken if it is compiled by gcc without -fno-lifetime-dse
    8245061 Lookup::defineHiddenClass should throw ClassFormatError if this_class is not Class_info structure
    8245062 HtmlStyle: group and document members for nav, header, summary, details
    8245068 Implement Deprecation of RMI Activation
    8245070 32-bit builds are broken after JDK-8242524
    8245083 [REDO] Shenandoah: Remove null-handling in LRB expansion
    8245086 G1: Rename measured pause time ratios
    8245087 Use ratios instead of percentages in G1HeapSizingPolicy::expansion_amount
    8245088 Always provide logs for G1 heap expansion calculations
    8245093 WSL support broke cygwin toolchain detection
    8245094 Reduce overhead of initializing the default StringConcatFactory strategy
    8245096 Better windows environment output in configure
    8245098 Make SafeFetch32/N available earlier
    8245106 ZGC: Fix incorrect setup when using -XX:+UseTransparentHugePages
    8245111 Update doc comments for improved processing by the Standard Doclet
    8245113 JFR Recorder Thread to run in thread state "_thread_in_native"
    8245119 Fix include path for hotspot-ide-project
    8245120 JFR: Parser unable to return typed version
    8245121 (bf) XBuffer.put(Xbuffer src) can give unexpected result when storage overlaps
    8245124 Shenandoah: optimize code root evacuation/update during concurrent class unloading
    8245126 Kitchensink fails with: assert(!method->is_old()) failed: Should not be installing old methods
    8245128 Kitchensink fails with: assert(destination == (address)-1 || destination == entry) failed: b) MT-unsafe modification of inline cache
    8245134 test/lib/jdk/test/lib/security/ should allow to specify aliases
    8245137 aarch64 ICache flush depends on enabling gnu extensions
    8245146 Update description of SourceVersion.RELEASE_15 with text blocks
    8245147 Refactor and improve utility of test/langtools/tools/javac/versions/
    8245151 jarsigner should not raise duplicate warnings on verification
    8245153 Unicode encoded double-quoted empty string does not compile
    8245158 C2: Enable SLP for some manually unrolled loops
    8245165 Update bug id for javax/swing/text/StyledEditorKit/4506788/ in ProblemList
    8245168 jlink should not be treated as a "small" tool
    8245179 fails with custom Tiered Level set externally
    8245196 ZGC: No need to disable UseBiasedLocking by default
    8245202 Convert existing jpackage tests to newer form.
    8245203 ZGC: Don't track size in ZPhysicalMemoryBacking
    8245204 ZGC: Introduce ZListRemoveIterator
    8245208 ZGC: Don't hold the ZPageAllocator lock while committing/uncommitting memory
    8245231 Javadoc for the readObject methods needs to be updated
    8245233 ZGC: Load volatile oops using Atomic::load()
    8245236 Remove MO_VOLATILE Access decorator
    8245240 Shenandoah: support nesting evacuation OOM scope
    8245241 Incorrect locale provider preference is not logged
    8245260 Missing file header for test/hotspot/jtreg/containers/docker/
    8245264 Test runtime/cds/appcds/ fails
    8245280 Add runtime/cds/appcds/ to problem list
    8245281 Disabling hotspot gtest builds make it impossible to run tests
    8245282 Button/Combo Behavior: memory leak on dispose
    8245283 JFR: Can't handle constant dynamic used by Jacoco agent
    8245287 Start using ModuleWrapper for gensrc as well
    8245288 Shenandoah: move up ShenandoahEvacOOM scope for code root processing during concurrent class unloading
    8245289 Clean up offset code in JavaClasses
    8245321 refactor the redefine check that an attribute consisting of a list of classes has not changed
    8245335 [TESTBUG] fails with release JVM
    8245392 Remove duplication in class redefinition and retransformation specs
    8245398 Remove addition preview adornment from String::formatted
    8245401 fails on Windows on jdwp.dll
    8245428 Remove unused oopFactory functions
    8245445 Langtools NetBeans ant build broken after JDK-8244093
    8245450 ZGC: Remove unused ZArguments::initialize_platform()
    8245455 Remove alternative StringConcatFactory strategies
    8245456 MacPasteboard throws ClassCastException on static builds
    8245461 Shenandoah: refine mode name()-s
    8245463 Shenandoah: refine ShenandoahPhaseTimings constructor arguments
    8245464 Shenandoah: allocate collection set bitmap at lower addresses
    8245465 Shenandoah: test_in_cset can use more efficient encoding
    8245478 Implementation: JEP 379: Shenandoah: A Low-Pause-Time Garbage Collector (Production)
    8245487 Potential double-free of interfaces array
    8245499 Text input controls should show handles on iOS
    8245505 Prelink j.l.ref.Reference when loading AOT library
    8245509 Crash handler itself crashes when reporting Unsafe.putInt(0) crash
    8245512 CRC32 optimization using AVX512 instructions
    8245517 java/net/SocketOption/ fails with Invalid value 'READ_ONLY'
    8245518 Problem list java/net/SocketOption/
    8245521 Remove STACK_BIAS
    8245569 Add jtreg tests for SO_INCOMING_NAPI_ID
    8245575 Show the ContextMenu of input controls with long press gesture on iOS
    8245582 behavior does not reliably conform to its specification
    8245594 Remove volatile-qualified member functions and parameters from oop class
    8245600 Clean up libjli
    8245610 remove in-tree copy on gtest
    8245619 Remove unused methods in UnixNativeDispatcher
    8245623 Remove unused code in sun/nio/fs after Solaris removal
    8245635 GlassPasteboard::getUTFs fails on iOS
    8245658 has two occurrences of bad unicode constants in Javadoc
    8245665 Test should only make sure no warning for weak signature algorithms by keytool on root CA
    8245668 closed test javax/swing/JComboBox/4765319/ fails on windows
    8245677 Optimize lookups in empty HashMaps
    8245678 Avoid allocations in Executable.getAllGenericParameterTypes
    8245679 KeyStore cannot probe PKCS12 keystore if BouncyCastle is the top security provider
    8245686 Ed25519 and Ed448 present in handshake messages
    8245691 Add EdDSA certificstes to SSLSocketTemplate and CertUtils
    8245696 javadoc crashes when a doc-files directory contains a '#' file
    8245703 32-bit build failures after JDK-8243392
    8245707 Increase Metaspace reserve alignment
    8245714 "Bad graph detected in build_loop_late" when loads are pinned on loop limit check uncommon branch
    8245717 VM option "-XX:EnableJVMCIProduct" could not be repetitively enabled
    8245718 Epsilon: improve configuration logging
    8245720 Shenandoah: improve configuration logging
    8245722 32-bit build failures after JDK-8243491
    8245723 Remove PrintCompressedOopsMode and change gc+heap+coops info log to debug level
    8245724 Move g1 periodic gc logging to G1InitLogger
    8245726 Shenandoah: lift/cleanup ShenandoahHeuristics names and properties
    8245754 Shenandoah: ditch ShenandoahAlwaysPreTouch
    8245755 Shenandoah: missing logging for CWR Roots
    8245756 Reduce bootstrap cost of StringConcatFactory prependers
    8245757 Shenandoah: AlwaysPreTouch should not disable heap resizing or uncommits
    8245761 [TESTBUG] runtime/logging/ fails with release VMs
    8245773 Shenandoah: Windows assertion failure after JDK-8245464
    8245786 Scope is wrong for ClassTree representing record
    8245788 EmptyFolderPackageTest fails on Windows 10
    8245801 StressRecompilation triggers assert "redundunt OSR recompilation detected. memory leak in CodeCache!"
    8245812 Shenandoah: compute root phase parallelism
    8245814 Shenandoah: reconsider format specifiers for stats
    8245823 Shenandoah: inline/optimize ShenandoahEvacOOMScope
    8245825 Shenandoah: Remove diagnostic flag ShenandoahConcurrentScanCodeRoots
    8245827 Shenandoah: Cleanup Shenandoah code root iterators and root scanner
    8245828 Remove unnecessary NetworkPermission checks from jdk/net/
    8245831 Unify code parsing version strings on Mac and Windows
    8245832 JDK build make-static-libs should build all JDK libraries
    8245833 crash_with_sigfpe uses pthread_kill(SIGFPE) on macOS
    8245841 Remove unused
    8245842 provide tests for binary compatibility assertions for sealed classes
    8245847 Update to not require per-release updates
    8245850 Obsolete UseLWPSynchronization
    8245864 Obsolete BranchOnRegister
    8245867 Logger/bundleLeak/ fails due to "OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space"
    8245870 GTEST_FRAMEWORK_SRC should go through UTIL_FIXUP_PATH
    8245874 requires.extraPropDefns.vmOpts doesn't need -Xbootclasspath/a:bootClasses
    8245880 Shenandoah: check class unloading flag early in concurrent code root scan
    8245938 Remove unused print_stack(void) method from XToolkit.c
    8245942 Shenandoah: x86_32 builds fail after JDK-8245594
    8245955 Shenandoah: Remove LRB/is_redundant optimization
    8245957 Remove unused LIR_OpBranch::type after SPARC port removal
    8245958 j.l.Record need to mention that canonical constructor may not be public
    8245959 Extend String concat testing to account for folded constants
    8245961 Shenandoah: move some root marking to concurrent phase
    8245968 javax/swing/JTable/7124218/ is added to ProblemList twice
    8245969 Simplify String concat constant folding
    8245981 Upgrade to jQuery 3.5.1
    8245986 AArch64: Provide information when hitting a HaltNode
    8246010 AdditionalLaunchersTest is not enabled, and fails.
    8246023 Obsolete LIRFillDelaySlot
    8246027 Minimal fastdebug build broken after JDK-8245801
    8246031 SSLSocket.getSession() doesn't close connection for timeout/ interrupts
    8246034 Remove java.base/share/classes/jdk/internal/jrtfs/jrtfsviewer.js and java.base/share/classes/jdk/internal/jrtfs/jrtls.js
    8246040 java/foreign/TestAddressHandle fails on big endian platforms
    8246042 Non-ASCII characters are not handled correctly in the native launcher
    8246044 ZGC: Rename ZDirector's max_capacity to soft_max_capacity
    8246045 ZGC: Fix ZDirector::rule_high_usage() calculation
    8246050 Improve scalability of MemoryScope
    8246051 SIGBUS by unaligned Unsafe compare_and_swap
    8246075 Missing logging in nmethod::oops_do_marking_epilogue() on early return path
    8246077 Cloneable test in HmacCore seems questionable
    8246078 Javadoc Search specification link from Javadoc Help page points to JDK 13 spec
    8246094 [macos] Sound Recording and playback is not working
    8246095 Tweaks to memory access API
    8246097 Shenandoah: limit parallelism in CLDG root handling
    8246098 API for Class::permittedSubclasses should clarify if returned elements are ordered or not
    8246100 Shenandoah: walk roots in more efficient order
    8246109 Remove unneeded undef CS
    8246114 java/net/MulticastSocket/ fails after 8241072 (multi-homed systems)
    8246128 JFR: Fix warnings
    8246129 ZIP entries created for DOS epoch include local timezone metadata
    8246130 JFR: TestInheritedAnnotations has incorrect validation
    8246132 AsynchronousSocketChannelNAPITest failing with a NotYetConnectedException
    8246134 ZGC: Restructure hs_err sections
    8246135 Save important GC log lines and print them when dumping hs_err files
    8246152 Improve String concat bootstrapping
    8246153 TestEliminateArrayCopy fails with -XX:+StressReflectiveCode
    8246162 Shenandoah: full GC does not mark code roots when class unloading is off
    8246183 Scanner/ fails due to SIGSEGV in StubRoutines::jshort_disjoint_arraycopy
    8246193 Possible NPE in ENC-PA-REP search in AS-REQ
    8246195 ListViewSkin/Behavior: misbehavior on switching skin
    8246196 javax/management/MBeanServer/OldMBeanServerTest fails with AssertionError
    8246198 Typo in java/util/regex/
    8246199 'permits' is a restricted identifier
    8246204 No 3D support for newer Intel graphics drivers on Linux
    8246212 JPKG001-012: application icon is missing in Control Panel Add/Remove
    8246220 ZGC: Introduce ZUnmapper to asynchronous unmap pages
    8246241 LambdaFormEditor should use a transform lookup key that is not a SoftReference
    8246244 BasicShortcutHintTest shortcut can not be found
    8246251 Adjust HelloClasslist after JDK-8230301
    8246256 GenerateLinkOptData should not mutate the interim or bootstrap JDK
    8246257 Annotated record's vararg type component started to be uncompilable with JDK15b24
    8246258 Enable hs_err heap printing earlier during initialization
    8246259 JFR: Fetch VM memory pools without using streams
    8246260 JFR: Write event size field without padding
    8246261 failed due to "AssertionError: expected [18:14:22] but found [18:14:23]"
    8246263 jdk is not yet ready for new Copyright line.
    8246265 ZGC: Introduce ZConditionLock
    8246272 Make use of GCLogPrecious for G1, Parallel and Serial
    8246274 G1 old gen allocation tracking is not in a separate class
    8246282 [REDO] JDK-8245121 (bf) XBuffer.put(Xbuffer src) can give unexpected result when storage overlaps
    8246290 Refine specification of javax.lang.model.element.Modifier::toString
    8246330 Add TLS Tests for Legacy ECDSA curves
    8246338 Reduce overhead of normalizing file paths
    8246340 Move SystemDictionary GC roots into OopStorage
    8246342 Shenandoah: remove unused ShenandoahIsMarkedNextClosure
    8246348 Crash in libpango on Ubuntu 20.04 with some unicode chars
    8246353 Sealed types not supported by jshell
    8246357 Allow static build of webkit library on linux
    8246359 clarify confusing comment in ObjectMonitor::EnterI()'s race with async deflation
    8246368 Add override for return tag of Modifier::toString
    8246377 [PPC64] Further improvements for assembler stop function
    8246381 VM crashes with "Current BasicObjectLock* below than low_mark"
    8246382 assert in MetaspaceShared::map_archives
    8246387 switch to jtreg 5.1
    8246397 Use KnownOIDs for known OIDs
    8246404 ZGC: Use GCLogPrecious for important logging lines
    8246405 Add GCLogPrecious functionality to log and report debug errors
    8246406 ZGC: Generate crash reports in debug builds for a few important errors paths
    8246429 Javadoc comparators are not module-aware
    8246431 java/net/httpclient/PathSubscriber tests fail due to missing FilePermission
    8246433 Shenandoah: walk roots in more efficient order in ShenandoahRootUpdater
    8246434 Threads::print_on_error assumes that the heap has been set up
    8246435 Replace Javascript implementation of pandoc filters with Java
    8246442 nmethod::can_convert_to_zombie() asserts when not called by the sweeper
    8246451 Reduce overhead of normalizing file paths with trailing slash
    8246453 TestClone crashes with "all collected exceptions must come from the same place"
    8246458 Shenandoah: test fail with -XX:+ShenandoahVerify
    8246478 Remove src/utils/reorder
    8246484 Verify patch at start of COMPARE_BUILD=PATCH run
    8246486 javac doesn't allow a subclass to be declared before a sealed superclass with no permits clause
    8246557 test_os_linux.cpp uses NULL instead of MAP_FAILED to check for failed mmap call
    8246572 Always pass java.library.path when running micro benchmarks
    8246591 Shenandoah: move string dedup roots scanning to concurrent phase
    8246592 Simplify checking of boolean file attributes
    8246593 Shenandoah: string dedup roots should be processed during concurrent weak roots phase
    8246612 Shenandoah: add timing tracking to ShenandoahStringDedupRoots
    8246613 Choose the default SecureRandom algo based on registration ordering
    8246622 Remove CollectedHeap::print_gc_threads_on()
    8246624 Refactor JLinkBundlerHelper and StandardBundlerParam classes
    8246627 Consolidate app image bundlers
    8246632 StringConcatFactory::makeConcatWithConstants no longer throws NullPointerException when an unexpected constant is null
    8246640 @systemproperty should be @systemProperty in
    8246648 issue with OperatingSystemImpl getFreeSwapSpaceSize in docker after 8242480
    8246662 Test java/time/test/java/time/format/ failed on japanese locale.
    8246676 monitor list lock operations need more fencing
    8246689 Enable independent compressed oops/class ptrs on Aarch64
    8246696 Test: java/util/StringJoiner/ failing with OOM
    8246697 Test: java/util/StringJoiner/ failing with OOM
    8246704 --release => "unknown enum constant PreviewFeature$Feature.TEXT_BLOCKS"
    8246705 javadoc gives "misleading" and incomplete warning message.
    8246706 [macos] Allow SigningPackageTest to be built with real certificates
    8246709 sun/security/tools/jarsigner/ compilation failed after JDK-8244683
    8246712 doclint incorrectly reports some HTML elements as empty
    8246718 ParallelGC should not check for forward objects for copy task queue
    8246719 remove LambdaStableNameTest from problem list
    8246721 java/util/Locale/ failed on Windows platforms.
    8246729 MappedByteBuffer.force() throws IndexOutOfBoundsException
    8246750 Docs bundle should be published to common dir
    8246751 Mac OS build settings should use -O3
    8246770 Atomic::add() with 64 bit value fails to link on 32-bit platforms
    8246792 Mac signing tests failed (unsealed contents present in the bundle root)
    8246805 Incorrect copyright header in
    8246806 Incorrect copyright header in,
    8246837 Rename WeakHandle<vm_class_loader_data> to better reflect its OopStorage association
    8246926 Clean up newlines and whitespaces in hs_err files
    8247115 Fix typos in java.lang.invoke and java.lang
    8247163 JFXPanel throws exception on click when no Scene is set
    8247200 assert((unsigned)fpargs < 32)
    8247201 Print potential pointer value of readable stack memory in hs_err file
    8247212 Use assistant markup in java.lang.module.ModuleDescriptor
    8247214 ZGC: ZUncommit initialization should use precious logging
    8247220 Make OopHandle constructor explicit
    8247229 jpackage tests failed due to "semop(1): encountered an error: Invalid argument"
    8247235 doclint should permit "self-closing" tags for void elements in HTML5
    8247236 fieldDescriptor::print_on_for prints extra newline after NULL
    8247246 Add explicit and expose presence of default methods
    8247247 JFR tests fail due to JDK-8235521 missing doPrivileged block
    8247248 JVM TI Monitor queries might create JNI locals in another thread when using handshakes.
    8247252 failed src/hotspot/share/services/virtualMemoryTracker.cpp:388 Error: ShouldNotReachHere()
    8247266 Speed up test\jdk\jdk\jfr\event\gc\detailed\
    8247269 JFR: Reduce allocation when using AnnotationElement
    8247274 (test) HexPrinter cleanup
    8247280 more fencing needed in async deflation for non-TSO machines
    8247284 Zero VM is broken after JDK-8244920 ('class JavaFrameAnchor' has no member named 'set_last_Java_sp')
    8247310 Shenandoah: pacer should not affect interrupt status
    8247320 JFR: Reduce logging overhead
    8247334 Trees.getScope crashes for annotated local records
    8247350 [aarch64] assert(false) failed: wrong size of mach node
    8247353 jtreg tests minor issues clean up
    8247358 Shenandoah: reconsider free budget slice for marking
    8247362 HeapDumpComressedTest fails
    8247367 Shenandoah: pacer should wait on lock instead of exponential backoff
    8247377 Zero and Minimal VMs are broken after JDK-8198698 ('SystemDictionaryShared' has not been declared)
    8247382 doclint errors (missing comments) in jdk.compiler and jdk.javadoc
    8247388 Minimal build broken after JDK-8240245 (undefined reference to `MetaspaceShared::_use_optimized_module_handling')
    8247418 Only validate the certificates trust if using the default key user name.
    8247421 failed allocating blob
    8247422 --runtime-image on Mac should work for runtime root
    8247438 JShell: When FailOverExecutionControlProvider fails the proximal cause is not shown
    8247444 Trust final fields in records
    8247463 java/nio/channels/etc/ fails due to IPv6 not available
    8247474 Shenandoah: Windows build warning after JDK-8247310
    8247492 ProblemList tools/jlink/plugins/
    8247495 ProblemList vmTestbase/nsk/jvmti/SetFieldAccessWatch/setfldw001/
    8247502 PhaseStringOpts crashes while optimising effectively dead code
    8247521 (test) jdk/test/lib/hexdump/ fails on windows
    8247522 assert(is_aligned(class_space_rs.base(), class_space_alignment)) failed: Sanity
    8247526 [TESTBUG] runtime/cds/appcds/dynamicArchive tests failing with Graal
    8247527 serviceability/dcmd/gc/ fails with Graal + ZGC
    8247528 runtime/cds/appcds/jigsaw/modulepath/ failing with Graal
    8247530 JfrCheckpointManager failed "assert(!SafepointSynchronize::is_at_safepoint()) failed: invariant"
    8247532 Records deserialization is slow
    8247560 Shenandoah: heap iteration holds root locks all the time
    8247575 serviceability/dcmd/gc/HeapDumpCompressedTest unlocks experimental options for Shenandoah and Z
    8247593 Shenandoah: should not block pacing reporters
    8247660 12 Uninitialised variable in 1 files
    8247670 Shenandoah: deadlock during class unloading OOME
    8247696 Incorrect tail computation for large segments in AbstractMemorySegmentImpl::mismatch
    8247716 JVM_RegisterWhiteBoxMethods checks wrong classloader
    8247725 move two tests for whitebox from test/hotspot/jtreg/sanity to test/lib-test
    8247730 2 JNI exception pending defect groups in DwarfParser.cpp
    8247736 Shenandoah: assert(_nm->is_alive()) failed: only alive nmethods here
    8247751 Shenandoah: options tests should run with smaller heaps
    8247754 Shenandoah: mxbeans tests can be shorter
    8247757 Shenandoah: split heavy tests by heuristics to improve parallelism
    8247763 assert(outer->outcnt() == 2) failed: 'only phis' failure in LoopNode::verify_strip_mined()
    8247778 ZGC: More parallel gc/z/ test configuration
    8247780 Refine the Help page for API Documentation
    8247784 Bad link causes invalid documentation
    8247785 Small clarification of the javadoc about builtin class loaders
    8247788 DocCommentParser should not reject standalone '>'
    8247789 Remove use of reflection from test/jdk/java/io/Serializable/records/
    8247815 doclint: recategorize "no description for ..." as MISSING, not SYNTAX
    8247824 CTW: C2 (Shenandoah) compilation fails with SEGV in SBC2Support::pin_and_expand
    8247832 [Graal] Many Javafuzzer tests failures with Graal, due to unexpected results, after last update JDK-8243380
    8247845 Shenandoah: refactor TLAB/GCLAB retirement code
    8247849 permits clause of sealed interfaces should not allow parameterized types
    8247860 Shenandoah: add update watermark line in rich assert failure message
    8247876 ProblemList various crypto tests on aarch64
    8247880 bad HTML(href==...) in table
    8247894 Invalid @see in
    8247896 Invalid (@throw) tags in 2 classes
    8247899 HTML errors and warnings in threadPrimitiveDeprecation.html
    8247907 XMLDsig logging does not work
    8247932 JShell crashes when typing text block
    8247955 doclint: don't complain about summary/caption when role=presentation
    8247956 remove scripts under bin/nashorn and doc/nashorn/source
    8247958 minor HTML errors in com.sun.jdi
    8247959 doclint errors in NIO code
    8247963 Update SQLite to version 3.32.3
    8247964 All log0() in com/sun/org/slf4j/internal/ should be private
    8247967 SIGSEGV in various places
    8247992 [JVMCI] HotSpotNmethod.executeVarargs can try execute a zombie nmethod
    8248011 Improve javadoc of Foreign Memory Access API
    8248041 Shenandoah: pre-Full GC root updates may miss some roots
    8248044 Backout ProblemList-ed tests introduced by JDK-8247876
    8248048 ZGC: AArch64: SIGILL in load barrier register spilling
    8248059 [macos] failed "hdiutil: create failed - No child processes"
    8248060 small HTML issues in java.xml files
    8248061 bad reference in @throws in HotSpotDiagnosticMXBean
    8248112 array index out of bound in FileMapInfo::check_paths
    8248168 [Graal] jck tests timeout in Graal with -Xcomp mode
    8248219 aarch64: missing memory barrier in fast_storefield and fast_accessfield
    8248233 Avoid superfluous Class::isRecord invocations during deserialization
    8248254 jpackage fails if app module is in external runtime
    8248255 [macos] Add failing DMG tests to problem list
    8248264 WinUpgradeUUIDTest application is missing in downgrade scenario
    8248265 compiler/ciReplay tests fail with AOT compiled java.base
    8248299 two jdeps files miss copyright header
    8248306 gc/stress/gclocker/ does not compile
    8248335 ProblemList compiler/ciReplay/ and with AOT
    8248339 ProblemList jdk/jfr/event/os/
    8248341 ProblemList java/lang/management/ThreadMXBean/
    8248348 Regression caused by the update to BCEL 6.0
    8248351 ProblemList serviceability/jvmti/ModuleAwareAgents/ThreadStart/ on Windows
    8248354 ProblemList vmTestbase/nsk/jdi/stress/serial/mixed002/
    8248358 ProblemList sun/nio/ch/ on macOSX
    8248381 Create a daemon thread for MonocleTimer
    8248388 ZGC: Load barrier incorrectly elided in jdk/java/text/Format/DateFormat/
    8248409 some jdk/javadoc/doclet tests fail (JDK 15)
    8248427 jpackage jtreg BasicTest.testTemp() test fails on Windows
    8248467 C2: compiler/intrinsics/object/TestClone fails with -XX:+VerifyGraphEdges
    8248475 Suppress unconditional warning "JFR will be disabled during CDS dumping"
    8248476 No helpful NullPointerException message after calling fillInStackTrace
    8248485 Poor scalability in JfrCheckpointManager when using many threads after JDK-8242008
    8248490 [macOS] Undecorated stage does not minimize
    8248495 [macos] zerovm is broken due to libffi headers location
    8248501 [macos] App created with jpackage on Mac fails with error -10810
    8248505 Unexpected NoSuchAlgorithmException when using secure random impl from BCFIPS provider
    8248524 [JVMCI] Memory corruption / segfault during NumPy installation.
    8248570 Incorrect copyright header in
    8248597 [Graal] api/java_security/SignatureSpi/DelegationTests.html fails with Method "" doesn't exist.
    8248598 [Graal] Several testcases from applications/jcstress/ fails with forbidden state
    8248632 Shenandoah: build fails without both JVMTI and JFR
    8248634 Shenandoah: incorrect include in shenandoahInitLogger.cpp
    8248652 Shenandoah: SATB buffer handling may assume no forwarded objects
    8248703 Clarify the behavior of
    8248725 Shenandoah: Claim verifier thread roots for parallel processing
    8248745 Add jarsigner and keytool tests for restricted algorithms
    8248746 Undo jhsdb related exclusiveAccess.dirs changes that were done for JDK-8220295
    8248794 Transition JFR Periodic Task Thread to "_thread_in_native" before invoking performance counters
    8248799 Shenandoah: Claim threads token in constructor of ShenandoahRootVerifier
    8248822 8 vm/classfmt/atr_ann/atr_rtm_annot007/atr_rtm_annot00709 tests fail w/ AOT
    8248845 AArch64: stack corruption after spilling vector register
    8248987 AOT's seems to eagerly fail-fast on Windows
    8249000 vm.gc.X should take selected JIT into account
    8249018 clean up FileInstaller $test.src $cwd in vmTestbase_vm_mlvm tests
    8249019 clean up FileInstaller $test.src $cwd in vmTestbase_vm_compiler tests
    8249028 clean up FileInstaller $test.src $cwd in vmTestbase_nsk_monitoring tests
    8249029 clean up FileInstaller $test.src $cwd in vmTestbase_vm_defmeth tests
    8249032 clean up FileInstaller $test.src $cwd in vmTestbase_nsk_sysdict tests
    8249033 clean up FileInstaller $test.src $cwd in vmTestbase_vm_metaspace tests
    8249034 clean up FileInstaller $test.src $cwd in vmTestbase_nsk_jvmti tests
    8249035 clean up FileInstaller $test.src $cwd in vmTestbase_nsk_jdwp tests
    8249036 clean up FileInstaller $test.src $cwd in vmTestbase_nsk_stress tests
    8249037 clean up FileInstaller $test.src $cwd in vmTestbase_vm_g1classunloading tests
    8249038 clean up FileInstaller $test.src $cwd in vmTestbase_vm_gc tests
    8249039 clean up FileInstaller $test.src $cwd in vmTestbase_nsk_aod tests
    8249040 clean up FileInstaller $test.src $cwd in vmTestbase_nsk_jdb tests
    8249086 JDK 15 L10N resource file update - msg drop 10
    8249097 test/lib/jdk/test/lib/util/ has a bad copyright
    8249205 Remove unnecessary trademark symbols
    8249230 Shenandoah: assertion failure with -XX:-ResizeTLAB
    8249251 [dark_mode ubuntu 20.04] The selected menu is not highlighted in GTKLookAndFeel
    8249255 Build fails if source code in cygwin home dir
    8249256 [macos] Add EmptyFolderPackageTest test to problem list
    8249258 java/util/StringJoiner/ failed due to OOM
    8249278 Revert JDK-8226253 which breaks the spec of AccessibleState.SHOWING for JList
    8249367 JShell uses 100% of one core all the time
    8249543 Force DirectBufferAllocTest to run with -ExplicitGCInvokesConcurrent
    8249560 Shenandoah: Fix racy GC request handling
    8249622 use 8249621 to ignore 8 jvmci tests
    8249628 Remove EA from JDK 15 version string starting with Initial RC promotion
    8249649 Shenandoah: provide per-cycle pacing stats
    8249672 Include microcode revision in features_string on x86
    8249673 cleanup graal problem lists
    8249678 @ignore should be used instead of ProblemList for 8158860, 8163894, 8193479, 8194310
    8249681 gc/stress/TestJNIBlockFullGC/ fails w/ UnsatisfiedLinkError
    8249698 java/lang/invoke/LFCaching/ should be ProblemList-ed and not @ignored
    8249700 java/io/File/ should be added to exclude list, and not @ignore-d
    8249713 JFR: java.base events have incomplete stacktraces
    8249787 Make TestGCLocker more resilient with concurrent GCs
    8249801 Shenandoah: Clear soft-refs on requested GC cycle
    8249880 JVMCI calling register_nmethod without CodeCache lock
    8249953 Shenandoah: gc/shenandoah/mxbeans tests should account for corner cases
    8250216 The README need not mention retrieving source code
    8250238 Media fails to load libav 58 library when using modules from maven central
    8250548 libgraal can deadlock in -Xcomp mode
    8250582 Revert Principal Name type to NT-UNKNOWN when requesting TGS Kerberos tickets
    8250588 Shenandoah: LRB needs to save/restore fp registers for runtime call
    8250609 C2 crash in IfNode::fold_compares
    8250612 jvmciCompilerToVM.cpp declares jio_printf with "void" return type, should be "int"
    8250665 Wrong translation for the month name of May in ar_JO,LB,SY
    8250688 missed open parenthesis for GTEST_FRAMEWORK_SRC var in Main.gmk
    8250770 translateToSocketException does not handle IOException
    8250841 Shenandoah: need to reset/finish dead counters for StringTable/ResolvedMethodTable during STW root processing
    8250844 Make sure ArrayOopDesc accessors check the bounds
    8250876 Fix issues with cross-compile on macos
    8251276 JDK-8248299 breaks JDK 15 validate-headers build
    8251359 Shenandoah: filter null oops before calling enqueue/SATB barrier
    8251451 Shenandoah: Remark ObjectSynchronizer roots with I-U
    8251458 Parse::do_lookupswitch fails with "assert(_cnt >= 0) failed"
    8251859 sun/security/validator/ fails
    8251910 Shenandoah: Handshake threads between weak-roots and reset phases
    8252120 compiler/oracle/ misspells "occured"
    8252292 8240795 may cause anti-dependence to be missed
    8252660 Shenandoah: support manageable SoftMaxHeapSize option