Liberica JDK 13 Release Notes

The full version string for this binary release of OpenJDK is 13+33, and the version number is 13.

Liberica JDK 13

Liberica is a certified, Java SE 13-compliant distribution of OpenJDK 13 which works on server (Linux x86_64, Linux ARM64, Windows 64), desktop (Windows 64, Windows 32, Mac, Linux x86_64, Linux x86), and embedded devices (Linux x86, Linux ARM64, Linux ARMv7, including Raspberry Pi 2 & 3 (ARMv6 hardfloat). It has the following notable additions:

  • Linux & Windows x86_64 binaries contain experimental support for Shenandoah GC, Linux x86_64 version contains experimental support for ZGC.
  • Linux x86_64, ARMv8 and ARMv7 distributions include a choice of Client VM, Server VM and Minimal VM.
  • Alpine Linux x86_64 version is build with musl support.
  • Windows x86_64, Windows x86, Mac, Linux x86_64 and Linux ARMv7 distributions contain OpenJFX 13.
  • Linux ARMv7 distribution contains Device IO API compiled for Raspberry Pi.

Please refer to the Oracle JDK 13 release notes for further information on JDK 13 features. This document further outlines the peculiarities of Liberica distribution as compared to Oracle JDK 13 distribution.

Supported Server and Desktop configurations

Liberica is supported on the following OSes:

  • Ubuntu Linux 16.04, 18.04 (x86, x86_64, ARMv8)
  • Debian Linux 8, 9 (x86, x86_64, ARMv8)
  • Red Hat, Oracle Linux and CentOS 7.x (x86, x86_64, ARMv8)
  • Alpine Linux 3.7+
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise 12, 15 and tumbleweed (x86_64, ARMv8)
  • Apple macOS 10.11+
  • Microsoft Windows 2019, Windows 2016, Windows 2012 R2, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 (64 and 32 bit)

It is also known to work on other Linux distributions and Windows versions.

Note: The minimum supported Linux kernel version is 2.6.18 and GLIBC version 2.6. LibericaFX works on all supported Ubuntu versions, Red Hat Linux family starting from 7.x and SUSE versions with GTK2 backend.

Supported Embedded configurations

Liberica is tested and certified on Raspberry Pi 2 & 3 running the following OSes:

  • Raspbian OS (armhf)
  • OpenSUSE (armv8)

It is also known to work with Debian (armhf) and Ubuntu (armhf).

Liberica JDK 13 distribution

Liberica JDK 13 is distributed as .msi, .zip, .deb, .rpm and .tar.gz packages. Please select the one which is most appropriate for your purposes.

Liberica 13 introduced all new features supported by OpenJDK 13.

With the introduction of the Jigsaw feature in JDK 9 and Minimal VM it is now possible to create a Runtime that is sufficient to run your application and trim down the size of the Runtime. To generate a Runtime with just the Minimal VM, add --vm=minimal to jlink options.

By default, the Liberica uses Server VM. Server VM and Client VM can be enabled with -server and -client command line options, respectively. In case the deployment requires to minimize the footprint, it may be beneficial to use Minimal VM, which emphasises on a minimal footprint. It has C1 JIT compiler only, Serial GC and no serviceability features.

LibericaFX for the Raspberry Pi

Liberica JDK comes with a bundled LibericaFX implementation, which is based on OpenJFX. The following table lists Java FX modules status of Liberica distribution

  • Java FX Graphics - works.
  • Java FX Controls - works.
  • Java FX Media - does not work.
  • Java FX Webkit - does not work.

The following pipelines are known to work: EGL, SW (direct framebuffer) and GTK. By default, Liberica tries to use the accelerated EGL pipeline, which requires the presence of EGL libraries. If they are not found, the implementation falls back to software rendering.

Use the following command line options to specify the rendering pipeline:

  • -Dprism.order=sw forces the use of software rendering pipeline.
  • -Dprism.order=es2 forces the use of EGL pipeline and hardware acceleration.
  • -Djavafx.platform=gtk if you would like to launch a LibericaFX application using Liberica from X11.

Please refer to the following wiki for more information.

Device IO API for the Raspberry Pi

Liberica JDK comes with a bundled OpenJDK Device I/O (DIO) API implementation module. DIO provides a Java API for accessing Raspberry PI GPIO pins and for communicating with peripheral devices:

  • General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO).
  • Inter-Integrated Circuit Bus (I2C), Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI).
  • Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (UART).

Please refer to the following wiki for more information.

Security Baselines

BellSoft Liberica follows the security baselines for Oracle Java SE. Please refer to the Oracle documentation for a list of issues fixed in a given release.

Known Issues

LibericaFX and EGL on Raspbian

As of 2017, the default location of Broadcom and has changed in Raspbian OS. If you'd like to leverage hardware EGL acceleration available from Broadcom video drivers in LibericaFX while running a recent Raspbian OS, run the following command:

cd /opt/vc/lib
sudo ln -s
sudo ln -s

Issues fixed

Issue Description
8218997 Xusage text, man help, etc doesn't mention -Xlog option.
8223593 Refactor code for reallocating storage
8224167 Refactor PtrQueue completed buffer processing
8219692 DOM and SAX parsers ignore namespace
8224105 Cannot parse JapaneseDate string on some specified locales
8223725 j.l.c.MethodHandleDesc::of throws undocumented exception IllegalArgumentException
8222482 [Graal] Update java-allocation-instrumenter.jar handling in graalunit
8223723 j.l.c.MethodTypeDesc.dropParameterTypes​ throws the undocumented exception: IllegalArgumentException
8220293 Deadlock in JFR string pool
8224495 Shenandoah: Do not rescan code roots in final mark pause if it is not degenerated GC
8224034 [TESTBUG] runtime/ErrorHandlerTest/ErrorHandler fails intermittently for case 13 on Windows
8224119 Safepoint cleanup logging logs times for things it doesn't do
8213084 Rework and enhance Print[Opto]Assembly output
8224230 [PPC64, s390] Support AsyncGetCallTrace
8223733 "Detail" in headings should be "Details"
8223313 Use handshakes for CountStackFrames.
8221507 Implement JFR Events for Shenandoah
8223306 Remove threads linked list (use ThreadsList's array in SA)
8183273 Clarify Instrumentation interface should not be implemented outside java.instrument module
8224166 Create a taglet to better handle @jls and @jvms tags
8224175 Fix inconsistencies in @jls and @jvms tags
8220672 [TESTBUG] TestCPUSets should check that cpuset does not exceed available cores
8223663 Update links for tool guides
8224014 Don't run test/jdk/java/net/NetworkInterface/ in IPv6 only environment
8224019 test/jdk/java/nio/channels/DatagramChannel/ assumes IPv4 is always available
8224174 java.lang.Number has a default constructor
8223214 Inet6AddressImpl.loopbackAddress() should choose loopback address that is available
8222807 Address iteration with invalid ZIP header entries
8223444 Improve CodeHeap Free Space Management
8221967 timed out
8224179 Shenandoah: CTW test failures with traversal GC
8224210 Shenandoah: Refactor ShenandoahRootScanner to support scanning CSet codecache roots
8206879 Currency decimal marker incorrect for Peru
8223856 Replace wildcard address with loopback or local host in tests - part 8
8130017 use _FORTIFY_SOURCE in gcc fastdebug builds
8219313 Support module specific stylesheets
8219781 Localized names for Japanese era Reiwa in COMPAT provider
8222492 G1 unnecessarily scans remembered set cards for regions that already have been evacuated
8222302 [TESTBUG]test/hotspot/jtreg/compiler/intrinsics/sha/cli/ fails on any other CPU
8224170 Build failures after JDK-8207812 (Implement Dynamic CDS Archive)
8163805 hotspot/test/serviceability/sa/sadebugd/ failed with timed out
8223595 Consider updating jdk.jshell module description
8223803 j.l.c.MethodTypeDesc::insertParameterTypes​ doesn't control type of parameters
8223951 Shenandoah: Only need to update thread roots during final update refs
8207812 Implement Dynamic CDS Archive
8220166 Performance regression in deserialization (4-6% in SPECjbb)
8224028 loop initial declarations introduced by JDK-8184770
8223774 Shenandoah: Refactor ShenandoahRootProcessor and family
8224038 Fix remaining InCSetState mentions
8223961 ZGC: Unexpected behaviour due to ZMetronome::wait_for_tick() oversleeping
8223472 volatile long field corruption on x86_32
8222276 (zipfs) Refactoring and cleanups to prepare for JDK-8213031
8220656 ARM32: -XX:MaxVectorSize=16 makes SIGILL
8223944 fix zlib related building docu and comments
8223665 SA: debugd options should follow jhsdb style
8160539 Stack frame scanning acquires DerivedPointerTableGC_lock mutex
8222825 ARM32 SIGILL issue on single core CPU (not supported PLDW instruction)
8223346 Update Graal
8222154 upgrade gtest to 1.8.1
8224017 [Graal] gc/z/ fails with Graal
8224020 AsyncGetCallTrace test should not run on PPC64 or IA64
8224033 os::snprintf should be used in virtualizationSupport.cpp
8223499 Remove two DocuSign root certificates that are expiring
8223910 TestFloatJNIArgs and TestTrichotomyExpressions time out with Graal as JIT
8222422 vmTestbase/nsk/jdi/ClassLoaderReference/definedClasses tests failed with Unexpected Exception: null
8223726 j.l.c.MethodTypeDesc spec should contain precise assertions for one parameter's methods
8224043 Shenandoah: Remove clear_claimed_marks() from start of concurrent_traversal()
8224042 Add private alignDown method to MappedByteBuffer
8224018 test/jdk/java/net/ipv6tests/ assume IPv4 is available
8223442 java/nio/channels/SocketChannel/ testConcurrentTimedReadWrite3(): failure
8223585 vmTestbase/runtime/pcl/* get SEGV in MetadataOnStackClosure::do_metadata(Metadata*)+0x0
8224031 Cannot parse switch expressions after type cast
8223438 add VirtualizationInformation JFR event
8223572 ~ThreadInVMForHandshake() should call handle_special_runtime_exit_condition()
8224023 Redo the fix for ErrorFile option does not handle pre-existing error files of the same name
8223956 Make SymbolTable and StringTable AllStatic
8222548 Upgrading JDK 13 with the latest available jQuery 3.4.1
8222169 java.lang.AssertionError switch expression in ternary operator - ?
8223770 code_size2 still too small in some compressed oops configurations
8224010 Incorrect string interning
8223980 Shenandoah: Refactor and fix ObjArrayChunkedTask verification
8223532 Don't try creating IPv4 sockets in NetworkInterface.c if IPv4 is not supported
8222136 Remove two Comodo root CA certificates that are expiring
8223798 Replace wildcard address with loopback or local host in tests - part 7
8223880 Update sun/net/ftp/ and sun/net/ftp/ to work with IPv6 addresses
8223716 sun/net/www/http/HttpClient/ should be more resilient to unexpected traffic
8184770 JDWP support for IPv6
8223737 Fix HostsFileNameService for IPv6 literal addresses
8223215 Shenandoah: Support verifying subset of roots
8223885 hs_err and replay file may contain garbage when overwriting existing file
8223911 Disable bad node budget verification until the fix
8212700 Change the mechanism by which JDK loads the platform-specific AWT Toolkit
8222362 Upgrade to Freetype 2.10.0
8211826 StringIndexOutOfBoundsException happens via GetStringUTFRegion()
8144125 [macOS] java/awt/event/ComponentEvent/MovedResizedTwiceTest/ failed automatically
7141393 [macosx] CARemoteLayer code refactoring and unit test
8223237 Replace use of string.equals("") with isEmpty() in java.desktop
8222819 Remove setting of headless property on MacOS from launcher code.
8213232 Unix/X11 setCompositionEnableNative issue
8222519 ButtonDemoScreenshotTest fails randomly with "still state to be reached"
8130266 Change the mechanism by which JDK loads the platform-specific GraphicsEnvironment class
8222830 PIT: java/awt/Window/AlwaysOnTop/ listed twice in ProblemList
8208179 Devanagari not shown with logical fonts on Windows after removal of Lucida Sans from JDK
8222799 java.beans.Introspector uses an obsolete methods cache
8214046 [macosx] Undecorated Frame does not Iconify when set to
8222438 Drop of outdated logging in the package
8219914 Change the environment variable for Java Access Bridge logging to have a directory.
8212701 remove sun.desktop property from launcher code
8222789 Replace the usage of "Sun's Xinerama API" by the "XFree86's Xinerama API" on Solaris
8216008 -Djavax.accessibility.assistive_technologies empty list leads to exception
8212676 AWT SystemColor setting on CDE
8218917 KeyEvent.getModifiers() returns inconsistent values for ALT keys
8222720 Provide extended VMWare/vSphere virtualization related info in the hs_error file on linux/windows x86_64
8223810 HotSpot compile warnings from VS2017
8223921 Update SocketReadWrite benchmark
8223917 Problemlist compiler/ciReplay/
8223767 Shenandoah fails to build on Solaris x86_64
8223657 Remove unused THREAD argument from SymbolTable functions
8215470 Bad EnclosingMethod attribute on classes declared in lambdas
8221738 ErrorFile option does not handle pre-existing error files of the same name
8223018 Rename G1RemSet::*oops_into_collection_set_do methods
8200545 Improve filter for enqueued deferred cards
8219459 oopDesc::is_valid() is broken
8223638 Replace wildcard address with loopback or local host in tests - part 6
8223822 Add gc IDs in the log of gc verification
8222841 Incorrect static call stub interactions with class unloading
8221478 Disable VerifySharedSpaces by default
8222969 Migrate RuleBasedCollatorTest to JDK Repo
8219023 Investigate syncing JVMTI spec version with JDK version
8223597 jdk/nio/zipfs/ RuntimeException: CHECK_FAILED! (getAttribute.crc failed 6af4413c vs 0 ...)
8222480 Implementation: JEP 351: ZGC: Uncommit Unused Memory
8223762 Shenandoah: overflows in calculations involving heap capacity
8223759 Shenandoah should allow arbitrarily low initial heap size
8223685 used bundled zlib on AIX by default
8223574 add more thread-related system settings info to hs_error file on AIX
8223779 Build failure after 8223040 (Add a AsyncGetCallTrace test)
8223730 URLClassLoader.findClass() can throw IndexOutOfBoundsException
8223063 Support CNG RSA keys
8223235 [Graal] compiler/jsr292/NonInlinedCall/ failed time out
8223637 Fix build breakage after 8223136
8214796 Create a jlink plugin for stripping debug info symbols from native libraries
8221696 MappedByteBuffer.force method to specify range
8223632 Replace wildcard address with loopback or local host in tests - part 5
8219060 -linksource broken with modules
8222015 Small VM.metaspace improvements
8223667 ASAN build broken
8223040 Add a AsyncGetCallTrace test
8223654 Clean up @jls references in com.sun.source
8221253 TLSv1.3 may generate TLSInnerPlainText longer than 2^14+1 bytes
8221569 JFR tool produces incorrect output when both --categories and --events are specified
8222533 jtreg test jdk/internal/platform/cgroup/ fails on SLES12.3 linux ppc64le machine
8221340 [TESTBUG] fails after fix for JDK-8219562
8223531 [Graal] assert(type() == T_INT) failed: type check
8223652 Rename IPSupport.skipIfCurrentConfigurationIsInvalid() to IPSupport.throwSkippedExceptionIfNonOperational()
8223186 HotSpot compile warnings from GCC 9
8223465 Replace wildcard address with loopback or local host in tests - part 3
8223626 move print() functions to cpp files
8223675 arm32 build failure after 8223136 (Move compressed oops functions to CompressedOops class)
8223676 Minimal VM build failure after 8223136 (Move compressed oops functions to CompressedOops class)
8223617 code_size2 needs adjustments
8223555 Cleanups in cacerts tests
8200400 Restrict Sasl mechanisms
8223537 testlibrary_tests/ctw/ fails with Agent timeout frequently
8222292 runtime/exceptionMsgs/ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException/ timeout but test passed
8223639 [JVMCI] jvmciCompiler.cpp needs to include "oops/objArrayOop.inline.hpp""
8223651 Build fails with --with-jvm-features=-jfr and --disable-precompiled-headers
8223599 minimal build fails after JDK-8185525
8191808 Configurable read timeout for CRLs
8189208 Cleanup ancient argument processing code
8223645 AArch64 build broken by fix for 8223136
8222991 Xerces 2.12.0: Validation
8223454 Reduce String concatenation shapes by folding initialLengthCoder into last mixer
8223307 enable the Stack Execution Disable flag for JDK binaries on AIX
8223627 jdk-13+20 bundle name contains null instead of ea
8222251 preflow visitor is not visiting lambda expressions
8223573 Replace wildcard address with loopback or local host in tests - part 4
8223624 Cleanup includes of universe.hpp
8223623 Move oopFactory function definitions out of oopFactory.hpp
8223622 Move Universe usage out of memAllocator.hpp
8223621 Move Universe usage out of oopRecorder.hpp
8223620 Move IsGCActiveMark implementation out of header
8223619 Move VerifyOption out of Universe
8223136 Move compressed oops functions to CompressedOops class
8042215 javax/management/remote/mandatory/connection/ NoSuchObjectException no such object in table
8221759 Crash when completing ""
8223427 [TESTBUG] Disable JTReg Shenandoah tests when Graal is enabled
8223441 HeapMonitorStatArrayCorrectnessTest fails due to sampling determinism
8222987 sun/security/tools/keytool/ times out on Solaris-SPARC
8223380 [Graal] compiler/c2/ failed with time out.
8223539 compiler/graalunit/ hotspot.test.CheckGraalIntrinsics AssertionError: found plugins for intrinsics
8223589 Build failures after JDK-8223534 (add back fixed test_markOop.cpp)
8220673 Add test library support for determining platform IP support
8221432 Upgrade CLDR to Version 35.1
8223583 Build failure after JDK-8223567 (Rename ShenandoahBrooksPointer to ShenandoahForwarding)
8223414 ProblemList java/lang/ref/ when running in Graal as JIT mode
8223567 Rename ShenandoahBrooksPointer to ShenandoahForwarding
8223534 add back fixed test_markOop.cpp
8185525 Add JFR event for DictionarySizes
8222926 Shenandoah build fails with --with-jvm-features=-compiler1
8222949 add condy support to javac's pool API
8217846 [Graal] vmTestbase/nsk/jdi/VirtualMachine/instanceCounts/instancecounts003/ crash
8223397 gc+promotion log lines are missing the GC id
8223445 compiler/intrinsics/mathexact/ java timeout
8223570 Shenandoah needs to acquire lock before CLDG::clear_claimed_marks
8223416 Exclude javax/management/monitor/ until JDK-8042211 is fixed.
8223391 Unsynchronized iteration of ClassLoaderDataGraph
8223244 Fix usage of ARRAYCOPY_DISJOINT decorator
8223353 (ch) Change channel close implementation to not wait for I/O threads
8223481 gtest/ failed due to "assert(ret == 0) failed: sem_post failed; error='Invalid argument' (errno=EINVAL)"
8223437 Backout JDK-8219974 Restore static callsite resolution for the current class
8223464 Improve version string for Oracle CI builds
8222074 Enhance auto vectorization for x86
8223447 Stabilize gc/shenandoah/TestStringDedupStress test
8223446 Shenandoah breaks alignment with some HumongousThreshold values
8223319 Add copyright footer to specs and man pages
8223463 Replace wildcard address with loopback or local host in tests - part 2
8220037 Inconsistencies of generated timezone files between Windows and Linux
8223044 Add back exception checking in tests
8223457 protected constructor should throw NPE if impl null
8223449 Unprotected UseCompressedOops block in gc/shenandoah/shenandoahBarrierSetC1_x86.cpp
8223450 Disable Shenandoah C2 barriers verification for x86_32
8223448 Shenandoah disabled barriers blocks omit LRB
8223335 Compare baseline builds on linux are failing
8222738 Shenandoah: assert(is_Proj()) failed when running cometd benchmarks
8223389 Shenandoah optimizations fail with assert(!phase->exceeding_node_budget())
8222670 pathological case of JIT recompilation and code cache bloat
8223308 ZGC: Remove ZGranuleMap::size()
8223422 [Graal] assert(!m->can_be_statically_bound(InstanceKlass::cast(ctxk))) failed: redundant
8218700 infinite loop in HotSpotJVMCIMetaAccessContext.fromClass after OutOfMemoryError
8223332 Update JVMCI
8219013 Update Apache Santuario (XML Signature) to version 2.1.3
8223054 [TESTBUG] Put graalJarsCP before existing classpath in GraalUnitTestLauncher
8222534 VerifyBeforeExit is not honored when System.exit is called
8222955 Optimize String.replace(CharSequence, CharSequence) for common cases
8223412 tier1 build failure after 8222893
8221509 Refactor assert( G1CollectedHeap::used() == recalculate_used() ) with better message
8222893 markOopDesc::print_on() is a bit confused
8222665 Update Graal
8221542 ~15% performance degradation due to less optimized inline decision
8219902 C2: MemNode::can_see_stored_value() ignores casts which carry control dependency
8223171 Redundant nmethod dependencies for effectively final methods
8219483 j.l.c.ClassDesc::nested(String, String...) doesn't throw NPE if any arg is null
8222667 vmTestbase/nsk/jdi/ThreadStartRequest/addThreadFilter/addthreadfilter002/ failed with "event IS NOT a breakpoint"
8219991 New fix of the deadlock in
8223395 PPC64: Improve comments in the JVM signal handler to match ISA text
8223267 Fix incorrect usage of GCTraceTime in g1FullCollector and g1CollectedHeap
8223359 JDK-8221359 breaks
8223174 Pattern.compile() can throw confusing NegativeArraySizeException
8221359 Eliminate SATBMarkQueueSet::filter_thread_buffers
8223178 Improve FileSystems.newFileSystem example with map factory methods
8223309 test failing due to self-assign-overloaded
8220724 TestBiasedLockRevocationEvents fails while matching revoke events to VMOperation events
8223265 Clarify operational semantics of java.util.Objects.equals()
8223262 [AOT] jaotc crashes with assert(!(((ThreadShadow*)the_thread)->has_pending_exception())) failed: Should not allocate with exception pending
8223248 [AIX] Remove old xlC 10 workaround for load acquire
8222500 runtime/8176717/ failed with java.nio.file.NoSuchFileException: /tmp/communication7071713601211876892.txt
8216137 assert failed: Live node limit exceeded.
8223143 Restructure/clean-up for 'loopexit_or_null()'.
8223142 Clean-up WS and CB.
8223141 Change (count) suffix _ct into _cnt.
8223140 Clean-up in 'ok_to_convert()'.
8223139 Rename mandatory policy-do routines.
8223138 Small clean-up in loop-tree support.
8223137 Rename predicate 'do_unroll_only()' to 'is_unroll_only()'.
8204203 Many pkcs11 tests failed in Provider initialization, after compiler on Windows changed
8217364 Custom URLStreamHandler for jrt or file protocol can override default handler
8223052 Cleanup: NodeSortRecord
8223254 DataOutputStream/ fails due to "OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space"
8218875 Add new FileSystems.newFileSystem methods
8220793 (fs) No support for changing modification time of symlink
8223258 Shenandoah: SRP::process_all_roots_slow processes JvmtiExport weak oops twice
8223227 Rename acquire_tag_map() to tag_map_acquire() in jvmtiEnvBase
8216978 Drop support for pre JDK 1.4 SocketImpl implementations
8219202 Use Unsynchronized StringBuilder in
8222992 Shenandoah: Pre-evacuate all roots
8219138 Miscellaneous changes imported from jsr166 CVS 2019-05
8220248 fix headings in java.util.concurrent
8221892 ThreadPoolExecutor: Thread.isAlive() is not equivalent to not being startable
8221120 CopyOnWriteArrayList.set should always have volatile write semantics
8222930 ConcurrentSkipListMap.clone() shares size variable between original and clone
8223145 Replace wildcard address with loopback or local host in tests - part 1
8223064 Minor cleanups in ResolvedMethodTable
8222986 Add parameter to skip clearing CHeapBitMaps when resizing
8198505 Remove CollectorPolicy and its subclasses
8222895 StackOverflowError in custom security manager that relies on ClassSpecializer
8223194 runtime/Shutdown/ due to "OutOfMemoryError: Java heap too small"
8223177 Data race on JvmtiEnvBase::_tag_map in double-checked locking
8146726 Improve AbstractProcessor to issue warnings for repeated information
8220818 Validator does not find missing match for keyref error
8222769 [TESTBUG] TestJFRNetworkEvents should not rely on hostname command
8221267 Document the system property
8220623 [JVMCI] Update JVMCI to support JVMCI based Compiler compiled into shared library
8222744 add support for generating method handles from a variable symbol
8202414 Unsafe write after primitive array creation may result in array length change
8223078 Add microbenchmark for array copying/clearing/resizing
8223190 Test gc/arguments/ breaks with change for JDK-8074355
8223184 Shenandoah: Missing roots in SRP::process_all_roots_slow
8074355 make MutexLocker smarter about non-JavaThreads
8213399 DecoderLocker is unused
8223146 [TESTBUG] new test vmTestbase/nsk/share/ExceptionCheckingJniEnv/exceptionjni001/ fails on Windows
8222821 com/sun/jdi/ failed
8215113 Sampling interval not always correct
8222137 Remove T-Systems root CA certificate
8216577 Add GlobalSign's R6 Root certificate
8222913 Add Jib support for VERSION_EXTRA*
8222749 vmTestbase/nsk/jdi/ThreadStartRequest/addThreadFilter/addthreadfilter001/ failed with "eventSet1.size() != 3 :: 2"
8221639 [i386] expand_exec_shield_cs_limit workaround is undefined code after JDK-8199717
8219807 C2 crash in IfNode::up_one_dom(Node*, bool)
8222852 Reduce String concat combinator tree shapes by folding constants into prependers
8222934 mark new VM option AllowRedefinitionToAddOrDeleteMethods as deprecated
8218152 [javac] fails and exits with no error if a bad annotation processor provided
8222529 sun.jdwp.listenerAddress agent property uses wrong encoding
8221991 Improve the HTML for the inheritance tree for a type
8219403 JVMCIRuntime::adjust_comp_level should be replaced
8220388 Increase -inlinehint-threshold for Clang to avoid G1 pause time regression
8222988 Use MonitorLocker rather than MutexLocker when wait/notify used
8036608 Key.getAlgorithm link to standard algorithm names needs to be updated
8218280 LineNumberReader throws "Mark invalid" exception if CRLF straddles buffer.
8223020 aarch64: expand minI_rReg and maxI_rReg patterns into separate instructions
8223015 Cleanups for zipfs tests
8223003 SunMSCAPI keys are not cleaned up
8220813 update hotspot tier1_gc tests depending on GC to use @requires vm.gc.X
8219487 j.l.c.ClassDesc spec should contain precise assertions for one parameter's methods
8222980 Upgrade IANA Language Subtag Registry to Version 2019-04-03
8221988 add possibility to build with Visual Studio 2019
8129315 java/net/Socket/ and java/net/Socket/ timeout intermittently
8223026 [BACKOUT] Typo in test/hotspot/jtreg/TEST.groups is causing test harness failures
8223016 ZGC: Fix misaligned statistics printout
8222637 Obsolete NeedsDeoptSuspend
8222440 (zipfs) JarFileSystem does not correctly handle versioned entries if no root entry is present
8222518 Remove unnecessary caching of Parker object in java.lang.Thread
8222743 Xerces 2.12.0: DOM Implementation
8222562 Don't set IPV6_V6ONLY when IPv4 is not available
8222970 Update ProblemList for vmTestbase/nsk/jdb/eval/eval001/
8222888 [TESTBUG] docker/ fails due to "RuntimeException: JAVA_MAIN_CLASS_ is not defined"
8222977 Fix shenandoah broken with JDK-8222811
8222811 Consolidate MutexLockerEx and MutexLocker
8139965 Hang seen when using
8220795 Rework naked_short_nanosleep on Windows to improve time-to-safepoint
8222774 (ch) Replace uses of stateLock and blockingLock with j.u.c. locks
8220497 Improve Javadoc search feature and add test coverage
8222469 ZGC: Generalize ZPageCache::flush()
8221786 ZGC: Increase max heap size to 16TB
8222462 Introduce CollectedHeap::unused()
8222664 runtime/appcds/sharedStrings/ assert GC active during NoGCVerifier
8222935 Fix ExceptionCheckingJniEnv system
8222952 Typo in test/hotspot/jtreg/TEST.groups is causing test harness failures
8222805 sun/security/pkcs11/tls/tls12/ fails with Unsupported signature algorithm: rsa_pss_rsae_sha256
8222669 Create and use new html.Entity class
8222295 more baseline cleanups from Async Monitor Deflation project
8222532 (zipfs) Performance regression when writing ZipFileSystem entries in parallel
8221685 -XX:BytecodeVerificationRemote and -XX:BytecodeVerificationLocal should be diagnostic options
8222838 Shenandoah: SEGV on accessing cset bitmap for NULL ptr
8222843 Print Shenandoah cset map addresses in hs_err
8222785 aarch64: add necessary masking for immediate shift counts
8219566 JFR did not collect call stacks when MaxJavaStackTraceDepth is set to zero
8222817 Refactor printing processor to use streams
8221598 Update Graal
8218994 Consolidate indy and condy JVM information within a BootstrapInfo data structure
8213501 Deploy ExceptionJniWrapper for a few tests
8222526 Use of no longer existing jquery directory in script.js
8215017 Improve String::equals warmup characteristics
8219998 Eliminate inherently singleton lists
8222502 Replace 19,20 case alternatives with JVM_CONSTANT_Module/Package names
8222332 PIT: Problemlist tests that times out consistently
8220231 Cache HarfBuzz face object for same font's text layout calls
8215580 Remove support for --no-module-directories
8222391 javax/net/ssl/compatibility/ should be more flexible
8222741 jdi/EventQueue/remove/remove004 fails due to VMDisconnectedException
8222786 Shenandoah get_barrier_strength should accept all shapes of (Weak)CAS reference barriers
8192936 RI does not follow the JVMTI RedefineClasses spec that is too strict in the definition
8221271 sun/security/pkcs11/tls/tls12/ test failed
8222747 [Graal] mx_subprocess files miss testing VM flags
8222753 AAarch64: Add CPU implementer code for Ampere
8222735 Update doc/ with current Oracle build platforms and compilers
8222668 Add @since tag to JapaneseEra.REIWA
8222527 HttpClient doesn't send HOST header when tunelling HTTP/1.1 through http proxy
8220513 Wrapper Key may get deleted when closing sessions in SunPKCS11 crypto provider
8217338 [Containers] Improve systemd slice memory limit support
8222550 runtime/MemberName/ times out
8222713 Add OutputAnalyzer(Path) constructor
8222558 Rework ResolvedMethodTable verification
8222280 Provide virtualization related info in the hs_error file on AIX
8222444 Add a suggestion for non-US locale in the test doc
8220477 Channels.newWriter() does not close if underlying channel throws an IOException
8222289 Overhaul logic for reading/writing constant pool entries
8219718 ZGC: Make nmethod entry barriers and nmethod::is_unloading use ZNMethodDataOops
8222491 jcmd can fail converting UTF8 output to strings
8222627 Remove sneaky token 'Name' in jdk-version.m4
8218468 Load barrier slow path node should be MachTypeNode
8222327 java_lang_Thread _thread_status_offset, remove pre 1.5 code paths
8218147 make_walkable asserts on multiple calls
8220382 Cleanup doclet instantiation
8222418 compiler/arguments/ times out
8222417 compiler/loopopts/ times out
8218453 More dynamic RMI interactions
8211936 Better String parsing
8214809 CDS storage improvements
8216326 SSLSocket stream close() does not close the associated socket
8222484 Specialize generation of simple String concatenation expressions
8222415 Xerces 2.12.0: Parsing Configuration
8222510 Small cleanup for JDK launcher's make file
8222528 Fix javadoc headers in Nashorn sources
8222522 Add configure options for Mac Bundle creation
8220743 [TESTBUG] Review Runtime tests recently migrated from JDK subdirs
8222395 Refactor the abstract classes of package and module index writer
8222334 java -Xss0 triggers StackOverflowError
8222271 [s390] optimize register usage in C2 instruction forms for clearing arrays
8163363 AArch64: Stack size in tools/launcher/ needs to be adjusted
8222430 Add tests for ElementKind predicates
8222378 Provide mechanism to query preview feature status for annotation processors
8222501 [TESTBUG] Docker support is always set to true in jtreg-ext/requires/
8221711 [TESTBUG] create more tests for JFR in container environment
8222425 Shenandoah: Move commonly used closures to separate files
8222490 Shenandoah: Remove unused _par_state_string in ShenandoahRootEvacuator
8222397 x86_32 tests with UseSHA1Intrinsics SEGV due to garbled registers
8222410 java/nio/file/attribute/BasicFileAttributeView/UnixSocketFile hangs when "nc" does not accept "-U"
8221397 Support implementation-defined Map Modes
8221644 jquery directory should be renamed
8220625 tools/javac/classreader/8171132/ failed with "did not see expected error"
8222387 Out-of-bounds access to CPU _family_id_xxx array
8222275 sun/security/tools/keytool/ assertTrue: expected true, was false
8208066 compiler/graalunit/ failed with org.junit.runners.model.TestTimedOutException: test timed out after 20 seconds
8222419 Shenandoah: Remove unused _par_state_string in ShenandoahRootProcessor
8222299 [TESTBUG] move hotspot container tests to hotspot/containers
8222403 Shenandoah: Remove ShenandoahAlwaysTrueClosure, use AlwaysTrueClosure instead
8222297 IRT_ENTRY/IRT_LEAF etc are the same as JRT
8222188 Shenandoah: Adjust Shenandoah work gang types
8180573 Refactor sun/security/tools shell tests to plain java tests
8222151 refactoring: enhancements to java.lang.Class::methodToString and java.lang.Class::getTypeName
8222090 Add Hygon Dhyana processor support
8217405 rmic should reject class files with preview features enabled
8222034 Thread-SMR functions should be updated to remove work around
8221857 Collect code coverage for a subset of code
8222333 fastdebug build broken after JDK-8221393 (phase_mapping[] doesn't match enum Phase in WeakProcessorPhases)
8217047 Provide a way to inject missing parameter names
8221979 Cleanups for building Windows resources
8215407 javac should reject class files with bad EnclosingMethod attributes
8221393 ResolvedMethodTable too small for StackWalking applications
8221913 Add GC.selected() jtreg-ext function
8222097 ProblemList tests that are failing recurringly and intermittently in PIT
8221445 FastSysexMessage constructor crashes MIDI receiption thread
8221263 [TEST_BUG] RemotePrinterStatusRefresh test is hard to use
8221885 Add intermittent test in the JavaSound to the ProblemList
8220349 The fix done for JDK-8214253 have caused issues in JTree behaviour
6684386 ElementIterator javadoc bug
8221661 javax.swing.text.View.getPreferredSpan(int axis)
8217013 javadoc generates references to missing file overview-frame.html
8221915 cleanup ticks related coding in os_perf_aix.cpp [aix]
8222300 Zero build broken after JDK-8222231
8222072 JVMTI GenerateEvents() sends CompiledMethodLoad events to wrong jvmtiEnv
8222231 Clean up interfaceSupport.inline.hpp duplicated code
8222224 vmTestbase/nsk/jvmti/SingleStep/singlestep001/ fails
8222035 minimal inference context optimization is forcing resolution with incomplete constraints
8222029 Optimize Math.floorMod
8222264 Windows incremental build is broken with JDK-8217728
8221851 Use of THIS_FILE in hotspot invalidates precompiled header on Linux/GCC
8222259 Shenandoah: Pre-evacuate string-dedup roots in Traversal GC
8221984 ZGC: Clean up ZOop
8222180 ZGC: ZForwarding::verify() failing when checking for duplicates
8221836 Avoid recalculating String.hash when zero
8219241 Provide basic virtualization related info in the hs_error file on linux/windows x86_64
8216039 TLS with BC and RSASSA-PSS breaks ECDHServerKeyExchange
8221853 Data race in compile broker (set_last_compile)
8221430 StringBuffer(CharSequence) constructor truncates when -XX:-CompactStrings specified
8222229 ProblemList compiler/jsr292/
8222227 Shenandoah: Fix Traversal GC weak roots handling in final-traversal pause
8222186 Shenandoah should not uncommit below minimum heap size
8222185 Shenandoah should report "committed" as capacity
8221852 SYMBOLIC_LINK_FLAG_ALLOW_UNPRIVILEGED_CREATE should be selected at runtime, not build time
8221924 get(null) on single-entry unmodifiable Map returns null instead of throwing NPE
8221658 aarch64: add necessary predicate for ubfx patterns
8221894 Add comments for docker tests in the test doc
8020637 Permissions.readObject doesn't enforce proper Class to PermissionCollection mappings
8222144 BuiltinClassLoader should create the CodeSource for jrt URLs lazily
8221535 add steal tick related information to hs_error file [linux]
8221584 SIGSEGV in os::PlatformEvent::unpark() in JvmtiRawMonitor::raw_exit while posting method exit event
8218458 [TESTBUG] runtime/NMT/ fails with Expected stack trace missing from output
8218049 Survivor MemoryMXBean used() size granularity is region based
8222105 Add "use_" prefix to G1Policy::adaptive_young_list_length
8218668 Clean up evacuation of optional collection set
8216551 GraalUnitTestLauncher should be executed as '@run driver'
8222130 Shenandoah should verify roots after pre-evacuation
8222133 Add temporary exceptions for root certs that are due to expire soon
8222086 CodeCache::UnloadingScope needs to preserve and restore previous IsUnloadingBehavior
8221730 jcmd process name matching broken
8222027 java/util/logging/LogManager/ generates intermittent ClassCastException
8222129 Shenandoah: Missing CompareAndSwapP/N case in get_barrier_strength()
8222125 Shenandoah: Crash when running with ShenandoahParallelSafepointThreads=1
8222089 [TESTBUG] sun/security/lib/cacerts/ fails due to cert within 90-day expiry window
8221907 make reconfigure breaks when configured with relative paths
8222111 exeCallerAccessTest.c fails to build: control reaches end of non-void function
8221995 AARCH64: problems with CAS instructions encoding
8221880 Better customization for Windows RC properties FileDescription and ProductName
8221529 [TESTBUG] Docker tests use old/deprecated image on AArch64
8222032 x86_32 fails with "wrong size of mach node" on AVX-512 machine
8221917 serviceability/sa/ fails on 32-bit platforms
8222082 Build of test/jdk/java/lang/reflect/exeCallerAccessTest/exeCallerAccessTest.c still failing on Windows
8222078 test/jdk/java/lang/reflect/exeCallerAccessTest/exeCallerAccessTest.c build fails after 8221530
8221530 Caller sensitive methods not handling caller = null when invoked by JNI code with no java frames on stack
8220282 Add MethodHandle tests on accessing final fields
8221871 javadoc should not set role=region on
8221882 Use fiber-friendly java.util.concurrent.locks in JSSE
8221997 fix headings in jdk.javadoc
8221597 A typo in the Java API doc for File.getUsableSpace()
8219993 AArch64: Compiled CI stubs are unsafely modified
8221477 Inject os/cpu-specific constants into Unsafe from JVM
8203364 Some serviceability/sa/ tests intermittently fail with LingeredApp terminated with non-zero exit code 3
8221539 [metaspace] Improve MetaspaceObj::is_metaspace_obj() and friends
8221833 Readability check in Symbol::is_valid not performed for some addresses
8221918 runtime/SharedArchiveFile/serviceability/ fails: Shared archive not found
8218547 Simplify JLI_Open on Windows in native code (libjli)
8219918 ProblemList hotspot tests failing in SAP testing.
8221470 Print methods in exception messages in java-like Syntax.
8221992 Fix old method replacement in ResolvedMethodTable
8163326 Update the default enabled cipher suites preference
8221921 Implement size() / isEmpty() in immutable collections
8221981 Simplify Map/List/Set.of() implementation
8221980 Simplify Optional implementation
8221996 Bootcycle build broken
8221848 Shenandoah: ArrayCopy post-barrier improvements
8221710 [TESTBUG] more configurable parameters for docker testing
8221766 Load-reference barriers for Shenandoah
8217728 Speed up incremental rerun of "make hotspot"
8219861 Add new keytool -showinfo -tls command for displaying TLS configuration information
8221325 Add information about swap space to print_memory_info() on MacOS
8221872 Remove uses of ClassLoaderWeakHandle typedef in protection domain table
8217610 TLSv1.3 fail with ClassException when EC keys are stored in PKCS11
8218483 Crash in "assert(_daemon_threads_count->get_value() > daemon_count) failed: thread count mismatch 5 : 5"
8221764 Reduce make Init.gmk logging overhead
8220664 Simplify ShenandoahUpdateHeapRefsClosure
8216539 tools/jar/modularJar/ times out
8221701 Archive constant BaseLocales
8221482 Initialize VMRegImpl::regName[] earlier to prevent assert during PrintStubCode
8221731 Fix doclint handling of accessibility heading in java.desktop
8220495 Update GIFlib library to the 5.1.8
8221436 Incorrect check of package in Line.Info.toString()
8220320 Remove unused old code in GraphicsEnvironment on unix
8215105 java/awt/Robot/HiDPIScreenCapture/ Wrong Pixel Color
8221244 Unexpected behavior of PropertyDescription.getReadMethod for boolean properties
8212904 JTextArea line wrapping incorrect when using UI scale
8217707 JNICALL declaration breaks Splash screen functions
8221412 lookupPrintServices() does not always update the list of Windows remote printers
8221411 NullPointerException in RasterPrinterJob without PrinterResolution
8217735 awt_image_GifImageDecoder_parseImage() "interlace" param has the wrong type
8220250 fix headings in java.desktop
8216971 [macosx swing] For JCheckBoxMenuItem actionPerformed() is called twice, when apple.laf.useScreenMenuBar=true and modifier is InputEvent.META_DOWN_MASK
8221405 Fix Windows 32bit awt build
8177960 Deprecate the Swing Motif Look and Feel and document it as unsupported on macOS
8221304 Problem list java/awt/FontMetrics/
8178335 fake pass: jdk/internal/ref/Cleaner/
8220792 Performance bottleneck in JavacFileManager.list()
8221437 assert(java_lang_invoke_ResolvedMethodName::vmtarget(resolved_method()) == m()) failed: Should not change after link resolution
8220602 Shenandoah-SA: Enable best-effort implementation of heap walk
8221875 Unquarantine Shenandoah string dedup tests
8221870 use driver to run CtwRunner in applications/ctw tests
8221102 Allow GC threads to participate in threads claiming protocol
8221782 [Graal] Module has not been granted
8221751 Shenandoah: Improve SATB enqueueing
8221762 Improve Main.gmk/FindTests.gmk bootstrap time
8221824 Build failure with MSVS 2013 after JDK-8218418
8189861 Refactor CacheFind
8221724 Enable archiving of Strings with hash 0
8221723 Avoid storing zero to String.hash
8221748 Remove unused oopDesc::is_unlocked_oop()
8221732 Introduce CollectedHeap::hash_oop()
8221648 Remove CollectedHeap::is_in_closed_subset()
8221541 clean up functions in CompilerOracle
8221801 Update src/java.base/share/legal/
8157404 Unable to read certain PKCS12 keystores from SequenceInputStream
8221763 Build fails when using --with-jvm-features=-g1gc,-jfr,-shenandoahgc
8168261 Use server cipher suites preference by default
8218418 (fs) Files.createSymbolicLink should use SYMBOLIC_LINK_FLAG_ALLOW_UNPRIVILEGED_CREATE (win)
8221517 G1: Reserved page size for heap can be wrong
8212627 [TESTBUG] runtime/CreateMirror/ timed out
8220671 Initialization race for non-JavaThread PtrQueues
8221703 Rmic build for has bad incremental behavior
8221558 Remove obsolete uses of OopStorage::ParState<'false, false> _par_state
8221149 os::malloc checks MallocCatchPtr outside of ifdef ASSERT block
8221146 ZGC: Reports too much relocated
8220610 Make CollectedHeap nmethod functions pure virtual
8174268 Declare a public field in JapaneseEra for the era starting May 2019
8205432 Replace the placeholder Japanese era name
8221366 Search box tries to search for "Search"
8219733 Restore javadoc header styles
8221750 Shenandoah: Enable ThreadLocalHandshake by default
8221183 Avoid code cache walk in MetadataOnStackMark
8221694 jstatLineCounts1 needs to be NaN resilient
8221735 Shenandoah fails ctw/modules/ with Traversal
8221726 Multiple build failures after JDK-8221698 (Remove redundant includes from popular header files)
8221725 AArch64 build failures after JDK-8221408 (Windows 32bit build build errors/warnings in hotspot)
8215599 Remove support for javadoc "frames" mode
8220707 [TESTBUG] serviceability/sa/ fails with jtreg -vmoption:-Xmx < 8g
8221610 Resurrect (legacy) JRE bundle target
8221698 Remove redundant includes from popular header files
8221257 Improve serial number generation mechanism for keytool -gencert
8221596 test/hotspot/jtreg/runtime/containers/docker/ failed with FileAlreadyExistsException
8221629 Shenandoah: Cleanup class unloading logic
8221643 Tighten up assert(_keep_alive >= 0) in CLD::inc_keep_alive
8220254 fix headings in java.xml
8221480 jcmd VM.metaspace shall print limits in basic mode
8221351 Crash in KlassFactory::check_shared_class_file_load_hook
8221118 Avoid eagerly creating JCDiagnostic for CompletionFailures
8221435 Shenandoah should not mark through weak roots
8221687 Deprecated j.u.jar.Attributes.Name attributes accidentally set to null
8221688 Quarantine Shenandoah string dedup tests
8221408 Windows 32bit build build errors/warnings in hotspot
8221621 FindTests.gmk cannot handle "=" in TEST.groups comments
8220016 Clean up redundant RSA services in the SunJSSE provider
8220632 Suggest recompiling with a larger value of -Xmaxerrs/-Xmaxwarns if diagnostics were suppressed
8221153 ZGC: Heap iteration and verification pollutes GC statistics
8221540 ZGC: Reduce width of zForwardingEntry::from_index field
8221394 Clean up ConcurrentGCThread
8221341 Update Graal
8157372 C2: Node::cmp() should return bool
8205934 Define jdk -source/-target version in version-numbers file
8220530 Build compare script does not compare the contents of the test image
8221395 HttpClient leaving connections in CLOSE_WAIT state until Java process ends
8220351 Cross-modifying code
8220786 Create new switch to redirect error reporting output to stdout or stderr
8221413 javac does not recognize variable assigned in switch expression as DA
8221398 Move test to subdir exceptionMsgs/
8221532 Incorrect copyright header in FileSystemSupport_md.c
8218727 vmTestbase/nsk/jvmti/scenarios/events/EM04/em04t001/ crash in native library
8221568 DataOutputStream/ fails due to "OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space"
8221533 Incorrect copyright header in, and
8220575 Replace hardcoded in URLs with new URI builder
8221531 Incorrect copyright header in src/java.base/windows/native/libnio/ch/FileChannelImpl.c
8220528 [AIX] Fix basic Xinerama and Xrender functionality
8221456 nmethod::make_unloaded() clears _method member too early
8221527 [TESTBUG] contains hard-coded reference to JDK 10
8219196 DataOutputStream.writeUTF may throw unexpected exceptions
8059357 ClassVerifier redundantly checks constant pool entries multiple times
8219612 compiler.codecache.stress.Helper.TestCaseImpl can't be defined in different runtime package as its nest host
8221524 java/util/Base64/ test should be disabled on 32-bit platforms
8221401 java/math/BigInteger/ test should be disabled on 32-bit platforms
8221400 java/lang/String/ test requests too much heap
8220198 Lots of com/sun/crypto/provider/Cipher tests fail on x86_32 due to missing SHA512 stubs
8221537 ZGC: Fix incorrect comment in zNMethod table entry layout
8221392 Reduce ConcurrentGCThreads spinning during start up
8221396 Clean up serviceability/sa/
8221479 Fix JFR profiling on s390
8220687 Add StandardJavaFileManager.getJavaFileObjectsFromPaths overload
8217347 [TESTBUG] runtime/appcds/jvmti/ timed out
8220633 Optimize CacheFSInfo
8216558 Lookup.unreflectSetter(Field) fails to throw IllegalAccessException for final fields
8221513 Add vmTestbase/nsk/jdb/eval/eval001/ to ProblemList.txt
8221342 [TESTBUG] Generate Dockerfile for docker testing
8204552 NMT: Separate thread stack tracking from virtual memory tracking
8221350 more monitor logging updates from Async Monitor Deflation project
8221483 fails due to "Multiple garbage collectors selected"
8219446 Specify behaviour of timeout accepting methods of Socket and ServerSocket if timeout is negative
8221414 Bump required boot jdk version to 12
8221407 Windows 32bit build error in libsunmscapi/security.cpp
8221406 Windows 32bit build error in NetworkInterface_winXP.c
8221473 Configuration::reads can use Set.copyOf
8221175 Fix bad function case for controlled JVM crash on PPC64 big-endian
8220794 PPC64: Fix signal handler for SIGSEGV on branch to illegal address
8221472 Fix HandshakeSuspendExitTest
8217690 Update public suffix version
8220570 Additonal trace when native thread creation fails
8218128 vmTestbase/nsk/jvmti/ResourceExhausted/resexhausted003 and 004 use wrong path to test classes
8220774 Add HandshakeALot diag option
8203026 java.rmi.NoSuchObjectException: no such object in table
8221083 [ppc64] Wrong oop compare in C1-generated code
8214712 Archive Attributes$Name.KNOWN_NAMES
8220682 Heap dumping and inspection fails with JDK-8214712
8221262 Cleanups in UnixFileSystem/WinNTFileSystem implementation classes
8217827 [Graal] Some vmTestbase/nsk/jvmti/ResourceExhausted tests failing
8221264 Refactor and update SourceVersion.latestSupported
8146986 JDI: Signature lookups for unprepared classes can take a long time
8221434 Fix typo in lib-x11 autoconf error message about missing headers
8221357 Update test documentation by deleting "cd test && make"
8221343 x86_32 crashes on startup with "_hwm out of range"
8216989 CardTableBarrierSetAssembler::gen_write_ref_array_post_barrier() does not check for zero length on AARCH64
8220445 Support for side by side MSVC Toolset versions
8221260 Initialize more class members on construction, remove some unused ones
8217362 Emergency dump does not work when disk=false is set
8219100 Improve do_collection_pause_at_safepoint
8220295 sun/tools/jps/ still timing out
8221164 jstatLineCounts tests need to be more resilient for NaN outputs
8221207 Redo JDK-8218446 - SuspendAtExit hangs
8221220 AArch64: Add StoreStore membar explicitly for Volatile Writes in TemplateTable
8220095 Assertion failure when symlink (with different name) is used for lib/modules file
8221363 Build failure after JDK-8220240 (Refactor shared dirty card queue)
8220240 Refactor shared dirty card queue
8218399 runtime/RedefineObject/ timeout
8218889 Improperly use of the Optional API
8220224 With CLDR provider, NumberFormat.format could not handle locale with number extension correctly.
8078860 (spec)[] b, int off, int len) claims to not affect element b[off]
8221179 Zero builds fail when linking with gold and bundling
8217564 idempotent protection missing in crc32c.h
8221219 ZGC: Remove ZStallOnOutOfMemory option
8221212 ZGC: Command-line flags should be marked experimental
8221252 (sc) SocketChannel and its socket adaptor need to handle connection reset
8218914 Support fonts installed per-user on Windows 10
7106851 Test should not use System.exit
8216353 Use utility APIs introduced in org/netbeans/jemmy/util/LookAndFeel class in client sanity test cases
8219552 bump jtreg requiredVersion to b14 in test/jdk/sanity/client/
8218854 FontMetrics.getMaxAdvance may be less than the maximum FontMetrics.charWidth
8219504 Test for JDK-8211435 can be run on all platforms
8215396 JTabbedPane preferred size calculation is wrong for SCROLL_TAB_LAYOUT
8218674 HTML Tooltip with "img=src" on component doesn't show
8214112 The whole text in target JPasswordField image are not selected
8214253 Tooltip is transparent rather than having a black background
8061381 [macosx] Accelerators does not spelled for JMenuItems by Voice Over
8210782 Upgrade HarfBuzz to the latest 2.3.1
8213110 Remove the use of applets in automatic tests
8214109 XToolkit is not correctly displayed color on 16-bit high color setting
8211322 Reduce the timeout of tooltip in SwingSet2DemoTest
8200286 (testbug) MOptionTest test fails with java.lang.AssertionError: Classfiles too old!
8220451 jdi/EventQueue/remove/remove004 failed due to "ERROR: thread2 is not alive"
8220714 C2 Compilation failure when accessing off-heap memory using Unsafe
8221278 Shenandoah should not enqueue string dedup candidates during root scan
8221273 put sun/security/pkcs11/tls/tls12/ on ProblemList.txt
8221270 Duplicated synchronized keywords in SSLSocketImpl
8218401 WRONG_PHASE: vmTestbase/nsk/jvmti test crash
8170494 JNI exception pending in PlainDatagramSocketImpl.c
8211941 Enable checking/ignoring of non-conforming Class-Path entries
8220674 [TESTBUG] MetricsMemoryTester failcount test in docker container only works with debug JVMs
8221259 New tests for to exercise long standing behavior
8221172 SunEC specific test is not limited to SunEC
8221096 Description of -XX:+PrintFlagsRanges is incorrect
8220753 Re-introduce the test case for TLS 1.2 algorithms in SunPKCS11 crypto provider
8220784 hsdis cannot be built with MinGW64
8220658 Improve the readability of container information in the error log
8172695 (scanner) java/util/Scanner/ fails
8221208 Backout JDK-8218446
8221180 Deprecate AllowJNIEnvProxy
8220249 fix headings in java.compiler
8218446 SuspendAtExit hangs
8220389 Update Graal
8221098 Run java/net/URL/ in othervm mode
8211100 hotspot C1 issue with comparing long numbers on x86 32-bit
8153508 ContentHandler API contains link to private contentPathProp
8219958 Automatically load taglets from a jar file
8147502 Digest is incorrectly truncated for ECDSA signatures when the bit length of n is less than the field size
8220744 Move RedefineTests to from runtime to serviceability
8218975 Bug in macOSX kernel's pthread support
8217766 Container Support doesn't work for some Join Controllers combinations
8212528 Wrong cgroup subsystem being used for some CPU Container Metrics
8219562 Line of code in osContainer_linux.cpp L102 appears unreachable
8220690 ATTRIBUTE_ALIGNED requires GNU extensions enabled
8220613 java/util/Arrays/ times out with fastdebug build
8220663 Incorrect handling of IPv6 addresses in Socket(Proxy.HTTP)
8220355 Improve assertion texts and exception messages in eventHandlerVMInit
8220781 linux-s390 : os::get_summary_cpu_info gives bad output
8170705 sun/net/www/protocol/http/ fails intermittently with Invalid Http response
8220812 gc/shenandoah/options/ fails if default GC is serial/parallel/cms
8220410 sun/security/tools/jarsigner/warnings/ failed with missing expected output
8218723 Use SunJCE Mac in SecretKeyFactory PBKDF2 implementation
8220693 jdk/javadoc/doclet/MetaTag/ with unexpected date
8220737 Jib based 32 bit windows builds fail
8220780 ShenandoahBS::AccessBarrier::oop_store_in_heap ignores AS_NO_KEEPALIVE
8220609 Cleanups in ScavengableNMethods
8220606 Move ScavengableNMethods unlinking to unregister_nmethod
8220579 [Containers] out of sync with osContainer_linux.cpp
8220601 ZGC: Delete ZNMethodTableEntry arrays using ZSafeDelete
8220600 ZGC: Delete ZPages using ZSafeDelete
8220599 ZGC: Introduce ZSafeDelete
8220597 ZGC: Convert ZForwarding to use ZAttachedArray
8220596 ZGC: Convert ZNMethodData to use ZAttachedArray
8220595 ZGC: Introduce ZAttachedArray
8220594 ZGC: Remove superfluous ZPage::is_active()
8220593 ZGC: Remove superfluous ZPage::is_detached()
8220592 ZGC: Move destruction of detached ZPages into ZPageAllocator
8220591 ZGC: Don't delay reclaimation of ZVirtualMemory
8220590 ZGC: Remove ZPages from ZPageTable when freed
8220589 ZGC: Remove superfluous ZPageTableEntry
8220588 ZGC: Convert ZRelocationSet to hold ZForwardings instead of ZPages
8220587 ZGC: Break out forwarding information from ZPage
8220586 ZGC: Move relocation logic from ZPage to ZRelocate
8220741 ZGC: Move CPU agnostic files from linux_x86 to linux
8220569 ZGC: Rename and rework ZUnmapBadViews to ZVerifyViews
8220719 Allow other named NetPermissions to be used
8220684 Process.waitFor(long, TimeUnit) can return false for a process that exited within the timeout
6307456 UnixFileSystem_md.c use of chmod() and access() should handle EINTR signal appropriately (unix)
8220493 Prepare Socket/ServerSocket for alternative platform SocketImpl
8220738 (sc) Move ServerSocketChannelImpl remaining native method to Net
8220555 JFR tool shows potentially misleading message when it cannot access a file
8220745 Fix problemlist entry to refer to 8220613
8219876 (bf) Improve IndexOutOfBoundsException messages in $Type$Buffer classes
8220512 Deoptimize redefinition functions that have dirty ICs
8220704 ZGC: gc tests complain Java heap too small
8220093 Change to GCC 8.2 for building on Linux at Oracle
8213912 Semantic typo in
8179549 Typo in network properties documentation
8220712 [TESTBUG] gc/shenandoah/compiler/TestMaybeNullUnsafeAccess should run with Shenandoah enabled
8220678 unquarantine nsk/jdi/ThreadReference/setEnabled/setenabled003
8220611 compiler/classUnloading/methodUnloading/ timeout
8219139 move hotspot tests from test/jdk/vm
8218812 vmTestbase/nsk/jvmti/GetAllThreads/allthr001/ failed
8220689 problem list RandomCommandsTest in graal runs
8220249 fix headings in java.compiler
8219628 [TESTBUG] javadoc/doclet/InheritDocForUserTags fails with -othervm
8219691 method summary table head should be enclosed in
8220379 Fix doclint handling of headings
8220676 [TESTBUG] ProblemList TestCPUSets until the test issue is resolved
8220366 Optimize Symbol handling in ClassVerifier and SignatureStream
8220644 Align required/found pairs in diagnostics
8220281 IBM-858 alias name is missing on IBM00858 charset
8220378 Unused Names constants
8220614 (bf) Buffer absolute slice methods should use Objects.checkFromIndexSize()
8220628 Move the HeapMonitor library to C++
8218166 com/sun/jdi/ failure
8220252 Fix Headings in java.naming
8220502 Inefficient pre-sizing of PhiResolverState arrays in c1_LIRGenerator
8219579 Remove redundant signature parsing from the verifier
8219585 [TESTBUG] sun/management/jmxremote/bootstrap/ passes trivially when it shouldn't
8220343 Move scavenge_root_nmethods from shared code
8220342 Remove scavenge_root_nmethods_do from VM_HeapWalkOperation::collect_simple_roots
8220411 Remove ScavengeRootsInCode=0 code
8220374 C2: LoopStripMining doesn't strip as expected
8220660 [s390]: debug build broken after JDK-8220301
8220566 AArch64: Set default vm features for Ampere eMAG CPUs
8220598 Malformed copyright year range in a few files in java.base
8193277 SimpleFileObject inconsistency between getName and getShortName
8220634 SymLinkArchiveTest should handle not being able to create symlinks
8220352 Crash with assert(external_guard || result != __null) failed: Invalid JNI handle
8220345 Use appropriate type for G1RemSetScanState::IsDirtyRegionState
8220301 Remove jbyte use in CardTable
8219882 [AOT] Develop regression test for 8218859
8219197 ThreadGroup.enumerate() may return wrong value
8219597 (bf) Heap buffer state changes could provoke unexpected exceptions
8220253 Fix Headings in java.sql.rowset
8220585 Incorrect code in MulticastSocket sample code
8220546 Shenandoah Reports timing details for weak root processing
8220496 Race in java_lang_String::length() when deduplicating
8219517 assert(false) failed: infinite loop in PhaseIterGVN::optimize
6504660 HPI panic callback is dead code
8160247 Mark deprecated APIs with forRemoval=true
8220475 Malformed copyright header in, and MacOSXSocketOptions.c
8220227 Host Locale Provider getDisplayCountry returns error message under non-English Win10
8220480 Typo in documentation
8219634 ZGC: Rename ZAddressRangeMap to ZGranuleMap
8219633 ZGC: Rename ZPageSizeMin to ZGranuleSize
8219817 Remove unused CollectedHeap::block_size()
8219816 Add IsArray/RemoveExtent type traits utilities
8220504 Move definition of JAVA_VERSION_INFO_RESOURCE to Launcher-java.base.gmk
8170639 [Linux] jsig is limited to a maximum of 64 signals
8220258 fix headings in java.smartcardio
8220256 fix headings in
8220244 vmTestbase/nsk/jvmti/scenarios/sampling/SP06/sp06t003 hasn't been un-problemlisted
8220083 Use InetAddress.getLoopbackAddress() in place of for some tests
8212206 Refactor AdaptiveSizePolicy to separate out code related to GC overhead
8218074 Update Graal
8220529 JDK-8220383 broke test image build
8220005 java/util/Arrays/ times out
8220237 ProcessBuilder API documentation typo
8220474 Incorrect GPL header in src/java.instrument/share/classes/java/lang/instrument/
8220257 fix headings in java.instrument
8217576 C1 atomic access handlers use incorrect decorators
8220515 Revert removal of for_each_lock_value removal
8220383 Incremental build is broken and inefficient
8220262 fix headings in java.logging
8220501 Improve c1_ValueStack locks handling
8220344 Build failures when using --with-jvm-features=-g1gc,-jfr
8220363 hotspot-ide project fails
8220294 ZGC fails to build on GCC 4.4.7: Type parameter issue
8013728 nsk/jdi/BScenarios/hotswap/tc10x001 Unrecognized Windows Sockets error: 0: recv failed
8220441 [PPC64] Clobber memory effect missing for memory barriers in atomics
8184315 Typo in method documentation
8220341 Class redefinition fails with assert(!is_unloaded()) failed: unloaded method on the stack
8214922 Add vectorization support for fmin/fmax
8219721 jcmd from earlier release will hang attaching to VM with JDK-8215622 applied
8220407 compiler/intrinsics/math/ timedout
8213008 Cipher with UNWRAP_MODE should support the generation of an AES key type
8219705 Wrong media-type for a given serialization method
8220202 Simplify/standardize method naming for HtmlTree
8220346 Refactor java.lang.Throwable to use Objects.requireNonNull
8220444 Shenandoah should use parallel version of WeakProcessor in root processor for weak roots
8220331 Remove extra spaces in copyright header
8220420 Cleanup c1_LinearScan
8220409 jdk/modules/scenarios/overlappingpackages/ - testOverlapWithBaseModule tests the wrong thing
8220414 Correct copyright headers in and
8074817 Resolve disabled warnings for libverify
8218201 Failures when vmIntrinsics::_getClass is not inlined
8220087 Remove remnants of HTML4 support
8217254 CompactNumberFormat:: CompactNumberFormat​() constructor does not comply with spec.
8219632 Remove reference to com.sun.javadoc API in RemoveOldDoclet test
8217417 Decorator name typo: C2_TIGHLY_COUPLED_ALLOC
8220162 Shenandoah should not commit HugeTLBFS memory
8220153 Shenandoah does not work with TransparentHugePages properly
8220350 Refactor ShenandoahHeap::initialize
8219685 Startup failure: assert(!Universe::is_module_initialized()) failed: Incorrect java.lang.Module pre module system initialization
8220368 Update String.indexOf to test all the C2 intrinsics
8219860 Cleanup ClassFileParser::parse_linenumber_table
8220334 Fix copyright header text
8220323 Fix copyright header text
8220377 Unused field SourceFileObject.flatname
8220313 [TESTBUG] Update base image for Docker testing to OL 7.6
8219642 ciReplay loads wrong data when MethodData size changes
8220353 [TESTBUG] TestRegisterRestoring uses SafepointALot without UnlockDiagnosticVMOptions
8220085 runtime/CompressedOops/ times out on Windows intermittently
8220173 assert(_handle_mark_nesting > 1) failed: memory leak: allocating handle outside HandleMark
8220290 gc/arguments/ fails after JDK-8215221 with CMS
8219584 Try to dump error file by thread which causes safepoint timeout
8220283 ZGC fails to build on GCC 4.4.7: ATTRIBUTE_ALIGNED compatibility issue
8220165 Encryption using GCM results in RuntimeException- input length out of bound
8219997 [TESTBUG] Create test for JFR events in Docker container: CPU, Memory and Process Info
8219448 split-if update_uses accesses stale idom data
8218948 SimpleDateFormat :: format - Zone Names are not reflected correctly during run time
8213448 [TESTBUG] enhance jfr/jvm/TestDumpOnCrash
8218618 Program fails when using JDK addressed by UNC path and using Security Manager
8217216 Launcher does not defend itself against LD_LIBRARY_PATH_64 (Solaris)
8217561 X86: Add floating-point Math.min/max intrinsics
8220159 Optimize various RegMask operations by introducing watermarks
8201252 unquarantine nsk/jdi/ThreadReference/resume/resume001
8215221 Serial GC misreports young GC time
8220050 Deprecate -XX:-ThreadLocalHandshakes
8220228 Improve Shenandoah pacing histogram message
8219651 compiler/ciReplay/ is failing on windows
8163511 Allocation of compile task fails with assert: "Leaking compilation tasks?"
8219713 Reduce work in DefaultMethods::generate_default_methods
8218464 vmTestbase/nsk/jdi/VirtualMachine/allThreads/allthreads001/ failed
8219650 [Testbug] Fix potential crashes in new test hotspot gtest "test_print_hex_dump"
8219214 Infinite Loop in CodeSection::dump()
8220151 SafepointTracing::end_of_last_safepoint_ms should return ms since epoch.
8219519 Remove and
8220211 Small update to Fix generation of VNNI vector code by allowing adjacent LoadS nodes to be isomorphic (JDK-8216580)
8219613 Use NonJavaThread PtrQueues
8216580 Fix generation of VNNI vector code by allowing adjacent LoadS nodes to be isomorphic
8218167 nsk/jvmti/scenarios/sampling/SP02/sp02t003 fails
8220030 failed due to "Unexpected IO error while writing command 'quit' to jdb stdin stream"
8219946 Set class on body elements
8220164 Fix build instructions for AIX
8220161 Shenandoah does not need to initialize PLABs for safepoint workers
8219920 dependency help output in configure-step : support zypper tool
8217878 ENVELOPING XML signature no longer works in JDK 11
8220155 JDK-8219971 broke hotspot build
8219906 Update test documentation with default test jobs settings
8219971 Introduce SetupExecute in build system
8219974 REDO JDK-8219492: Restore static callsite resolution for the current class
8219986 Change to Xcode 10.1 for building on Macosx at Oracle
8219988 Change to Visual Studio 2017 15.9.6 for building on Windows at Oracle
8219801 Pages do not have

8219513 compiler/codegen/aes/ timeout on Solaris-sparc
8219888 aarch64: add CPU detection code for HiSilicon TSV110
4903717 nsk/jdi/ThreadReference/isSuspended/issuspended002 failing
8219856 Spell out G1CollectorPolicy::is_hetero_heap
8219748 Add and use getter for the timing object in G1
8219747 Remove g1_ prefix to g1_remset and g1_policy members in G1CollectedHeap
8219369 Add named constants for iterating ExtRootScan phases
8218880 G1 crashes when issuing a periodic GC while the GCLocker is held
8217868 Crash for overlap between source path and patch module path
8219619 Remove UseFakeTimers and related code
8219976 GarbageCollectionNotificationInfo always says "No GC" when running Shenandoah
8214854 JDWP: Unforseen output truncation in logging
8219994 fails with unexpected
8218228 The constructor StringBuffer(CharSequence) violates spec for negatively sized argument
8219803 Nodeca Pako license text needs to be inserted in JSZip license text
8219919 RuntimeStub name lost with PrintFrameConverterAssembly
8219990 Backout JDK-8219658
8219582 PPC: Crash after C1 checkcast patched and GC
8215430 Remove the internal package
8219969 Backout JDK-8219492
8218988 Improve metaspace verifications
8219915 [TESTBUG] Fix test langtools/tools/javac/processing/model/completionfailure/ in Standalone mode
8219746 Provide virtualization related info in the hs_error file on linux ppc64 / ppc64le
8209413 AArch64: NPE in clhsdb jstack command
8219951 Build failure on Mac and Windows after JDK-8219922
8219492 Restore static callsite resolution for the current class
8219890 Calendar.getDisplayName() returns empty string for new Japanese Era on some locales
8218266 G1 crash in AccessInternal::PostRuntimeDispatch
8219922 Simplify and optimize IndexSetIterator::next using count_trailing_zeros
8207367 10 vmTestbase/nsk/jdi tests timed out when running with jtreg
5071718 (bf) Add ByteBuffer.slice(int offset, int length)
8219658 Deadlock in
8219798 [deadcode] remove src/hotspot/share/prims/evmCompat.cpp
8219565 [deadcode] remove share/utilities/intHisto.*
8212932 [TESTBUG] Clean up TestVirtualSpaceNode test
8219789 [TESTBUG] produces hs_err_pidXXXXX.log file for VMThreadStackSize=9007199254740991
8219857 Shenandoah GC may initialize thread's gclab twice
8219714 [testbug] com/sun/jdi/RedefineNestmateAttr/ must pass classpath to subprocess
8219712 code_size2 (defined in stub_routines_x86.hpp) is too small on new Skylake CPUs
8216259 AArch64: Vectorize Adler32 intrinsics
8219723 javax/net/ssl/compatibility/ failed on some SNI cases
8218726 Minor Throwable.printStackTrace() typos
8183107 PKCS11 regression regarding checkKeySize
8219805 Cross-link javax.lang.model. packages to utility interfaces
8219698 aarch64: SIGILL triggered when specifying unsupported hardware features
8219802 Problem list java/net/MulticastSocket/
8215009 GCC 8 compilation error in libjli
8213781 web page background renders blue in JEditorPane
8212202 [Windows] Exception if no printers are installed.
8213071 [macos] The focus disappears after pressing return to close the "That was a pretty good movie!" dialog.
8190361 Incorrect version info in jaccessinspector.exe and jaccesswalker.exe
8219156 RTFEditorKit writes background color but doesn't read
8219814 Help-info for pns(...) on Linux/mips lost
8219630 cleanup hotspot ostream.cpp
8218780 Update MUSCLE PCSC-Lite header files
8181383 com/sun/jdi/ fails intermittently with bind failed: Address already in use
8219635 aarch64: missing LoadStore barrier in TemplateTable::fast_storefield
8219548 Better Null paramenter checking in ToolProvider
8219378 Ensure ReflectionFactory.langReflectAccess is initialized correctly
8219664 LogCompilation: java.lang.Error: Unexpected method mismatch during late inlining
8181171 Deleting method for RedefineClasses breaks ResolvedMethodName
8218913 Rename --strip-debug jlink plugin
8219638 ZGC: Free ZNMethodDataOops under a lock
8218974 Free GC native structures in nmethod::flush
8209175 Handle 'B' character introduced in CLDR 33 JDK update for Burmese (my) locale
8219577 Returning NULL in a function which returns bools
8219143 jdb should support breakpoint thread filters
8219675 Disable harfbuzz warnings with gcc 8
8215524 Finished message validation failure should be decrypt_error alert
8219561 Update jdeprscan to avoid the need for start-of-release changes
8219553 [TESTBUG] Problem list JFR TestPeriod test
8159525 Add @FunctionalInterface annotation to PrivilegedAction and PrivilegedExceptionAction
8214756 SA should ignore archived java heap objects that are not in use
8218811 replace open by os::open in hotspot coding
8208278 [mlvm] [TESTBUG] Deadlocked threads are not always detected
8219480 j.l.c.ClassDesc::arrayType(int rank) throws IllegalArgumentException if rank = 0
8219583 Windows build failure after JDK-8214777 (Avoid some GCC 8.X strncpy() errors in HotSpot)
8219611 Remove superfluous sigfillset code
8209807 improve handling exception in requires.VMProps
8219571 ProblemList serviceability/sa/
8078725 method adjustments can be done just once for all classes involved into redefinition
8219158 use 'test.root' property instead of traversing test-src path
8048192 (bf) Out of direct buffer memory message should include the limits
8011135 (bf) CharBuffer.put(String) is slow because of String.charAt() call for each char
8219417 bump jtreg requiredVersion to b14
8219574 Minimal VM build failure after JDK-8219414
8219554 Redundant lookup_common in SymbolTable::add
8217647 JFR: recordings on 32-bit systems unreadable
8219575 jdk/javadoc/tool/removeOldDoclet/RemoveOldDoclet test fails in mach5
8219436 Safepoint logs correction and misc
8219469 ZGC: Extract functions out from ZNMethodTable into new ZNMethod class
8219468 ZGC: Extract iteration functionality into a new ZNMethodTableIteration class
8219467 ZGC: Move ZNMethodData to its own file
8219466 ZGC: Extract allocation functionality into a new ZNMethodAllocator class
8219464 ZGC: Move nmethod oop properties from ZNMethodTableEntry to ZNMethodData
8219573 Add NMethodClosure
8219463 ZGC: Remove redundant ZNMethodTable::_iter_lock
8219462 ZGC: Use wait/notify in ZNMethodTable
8219247 Enable inlining of newly introduced PlatformMonitor methods
8215584 Remove support for the "old" doclet API in com/sun/javadoc
8218751 Do not store original classfiles inside the CDS archive
8219558 jdk/javadoc tests fail with missing headings: h1
8214777 Avoid some GCC 8.X strncpy() errors in HotSpot
8216170 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: directories not supported
8219497 Unused parameter in HtmlDocletWriter::printHtmlDocument
8215307 Pages do not have

8219254 Update explicit uses of latest source/target in langtools tests to a property
8218960 CONFIG level logging statements printed in even when default log Level is INFO
8216363 NullPointerException in java.util.logging.Handler#isLoggable
8219335 "failed: unexpected type" assert failure in ConnectionGraph::split_unique_types() with unsafe accesses
8153413 Exceptions::_throw always logs exceptions, penalizing performance
8219524 Shenandoah misreports "committed" size in MemoryMXBean
8219414 SA: jhsdb jsnap throws UnmappedAddressException with core generated by gcore
8219388 Misleading log message "issuspended002a debuggee launched"
8219486 Missing reg_mask_init() breaks x86_32 build
8219460 ppc: adjust NativeGeneralJump::insert_unconditional to stack allocated MacroAssembler
8213354 Support package-specific stylesheets
8168069 X509TrustManagerImpl causes ClassLoader leaks with unparseable extensions
8217765 Internal Error (javaCalls.cpp:61) guarantee(thread->can_call_java()) failed
8218998 Add metadata to generated API documentation files
8218995 Deprecate the -XX:FailOverToOldVerifier option
8219476 cleanup hotspot ProblemList
8215622 Add dump to file support for jmap –histo
8219395 integrate gcov w/ run-test
8216597 SIGBUS in Java_sun_security_pkcs11_wrapper_PKCS11_getNativeKeyInfo after JDK-6913047
5029431 (bf) Add absolute bulk put and get methods
8214719 Deprecate -Xverify:none option
8219389 Delegated task created by SSLEngine throws BufferUnderflowException
8219142 Remove unused JIMAGE_ResourcePath
8203232 Shenandoah: Resolve oops in SATB filter
8219370 NMT: Move synchronization primitives from mtInternal to mtSynchronizer
8219441 test_logMessageTest missing static storage
8219244 NMT: Change ThreadSafepointState's allocation type from mtInternal to mtThread
8167548 [TESTBUG] Logging tests put log files in source tree
8218767 ZGC: Do not assume that r12 is a special register in C2
8219332 ZGC: Improve ZRootsIteratorClosure abstraction
8219331 ZGC: Unify TLAB retire/remap handling
8217909 Make unused r12 register (without compressed oops) available to regalloc in C2
8218287 jshell tool: input behavior unstable after 12-ea+24 on Windows
8219098 Make output of region strings more regular in error messages
8219229 Make ConstantPool::tag_at and release_tag_at_put inlineable
8218965 aix: support xlclang++ in the compiler detection
8219132 switch to jtreg4.2-b14
8219394 Missing FIXPATH in microbenchmark test runner
8219393 Add native library support for microbenchmarks
8219391 extend gcov support to llvm/clang
8065262 (bf spec) CharBuffer.chars() should make it clearer that the sequence starts from the buffer position
8218135 Redo: Add ppc64le and s390x profiles to jib-profiles.js
8217032 Check pandoc capabilities in configure
8211016 make images does not update jdk/lib/ with latest changes
8219129 Allow overriding of license files in legal dir
8218947 jdb threads command should print threadID in decimal, not hex
8219151 Illegal instruction exception on JDK 12 due to incorrect CPU feature bits
8219368 Quarantine runtime/NMT/ test
4887513 Typo in RMIFailureHandler interface doc page
8219228 java/util/Base64/ failing on 8GB test machine
8219097 Move comment about using weak code blobs closure for code root scanning to correct place
8218920 Scan HCC should be on the same level as Update RS etc. in the log
8218672 AOT code root scanning shows in the wrong position in the logs
8218978 SA: Enable more ZGC testing
8218970 SA: Enable HeapHprofBinWriter for ZGC
8218922 SA: Enable best-effort implementation of live regions iteration for ZGC
8219003 SA: Refactor live regions iteration in preparation for JDK-8218922
8218746 SA: Implement discontiguous bitmap for ZGC
8218743 SA: Add support for large bitmaps
8218734 SA: Incorrect and raw loads of OopHandles
8218733 SA: CollectedHeap provides broken implementation for used() and capacity()
8218732 SA: Resolves ZPageAllocator::_physical incorrectly
8218731 SA: Use concrete class the as return type of VMObjectFactory.newObject
8219112 name_and_sig_as_C_string usages in frame_s390 miss ResourceMark
8218721 C1's CEE optimization produces safepoint poll with invalid debug information
8212678 Windows IME related patch
8218473 JOptionPane display issue with GTKLookAndFeel
8218479 JTextPane display issue with GTKLookAndFeel
8218469 JSlider display issue with slider for GTKLookAndFeel
8218682 [TEST_BUG] DashOffset fails in mach5
8218599 Add test group jdk_client_sanity under jdk_desktop group
8215130 Fix errors in LittleCMS 2.9 reported by GCC 8
8217263 Automate DashOffset test
8207938 At step6,Click Add button,case failed automatically.
8216592 Removal of the class sun.awt.AWTSecurityManager
8214363 HeapWord should not be a fake class
8219157 vm/mlvm/mixed/stress/java/findDeadlock should be problem-listed only on mac
8219232 Unit of concurrent active time logging is wrong
8218991 s390: Add intrinsic for GHASH algorithm
8217389 JTREG: Clean up, remove unused variable warnings
8217385 JTREG: Clean up, make sure to close resources
8219095 [testbug] Add @key headful to com/sun/java/swing/plaf/windows/
8216049 stringTable::intern creates redundant String when looking up existing one
8204551 Event descriptions are truncated in logs
8219011 Implement MacroAssembler::warn method on AArch64
8218941 jdb should support a dbgtrace command that acts the same as the dbgtrace command line option
8215249 Miscellaneous changes imported from jsr166 CVS 2019-02
8215363 needless signals in ForkJoinPool
8215359 InnocuousForkJoinWorkerThread.setContextClassLoader needlessly throws
8195057 java/util/concurrent/CountDownLatch/ failed w/ Xcomp
8219006 AArch64: Register corruption in slow subtype check
8218851 JVM crash in custom classloader stress test, JDK 12 & 13
8203469 Faster safepoints
8079353 [TESTBUG] runtime/CompressedOops/ failed on Windows when getting disjoint instead of zero based coops
8217381 Incovenient errors reported when annotation processor generates source file and errors in the same round
8219002 Some comments and error messages refer to VMDisconnectException
8214947 Assertion error in test: StringCompressInflateTest
8219074 [TESTBUG] runtime/containers/docker/ typo of printing parameters (period should be shares)
8218471 does not correctly invoke
8218939 vm/mlvm/anonloader/stress/byteMutation crashed on windows
8161334 C2: Cast nodes hinder memory alias analysis
8218874 C2: Unsafe to access PhaseIdealLoop outside of constructors
8218879 Keep track of memory accesses originated from Unsafe
8218758 [TESTBUG] compiler/cha/ misses recompilation event
8218881 C2: StaticFinalFieldPrinter doesn't handle T_ARRAY values in T_OBJECT fields
8218935 Make jfr strncpy uses GCC 8.x friendly
8218937 Make mlvmJvmtiUtils strncpy uses GCC 8.x friendly
8209455 [error-prone] JdkObsolete in
4919790 Errors in alert ssl message does not reflect the actual certificate status
8218192 Remove copy constructor for MemRegion
8183004 Remove code related to gtest death tests from assert macro
8187697 Cleanup: irrelevant code in OutputPropertiesFactory
8201544 Improve javac command line parsing and error reporting
8218944 Fix failed for JDK-8218936
8217289 compiler/graalunit/ failed with InvalidInstalledCodeException
8087128 C2: Disallow definition split on MachCopySpill nodes
8216360 Deprecate -XX:CompilationPolicyChoice
8218753 Obsolete nonproduct flag ProfilerCheckIntervals
8218936 Test fails in Internet environment
8218089 Rename DirtyCardQueue et al to follow usual G1 naming conventions
8217998 Remove method_type field associated with the appendix field of an indy or method handle call
8218004 Clean up terminology for shared methods within the JVM for indy and condy support
8195060 vm/mlvm/anonloader/stress/byteMutation intermittently times out
8214582 RuntimeException: Could not detect port from ''
8218702 [TESTBUG] com/sun/jdi/ does not report debuggee errors
8218882 NET_Writev is declared, NET_WriteV is defined
8218888 keytool -genkeypair should not have the -destalias option
8218755 Refix Symbol leak in prepend_host_package_name
8212988 add recent class unloading events to the hs_err log
8218695 problem list tests failing with Graal
8218807 Compilation database (compile_commands.json) may contain obsolete items
8215790 Delegated task created by SSLEngine throws java.nio.BufferUnderflowException
8217835 Remove the experimental SunJSSE FIPS compliant mode
8218754 JDK-8068225 regression in JDIBreakpointTest
8145845 [AOT] NullPointerException in compiler/whitebox/
8218738 Remove dead code in Symbol and friends
8218136 minor hotspot adjustments for xlclang++ from xlc16 on AIX
8218413 make reconfigure ignores configure-time AUTOCONF environment variable
8218675 Reduce verification overhead in ClassFileParser
8216608 Obsolete stale compiler flags
8214236 should be changed
8218680 G1 crashes during calculation of old collection set candidates
8217383 Obsolete UseImplicitStableValues
8218562 handle HOTSPOT_BUILD_COMPILER for clang/xlclang and cleanup HOTSPOT_BUILD_COMPILER settings
8212828 (process) Change the Process launch mechanism default on Linux to be posix_spawn
8201633 Problems with AES-GCM native acceleration
8218554 HttpServer: allow custom handlers to request that the connection be closed after the exchange.
8217874 Shenandoah: Clobbered register in ShenandoahBarrierSetAssembler::cmpxchg_oop()
8068225 nsk/jdi/EventQueue/remove_l/remove_l005 intermittently times out
8218736 Build warning in lib/JvmFlags.gmk: extraneous text after 'ifeq' directive
8180569 Refactor sun/security/krb5/ shell tests to plain java tests
8182117 Document Zip File System Properties
8218715 [TESTBUG] TestUseOptoBiasInliningWithoutEliminateLocks needs to unlock WhiteBoxAPI
8218705 Test sun/tools/jcmd/ fails on Linux
8193234 When using -Xcheck:jni an internally allocated buffer can leak
8218692 Switch to JCov build which supports byte code version 57
8210280 Unnecessary reallocation when invoking HashMap.putAll()
8200109 NMT: diff_malloc_site assert(early->flags() == current->flags(), "Must be the same memory type")
8218580 endpoint identification algorithm should be case-insensitive
8205654 serviceability/dcmd/framework/ timed out
8217990 C2 UseOptoBiasInlining: load of markword optimized to 0 if running with -XX:-EliminateLocks
8218593 Symbol leak in prepend_host_package_name
8217328 Rename CollectionSetChooser to G1CollectionSetChooser
8217330 Split G1CollectionSetChooser into collection set candidate container and the chooser algorithm
8217778 StringTable cleanup miscalculates amount of dead objects
8218662 Allow 204 responses with Content-Length:0
8218546 Unable to connect to using
8216263 Add historical data for JDK 12
8218630 CreateSymbols includes class and module headers unnecessarily.
8217335 Add a script to generate --release data
8217332 JTREG: Clean up, use generics instead of raw types
8217329 JTREG: Clean up, remove unused imports in gc folder
8218411 JDK 12 L10n resource file update msg drop 20
8217352 Remove EA from version string starting with Initial RC promotion
8218601 [AOT] Crash in AOTCodeHeap::mark_evol_dependent_methods
8218169 [AOT] Segmentation fault when running java with AOTed Graal in -Xcomp mode on windows
8218625 Remove dead code in relocInfo
8218558 NMT stack traces in output should show mt component for virtual memory allocations
8218553 Enhance keystore load debug output
8218431 Improved platform checking in makefiles
8218565 HandleMark cleanup
8214823 Javadoc cleanup of java.awt.desktop package
8212677 X11 default visual support for IM status window on VNC
8216318 The usage of Disposer in the java.awt.Robot can be deleted
8217464 Remove resolved client bugs from the ProblemList.txt
8214918 Unify GraphicsEnvironment.getCenterPoint()/getMaximumWindowBounds() across the platforms
8214076 Cleanup the code related to GraphicsEnvironment/Device/Configuration
8217235 Create automated test for SwingSet ColorChooserDemoTest
8217377 javax/swing/JPopupMenu/6583251/ failed with UnsupportedOperation exception
8217297 Add support for multiple look and feel for SwingSet SliderDemoTest
8211885 Duplicate id declarations in java.awt.geom.Path2D
8214765 All TrayIcon MessageType icons does not show up with gtk3 option set
8214111 There is no icon in all JOptionPane target image
8214471 Enable different look and feel tests in SwingSet3 demo test ToolTipDemoTest
8214252 Expanded & Collapsed nodes of a JTree look the same on GTK3
8218581 Incorrect exception message generation
8218461 test/jdk/java/lang/invoke/VarHandles should be generated rather than manually edited
8218579 add hotspot/jtreg/runtime/CompressedOops/ to ProblemList.txt
8218419 Can't get annotations that are present on packages in -Xbootclasspath/a
8218566 NMT: missing memory tag for assert poison page
8218550 Add test omitted from JDK-8212043
8218544 Fix build on windows: missing include
8217093 Support extended-length paths in parse_manifest.c on windows
8217969 Base64.Decoder.decode methods do not need to throw OOME due to integer overflow
8217843 Performance regression related to os::supports_monotonic_clock() on linux
8218227 StringBuilder/StringBuffer constructor throws confusing NegativeArraySizeException
8216541 CompiledICHolders of VM locked unloaded nmethods are released too late
8218197 [failurehandler] parent processes shouldn't be killed till their children are handle
8180901 Transformer.reset() resets the state only once
8218460 Test generation scripts do not invoke stream preprocessor correctly
8217474 Remove WhiteBox.getConcurrentGCPhases()
8210832 Remove sneaky locking in class Monitor
8218164 Improve local control of compiler warnings
8206132 DOM parser does not honor DocumentBuilderFactory.setExpandEntityReferences(false)
8160926 FLAGS_COMPILER_CHECK_ARGUMENTS doesn't handle cross-compilation
8218177 Bump jib format_version to support new devkit archive layout
8139551 Scalability problem with redefinition - multiple code cache walks
8217597 [TESTBUG] old version docker does not support --cpus
8215483 Off heap memory accesses should be vectorized
8218186 Clean up CLDR generation in build
8217845 SA should refer const values for JVMFlag from HotSpot
8218029 [TESTBUG] Use -Djava.class.path= to specify empty -cp in CDS tests
8215568 Refactor SA clhsdb tests to use ClhsdbLauncher
8218406 C1: Redundant nmethod dependency for private method is added
8075052 Autobox elimination hinders loop unrolling
8188133 C2: Static field accesses in clinit can trigger deoptimizations
8218145 block_if_requested is not proper inlined due to size
8217393 Clarify Attributes.equals()
8218386 Correct the SE version in j.l.Character
8218276 AIX build fails in tieredThresholdPolicy.cpp
8216046 test/jdk/java/beans/PropertyEditor/ failing
8218185 aarch64: missing LoadStore barrier in TemplateTable::putfield_or_static
8218163 C2: Continuous deoptimization w/ Reason_speculate_class_check and Action_none
8217919 C2: Enable -XX:+AggressiveUnboxing by default
8217918 C2: -XX:+AggressiveUnboxing is broken
8218202 gc/stress/ to ProblemList-graal.txt
8218178 vmTestbase/vm/mlvm/mixed/stress/regression/b6969574/ fails with -Xcomp
8218025 disable pop_frame and force_early_return caps for Graal
8216546 Support new Japanese era in java.lang.Character for Java SE 11
8218162 problem list j/u/s/t/o/o/t/java/util/stream/ on solaris w/ Xcomp
8218168 clean up hotspot ProblemList
8218134 Modify the file to reflect the exact jQuery license content
8217892 Clarify the support for the new Japanese era in java.time.chrono.JapaneseEra
8214935 Upgrade IANA LSR data
8178798 Two compiler/aot/verification/vmflags tests fail by timeout with UseAVX=3
8218020 Fix version number in 3rd party legal file
8218079 cleanup hotspot ProblemList files
8217579 TLS_EMPTY_RENEGOTIATION_INFO_SCSV is disabled after 8211883
8218198 Revert devkit change in JDK-8217910 for linux-x64
8218151 Simplify JavaThread::thread_state definition
8217879 hs_err should print more instructions in hex dump
8218133 sun/net/www/protocol/http/ failed with ""
8195716 BootstrapLoggerTest : Executor still alive
8217432 MetaspaceGC::_capacity_until_GC exceeds MaxMetaspaceSize
8215505 Cleanup jvm.cpp obsolete code after JDK-8210094: Better loading of classloader classes
8217896 Make better use of LCPUs when building on AIX
8214975 No hs-err file if fatal error is raised during dynamic initialization
8218156 "jcmd VM.metaspace basic" misreports free chunk space
8218046 use bundled freetype in the AIX build by default
8217473 SA: Tests using ClhsdbLauncher fail on SAP docker containers
6986483 CHA: optimize calls through interfaces
8059241 C2: Excessive RemoveUseless passes during incremental inlining
8186321 Cleanup: SourceTreeManager not used
8217848 [Graal] vmTestbase/nsk/jvmti/ResourceExhausted/resexhausted003/ fails
8209951 Problematic sparc intrinsic: com.sun.crypto.provider.CipherBlockChaining
8218140 Build failures after JDK-8218041 (Assorted wrong/missing includes)
8204564 Need better error output when GenerateLinkOptData fails
8217659 monitor_logging updates from Async Monitor Deflation project
8213753 SymbolTable is double walked during class unloading and clean up table timing in do_unloading
8216072 Remove TaskTerminator's assignment operator
8216528 test/jdk/java/rmi/transport/runtimeThreadInheritanceLeak/ failing with Xcomp
8212949 Remove ConstantPoolCache::is_constantPoolCache
8215550 Debugger does not work after reattach
8218041 Assorted wrong/missing includes
8217371 Incorrect LP64 guard in after JDK-8210764 (Update avx512 implementation)
8218084 Revert JDK-8218057
8207922 ctw of failed with "Unexpected zero exit codebefore finishing all compilations"
8215921 There is no change when select different Foreground and Background by mouse.
8217666 gc/nvdimm/* should not be included any tiers
8217578 Shenandoah cleanup unused timings after concurrent string table change
8217994 os::print_hex_dump should be more resilient against unreadable memory
8216562 UnknownBodyLength sometimes fails due to "Connection reset by peer"
8218031 Zero broken after JDK-8217922 (Compiler dead code removal)
8217916 Build compare script is not comparing jmods
8218057 Add ppc64le and s390x profiles to jib-profiles.js
8218063 JDK-8218060 breaks build for S390
8218060 JDK-8217786 breaks build due to remaining unused function
8217465 [REDO] - Optimize CodeHeap Analytics
8217786 Provide virtualization related info in the hs_error file on linux s390x
8218022 Repeated words typos in java.base
8215577 Remove javadoc support for HTML 4
8217979 lib-freetype related configure messages contain wrong configure flag names
8163127 Debugger classExclusionFilter does not work correctly with method references
8217744 [TESTBUG] JFR TestShutdownEvent fails on some systems due to process surviving SIGINT
8217773 Test langtools/jdk/javadoc/doclet/testLinkOption/ fails after JDK-8217034
8217658 baseline_cleanups from Async Monitor Deflation project
8217910 Slow linking with devkit on Linux
8214821 Remove ConcurrentHashTable::get_copy
8212824 Remove unnecessary spaces before/after comparison in vmTestbase
8217794 Missing termination check results violation of termination invariant
8216970 condy causes JVM crash
8217976 test/jdk/java/net/httpclient/websocket/ fails intermittently
8217609 New era placeholder not recognized by java.text.SimpleDateFormat
8217579 TLS_EMPTY_RENEGOTIATION_INFO_SCSV is disabled after 8211883
8217877 Dead code in jdk.jlink's TaskHelper
8217921 Runtime dead code removal
8217922 Compiler dead code removal
8215047 Task terminators do not complete termination in consistent state
8217785 Padding ParallelTaskTerminator::_offered_termination variable
8217880 AIX build issue after JDK-8214533
8217856 ZGC: Break out C2 matching rules into separate AD file
8217858 ZGC: Clean up ZDriver
8217857 ZGC: Move SvcGCMarker to ZServiceabilityTracer
8217855 ZGC: Clean up ZReferenceProcessor
8217747 ZGC: Minor optimization of ZLoadBarrierStubC1
8217745 ZGC: Simplify ZLoadBarrierStubC1
8213229 Investigate treating StringTable as weak in young collections
8216987 ciMethodData::load_data() unpacks MDOs with non-atomic copy
8217777 TEST_BUG: jdk/java/util/prefs/ passes even when test should fail
8217628 Verbose ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException message also in JNI calls.
8217869 Add count_leading_zeros utility
8217854 [TESTBUG] runtime/CompressedOops/ fails with Shenandoah
8217717 ZGC: Broken oop map in C1 load barrier stub
8217852 problem-list ctw of jdk.jconsole and java.desktop on windows
8217828 Un-ProblemList
8217761 Enhance run-test-prebuilt jib profile to support running tests with JCov
8217882 java/net/httpclient/ failed once
8217903 java/net/httpclient/ fails with 404
8214799 Add package declaration to each JTREG test case in the gc folder
8210130 java/net/httpclient/ failed
8217429 WebSocket over authenticating proxy fails to send Upgrade headers
8217841 Remove unused class TraceCPUTime
8217016 Shenandoah: Streamline generation of CAS barriers
8217618 JVM TI SuspendThread doesn't suspend the current thread before returning
8217850 CompressedClassSpaceSizeInJmapHeap fails after JDK-8217612
8210469 Missing doPriviledged block and permission for jdk.zipfs module
8193367 Annotated type variable bounds crash javac
8217820 Useless cast in
8217612 (CL)HSDB cannot show some JVM flags
8216408 XMLStreamWriter setDefaultNamespace(null) throws NullPointerException
8192001 C2: inlining through dispatching MH linkers ignores speculative type of the receiver
8191998 C2: inlining through MH linkers drops speculative part of argument types
8217760 C2: Missing symbolic info on a call from intrinsics when invoked through MethodHandle
8217627 HttpClient: The API documentation of BodySubscribers::mapping promotes bad behavior
8217797 ProblemList
8067250 [mlvm] vm/mlvm/mixed/stress/regression/b6969574 fails and perf regression
8213231 ThreadSnapshot::_threadObj can become stale
8217657 Move the test for default value of jdk.includeInExceptions into own test
8217770 problem list org.graalvm.compiler.debug.test.DebugContextTest
8217580 Remove tests from problemList as bugs has been closed
8217309 ZGC: Fix ZNMethodTable corruption
8213825 assert(false) failed: Non-balanced monitor enter/exit! Likely JNI locking
8217699 add java/util/concurrent/CountDownLatch/ to ProblemList-Xcomp
8167276 jvmci/compilerToVM/ fails with -XX:-EliminateAllocations
8150757 [TESTBUG] compiler/ciReplay/ and compiler/ciReplay/ fail when no compilations are happening
8217678 [AOT] jck Math/IncrementExact and Math/DecrementExact tests fail when test classes are AOTed
8216180 [AOT] compiler/intrinsics/bigInteger/ crashed with AOT enabled
8158646 [jittester] generated tests may not compile by javac
8216493 VirtualSpaceNodeTest.half_vsn_is_committed_humongous_chunk_is_used_test_vm crashes on local machine
8217797 ProblemList
8217471 [TESTBUG] gc/epsilon/ fails on some platforms - OOME Metaspace
8217795 Typo in SSLSocket
8217782 Spill detection broken after JDK-8217716
8217353 java/util/logging/LogManager/Configuration/updateConfiguration/ fails with Unexpected reference: java.lang.ref.WeakReference
8217733 Minor RunTest fixes
8217730 Split up MakeBase.gmk
8217459 [PPC64] Cleanup non-vector version of CRC32
8216258 Make FreeIdSet semaphore-based
8217748 [TESTBUG] Exclude TestSig test case from JFR TestShutdownEvent
8217746 Remove java/nio/file/WatchService/ from JDK problem list
8217580 Remove tests from problemList as bugs has been closed
8217740 SocksIPv6Test compilation error
8217345 [TESTBUG] JFR TestShutdownEvent fails due to improper use of Unsafe
8216386 vmTestbase/nsk/jvmti/PopFrame/popframe005/ fails
8217520 Remove vm.opt.MaxGCPauseMillis == "null" from
8214533 IBM-29626C is required for AIX default charset
8216986 Remove unused code from SocksSocketImpl
8217368 AArch64: C2 recursive stack locking optimisation not triggered
8217660 Refactor module related locked_create_entry_or_null() functions
8217518 Crypto benchmarks not warming up in time
8216136 Take Compile_lock for SystemDictionary::_modification_counter with safepoint check
8217716 Remove dead code in PhaseChaitin
8217264 HttpClient: Blocking operations in mapper function do not work as documented
8217638 Remove old way of running tests (test/Makefile)
8217626 Add setup/teardown functionality to RunTest
8217634 RunTest documentation and usability update
8213231 ThreadSnapshot::_threadObj can become stale
8210583 Base64.Encoder incorrectly throws NegativeArraySizeException
8194860 Cleanup Semaphore timed-wait time calculations
8217613 [AOT] TEST_OPTS_AOT_MODULES doesn't work on mac
8217366 ZoneStrings are not populated for all the Locales
8217359 C2 compiler triggers SIGSEGV after transformation in ConvI2LNode::Ideal
8217438 Adapt tools/launcher/ for Aix.
8216965 crash in freetypeScaler.c CopyBW2Grey8
8217349 Problem list java/lang/invoke/LFCaching/
8217467 Access barriers are missing in C2 intrinsic for Base64
8213695 gc/ is slow in some configs
8217639 Minimal and Zero builds fail after JDK-8217519 (Improve RegMask population count calculation)
8217359 C2 compiler triggers SIGSEGV after transformation in ConvI2LNode::Ideal
8217629 RegMask::find_lowest_bit can reuse count_trailing_zeros utility
8217522 Missing barriers in some java_lang_String assertion code after JDK-8217442
8217339 ClassCircularityError loading NumberFormatProvider
8217500 (sc) Move SocketChannelImpl's remaining native methods to Net
8215952 Update NetBeans project file
8217519 Improve RegMask population count calculation
8217448 Check for pandoc availability using ENABLE_PANDOC and not PANDOC
8217450 Add PackageEntry::locked_lookup_only
8217258 ZGC: Minor cleanup of ZBarrierSetAssembler
8217257 ZGC: Minor cleanup of ZBarrierSetC2
8217503 ZGC: Fix fall through bug in ZBarrierSetC2::escape_add_final_edges()
8217512 Message of LinkageError: use 'class' etc. instead of 'type'
8202952 C2: Unexpected dead nodes after matching
8213234 Move LambdaForm.Hidden to jdk.internal.vm.annotation
8217404 --with-jvm-features doesn't work when multiple features are explicitly disabled
8213932 [TESTBUG] assertEquals is invoked with the arguments in the wrong order
8217424 Remove the idempotent parameter to Method::sort_methods
8216969 ParseException thrown for certain months with russian locale
8217230 assert(t == t_no_spec) failure in NodeHash::check_no_speculative_types()
8216280 Allow later Symantec Policy distrust date for two Apple SubCAs
8217427 (dc) nio/channels/DatagramChannel/ fails without IPv6
8207404 MulticastSocket tests failing on AIX
8215375 [Graal] jck:vm/jvmti/Exception/excp001/excp00101 fails in Graal as JIT mode and -Xcomp mode
8217394 Remove org.graalvm.compiler.debug.test.TimerKeyTest from problem list
8217357 Implement JCov jib profiles
8217461 (ch) Add Net.available to return the number of bytes in the socket input buffer
8215976 Fix gmtime_r declaration conflicts in zip.cpp with linux header files
8215776 Keytool importkeystore may mix up certificate chain entries when DNs conflict
8217451 ExtendedSocketOptions should encapsulate support for SO_FLOW_SLA
8217442 Optimize native accesses to String.value
8217445 [JVMCI] incorrect management of JVMCI compilation failure reason string
8217291 Failure of ::realloc() should be handled correctly in adlc/forms.cpp
8217447 Develop flag TraceICs is broken
8214235 arm32: assertion in collectedHeap.cpp: attempt to clean empty remainder
8217466 [BACKOUT] Optimize CodeHeap Analytics
8217250 Optimize CodeHeap Analytics
8217374 Rename G1 EvacuationInfo class to G1EvacuationInfo
8217423 Windows gtest build fails after JDK-8212826 (Make PtrQueue free list lock-free)
8217388 Remove develop flag ProfilerPCTickThreshold
8216060 [PPC64] Vector CRC implementation should be used by interpreter and be faster for short arrays
8217342 Build failed with excluding JFR
8217387 Remove dead develop flag CIFireOOMAt
8217419 Shenandoah fails to build after JDK-8212826 (Make PtrQueue free list lock-free)
8212826 Make PtrQueue free list lock-free
8217343 Shenandoah control thread should be able to run at critical priority
8217378 UseCriticalCMSThreadPriority is broken
8217407 StackValue::print_on() crashes on NULL handle
8217400 Optimized build is broken by Shenandoah changes
8217399 Backout 8217358
8215937 Check usages of security-related Resources files
8217344 Make comparison overflow-aware in ECDHKeyAgreement.engineGenerateSecret()
8217337 [TESTBUG] fails with Unexpected thread info line
8203687 javax/net/ssl/compatibility/ supports TLS 1.3
8217358 Optimized build is broken by Shenandoah changes
8217395 Update langtools shell tests to use $
8217034 JavadocTester should check for missing files by default
8214345 infinite recursion while checking super class
8217391 [TESTBUG] problem list JFR TestShutdownEvent
8215467 Files.isHidden should return true for hidden directories on Windows
8216561 HttpClient: The logic of retry on connect exception is inverted
8217315 Proper units should print more significant digits
8217014 Epsilon should not ignore Metadata GC causes
8217318 Unneeded handleization in InstanceKlass::restore_unshareable_info
8217319 Cleanup Shenandoah includes
8158066 SourceDebugExtensionTest fails to rename file
8217311 Improve Exception thrown when MulticastSocket.setInterface fails on AIX(Unix)
8217325 Enable inlining of java_lang_Class::oop_size_raw
8181313 SA: Remove libthread_db dependency on Linux
8217349 Problem list java/lang/invoke/LFCaching/
8217266 Remove dead LIR_List::compare_to and LIR_Code::lir_compare_to
8217340 Compilation failed: tools/launcher/
8217321 [TESTBUG] utilities/test_globalDefinitions.cpp should use _LP64, not LP64
8217237 HttpClient does not deal well with multi-valued WWW-Authenticate challenge headers
8216532 tools/launcher/ fails (Solaris)
8217213 shenandoahTaskQueue.hpp includes .inline.hpp file
8215699 -Xlog::file cannot be used with named pipe
8216350 AArch64: monitor unlock fast path not called
8216578 Remove unused/obsolete method in JFR code
8217233 Update build settings for AIX/xlc
8213917 [TESTBUG] Shutdown JFR event is not covered by test
8211919 ZipDirectoryStream should provide a stream of paths that are relative to the directory
8213827 NUMA heap allocation does not respect process membind/interleave settings
8217203 Some more includes to .inline.hpp files in gc header files
8216045 The size of key_exchange may be wrong on FFDHE
8215280 Double click on titlebar not working for Frame with extended state set to MAXIMIZED_BOTH
8215757 C2: PhaseIdealLoop::create_new_if_for_predicate() computes wrong IDOM
8217042 Shenandoah: write barrier on backedge of strip mined loop causes c2 crash at expansion time
8217043 Shenandoah: SIGSEGV in Type::meet_helper() at barrier expansion time
8216490 Spammy periodic GC log message contains random time stamp with periodic gc disabled
8216314 SIGILL in CodeHeapState::print_names()
8215748 Application fails when executed with Graal
8215694 keytool cannot generate RSASSA-PSS certificates
8217094 HttpClient SSL race if a socket IOException is raised before ALPN is available
8007606 Handle realloc() failure in unix/native/libnet/net_util_md.c correctly
8215299 Remove G1CMTask::should_exit_termination()'s undesirable side-effect
8216529 in case of a crash, javac should print out the parameters passed to it
8217044 [aix] Launcher still adds old path to jli library to LIBPATH
8216556 Unnecessary liveness computation with JVMTI
8216426 Usage of array placement new may lead to memory corruption
8202626 javadoc generates broken links to
8217000 Refactor Class::methodToString
8217214 Recent new javadoc test needs to be updated
8217088 Disable JDK-6913047 fix (SunPKCS11 memory leak) after JDK-8216597 (SIGBUS error in getNativeKeyInfo)
8216319 Refactor JavadocTester to allow more on-by-default checkers; add A11YChecker
8198526 getAnnotatedOwnerType does not handle static nested classes correctly
8216050 Superword optimization fails with assert(0 <= i && i < _len) failed: illegal index
8199552 Update to build scripts
8210866 Improve JPEG processing
8210870 Libsunmscapi improved interactions
8210606 Improved data set handling
8209094 Improve web server connections
8200659 Improve BigDecimal support
8210610 Improved LSA authentication
8210598 Strengthen Windows Access Bridge Support
8206290 Better FileChannel transfer performance
8210624 Clean up better loading tests
8210094 Better loading of classloader classes
8203688 [testbug] Nashorn test test/nashorn/script/nosecurity/treeapi/diagnostic.js fails
8203955 Improve robot support
8204895 Better icon support
8206295 More reliable p11 transactions
8199156 Better route routing
8199166 Better interface lists
8205714 Initial class initialization
8205360 Choose printer defaults
8205709 Proper allocation handling
8206301 Improve NIO stability
8203654 Improve cypher state updates
8212233 javadoc fails on jdk12 with "The code being documented uses modules but the packages defined in $URL are in the unnamed module."
8196568 [Graal] fails with "runTestOverflow() did not overflow"
8210392 assert(Compile::current()->live_nodes() < Compile::current()->max_node_limit()) failed: Live Node limit exceeded limit
8216427 ciMethodData::load_extra_data() does not always unpack the last entry
8216135 C2 assert(!had_error) failed: bad dominance
8213397 Stack dump should show more clearly when a thread is blocked on a class initialization monitor
8202675 Replace process-wide terminology in serial filtering to be consistent
8216995 Clean up JFR command line processing
8216563 [TESTBUG] Change stressTime to default to 30 for nsk tests (part 2)
8080569 java/lang/ProcessBuilder/ fails with "Process terminated prematurely"
8216974 HttpConnection not returned to the pool after 204 response
8216982 Assertion poison page established too early
8215922 jar spec is not precise when describing jar file re-signing
8217017 [TESTBUG] Tests fail to compile after JDK-8216265
8215729 Enhance makefiles to allow collecting code coverage with JCov
8215114 Fix indent and dead code in GCPolicyCounters
8216151 [Graal] Module has not been granted
8216362 Better error message handling when there is an invalid Manifest
8215313 [AOT] java/lang/String/ fails with AOTed java.base
8214418 half-closed SSLEngine status may cause application dead loop
8216549 Mismatched unsafe access to non escaping object fails
8210561 Command-line help wrong for javac --module
8213299 runtime/appcds/jigsaw/classpathtests/ failed with java.lang.NoSuchMethodException
8215648 remove equals and hashCode implementations from j.l.i.VarHandle
8216482 Shenandoah: typo in ShenandoahBarrierSetC2::clone_barrier_at_expansion() causes failed compilations
8215754 ZGC: nmethod is not unlinked from Method before rendezvous handshake
8216376 [PPC64] Possibly unreliable stack frame resizing in template interpreter
8215244 jdk/jshell/ testHistoryReference failed
8211841 [testbug] sun/nio/cs/OLD/ does not compile (aix)
8215889 assert(!_unloading) failed: This oop is not available to unloading class loader data with ZGC
8216401 Allow "file:" URLs in Class-Path of local JARs
8215549 Shenandoah deduplication cleans up table/queue twice
8215482 check for cycles in type variables can provoke NPE
8216308 StackTraceElement::fill_in can use injected Class source-file
8216265 [testbug] Introduce Platform.sharedLibraryPathVariableName() and adapt all tests.
8216973 Kick up cleanup phases in the right places
8216478 Cleanup HttpResponseImpl back reference to HttpConnection
8199892 Missing landmarks when generating docs using html sources
8213249 compiler/graalunit/ failed in ExplicitExceptionTest
8216560 gtest build broken on PPC64 and aarch64
8215544 SA: Modify ClhsdbLauncher to add sudo privileges to enable MacOS tests on Mach5
8214816 os::read() should not transition to _thread_blocked with safepoint check on Solaris
8216595 Fix broken builds after JDK-8216424
8216424 Remove TimeLivenessAnalysis
8216589 s390x build failures after JDK-8216167 (Update include guards to reflect correct directories)
8216140 Correct UnicodeDecoder U+FFFE handling
8216184 CDS/appCDS tests failed on Windows due to long path to a classlist file
8216559 [JFR] Native libraries not correctly parsed from /proc/self/maps
8208371 Provided supported mechanims to create a ModuleElement for an unnamed module
8216172 File.renameTo(File dest) should check for NPE at the very beginning
6913047 Long term memory leak when using PKCS11 and JCE exceeds 32 bit process address space
8216498 Confusing and unneeded wrapping of SSLHandshakeException
8216486 Possibility of integer overflow in JfrThreadSampler::run()
8214271 Fast primitive to wake many threads
8216480 Typo in test/hotspot/jtreg/compiler/graalunit/
8216355 missing NULL checks in libnet in interface iteration and potential resource leak in getMacAddress
8215724 Epsilon: fails; missing arraycopy check
8214827 Incorrect call ClassLoaders.toFileURL("jrt:/java.compiler")
8214440 ldap over a TLS connection negotiate failed with " hostname of the server '' does not match the hostname in the server's certificate"
8216316 Tests fail due to too low specified TLAB size
8215493 String::indent inconsistency with blank lines
8216167 Update include guards to reflect correct directories
8216362 Better error message handling when there is an invalid Manifest
8216404 Elements.getPackageOf should handle modules
8216489 Issues with ModulePackages attribute generation on incremental build
8216278 Fix devkit and basic Jib support on WSL
8215155 Remove get_insert() from concurrent hashtable and gtests
8216428 Remove IgnoreLibthreadGPFault
8214440 ldap over a TLS connection negotiate failed with " hostname of the server '' does not match the hostname in the server's certificate"
8207964 [TESTBUG] Change stressTime to default to 30 for nsk tests
8216482 Shenandoah: typo in ShenandoahBarrierSetC2::clone_barrier_at_expansion() causes failed compilations
8216441 problem list org.graalvm.compiler.hotspot.test.ExplicitExceptionTest
8215489 Remove String::align
8215112 String::transform spec clarification
8210669 Some launcher tests assume a pre-JDK 9 run-time image layout
8215308 pandoc-html-manpage-filter.js does not work for [un]pack200
8215681 Remove compiler support for Raw String Literals from JDK 12
8215755 ZGC: split_barrier_thru_phi: check number of inputs of phi
8215575 C2 crash: assert(get_instanceKlass()->is_loaded()) failed: must be at least loaded
8215510 j.l.c.ClassDesc is accepting descriptors not allowed by the spec
8215708 ZGC: Add missing LoadBarrierNode::size_of()
8209414 AArch64: method handle invocation does not respect JVMTI interp_only mode
8216385 ZGC: Fix building without C2
8214862 assert(proj != __null) at compile.cpp:3251
8215994 JDK 12 l10n resource file update - msg drop 10
8216322 Missing since information in deprecation of constructor visitors
8215951 AArch64: jtreg test vmTestbase/nsk/jvmti/PopFrame/popframe005 segfaults
8216176 Clarify the singleton description in j.t.c.JapaneseEra class
8215438 jshell tool: Ctrl-D causes EOF
8216271 Make AllocateOldGenAt an unsupported option on AIX.
8216403 Allocate fewer EnumSets in JavacFileManager#list
8216302 StackTraceElement::fill_in can use cached
8210788 Javadoc for Thread.join(long, int) should specify that it waits forever when both arguments are zero
8216423 Remove FillDelaySlots
8213001 vmTestbase/nsk/jvmti/ThreadStart/threadstart002/ debug agent times out
8216375 Revert JDK-8145579 after JDK-8076988 is resolved
8215724 Epsilon: fails; missing arraycopy check
8216413 Long.parseLong() is specified to throw unless string contains parsable ; should be
8214442 Improve stack walk API by adding handle marks
8215901 [TESTBUG] fails intermittently
8216372 ZGC: Put C2 load barrier stub routines in separate codeblobs
8215995 Add specialized toArray methods to immutable collections
8216335 Minor cleanups to javax.annotation.processing and javax.lang.model javadoc
8216366 Add rationale to PER_CPU_SHARES define
8216200 BCEscapeAnalyzer::ArgumentMap::set_intersect() is incorrect
8216199 Local variable arg defined but never used in BCEscapeAnalyzer::compute_escape_for_intrinsic()
8215495 Set isCopy to JNI_FALSE if len == 0
8076988 reevaluate trivial method policy
8216359 Remove develop flags TraceCompilationPolicy and TimeCompilationPolicy
8216262 Remove develop flag DelayCompilationDuringStartup
8216269 [s390] Debug build broken because CodeBlob has not been declared
8216285 Enable inlining of CollectedHeap::obj-/array-/class_allocate
8211267 StackOverflowError happened by TextField.setFont(...)
8215756 Memory leaks in the AWT on macOS
8215909 Typo in Swing ProcessMouseEvent method documentation
8215910 Typo in AWT InvocationEvent Method Documentation.
8214122 JDWP is broken on 32 bit Windows: transport library missing onLoad entry
8215200 IllegalArgumentException in sun.lwawt.macosx.CPlatformWindow
6714324 Removing a component from a JTabbedPane does not clear its accessibleParent
8214461 Some unused classes may be removed
8196681 Java Access Bridge logging and debug flags dynamically controlled
8215123 Crash in runtime image built with jlink --compress=2
8215773 applications/kitchensink/ crash with "assert(ZAddress::is_marked(addr)) failed: Should be marked"
8216266 ProblemList
8215400 Warn on usage of trampolines with gcc
8215583 Exclude runtime/handshake/
8216021 RunTest.gmk might set concurrency level to 1 on Windows
8215888 Register to register spill may use AVX 512 move instruction on unsupported platform.
8215947 JVM crash with -XX:+DumpSharedSpaces
8215265 C2: range check elimination may allow illegal out of bound access
8215975 [testbug] Adapt nsk tests to the PPC, S390 and AIX platforms.
8215044 C2 crash in loopTransform.cpp with assert(cl->trip_count() > 0) failed: peeling a fully unrolled loop
8208184 IllegalArgumentException while invoking code completion on netbeans IDE
8214738 javadoc should honor styles in doc-files
8215913 [Test_bug]java/util/Locale/ failed on de_DE and ja_JP locale.
8216154 C4819 warnings at HotSpot sources on Windows
8215985 ZGC: Simplify reference processing in light of JDK-8175797
8216205 Java API documentation formatting error in System.getEnv
8216275 Disable annotation processing lint warnings when building microbenchmarks
8216134 (process) ProcessBuilder startPipeline does not hide piped streams
8216267 Fix hotspot-ide-project target on WSL
8216197 Remove unused new_hash methods
8215962 Support ThreadPriorityPolicy mode 1 for non-root users on linux/bsd
8216188 Remove expired flags in JDK 13
8216191 Remove FastSuperclassLimit
8216189 Remove Klass::compute_is_subtype_of
8215951 AArch64: jtreg test vmTestbase/nsk/jvmti/PopFrame/popframe005 segfaults
8216155 C4819 warning at libfreetype sources on Windows
8215731 Move forward class definitions out of globalDefinitions.hpp
8215412 Optimize PrintStream.println methods
8216010 Change callers of build_u2_from() to call Bytes::get_Java_u2() instead
8215330 javax.xml.catalog.CatalogResolverImpl: GroupEntry.matchURI fails to match
8215798 Use for definition of property
8216067 Unused local vars in windows/native/libjava/io_util_md.c
8216157 Enable inlining of java_lang_Class::is_primitive
8215771 The jfr tool should pretty print reference chains
8216048 Fix devkit creation in WSL
8213457 serviceability/sa/ time out
8215961 jdk/jfr/event/os/ fails on AArch64
8216059 nsk_jvmti_parseoptions still has dependency on tilde separator
8196347 LogCompilation: generate log file on the fly for input to junits
8215911 Various Typos in SQL Method Documentation
8215912 Various Typos in Method Documentation
8182992 Typo in DatagramPacket constructor API doc
8179943 Typo in method documentation
8215644 Clean up globalDefinitions_.hpp
8215991 Stop hiding exception from ArtifactResolver failures in tests
6996807 FieldReflectorKey hash code computation can be improved
8215572 Add new Arrays micros
8215990 Avoid using reflection to create common default URLStreamHandlers
8215643 Microbenchmarks for KeyAgreement and Cipher
8215791 Tiny bug in VM monitoring/management
8215398 -Xlog option usage => Invalid decorator '\temp\app_cds.log'.
8214567 Use for definitions of system properties
8215898 Build broken on 32-bit after JDK-8211425
8215897 Build broken on zero after JDK-8211424
8211424 Allocation of old generation of java heap on alternate memory devices - Parallel GC
8211425 Allocation of old generation of java heap on alternate memory devices - G1 GC
8215879 AArch64: ReservedStackAccess may leave stack guard in inconsistent state
8215202 AArch64: jtreg test test/jdk/sun/nio/cs/ fails
8215291 Broken links when generating from project without modules
8215364 JavaFX crashes on Ubuntu 18.04 with Wayland while using Swing-FX interop
8211343 nsk_jvmti_parseoptions should handle multiple suboptions
8215445 Enable building for Windows in WSL
8215977 hsdis installation documentation update
8213481 [REDO] Fix incorrect copy constructors in hotspot
8214687 Optimize Collections.nCopies().hashCode() and equals()
8215966 uses bash syntax
8215954 [testbug] Remove unnecessary casts in test/hotspot/gtest/threadHelper.inline.hpp
8215707 [macosx] fix pthread_getschedparam and pthread_setschedparam calls
8214097 Rework thread initialization and teardown logic
8214201 Make PtrQueueSet completed buffer list private
8206107 [x86_32] jck tests for ldc2_w bytecode fail
8208184 IllegalArgumentException while invoking code completion on netbeans IDE
8215769 Java cannot probe pkcs12 files exported by Firefox
8215759 [test] java/math/BigInteger/ can throw an ArithmeticException
8215516 Move JavadocTester to a named package
8215727 Restore JFR thread sampler loop to old / previous behavior
8066619 Fix deprecation warnings in java.util.jar
8215571 jdb does not include jdk.* in the default class filter
8215716 PopFrame() was unexpectedly done
8215555 TieredCompilation C2 threads can excessively block handshakes
8215548 G1PeriodicGCSystemLoadThreshold needs to be a double
8215100 AArch64: fix compareTo intrinsic with four-character Latin/Unicode
8215551 Missing case label in nmethod::reloc_string_for()
8215635 Pandoc check in Docs.gmk does not work on Windows
8215547 ZGC: Fix incorrect match rule for loadBarrierWeakSlowRegNoVec
8215491 ICStubInterface::finalize finds zombie nmethod with ZGC concurrent class unloading
8215500 ICRefillVerifierMark does not set the provided verfier as current
8214532 Update RFC 2459 references in javadoc to RFC 5280
8215687 [Graal] unit test CheckGraalIntrinsics failed after 8212043
8198526 getAnnotatedOwnerType does not handle static nested classes correctly
8205505 Expire and remove remaining support for commercial features
8215296 do not disable c99 on Solaris
8214180 Need better granularity for sleeping
8215492 Rename INTERNAL_EMPTY to something less "internal"
8215425 vmTestbase/nsk/jvmti/PopFrame should provide more detailed output
8215487 ZGC: ZRuntimeWorkers incorrectly identify themselves as ZWorkers
8215322 add @file support to jaotc
8214570 Use for definitions of system properties
8214096 passes null parameter, so JCE validation fails
8214583 AccessController.getContext may return wrong value after JDK-8212605
8209333 Socket reset issue for TLS 1.3 socket close
8214329 SwingMark SubMenus 9% regression in 12-b19 on Linux client
8215205 javaVFrame much slower than vframeStream
8215443 The use of TransportContext.fatal() leads to bad coding style
8211698 Crash in C2 compiled code during execution of double array heavy processing code
8215397 jsig.c missing classpath exception
8214512 ARM32: Jtreg test compiler/c2/ fails on ARM
8215451 JNI IsSameObject should not keep objects alive
8215410 Regression test for JDK-8214994
8215099 jshell tool: /help representation of ctrl/meta characters inconsistent
8215395 Allow null oops in Dictionary and JNIHandle verification
8214339 SSLSocketImpl erroneously wraps SocketException
8213782 NullPointerException in
8215319 jck lang/INTF/intf049/intf04901 fails in Graal as JIT mode with -Xcomp and AOTed Graal
8215292 Back out changes for node- and link- local ipv6 multicast address
8213134 AArch64: vector shift failed with MaxVectorSize=8
8215374 32-bit build failures after JDK-8181143 (Introduce diagnostic flag to abort VM on too long VM operations)
8215353 x86_32 build failures after JDK-8214751 (X86: Support for VNNI Instructions)
8215380 Backout accidental change to String::length
8183912 java.math.BigDecimal.movePointLeft() should return this if called with zero argument
8215625 javax/sql/testng/util/ tests compilation failed after JDK-8207224
8209414 AArch64: method handle invocation does not respect JVMTI interp_only mode
8213402 [Testbug] java/lang/System/LoggerFinder/internal/PlatformLoggerBridgeTest creates an invalid nest relationship
8215472 (zipfs) Cleanups in implementation classes of jdk.zipfs and tests
8215411 some GetByteArrayElements calls miss corresponding Release
8212043 Add floating-point Math.min/max intrinsics
8207224 Javac compiles source code despite illegal use of unchecked conversions
8051349 nsk/jvmti/scenarios/sampling/SP06/sp06t003 fails in nightly
8215449 Several tests failing when jtreg run with -vmoption:--illegal-access=deny
8215368 Make Check.checkOverride call diagnosticPositionFor lazily
8215366 Code quality improvements in
8215228 Use a constant hash table size in order to enable compiler optimization
8214946 G1: Initialize all class members on construction
8215319 jck lang/INTF/intf049/intf04901 fails in Graal as JIT mode with -Xcomp and AOTed Graal
8201655 Add thread-enabled support for the Heap Sampling
8215372 Incorrect nio/file/DirectoryStream/ tests for validating the use of a glob
8215329 Modify ZGC requirement for
8214077 test java/io/File/ fails on ARM32
8214352 C1: Unnecessary "compilation bailout: block join failed" with JVMTI
8215362 JFR GTest JfrTestNetworkUtilization fails
8215369 Jcstress pollute /var/tmp with temporary files.
8215217 OpenJDK source has too many swear words
8205626 Start of release updates for JDK 13