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Download: Liberica JDK for Raspberry Pi

Liberica JDK for Raspberry Pi version 10

Liberica is a 100% open-source Java 10 implementation for Raspberry Pi. It is built from OpenJDK which BellSoft contributes to, is thoroughly tested and passed the JCK provided under the license from OpenJDK. It also contains JavaFX 10 with hardware-accelerated EGL support and Device IO API as additional modules. We currently provide two binaries suitable for different Raspberry Pi versions and OS combinations:

Linux ARMv7 HardFloat (32-bit version suitable for current versions of Raspbian and supported on Raspberry Pi 2 and Raspberry Pi 3)

Linux ARMv8 (coming soon) (64-bit version which works of OpenSuSE for Raspberry Pi 3 and other 64-bit OSes)

If you need to run a simple Java application on Raspberry Pi and you are looking for smaller footprint, download a Java SE 10 Runtime Environment for Raspberry Pi (JRE). If you need to compile and debug your application on a Raspberry Pi, or you would like to create a Java Runtime with a subset of Java modules, download the full Java SE 10 Development Kit for Raspberry Pi (JDK).

Linux 32 bit

Linux 64 bit

Standalone Liberica JDK Binaries (Linux ARMv7&8 32 Bit HardFloat)

SHA1: 5aa9705c904a140470a2059b15e6d56c16c1a3db

tar -zxvf bellsoft-jdk10-linux-arm32-vfp-hflt.tar.gz

Standalone Liberica JRE Binaries (Linux ARMv7&8 32 Bit HardFloat)

SHA1: 22ac157582ab52c4fd05c5d77af1c28afc5f2fa5

tar -zxvf bellsoft-jre10-linux-arm32-vfp-hflt.tar.gz

Liberica JDK DEB package (Linux ARMv7&8 32 Bit HardFloat)

SHA1: fae0fabdf3a77a2c94a93127ee197408cea48f4d

sudo apt install ./bellsoft-jdk10-linux-arm32-vfp-hflt.deb

Liberica JRE DEB package (Linux ARMv7&8 32 Bit HardFloat)

SHA1: d736b2cc9f5f446b336eb9e058f2e21107135e67

sudo apt install ./bellsoft-jre10-linux-arm32-vfp-hflt.deb

Older releases of Liberica

Liberica 9.0.4

Liberica 9.0.1

Liberica 8u192