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Liberica JDK, Run everywhere

Run everywhere

Published June 03, 2022

It is hard to imagine an enterprise whose corporate hardware is based on a single architecture. After all, each architecture is great for its purposes:

  1. x86 is the most widely used ISA developed by Intel, which allows for high speed in complex calculations.
  2. ARM-based processors are power-efficient and well-established in mobile development. ARM is also a very versatile technology that can be used to create even more exciting solutions. For instance, novel ARM-based Apple Silicon microprocessors (M1 chips) demonstrate outstanding performance results. Raspberry Pi, SBCs with ARM processors, are used mainly for educational purposes, but can be encountered in fields such as automation, edge computing, etc.
  3. RISC-V, an open-source RISC-based ISA, is rapidly gaining popularity across the globe. Its modularity and free nature open doors to innovations and rapid integration in multiple industries. But the most prolific area for RISC-V processors is embedded devices with each system being unique of its kind. Embedded systems have become commonplace and can be encountered anywhere, from the touch screen of a microwave oven to self-driving cars. And RISC-V is a perfect technology for their development.

Java is the universal language as it supports multiple platforms so the compatibility issues are minimized. BellSoft works closely with the OpenJDK community and takes a direct part in porting Java to various architectures so that developers can have a one-size-fits-all-solution.

Liberica JDK supports the widest range of architectures, making it a unified Java runtime. Using one runtime in enterprise development has its own benefits:

  • Reduce the cost of support and licensing by working with one reliable vendor who will take care of the runtime security and performance.
  • Update all runtimes at once according to the CPU release cycle.
  • Forget about compliance issues and translator software that reduces the performance of Java applications.
  • Form a comprehensive technology stack by using supplementary tools and products.
  • Use a special version of our distribution, Liberica for Embedded, optimized for systems with specific requirements: minimal resources consumption, flawless performance, fast startup, facilitated GUI development and implementation.

What is more, Liberica JDK is the runtime in VMware Cloud and is part of VMware containers. Our distribution enables companies to take the best out of cloud development. We have created the smallest containers on the market based on the lightweight Alpine Linux, which are 43.5 MB only! And if you want to reduce the startup time of your applications up to 1/10 s, use Liberica Native Image Kit, a GraalVM-based tool for generating native executables.

We recommend choosing Liberica JDK, a runtime that supports a max. range of platforms to avoid compatibility issues and minimize time spent monitoring the updates and licenses of runtimes stemming from different vendors.

Please read about other benefits of Liberica JDK, including JAVA SE standard compliance, support of a maximum range of platforms, and the experience of our engineers in contributing to OpenJDK. Contact our experts if you have any questions.