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Liberica JDK, One runtime — many platforms

One runtime — many platforms

Published June 03, 2022

Companies don’t usually use a single platform for development. Be it a huge enterprise with thousands of employees or a small startup with only thirty developers — there must be freedom of choice in terms of environment for developing and deploying applications. Liberica JDK is a unified runtime that supports the widest range of system configurations. Using one runtime across the whole organization enables you to:

  • Achieve uniformity when developing or deploying applications
  • Take advantage of the smallest containers on the market based on Alpine Linux, which are only 43.5 MB
  • Work with a single vendor and reduce the cost of support
  • Receive timely updates for multiple JDK versions: LTS releases (8, 11, 17), current version (18), and even older versions such as JDK 6 or 7

But BellSoft is not only about a JDK distribution. We offer additional utilities that enable the developers to form a comprehensive stack of Java technologies. A uniform tech stack is a great way to accelerate and facilitate the development and production processes.
For instance,

  • Liberica Native Image Kit helps to accelerate the startup time of applications up to 1/10 s and minimizes resource consumption
  • Liberica Administration Center enables runtime monitoring, updates, and license control on a single dashboard in the whole Windows PC fleet
  • Liberica for Embedded is a special version of our flagship product tailored for embedded systems. It boasts lower memory footprint, prolonged support, JavaFX support, and optimized performance on low-performing system components

With Bellsoft products, you get access to top experts with 15+ years of experience in Java development, who are there for you 7/24/365. You don’t need to worry about compatibility issues, vulnerabilities, sky-rocketing cloud costs, and licensing problems — BellSoft will take care of all these tasks so that you can concentrate on developing your own cutting-edge solutions.

Supported Platforms

JDK 8 JDK 11 JDK 17
Windows Server x86 (64 bit)
Windows Desktop x86 (64/32 bit)
Windows Desktop AArch64
macOS x86 (64 bit)
macOS AArch64
Ubuntu Linux x86 (64/32 bit), AArch64, ARMv7, PowerPC
Debian Linux x86 (64/32 bit), AArch64, ARMv7, PowerPC
RHEL x86 (64/32 bit), AArch64, PowerPC
CentOS x86 (64/32 bit), AArch64, PowerPC
OEL x86 (64/32 bit)
SLES x86 (64/32 bit), AArch64, PowerPC
OpenSUSE x86 (64/32 bit), AArch64, PowerPC
Alpine Linux x86 (64 bit)
Alpine Linux AArch64
Raspbian ARMv7
Solaris 10 SPARC, x86 (64 bit)
Solaris 11 SPARC, x86 (64 bit)

Please read about other benefits of Liberica JDK, including JAVA SE standard compliance, support of a maximum range of architectures, and the experience of our engineers in contributing to OpenJDK. Contact our experts if you have any questions.