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Liberica JDK, Leading OpenJDK contributor

Leading OpenJDK contributor

Published June 03, 2022

BellSoft engineers not only have 15+ years of experience working with Java, they are also active members of the OpenJDK community. They work on eliminating security issues and bugs in the JDK and contribute to the improvement of the Java platform. BellSoft proposed and implemented JEP315 in JDK 11 thus making Aarch64 port performant. We also contributed JEP386 to JDK 16 creating the Alpine Linux port. Our engineers currently maintain the Arm32 port of the OpenJDK.

In 2017, BellSoft made 20 fixes in the JDK and became the fifth major contributor to the project. Our engagement was acknowledged by Dalibor Topic, Oracle Principal Product Manager, and Sharat Chander, Director of Java Developer Relations.

In addition, BellSoft is a member of the OpenJDK Vulnerability Group and Java Community Process Executive Committee. It means that the company takes part in reviewing and eliminating vulnerabilities in OpenJDK code.

Liberica JDK is the fruit of our expertise and continuous effort. BellSoft’s High-Powered Support is available for clients 24/7/365 with response, based on SLA times, as fast as one hour. At the same time, we are committed to enhancing the Java experience for all developers. Therefore, a problem solved for one customer is solved for everyone as we commit all changes upstream.

Please read about other benefits of Liberica JDK, including JAVA SE standard compliance, and the support of a maximum range of architectures and platforms. Contact our experts if you have any questions.