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Liberica JDK, JAVA SE standard compliance

JAVA SE standard compliance

Published June 03, 2022

One of the most important events in Java’s existence was the release of JVM as open source software and the creation of the OpenJDK project. As the Java code is free, any member of the OpenJDK community can take part in enhancing its security and performance. Moreover, there is no monopoly in the Java world: many vendors develop and release their own builds based on OpenJDK, including Oracle. This means that a company can choose a distribution suitable for its needs.

But there is one essential point to consider, namely the compliance with Java SE specifications. Why does it matter?

On the one hand, a company may still be using Oracle JDK but is looking for more affordable alternatives. On the other hand,there should always be an opportunity to switch to another vendor to avoid vendor lock-in. Compliance with Java SE standards guarantees that the migration won’t cause any issues.

How to make sure that a chosen distribution complies with the standards? The answer is: Technology Compatibility Kit or TCK.

TCK is a suite of 100K+ individual tests, tools, and documentation aimed at testing a Java implementation for Java SE conformity. Multiple areas are analyzed during the tests: API implementations, the javac compiler, garbage collectors, etc. A JDK which passed the TCK is labeled as “Java SE compatible”.

A TCK for a certain Java Platform (Java SE, Java EE, JavaFX, etc.) is called Java Compatibility Kit or JCK. A company or an individual must sign an OpenJDK Community TCK License Agreement (OCTLA) to get access to JCK.

BellSoft is the OCTLA signatory among other major OpenJDK vendors. All Liberica JDK binaries have passed the TCK verification and thus proven their compatibility with the standards.

Your company will experience neither compatibility problems during the migration nor the vendor lock-in.

Please read about other benefits of Liberica JDK, including support of a maximum range of architectures and platforms, and the experience of our engineers in contributing to OpenJDK. Contact our experts if you have any questions.