DZone’s 2021 Containers Trend Report: Get a 360 Degree View of Containerization

May 28, 2021
Aleksei Voitylov

We are proud to be part of the Trend Report from DZone that elaborates on the current state of containerization in technology-driven industries around the world. Join us in exploring the pains of adopting containers in legacy environments and modern solutions for building secure and highly performant apps.

DZone’s 2021 Containers Trend Report is an insight-packed document which:

  • is based on a survey distributed to a global audience of nearly 500 software professionals;
  • includes all-encompassing research on both the expected and observed benefits/challenges of containers;
  • uncovers the distribution of containerization within microservice architectures;
  • is looking into the design and maintenance of containerized software through the real-life usage of application containers;
  • provides valuable POVs on different aspects of containers (such as security, CI/CD, cloud-agnostic solutions, etc.) from distinguished IT experts.

Importantly, this Spotlight version of the Containers Trend Report features our case study of one of the largest private commercial banks in Eastern Europe with more than $61.85 billion in assets.

BellSoft engineers are quite renowned for promoting containers and microservices in Java software. Here’s a comment from Dmitry Chuyko, our Senior Performance Architect, on their increasing popularity and topicality:

“When we talk to our current or potential clients, containerization is always up for discussion. The industry is clearly applying it more and more. However, this is not an instant takeover, but an exciting evolution of the ecosystem. People love what this technology brings to the development process, how it magically aids deployment. Software architects now have mature tools and patterns to tackle many of the challenging aspects of modern productions, such as scaling and monitoring. The relationship between microservices and containers is obviously proven by the numbers. There’s no doubt that Java™ and the JDK base images play a big role here. In particular, container images are a great way to get platform security updates, and pulling on Docker Hub is a preferred way of doing that. And since pull works over the network, it is one of the many things that are made more effective, thanks to smaller images like Liberica JDK on Alpine Linux.”

Don’t miss out on opinions and advice from these professionals!

  • John Esposito, PhD, Technical Architect at 6st Technologies, gives an outstanding analysis of results from DZone’s Containers Survey. In particular, he explains why over 2/3 of devs and non-devs consider containerized software more secure.
  • Dr. Magesh Kasthuri, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at Wipro Ltd., recommends a containerized approach for multi-cloud pattern solutions.
  • Ajay Kanse, Lead DevOps Architect at Cognizant, describes how to adapt your traditional continuous integration workflows to containers.

Want to know what other experts think of containerization, like Boris Zaikin from Nordcloud and James Sugrue from Over-C Technology? You’ll find all answers in the Trend Report.

Read this comprehensive study — obtain every piece of information you need to start using containers in your project now. Fill out the form below, leave your contact details, and gain access to the full version of DZone’s 2021 Containers Trend Report sponsored by BellSoft.